Saturday Morning Delight

Dear LTR Readers-

This isn’t our usual Saturday Morning Delight video but my cousin and fellow twi-hard is in town and she helped me comb through videos just for you awesome readers and nothing we watched got quite the reaction like this one did. Like tears streaming down our faces. And besides we really couldnt watch anymore terrible Evanesence / weird rob pic videos, we’ve gotta get back to our Rob-lumber party complete with Edward pillows and blankets (pictures to come!)

Try not to pee your pants!
Themoonisdown and lilcrazycow (moon’s cousin and one of our original readers!)


PS this is funny because we’re either 12 yr old boys at heart or we’ve totally gone crazy wrapped in our Edward snuggies

348 Responses to “Saturday Morning Delight”

  1. God I must be a 12 year old boy too because that was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

  2. IfOnly says:

    @ V – Good luck getting your computer privileges back!!

  3. therealrobzilla says:

    Dear Rob,

    Just cleaned all the junk off of my dining room table and polished it. Wanna come over and inspect it. It’s really sturdy, I promise.


    • IfOnly says:

      Wow. You make cleaning sound fun. Husbands are going to wonder why all the houses got cleaned today. Little do they know – every surface that is cleaned is only because it will be used to ravish Rob.

  4. therealrobzilla says:

    V – Tell him to back off or we will add him to the FKL. He doesn’t want that now does he?

  5. IfOnly says:

    @soccermom – you mentioned earlier that you keep watching the 13 second access hollywood video clip. When I try to access it, it says it is no longer available. Do you have another link I can try?

  6. Just a Girl says:

    Mmm Y’all know how I love ScruffyRob well…
    I went to YouTube to get my DirtyRobFix and was sorely disappointed to see there was like nothing to watch. So I went ahead and made my own
    *homage to DrunkenDirtyRob*
    Anyone who is close to my age should appreciate the song…

    Kick It!

    • IfOnly says:

      Nice Video – great pics. He’s so flirty looking when he bites his lip or tongue isn’t he? Good ending with a crotch shot too.

  7. Ayden says:

    @JAG- Love the Drunken Dirty Rob video (awesome song!)

    @Jena- OMG! I am died. Seriously. That’s just… hot!

  8. Jamaican Princess says:

    This left me with cramps!!! very funny!!!!! thanxs for posting this!!!

  9. Jena says:

    OK that vid was hilarious! LOL!

    YAY on D.B. not directiong! WHEW!

    And JBell, I’m on it regarding Access Hollywood. This Thursday right? What are they having on?

    • JBell says:

      Yep, this Thursday March 5th. They’re going to start showing the deleted scenes from Twilight… hot, extended kissing scene and meadow scene 🙂

      • Jena says:

        NO WAY, REALLY?! Ok, now I can’t wait until Thursday!
        But what sucks is that I get AH a day late here so I’ll get it on Friday.
        That’s the best news I’ve heard all weekend, LOL!

  10. Jena says:

    LMAO I love that gif of the Twi guys driving along while dancing! LOL!

  11. Emily W says:

    I saw this about a week ago and it made me giggle insanely… it scared everyone in the house.

  12. JBell says:

    “…it’s like ‘Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself.’ I mean, every line is like that.”
    …annnnd I leave you lovely ladies with THAT mental image. 🙂

  13. Emily W says:

    I posted these last night at the end of the last post but it probably got lost among the 400+ comments sooo I thought I’d repost because I couldn’t help but laugh. I can’t believe anybody would make Rob do this (even if it is just his head!)

  14. JBell says:

    Slow-mo Double Freckle Porn, please meet Slow-mo Tongue Action:

    Also, he’s on his way back to LA. A picture was posted on robsessed I believe, but I don’t remember because I already navigated away and back to YouTube videos… :]

  15. Jena says:

    I don’t know if these have been posted or if you’ve all seen them or not but Jane sent them to me last night and I thought it was so cute how he hugged that little girl who was crying and then said “Are you alright?…..I don’t know what to do….I’m emotionally retarded.” LOL! It’s a How To Be Q&A.

  16. therealrobzilla says:

    I love all of your videos! I’ve seen them before but it’s always great to review the Rob.

    @Justagirl – I’m feeling you on the Beastie Boys. Kick it! indeed

    LOVE the Brooding Edward head on Single Ladies. Such attitude Eddie.

  17. V says:

    I won! After 3 rounds and threatening him with you gals and the FKL lol
    Do I have to feel bad now? How do you handle that?

    @JAG – I wanted to watch me some dirty drunken rob but it said the video is not available for my country. Does anyone know why?

    Rob is so sweet at the Austen film festival. He always seems so self-conscious and shy. I sure would know how to help him overcome that! 😉

    • soccermom says:

      V – no you don’t have to feel bad. It is apart of who you are and he will just have to learn to deal with it. Besides, there is nothing wrong with a little competition with Rob. Makes them step up their game.

      • V says:

        Thank you! It feels so good to know that you guys feel and think the same way, a real support group, my personal haven!

  18. smile232 says:

    @ Jena – I hadn’t seen those before. Thanks. In the part 2 one, around 5:30ish, you can hear him crack his knuckles in the microphone. Too freaking cute!!

  19. IfOnly says:

    @Jena – I hadn’t seen those video’s before, Thanks. In the second video, around 5:30’s, you can hear him crack his knuckles. Too freaking cute!!

    • soccermom says:

      Help I’m lost – are we talking about the videos from How to Be screening in Austin? I probably won’t be able to watch those today anyway. Stupid cloudy weather blocking my satellite internet and making everyting slow. Taking forever to load dirty Rob video.

    • soccermom says:

      Hey I see your picture! You WOULD figure out how to do that. I am still a green booger.

  20. V says:

    OMG and really loud too! I’d never have thought that I could find that cute, but I actually do, ridiculously so.

  21. sowasred says:

    Well I must be a 12 year old boy because I laughed and laughed and laughhhhed at this video.

    Until I got to :33-:38. Then I got a boner.

  22. Ayden says:

    @JBell- That’s a whole lotta fail there. Just. Not. Good. The Rob pic though? Oh yeah!

  23. Just a Girl says:

    I think I’ve watched this about 10 time and I still laugh so hard I cry.

    Mmmm :33 to :38, I concur!

  24. Ayden says:

    Eff me! *Thud*

    Dear DH,

    Remember you said I could decorate the new environs however I wanted? If the NM poster work looks anything like that in reality… just remember who gave whom free rein!

  25. Just a Girl says:

    who else is dying *thud* to see the cut kissing scene from Twilight?

    • soccermom says:

      I was just talking to IfOnly on the phone and we decided that we are probably going directly to deleted scenes when we get our DVD. *Dying* Can’t stand the anticipation.

  26. Ayden says:

    @JAG: The Access Hollywood deleted scenes preview is at:

  27. sherin says:

    @ JAG… MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and did u see kstew stick her @#$%^^^ finger into his mouth???? that is why she is sooo FLK’ed.

  28. Just a Girl says:

    Yum-meee, I just saw that video…21 days, 21 days!

  29. sherin says:

    “Robert Pattinson can’t wait to dump Kristen Stewart in his next movie.”

    omg,i think this headline just might be the nesxt funniest thing i read/saw today. You go robert!!!

  30. JBell says:

    Dear Zacquisha,
    You can’t do it like Rob. Nope!

    Piss off,
    LTR Ladies

  31. Valerie says:

    How in the world do you find this stuff. My 5yo would die laughing if he was watching!
    This was pretty funny.

  32. IfOnly says:

    I finally found the 13 second access hollywood deleted scene video. OMG!!! When she sticks her finger in his mouth, he looks so freaking naughty and smokin hot! OMG!! I’m sitting here melting and husband just left the house. Where is a freaking good man piece when you need one?!!

  33. Just a Girl says:

    Can you please post the access hollywood link for me.

  34. Just a Girl says:

    Opinions, is bad mothers handbook worth watching or should I just search youtube for Rob’s scenes…

    • IfOnly says:

      @JAG – I watched it last night. It was a little over an hour long. I think it’s worth watching because he comes and goes throughout the movie. He is a support character and isn’t in it much, but I didn’t want to miss any of him. It’s for sure a made for TV minimovie, but is still cute. And there are two short kissing scenes. Not steamy at all, but she still gets to touch those gorgeous lips! FYI – you can hardly see his face they have it so buried in his hair – and his little bird legs are in skinny jeans. And in one of the “how to be” videos posted by Jena earlier, you hear some of the question askers commenting on how his edward character was similar to his Daniel Gale character from this movie. I could definately see that too.

  35. JBell says:

    All I have to say is:
    “Ultimate o-face, Ctrl + to zoom.”

    Fans are putting their graphic design skills to work again…

  36. IfOnly says:

    @JAG – see if this link will get you to the access hollywood clip….

    This one is longer and shows a replay in slow motion…

    Both aren’t the best quality, especially kissing scene (too dark), but better than nothing.

  37. IfOnly says:

    @JAG – let me know what you think of it if you watch it (see earlier reply post to your handbook question).

  38. Ayden says:

    @JAG- The exercise thing made me giggle. I told DH I was going to exercise today and he told me jaw drops don’t constitute exercise. I about died laughing.

  39. English Girl says:

    I’m baaaaaack!

    I’ve been out to dinner to celebrate my mum’s birthday and now we are back home DH has hotfooted it into the study to his Xbox and his online friends ….. so, no problem for me to spend a little more time with the other man in my life? Non?

    So, I just noticed this youtube link in my bookmarks – I had forgotten I had it – I meant to share it with you all days ago when I first came across it as it is so sweet – I don’t think it’s been on this site yet. It is a really nice phone in from Rob to one of the How to be screenings where one of the other actors is also there in person.

    Well, Rob talks … and talks … and talks … the other guy from the film who is actually there at the screening, as opposed to on the phone, doesn’t get a look in! But obviously all anyone in the audience wants to hear is Rob!

    I think this is why we love Rob so much … he is just so funny, charming, honest, silly, deep, etc etc You get to see so much of his own personality in his interviews and what a great one it is.

    Enjoy (gosh I hope the link works)!
    x EG

  40. Ayden says:

    @V- That would be great. I’ll have to check out Johnny Flynn. Do you have a link? I’ve gotten more new music since finding LTR/LTT than I have in the last 3 months combined. I’m loving it!

    @JAG- A girl’s gotta have hope, right? The thought of an album gets me through the days. (Okay, so I may be exaggerating a little… we all know new Rob pics really gets me through the days… but yeah. Same diff! :D)

    @IfOnly- No eating = no exercising = more Rob time. That balances out pretty well, methinks! 😉

  41. Genevieve says:

    @Moon- LOVED that video! Had me and DH cracking up! His comment- ‘Finally somebody with commen sense’ (referring to the video)! He loves that kind of humour so that’s right up his alley.

    To the girls with the ‘cleaning house’ problem, ummm, right there with ya. Gotta get serious next week. Promise to do better….
    *crosses fingers*

  42. Just a Girl says:

    I’m back…wow it’s pretty quiet.

    I had to 1)get some exercise in, Robstalking is giving me a fat ass lol 2)feed the kids before children’s welfare came banging on my door.

    Thanks @ifonly, I think I’ll watch it online today or tomorrow…
    and thanks @ayden and @if nly for the clips.

    Did you see the look on Rob’s face when Kskank’s finger was in his mouth…seriously you can’t tell me they weren’t knockin’ boots during filming.

  43. Just a Girl says:

    @ayden, i wholeheartedly disagree…jaw dropping is the best kind of exercising!

  44. Genevieve says:

    Just found the Entertainment Weekly mag with Rob & Kstew on it. Found the OK mag yesterday with them in it. I’m a book/magazine horder with anything that has Rob in it! (even those teeny bopper ones on occasion)

    Does anyone know when that Teen Vogue photo shoot took place?

  45. Just a Girl says:

    I don’t think we have EW in Canada, I’ve looked everywhere for it.

  46. soccermom says:

    Hey Genevieve – haven’t talked to you all day. Did you get my reply posts from the last page of yesterdays comments. (regarding Isle Esme)? Let me know.

  47. Genevieve says:

    @Soccermom- HI, yes thank you. Went there first to check the rest of the replies from yesterday.

    @JAG- I live in Canada and I saw EW at Coles or I bought mine at Wal-Mart. Just thought I’d let you know.

  48. BeCullen says:

    OMG I found this a couple of weeks ago and haven’t stopped laughing since. However, I do love good potty humor.

  49. Genevieve says:

    @IfOnly- LOL! ‘freaking good man piece when you need one’! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    *scratches head*
    (WHERE are they when you need one- good question)

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