Dear Rob,

YOU’RE BACK. I was barely aware you were gone (Well.. that’s a lie. You have seen how infrequently we write to you anymore, right? We noticed.)

But you’re back. And you’re hotter than ever. And we didn’t know that was possible.

All the good stuff happens after I go to bed. Like you on Jimmy Kimmel. Amazzzing:

In love,

What do you think? Is Rob BACK? Does this mean we’ll get GQ ROB again soon!? FINGERS CROSSED

[Vids found on Ew]

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War between UC & Moon

Dear Rob,

One question Moon & I get quite often from people asking us about our experience blogging together for 3.5 years is if we ever disagree or fight.* I know that hearing the answer “yes” might make you sad like learning your two mommies don’t always get along (wait what? Mommies? I mean hot girls you have a crush on), but I’m sorry to break it to you, we do fight. And when we fight it can get pretty mean. It’s like an all-out war. A video battle. On Facebook. Where our grandmas can see. With weird videos of you. And ROBSTEN of course.

The other week I’m happy err sad to say I started it. It began with posting one of those embarrassing Rob’s hands videos I talked about the other week on Moon’s wall.

She retaliated with the comment “mooveeeees” after posting this video, hoping to shame me into submission:

I wasn’t having it. I responded back:

this isn’t embarrassing AT ALL. I’m gonna highlight this shizz so it’s expands across my entire timeline



Which only got us started. I shot back that I hoped Moon would make me a Rob vid for my birthday. And she threw out a good one: Van Morrison + ROBSTEN to which I responded “THERE’S NO OTHER SOUNDTRACK ACCEPTABLE FOR ROBSTEN’S LOVE.

And then came the big one. Yep. Moon put the “evidence of ROBSTEN” video on my wall (this was the 5/17 evidence, not to be confused with last week’s Cannes evidence) and this is the conversation:

I think our fight ended in a tie with both of us vowing to get the other back some day soon. I spent the weekend catching up on all the latest ROBSTEN EVIDENCE videos in preparation for our next battle.

Yours in love & war,

Tell me you have a Twi-friend that you can embarrass by spamming them with great Twi videos on Facebook from time to time. EVERYONE NEEDS THAT FRIEND IN LIFE!!!! 

*no one has actually ever asked us this. Sad

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Fandom you do not disappoint

Dear Fandom,

You do not disappoint. What has it been, 12 hours?


When are we gonna see a video with Sia’s “Breathe Me?”


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Rob’s PG-13 Hands and stuff

Dear Rob,

Yesterday we received the following e-mail for you:

Dear Rob Pattinson,

I know you have probably received millions of letters on this subject, but let me add one more to the pile. You have great hands! Take care of them.

I am not a fanatic, in that I don’t know everything about you, likes and dislikes, hobbies, favorite foods, etc., etc. I don’t write to profess undying love or anything. I am just a fan who would like to thank you and your castmates, for providing several hours of entertainment, which takes me to an imaginary world where I can forget my own worries for awhile. (All in PG-13, too!)

I’m not really sure, but I think she was confessing to fantasizing about you with PG-13 fantasies. I assume that’s stuff like dry humping on the couch with her parents right upstairs. Or you caressing her lady parts over her clothes or something. Or maybe I’m reading it wrong & she’s saying she fantasizes about you and your castmates in PG-13– so you caressing Ashley Greene’s lady parts. Or maybe you & Jackson getting hot & heavy during a lunch break.

Either way she’s right. You do have great hands. So what did I do? Found a couple videos made by people with obvious hand fetishes to celebrate your hands and all the PG-13 fantasies they bring us. SPOILER ALERT– there is an EPIC slow jam in one of these videos:



And something REALLY special– the 2011 Remake of the first video!!!!


Take care of those hands, Rob! Keep them soft & moisturized with your cuticles cut. I don’t want some nasty hang nail, sandpaper-feeling hands ruining my PG-13 fantasies now!


What sort of PG-13 things would you like Rob to do to you with his hands? Open up a can of spray cheese & lick it off your chest overtop your tank top?

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A Faux-Rob Pattinson sings on video

Today’s post has videos. So if you’re ignored our 1200 reminders previously, you can MUTE the video ads (2 in the side, 3 all the way at the bottom!) Press the volume button. They’ll stay muted!

Dear Rob,

Maybe it’s because we’re in a MAJOR Rob slump or maybe it’s because I’ve had a few glasses of wine, but I laughed WAY TOO HARD at these two videos of a guy (pretty cute guy, if I might add) mocking you.

#1: He sounds remarkably like you when you’re doing the “mumbles” (aka singing)

#2: I mean.. You had that haircut once

#3: He puts STARS on his face in the Meadow

#4: He’s actually a good guitar player & singer

#5: He kinda looks like a less-moley version of Sam Bradley

#6: I had a few glasses of wine (did I already mention that?)

I missed this one back in 2010

This is a new release from December & features a cameo from “Kristen Stewart”

You’re laughing, right?

Mostly these videos reminded me of how long it’s been since I’ve seen the original Twilight and/or listened to the soundtrack. So then I found this:


Real Rob singing plus hot pictures? Yes please!

Happy Friday to us all!


Big thanks to LadyN for sending the 1st two videos in to us!!! XO

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