Saturday Morning Delight – Our Theme Song

Dear LTR ladies-

I think I may have found our official theme song put to pictures and clips of our mascot Mr. Robert Pattinson. Time to head to iTunes and download Crazy Chick by Charlotte Church cause this is like the national anthem of LTR now and we’ll be singing it at all LTR/LTT conventions in the future, FYI.

I’ll be testing you all later…


Ok, I can’t sit still I’m going to choreography a tap routine to this song for me to perform with pics of Rob playing behind me. Perfs!

PS love this song?? Got another song that makes you think of Twilight? Enter the contest!

*EDIT- Put your entry in the contest post! Winner will be chosen randomly by a very official random picker thingy!*

Lyrics after the cut
I think I’m gonna need some therapy
Oh babe I hope you’ve got a PHD
Won’t you let me on your leather couch
I’ve got a lot I need to talk about

I think I’m crazy
Think I’m stupid
Must have lost my mind
Wonder what I’m thinking lovin’ you
‘Cause boy if you were mine
I’d really go insane
You’d be my favourite thing
I’d go balistic
Yea, your making me a crazy chick

You’re driving me, to insanity,
All the things you do
You make me come unglued
I just can’t help myself,
I need professional help, help
I need professional help

You’ve really done it this time
You know your twisting my mind
You got me acting like a whacked out chick

So I won’t be responsible
‘Cause I’m really not logical
No I won’t be to blame
You know I’m really not sane

repeat forever!

464 Responses to “Saturday Morning Delight – Our Theme Song”

  1. […] party, courtesy of Walmart! Now you know how we live to talk on these blogs… so in honor of our theme song video today, if you wanna win jump to the comments and share with us a song that makes you think of […]

    • themoonisdown says:

      everyone! attention! PUT YOUR CONTEST ENTRIES IN THE CONTEST POST so we can keep everything orderly!


      back to your commenting!

  2. Pamela says:

    Your Touch by The Black Keys…yum!

    Tell me how to post a link from You Tube and I will cause I’m kind of computer illiterate like that.

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a great way to start my Saturday! Thanks!

    The song that always reminds me of Twilight is “Unusual You” by Britney Spears. I always picture Edward!

  4. therealrobzilla says:

    That is a nice song choice ladies. I was perfectly sane before Mr. RT Pattinson. Now I’m close to needing professional help, maybe.

    Dear Rob,
    If I could just spend five minutes with you now it would save me years and thousands of dollars in therapy later. I swear, I just want to talk while lying on that couch, really.

  5. vogue says:

    Great lyrics! Describes us to a *T*!

    We’re all NUTS GIRLS!! Yaaay ! Not sure if that’s still the flavor of the day for Rob, but I do ride the crazy train to Robville every damn day.

    Sweet Baby Jesus, look at the lip biting at 1:35. He is a wicked, wicked boy. He KNOWS what that does to us!

    OMG, check out how long his fingers are and how big his hands are starting at 2:06 when he has then resting on the side of his face. This gives some perspective of how big (Oh Lord, I just mistyped the word big 3 times because I’m in such a tizzy over his hands!!!) they really are!!!!


    Now I have to go to work?? Give me a friggin break!

    Well, the last thing I want to say is…..APOTAMKIM! By Jena!! LOL!

  6. vogue says:

    Hey Guys, what songs are your “Rob” songs?

    There are a few songs that I have an instant physical reaction to when they come on the radio, or when I listen to them. They are my Rob songs – they make me totally think of him,and I get that heartsick, swoony feeling, and I’ll never be able to hear them again without my brain shortcircuiting right to the entire lobe that Rob controls now:

    – Sex on Fire

    – Untouched by the Veronicas

    – Lovers in Japan – Coldplay (I’m pretty sure that was the song that played during the montage he intro’d during the Oscars)

    I think I have more, but gotta ron! Talk tonight! Have fun!

  7. Emmes says:

    Yup! That one about covers it!
    Now…about that convention?! When, Where and How?! LOL!!!

  8. French_Nugget says:

    I’m sad with myself for not being able to get back on last night 🙁

    However, my Robsession is helping me avoid my hangover. He’s a magic man.

    LOVE that song by the way!

    Am I the only one that’s secretly wishing we could REALLY have a LTR convention? It would be so cool to meet some of you in person.

  9. sherin says:

    An LTR/LTT convention! Yay !! That would be too cool for words!! I’m sooooo in, ladies!! Name date time location planet whatever ! And I’ll be there!

  10. Leigh Anne says:

    @Moon: “I’m not crazy…I’ve just been in a very bad mood for 40 years.”

    Love you.

  11. therealrobzilla says:

    Leigh Anne – Was that a Steel Magnolia’s Weezer reference?

  12. There might be CONVENTIONS???!!!! AAHHH! Even if you were just joking, the very idea is awesome.

    @vogue — you’re right about the Oscar song during Rob’s montage; it was Lovers In Japan!

  13. Ayden says:

    Love the theme song!

    Secret Smile by Semisonic always reminds me of Rob. The grin! I fully and shamelessly delude myself into believing he uses it just for us LTR ladies. 😀

    Anyway, I’m off to do that torture called moving. Have a great weekend all!

  14. Carrie says:

    That song was prefect.

  15. Melissa says: hungover and my eyeballs hurt when i laugh..

  16. Carrie says:

    @Melissa been there, done that. 🙂
    I’ll send Rob over to kiss it and make it better.

  17. Carrie says:

    Here’s my Twilight song nomination.

  18. Briar Rose says:

    The perfect song for my Robsession?? Why Obsession by Animotion. . . . of course – no truer words have ever been spoken:

    You are an obsession, I cannot sleep
    I am a possession unopened at your feet
    There is no balance, no equality
    Be still I will not accept defeat

    I will have you, yes I will have you
    I will find a way and I will have you
    Like a butterfly, a wild butterfly
    I will collect you and capture you

    You are an obsession, you’re my obsession
    Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me

    I feed you, I drink you by day and by night
    I need you, I need you by sun or candlelight
    You protest, you want to leave
    You say there’s no alternative

    Your face appears again, I see the beauty there
    But I see danger, stranger beware
    A circumstance in your naked dreams
    Your affection is not what it seems

    You are an obsession, you’re my obsession
    Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me

    My fantasy has turned to madness
    All my goodness has turned to badness
    My need to possess you has consumed my soul
    My life is trembling, I have no control

    I will have you, yes I will have you
    I will find a way and I will have you
    Like a butterfly, a wild butterfly
    I will collect you and capture you

    You are an obsession, you’re my obsession
    Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me

  19. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    Yes the song is great but, I don’t think I have a problem

  20. Angie says:

    Paris Hilton Is ‘Desperate’ To Join The Cast Of ‘New Moon’

    Hold on to your vamps, Twilighters! There is new word that socialite partygirl Paris Hilton, who has just reeled in her latest victim love interest by nabbing minor Hills castmember Doug Reinhardt and has been flaunting him all over the globe, has expressed a “desperate” desire to join the cast of the upcoming film The Twilight Saga’s New Moon. And you thought the rumors of Vanessa Hudgens getting a role in New Moon was bad news:

    Paris Hilton is reportedly “desperate” to appear in New Moon, the second instalment in the Twilight saga. According to Star, the heiress has been calling the film’s leading man Robert Pattinson “constantly” in an attempt to land a role in the vampire sequel. “She has also had her manager call the casting agent to lobby for a part on her behalf,” PA quotes a source as telling the magazine. Hilton, who recently admitted that she was fan of the franchise, is allegedly “desperate for people to take her seriously as an actress”. The insider added: “She thinks she’d be perfect to play one of the vampires. She’s even willing to play a victim – she just wants in.” Production on New Moon, which is being directed by Chris Weitz, has just begun in Vancouver, which a scheduled release date of November.

    LOLOLOL! This is the most ridiculous thing ever … and so like Paris. First, I would bet MONEY that Paris Hilton has never read a single book of the Twilight Saga. Chances are, she’s never read a book, period. Second, there is no way that an accomplished director like Chris Weitz would ever cast Paris Hilton in one of his movies … which is why he’s an accomplished director. And let’s be honest, the Twilight films are not great masterpieces … some might go so far as to call them fluff … but even then, I contend the material is too complex for Hilton’s limited skills. But, I dunno, what do y’all think? Could Paris Hilton really pull off a role in New Moon? And don’t hold back … let your voices be heard!


    • French_Nugget says:

      Eww…..I hope this is just a rumor. I think she could pull of a role in the movie if her character was “random person at McDonalds” and she didn’t say anything. Or maybe an extra in the crowd in Italy…..either one.

      OH! How about the person Alice steals the Porsche from…

    • beer-me says:

      ooooohhhhh hell noooooo!!!!!

    • steelewind says:

      Better yet, she could be one of the victims they bring into the tower as Edward and Bella are leaving. We’d only have to see her (nasty) face for a few seconds and then she’d be dead.

  21. Just a Girl says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Great video, great song, great post!
    Another addition to the RobVideo HoF.

  22. Christy says:

    I just LOVE that it is a TAP routine you are going to choreograph!!! Lurve it!!

  23. Angie says:

    just sending out some cool site for those of you new to twitter so you can easily see followed conversation threads through twitter.

    I hardly log into to read the feeds.

  24. Sophie says:

    Okay, so where’s the LTR/LTT soundtrack to download?? I have to admit to loving all of your posts…but I look forward to the Sat. AM ones the most!!! Brilliant!!

  25. Angie says:

    Say what?
    Rob at a Walmart is so not what I picture. Shouldn’t he be driving down Rodeo Drive?

    Rob was at Walmart headquarters in Arkansas. He attended “Saturday Morning Meeting” at Sam’s Club as the special guest celebrity.

  26. SpunkMe says:

    Hi All

    Just putting in my 2 cents for song for thinking of Twilight:

    Taylor Swift’s Love Story

    And as for Rob…

    Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

    • SpunkMe says:

      Nevermind! I changed my song after more thought before adding it to the contest thread… So scratch Love Story/Taylor Swift… Changed it to:

      Lullaby by The Spill Canvas

      I put a link on the other thread for video/music and also put the lyrics there too if you are unfamiliar and want to check it out.

      But my Rob choice remains as

      Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

  27. Just a Girl says:

    Mmm I’m gonna have to think long & hard before I submit a song…

  28. JBell says:

    Alright ladies – We are OFFICIALLY in a state of emergency!!! (or Robmergency if you will)

    We MUST come up with a search and rescue plan for Rob if he is made to do WalMart in-store appearances for the New Moon promotional tour!
    We cannot let him be subjected to that type of humiliation and embarrassment! We KNOW he is better than this!

    I know it was “supposedly” only a guest appearance since Summit sold the rights to Twilight to WalMart, therefore kicking Hot Topic to the curb, but what if there is more to this than we know right now??

    I am 2nd hand embarrassed – no, scratch that – I’m 2nd hand HUMILIATED. Rob says in GQ “the only thing I want from anything is to not be embarrassed…” and look where he winds up 2 days after the article comes out. He presented at the Oscars for God’s sake! He’s on the cover of GQ and he’s already been in Rolling Stone! Yeah, well – SO HAS BRAD PITT AND I DON’T SEE HIS ASS BEING MADE SUFFER THROUGH EXTREMELY AWKWARD MEETINGS AND APPEARANCES AT WALMART HEADQUARTERS AND MADE TO ACT LIKE HE EVEN KNOWS WHAT THE F*CK WALMART EVEN IS!

    *Deep breath*

    These people are stressing me out.

    Dear Rob,
    We will save you. We pretty much know here at LTR what will make or break your career and what will embarrass the HELL out of you, and we promise to never let anything like this happen again. We will meet you at the secret location I will send to you by pigeon mail and our plan will be put into motion. We will hold you for ransom and demand that Stephanie, Nick and the lawyers work out a much better contract for you with Summit. Hold tight, we’ll be there soon.
    The Ladies of LTR

    • Mrs. P. says:

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiit for me JBELL I’m comin too!!

    • Valerie says:

      I’m with you guys too!

    • sherin says:

      count me in,jbell!! and to use ur expression..what the fuckity fuck fuck fuck is nick bloody frenkel thinking???

      • brummielover says:

        packing an extra CliffBar and grabbing my bike…where are we meeting up again lol No worries, there is enough room on my bike saddle for two, well not really but Rob and I will make it work….We are coming RPatz to rescue you from the evil Walmart Empire…that was for you Melissa!

  29. Genevieve says:

    Here Here!

  30. SoWasRed says:

    When it comes to thinking of songs that relate to Rob, I cant at the moment because I am too busy dreaming about our hot, naked asses sticking to the aforementioned leather couch.


    Dear People-who-have-anything-to-do-with-the-selection-of-songs-chosen-for-the-New-Moon-Soundtrack-sorry-Im-not-sure-what-your-professional-title-is,

    Kings of Leon “Closer” NEEDS to be on the OST. No need to thank me for upping your salary for the genius suggestion, just the info of Robbie’s hotel name and room number in every city he visits will do.

    stranded in the spooky town
    stop lights are swaying and the phone lines are down
    the floor is crackling cold
    she took my heart, [i think] she took my soul
    with the moon i run, far from the carnage of the fiery sun

    driven by the strangle of veins
    showing me no mercy, i’d do it again
    open up your eyes, you keep on crying baby i’ll bleed you dry
    the skies they blink at me, i see a storm bubbling up from the sea
    and it’s coming closer
    and it’s coming closer

    your shimmy shook my bones,
    leaving me stranded all in love on my own
    do you think of me?
    where am i now baby, where do i sleep?
    it feels so good but i am old
    200 years of chasing taking its toll
    and it’s coming closer

    Parfait! Oui?

    Unpretentiously yours,

  31. JBell says:

    I can only hope that your wore your Denim & Thread or Prada jeans to this appearance. We know how you like to be ‘one of the people’ but Rob, honey, for the sake of all that is good in this world – don’t try to be ‘one of the people’ from WalMart.

  32. Genevieve says:

    According to Robsessed- Rob at Wal-Mart HQ in Arkansas. He attended ‘Saturday Morning Meeting’ at Sam’s Club as the special guest celebrity.

  33. Genevieve says:

    My song to Rob is-

    ‘I Will Posess Your Heart’ by Death Cab For Cutie

  34. Sass says:

    My song for Rob is:

    ‘Afternoon Delight’ by the Starland Vocal Band 😉

  35. byrdie says:

    @JBell – you took every thought and word right out of my mouth. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for writing it down so directly and passionately. After I read this earlier today, I felt this overwhelming ickiness and deep sadness for him. I absolutely loathe Walmart (which I mentioned a few days ago in the same four word sentence) and to think this is what he has to do.

    I hate to say it, but it made me feel very small and common in my lust for Rob and “almost” makes me want to give up on this whole insanity.

    Oh yeah, and the Paris Hilton sh*t didn’t help either.

    • Genevieve says:

      Byrdie- I hope the ‘key’ word is ALMOST!

      • byrdie says:

        ;o) Gen – you caught me. I’m not sure I’m quite ready yet, but this did make me feel like a loser in my 2nd hand embarassment for him. Plus, I have to say, no matter what, the fun I have hanging with the LTR ladies far outweighs the skeeviness I feel right now. I’ll get over it as soon as I see that very sweet boy either a) in a bar getting his drink on, b) sneaking out for a ciggie, c) on set. This too will pass and is just part of the crazy up and down love affair with my 22 year brit.

  36. byrdie says:

    Well, I’m off again. Catch later tonight hopefully!

    • msjbell says:

      …and yes, it’s old (February 13) but it kind of explains things for those of you who knew nothing about Summit’s ‘deal’ with WalMart and the midnight release parties and whatnot.

  37. Sass says:

    @Byrdie…just keep in mind that Rob is undoubtedly hating it more than we are. We can tell him so when we run into him sometime in the future and have a good ole fashioned bitch session over some pints at the local watering hole.

    Okay, maybe that won’t happen, but that is how my fantasy goes, lol.

    But I am sure he does hate it though.

    • Genevieve says:

      Tru dat- ‘But I am sure he does hate it though’ Of that we can be sure of. One line keeps running though my head from his GQ article ‘ and I’m contractually obligatged not to shut-up’. That really makes me feel for him and I hope he’ll get through unscathed. I’m crossing my fingers for you Rob and wishing you the best!

  38. sherin says:

    @ jbell….sorry about ur iphone btw,i fear it committed harakiri on its own after implicating you with that ron person.i feel ur pain gurl,my iphone is the onl way i can get into LTR while im at work,otherwise i might come back here with a drinking problem

  39. Carolina says:

    I just recently discovered LTR and i think it’s totally awesome! You girls rock… it’s utterly hilarious! The song is totally appropriate, describe perfectly my acute fondness… hahahaha

  40. SpunkMe says:

    So sad to read the news that Rob is being pimped out by Summit to Wal-Mart…


    LOL!! But, sadly true, it goes with those moments we talked about last night where he would just look all innocent and confused!

    @SoWasRed…Dear People-who-have-anything-to-do-with-the-selection-of-songs-chosen-for-the-New-Moon-Soundtrack-sorry-Im-not-sure-what-your-professional-title-is,

    Kings of Leon “Closer” NEEDS to be on the OST.

    I SECOND THAT!! I Just made my own CD..

    Would also love Skillet’s Comatose

    @Sass…We can tell him so when we run into him sometime in the future and have a good ole fashioned bitch session over some pints at the local watering hole.

    ROFL! Let’s fly to Canada right now!!!!!!!

  41. sherin says:

    ok,i thought new moon was starting to shoot this monday,so the heck is every one flying outta vancouver

  42. […] party, courtesy of Walmart! Now you know how we live to talk on these blogs… so in honor of our theme song video today, if you wanna win jump to the comments and share with us a song that makes you think of […]

  43. JustGotWicked says:

    my Twilight nomination is
    All Around Me- Flyleaf

    I guess Steph later added it to her playlist but I thought it was perfect since I started reading the books.

  44. SoWasRed says:

    Ok so I put a lot of thought into this because I wanted a deep and meaningful song to share with Robbie and I finally found the perfect song for us.

    Exile-Kiss You All Over
    And Im singing it Adam Sandler style a la Happy Gilmore…except instead of licking the intercom, I lick my laptop screen.
    *Til the night closes innnn*

  45. msjbell says:

    “Pattinson’s also described the collective screaming of fangirls as something you’d expect to hear “at the gates of hell”, said reading the books made him uncomfortable because it was like reading Stephanie Meyer’s sexual fantasies, and has had to deal with such madness as 7-year-old girls asking him to bite her. Christ on a pogo stick, no wonder he looks baked all the time. This shit has got to rattle the nerves.”


  46. msjbell says:

    If you haven’t made it over to LTT today, please do.
    BEST video/song/Twi-combo ever.

  47. Dal says:

    In the clip of Rob at the Oscars-that guy help Rob looks like Kristen Stewart’s dad!

    That’s a good song!!!!

  48. ErPattz says:

    I believe there were rumors recently about the cast randomly showing up at midnight parties. I was hoping since taping begins Monday, that would not be true, but since Rob is not required for several more weeks is anyone else fearful?

  49. Sass says:

    A friend told me that she heard a radio interview with Taylor, talking about the DVD release parties, and he mentioned something along the lines that “you never know who may show up”.

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