Storytime with LTR: Rob in Berlin

LTR friend JellyBeanRainbow went to Berlin this weekend & saw Bel Ami AND Rob. Here is her story:

Dear Letters To Rob headquarters,

soooooo, I went to Berlin. To see Bel Ami, to see Rob.

Berlinale palace grand entrance

I kept convincing myself it was fate, but it wasn’t really. I was off that weekend (I wasn’t really, but I’m friends with the girl who does our general schedule and she changed some dates). I was on Twitter when tickets for the movie went on sale  and, what a coincidence, I got one (no, I knew beforehand what time the tickets will be on sale and I prepared myself, set up the alarm clock at 10 am,  credit card  nearby and everything). The 5 star hotel nearby was incredibly cheap and I got a room with a view of the red carpet (true about the price, but I asked the lady at the reception desk for the view).

I was excited to go, but kept asking myself what the hale I was doing and why. I travelled to Berlin and spent hundreds of euros to see a movie. Really?

I stayed at Hyatt hotel where the press conference was scheduled, but I realized that after I booked it. I imagined myself sitting at the hotel lobby bar  with a cool diet Coke in hand , cool as fu*k ( the phrase some brit rock stars use) while Rob would arrive and mayhem and madness would start. I imagined myself being able to take a quick look at the press conference hall, a wandering hotel guest, being lost and being allowed to do so, just for a minute. Nothing of this happened as my flight was delayed for more than 5 hours due to snow at the airport I had to travel via on my way to Berlin. I arrived well after the press event was over and Rob was gone.

It was 4 pm by the time I changed and left the room. Red carpet was ready and there were some people, but there was still enough place in the first row on the side. I decided to take place across the red carpet, near the press area. First row, great view, I wouldn’t be able to get a photo or an autograph, but I’d see everything.

My original spot

It was 4:30 and although it wasn’t that cold, around freezing temperature ( it was waaaay below friezing the days before), there was terrible wind and icy rain was starting to fall down. Half an hour of waiting and I was so cold my neck and back started to hurt. I was dressed nicely, as you’re supposed to be for that kind of event, nice coat, a scarf, cute boots… No fleece, no ugly hat, no  Edward blanket, like some of the people waiting. Of course I was cold, but I looked good.  Later I found out there were people with a banner that said: Freezing for Rob for 30 hours.

Well, I’m not that fan and I had a pneumonia and 3 bad colds this winter so far, so I did the unimaginable: I left the red carpet, I left my good spot, I left the first row and went to the Starbucks to warm myself with a hot cocoa and to check via free wi-fi what was going on.

When I came back there were many more people there, but not only fans of the female kind, also families, older people who would have gone no matter who was the star of the evening. The first row was packed, but there were some empty spaces at the side. I was stupid and didn’t go there, because it looked too far away. What a mistake, Rob went there first to start signing when he finally arrived. I choose to stand on a small pedestal (one of many) at the top of the viewing area. There were no bracelets, no numbered spots, just a few security people. A half an hour before stars were supposed to arrive, anyone could still enter the red carpet fan area.
The view was great and behind me the limousines we’re waiting in line to drive to the red carpet.

I was looking at them and trying I recognize someone inside, I saw Dean, but thought no, it’s too early. Mistake, again, it was Dean and Rob was one of he first to arrive. Everything was calm, if I haven’t seen Rob, I couldn’t tell he was there. No screaming, no mayhem,nothing, just a slight excitement in the air, it could have been anyone famous.

Suddenly I felt I was too far away and wouldnt get any good photos, so I had to go closer to the red carpet. It was easy, people just stayed on their spots and in seconds I was very close to Rob. I took several blurry photos, felt my knees go weak, again starting to ask myself WTF I was doing there, stared at him, forgot to take more photos… and then he went away, walking along first row to the right side. My pedestal wasn’t available anymore so I went to the other side- the second row was still available. Rob stopped signing at the middle of the area and went to the right side and suddenly he was standing almost in front of me, again. Still no screaming among the fans, but a lot of pushing, for a moment I thought we all will fall down. I was so surprised he came to the right side so fast I forgot to put my Bel Ami book out of my bag, but it was too late, couldn’t do it anymore, in a second there was a lot of people behind and around me and I couldn’t move. Took some more photos and he was out of my sight soon.

I couldn’t believe my luck, I placed myself to the right spot twice so far. Well, almost. I felt so great, like an experienced fan, being so good at choosing the place to be, but soon the WTF am I doing moment kicked in. I was so excited, but I was alone. No friend to be excited with next to me. No one to talk about when the limousine stopped right in front of us and the Pattinson family exited. Not in the middle of the red carpet, but at the side. No one recognized them, they walked unnoticed. I was conflicted: should I say something, like   “Hi Dick&Claire”, or maybe Hello Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson, so I didn’t say anything. But I was freaking inside, proud of myself that I know who they were… And the WTF moment kicked again.

Pattinson family: Can you believe I was so close an I didn't yell at them?

Pattinsons walked for some time unnoticed, until the official photographers saw them and then they started to pose.  I think Victoria was the one with the boyfriend and I remember he looked a little like Stephen from Vampire Diaries, but taller. Some other stars arrived and they posed for cameras forever. At that time there was a lot of people in the fan area some brought the ladders with them and if standing at the back, you couldn’t see anyone on the red carpet anymore. But there were a lot of huge monitors so everyone could see what was happening.

I was taking the photos of monitors from then on. When they finally went inside, Christina, Holliday and Rob signed their huge photos hanging in the lobby and it was over. The majority of people left, but some stayed. I went back into my hotel and looked what’s happening from time to time through my window, but got bored soon. Did the fans really think Rob will exit the place through red carpet and sign some more?

I had ticket  for the Bel Ami screening that was the next day, in another place. I too walked the red carpet, but so did everyone who went by. It was just a movie, no cast, no fuss, no announcement…

After the jump, SPOILER ALERT– it’s JellyBeanRainbow’s review of Bel Ami


This movie's "Trinity" on the big screen

The movie was blah. Forgettable. Screenplay and direction were mediocre. All three leading actresses were good, I liked Uma’s performance most, she wasn’t natural, very theatrical, but good. Colm Meaney had a small role but was convincing. Rob was not. He looked bad. Like you said in one of the letters, he looked syphylissy, he looked dirty and greasy, he looked poor for the most part of the movie. When he finally became rich and was a part of high society, he still looked bad. Tired, huge under eye circles. I guess it was bad make up, but anyway, I was expecting our pretty boy to appear and he didn’t. Maybe they aged him on purpose, but he didn’t look older, he looked bad, tired.

I’m not a big fan of his acting (except when he’s Edward and he’s smiling and he’s pretty), I think he’s always the same, but this time it was even worse: most of the time he was “acting” with his lower part of the face, with his clenched jaw and lips and it was annoying. He was supposed to be angry or jealous.

Where’s the talent most of the fans are raving about? I can’t see it. The thrusting?  His buttcrack? Not sexy at all, with a dirty prostitute in an ugly room, annoying expression on his face.

Rob signing the huge photo inside

There was a couple of scenes when I liked him, a couple of funny ones and some romantic parts, but definitely not dramatic ones.
I keep expecting him to surprise me and the world with an Oscar worthy performance, but I’m loosing faith. (to tell you the truth, I was expecting Remember Me to be the next Titanic, before I’ve seen the movie of course, and we know it didn’t happen)

I might see Bel Ami once again, to focus on other actors and the story, because this time all my attention was placed on Rob. I’m sure I will not buy the DVD.

So it’s come to this: I like him on TV, on award shows, doing interviews, I like him on most of the paparazzi photos  in RL, even when he’s wearing ugly clothes there’s something so  endearing about him, but I definitelly don’t like him in his movies. Can I still call myself a fan? Can I call myself Robsessed? Do I still have the right to read Letters to Rob?

Berlin, the city, was amazing. I spent every minute of the next two days walking around, sightseeing. There are reminders of its tragic post war history everywhere, a lot of sculptures, old and new, remembering the lives lost in recent history, apologizing.
I went there to see Rob and his movie and all I can think about now is the city.

Love, JellyBeanRainbow

Are you one of the lucky (or unlucky according to JellyBeanRainbow) people who got to see Bel Ami this week? WHEN THE HECK is it releasing in the US? Is there a date yet?

Thanks for sharing your story JBR xoxo

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145 Responses to “Storytime with LTR: Rob in Berlin”

  1. Kat says:

    blah blah blah.
    Seriously people go find yourself another idol. Rob doesn’t need you as his fan. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    • Tanya says:

      Really? Wow. I never knew being a “fan” meant never giving an honest review of someone’s work. I enjoyed this because although I loved WFE and Remember Me, I am not crazy (gasp!) about Rob’s portrayal of Edward in the movies. It’s totally ok to love an actor’s personality and looks but admit that there are movies(s) where they are clearly out of their depth. I’m hopeful for Cosmopolis and hopeful that as Rob matures, his work will as well. She’s not a bad fan bc she hasn’t been crazy about some of his movies. Honesty is so much better than the”OMG! He’s the best actor ever! I wanna have his bay-bies!” crap that a lot of people adhere to. I LOVE Johnny Depp but there were movies he did when he was young where I went “meh.” Does that make me any less of a fan? Because I thought the last two Pirates movies sucked? NO. It doesn’t.

      • “Really? Wow. I never knew being a “fan” meant never giving an honest review of someone’s work.”
        you win

        • Tanya says:

          My life is complete. UC just responded to me. *waves* Hi, UC! I am such a fan of yours! But I will totally make fun of you if you post a picture where you have weird hair and are wearing a wonky Members Only jacket. Wait. That makes me not a fan, doesn’t it? I’m going to have go away now and cry into the life-size Edward Cullen pillow I bought on Etsy.

      • Jellybeanrainbow says:

        Just to clear this out: I’d still have his bay-bies 😉

    • Milrose says:

      Haha you are a poor thing, u talk CRAP! & Unkindly.
      I wonder why, u are unpopular. You telling us find another idol, who the hell are you? Infact, no matter what you said about ROB, Rob is always SPARKLE. Get a life & find your way for success.

  2. Melba says:

    Some of us (his true fans) enjoy his movies and his acting. Time to give up this blog. Don’t think you are Robsessed at all and you’re pissing the rest of us off!

    • GOOD IDEA!!!!!!! I’ll give up this blog!!!!

    • BrookeLockart says:

      Wait. Are they forcing you to read this blog too?

      *Shakes an angry fist*

    • Jules says:

      I wish people would stop with this “true fan” bullcrap.
      Let it go. I don’t have to watch every movie someone makes in order to be a fan. I don’t have to love the ones I’ve watched either. Don’t you dictate to me (or anyone else) what it means to be a fan.

      1-I will continue to mock Rob when he does silly things, and sometimes even when he doesn’t. heh
      2-I will watch ONLY the movies I am interested in.
      3-I will NOT fawn over everything Rob does.
      4-I will always laugh at the sten wars.
      5- I am a bloody fan. Sorta. 😉

      • MariaCecilia says:

        “1-I will continue to mock Rob when he does silly things, and sometimes even when he doesn’t.” YES! Because I love his silly, and I’m silly too!!

        “2-I will watch ONLY the movies I am interested in.” Sorry, I don’t have the character you seem to have. I even caved and bought The Bad Mother’s Handbook after 18 months of hesitation…*blushes* I will probably see it if Rob’s in it…

        “3-I will NOT fawn over everything Rob does.” I will TRY to keep a stiff upper lip, but I will probably be secretly hugging myself about it when no one is looking. *ducking*

        “4-I will always laugh at the sten wars.” I try to keep my sense of humour, but sometimes the hurtful things people say make me sadface..still, thinking of Rob makes me happy again! Call me fickle!

        “5- I am a bloody fan.” There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the condition I am suffering from. Or DT. Or palsy.

    • JodieO says:

      *looks around* Wait… this isn’t Robsessed?! WTF am I doing here?! *stomps off*

      • Jules says:

        What? Jodie! You mean we’re not all about the RobPorn and Rob’s absolute perfection? Be gone, sister! Be gooone!

        *whispers* I miss reading your snark on here.

        • JodieO says:

          Somebody hates you missing me. THUMBS DOWN!

          • Jules says:

            Dude, that thumbs-downer is like a wild west gunslinger around here.
            Or maybe like Oprah. “you get a thumbs down, and you get a thumb down, and YOU…”

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Oh, the “true fan” debate. Always boring & senseless.

      Blind devotion is just stupid. I still adore Rob but he’s not perfect and he’s not the best actor out there either.

      I will never understand why people can’t just let other people have their opinions-you don’t have to like it, but the “not a fan!” accusation is just plain dumb.

  3. Michelle says:

    I only have one comment…WHY IS HIS HAIR NOT GROWING?!?!?! I am seriously distressed. It is now official, he is shaving it on purpose. Oh the horror.

    And thank you, I was conflicted about seeing it – now I know I can wait for the DVD. 😉


      • the thumbsdowner must like the shaved look!!

        • Jules says:

          The thumbsdowner likes the power of the thumbs.

        • Tanya says:

          I mentioned on Twitter that the shaved head and wrinkly suit made him look like an Eminem wanna-be and there were unfollows. But I have very few followers and it made my number an awesome 69, so I didn’t really mind. Rob! The British gangsta from 8-mile! Lol forever.

          • ladymeadow says:

            Thank you. Yes. Eminem.

            Here and now, I am starting the rumour that Rob is secretly filming a biography of Eminem.

          • Tanya says:

            I would watch the hell out of Rob as Eminem. He would actually talk and act like he does in “Wide Awake” (saying fuck all the time and doing drugs) and KStew could be his baby momma. She’s got that “kinda pretty in a foreclosing on the trailer park way” down. And there would finally be sexin’ on film! Perfect. Haha.

        • Michelle says:

          Naw UC…the thumbs downer is just a REAL fan. Where as we are not.

          Dang us. Dang us all!

          PS – Like Tanya, I’m fangirling that UC responded to me. Oh UC and Moon how I love thee! Xoxo.

    • Jellybeanrainbow says:

      The short hair is pretty cute when you see him in person. It makes Rob kinda look “special” and I have a soft spot for special Rob.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        So, is he going to be in the remake of Rain man do you think? Or is “special” code word for “smoking hot”?

        • Jellybeanrainbow says:

          Remake of Rainman special. Playing basketball in How to Be special. Sitting somewhere in Venice beach, sporting a baseball cap and reading Kindle special ( couldn’t find THAT letter).

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        Well you’re right, the buzz does make him look special-but I don’t want special Rob, I want sexy run-your-fingers-through-my-long-lustrous-locks GQ Rob. Rob really needs hair-I hope he realizes this.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Maybe it will work with reverse psychology? If we pretend not to care he will grow it out again? (Or maybe KStew dumps her chewing gum in his hair while he’s sleeping drunk and then when he wakes up he has to cut it AGAIN!?)

      • Old Enough to Know Better says:

        I think you’re on to something there. Have you seen the photos of the Robsten date night in Paris? K-Stew knocks off the ball cap and rubs Rob’s fuzzy hair. She’s definitely behind that madness!

  4. Edible art? says:

    Oh right well I wasn’t expecting that ! What an anti climax ! What a shame JBR you went all that way made all that effort and then didn’t like the film – LMAO I don’t know what else to say officially speechless !!!!

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      That’s EXACTLY how I felt after seeing the movie: what an anticlimax to all the happening of the day before.

  5. FastForward says:

    Thanks so much for your letter JBR. I like to think I would share a lot of your feelings, especially the WTF moments … sometimes I really ask myself … It seems like a lot of real life has crept in. I also believe that anyone who comes to see Rob on the red carpet, spends time and lots of money, recognizes Dean, screams inside for Robs family, looks out for a hairless Rob, and takes the time to write a beautiful letter and share all this moments with us – is just as robsessed as needs to be. Big hug, and I love that you took time to see something of Berlin.

    • i said “aww” when I read this “I also believe that anyone who comes to see Rob on the red carpet, spends time and lots of money, recognizes Dean, screams inside for Robs family, looks out for a hairless Rob, and takes the time to write a beautiful letter and share all this moments with us – is just as robsessed as needs to be…”

      that was sweet! and you’re right… i don’t know the last time someone who wasn’t a fan wrote us a letter….

    • Jellybeanrainbow says:

      There was also a lot of “How old am I?” moments

      • FastForward says:

        also a question i easily share with you, jbr 🙂
        hi! to uc! jbr and you just made my day!

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Heck, being Robsessed keeps us young! *smoky voice* “Robsessed – because you’re worth it..”

  6. Debbie in S. Florida says:

    I was really excited to read this, considering JBR got closer to him than I ever expect to be, especially in this situation, since I’m an American and can’t just travel to Berlin on the spur of the moment. I read with bated breath, so excited to hear about her experience. I tried to imagine how it would feel to be there, to actually see him in person, right in front of me, and to see his family. Amazing.
    And that’s where I wish I would’ve stopped reading, because the film review part of this completely bummed me out. I mean, I know everyone has the right to their opinion, and to share it wherever they like, but seriously, is this the place to pretty much bash someone who we all must like a lot if we’re here on this site? I guess I just wish she would’ve left it at her red carpet experience. Talk about a letdown.
    Despite her less-than-glowing review, I still fully intend to see it if/when it ever comes here, and any other movies he does in the future. I, for one, completely disagree with her on his acting. I think he’s great, and not just because I’m a Twilight fan. I thought he was amazing in his earlier roles, too. He’s far more than a pretty face, and it makes me sad that she feels that way, but as I said, it’s her right.

    I am glad to have read her experience in Berlin, minus the last part, but I kind of have to wonder–if JBR really feels that way about him, why did she bother?? I mean, she traveled all that way, spent all that money, to see someone whose work she admits she doesn’t enjoy unless he’s being smiley and pretty. She probably should’ve saved herr money and time and stayed home. Just my opinion.

    • (got your email by the way)
      This is a place for fans of Rob to be honest about what they feel: good, bad, indifferent. We’ve done it for years. This isn’t the first negative thing ever posted & won’t be the last.

      JBR is entitled to her opinion JUST as you are! And if you see Bel Ami & have a completely different review- SHARE IT!

      • Debbie in S. Florida says:

        Just wanna say I’m feeling bad for coming off so bitchy. I didn’t mean it that way, I was just genuinely wondering why someone would go that far to see someone’s movie when they don’t particularly like his work. But it’s true that everyone’s got a right to their opinion, and while I don’t necessarily agree, I’ll keep quiet about it from now on and just enjoy the site. Guess I should’ve done that to begin with!

        • Jules says:

          “…I was just genuinely wondering why someone would go that far to see someone’s movie when they don’t particularly like his work”

          Because, like she said, she is always hoping for better. Perhaps she thought this would be the time? At least she hasn’t totally given up on his movies.

        • NO! don’t do that!!!! differing opinions are fun!

        • MariaCecilia says:

          “I was just genuinely wondering why someone would go that far” – I’ve been asking myself that question for years Debbie! WTF am I doing?? How did this become my life?

          *Edward voice over* “THIS is your life now!”

        • s.kay says:

          Don’t stay quiet…isn’t that what everyone else is bitching about? People have the right to their opinion? I agree…that was my first thought reading the review. Why bother spending the money and making the effort if you aren’t crazy about his movies in the first place? But then again…I do get that there is just something about him that will make you do crazy things.

    • Jellybeanrainbow says:

      Why did I bother to go to Berlin? I really liked the book and was expecting a masterpiece. It wasn’t. Big deal. There will be more.
      I swear, I willl always see all Rob’s movies, I just can’t promise I will like them

    • JodieO says:

      Because it’s possible to be a fan of a person without being a particular fan of his work.

      • Tracy says:

        Huh? Well, I’ll admit I don’t get that at all. Why would you be a fan of an actor if you don’t like his acting?

        That’s like saying you’re a huge fan of such-and-such painter, only you don’t like his paintings.

        Or gee, I’m a huge fan of this writer, Joe Bloe. He’s great…although I hate his books.

        And that quarterback for my team? I’m a huge fan! Of course, I don’t think he can play the game at all….he sucks at that! But…he’s real nice and has good hair.

        Makes no sense to me.

        • are you related to Bobby? Do you know who that is & why I asked that? I hope so. Please say yes

        • Guitargirl says:

          Probably because you can like someone without liking what they do. It wasnt Robs acting that got me in a kerfuffle, it was his adorkableness, scruffiness, and lack of verbal filter that won it for me.

        • JodieO says:

          You say that like it’s wrong.

          People are more than the work they do. I like *Rob* I think he’s lovely and has a great personality and HE makes me laugh and lifts my spirits with is unabashed goofiness. His work does not give me nearly as much enjoyment.

          It’s no different from me being a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies whilst thinking Tarantino himself is a giant asshat.

          Fan of the man, but not his work or fan of the work, but not the man. What’s the big whoop?

  7. BrookeLockart says:


    I mean, sheesh, how can you be a fan and not have floppy hair blinders of LOVE so you can only see rainbows and bunnies coming out his ass 110% of the time?

    Dammit. I hate when people have honest opinions. EVEN worse, I hate when those opinions make me feel insecure about my own.

    Off to find a Biel video so I can feel better about my belief system.

  8. Nelle says:

    I just think the content of this movie is so heavy that I would not enjoy it- and since the character is sleazy- not easy to like Rob. I think he did a great job in Water for Elephants. Not as good in Remember Me. Maybe Rob just doesn’t do “anger” well. E.g., in BD- when he yells at Bella “You’ve given me no choice!” I think he’s great. Then he ruins it the next second when he says “We’re supposed to be partners, remember?”. He says that line like a petulant child with a face to match.That’s the directors fault. Although I think overall Bill Condon did a fabulous job with BD, he should have directed Rob better there. Said “Rob I loved the first part- it was a true grown-up take charge tone. Make the other lines like that. ”
    Anyway- I am way too obsessed with this. Not normal?

    • I accidentally hit “thumbs down” but I just decided it’s opposite day so that means thumbs up..

      And “That’s Normal!”

      Rob does well with certain directors, I think… and I don’t think I’ll like Bel Ami either.. the trailers aren’t my thing…


      no i am.. I just have a certain taste that isn’t going to mean I like everything rob is in just cuz he’s in it…

      • Bea says:

        Also, if he’s been growing as an actor as time goes by, this movie is obviously going to be a step back as it was filmed roughly an eternity ago.

      • MariaCecilia says:

        UC, let’s redefine the concept of “fan” here, just as you’ve redefined “normal”.
        “Fan” = a person who will sit through every film or concert or read every book someone has made, without complaint, even though doing so makes them bored or nauseous. (Wait, isn’t that the definition of “mother”?)

    • Jellybeanrainbow says:


  9. Nelle says:

    I just think the content of this movie is so heavy that I would not enjoy it- and since the character is sleazy- not easy to like Rob. I think he did a great job in Water for Elephants. Not as good in Remember Me. Maybe Rob just doesn’t do “anger” well. E.g., in BD- when he yells at Bella “You’ve given me no choice!” I think he’s great. Then he ruins it the next second when he says “We’re supposed to be partners, remember?”. He says that line like a petulant child with a face to match.That’s the directors fault. Although I think overall Bill Condon did a fabulous job with BD, he should have directed Rob better there. Said “Rob I loved the first part- it was a true grown-up take charge tone. Make the other lines like that. ”
    Anyway- I am way too obsessed with this. Not normal?

  10. Guitargirl says:

    Awww, I feel quite sad for JBR. She travelled all that way, experienced delays, half froze to death, did it without someone to lift her spirits and ultimately the experience wasnt as good as she had hoped.

    As for her opinion on Bel Ami. Just because she’s not that keen on his acting, doesnt mean she is a bad fan. After all she travelled a hell of a long way to see him. (I wouldn’t travel that far, and I certainly wouldn’t stand in the cold for anyone.) I would rather hear an honest opinion anyday than listen to person after person gushing about his awesomeness just because it seems the right thing to do.

    If I’m completely honest, I didnt like some of his acting in some of the Twi saga, but I’ve still watched and enjoyed his other movies. Some more than others.

    You shouldn’t have to like everything about a person to be a fan. Surely a good fan is someone who can weigh up the good against the bad, and decided that they still like that person.

    I adore my husband, but there are things about him I definitely dont like. That is what makes us human.

    • “I adore my husband, but there are things about him I definitely dont like. That is what makes us human.”

      So Roblosophical today!!! Loving it!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      “Surely a good fan is someone who can weigh up the good against the bad, and decided that they still like that person.”

      No, what you are describing here is nothing less than unconditional love – and your husband is obviously a very lucky man!!

    • Jellybeanrainbow says:

      Don’t feel sad for me. I like to travel. No matter how the premiere turns out, there’s always sightseeing, museums, culture. I’ve travelled before for Rob/Twilight and I hope this wasn’t my last trip.

      • Guitargirl says:

        I feel sorry for anyone who has had to endure the cold JBR. I detest the cold even more than standing next to someone with BO on the tube. 🙂

  11. Edible Art ? says:

    Hey nothing wrong with an honest opinion but given her audiance could she not have sugar coated it a teeny bit ! I mean the first line was “the film was blah – forgettable” haha ouch that’s gotta hurt !

    I am going to see it Friday and will rush back with a review ASAP – unlike JBR I do not “only like Rob when he is playing Edward and being smiley and pretty” so I am hopeful my opinion will be the opposite to hers as well. cheers EA 🙂

    • PLEASE share your opinion after you see it!!!

    • The Old One says:

      Yes, please, give us your review, and be honest!

      I realize my own ability to think critically disappears when watching Rob’s movies. I see it happening and yet can’t help it, like “was that facial twitch a masterful yet subtle expression of the character’s deepest feelings, or was it completely hammy and overdone?” I can’t tell! He has supernatural powers that overcome my normally quite perceptive and usually pretty critical thoughts while watching movies.

  12. Nelle says:

    Apologize for double post. Yuck. Mobile view to full view transition problem.

  13. JustthetipEH? says:

    This is why I love this blog. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time unlike some other blogs that believe the sun LIT’RALLY shines FROM Robs arse. I know that’s not true. So do you. That’s why we’re safe here. I flew from my igloo in Canada to the BD premiere in LA to meet Moon and UC and Rob (maybe next time) and flirt with Sam outside the bathroom. Am I a super fan? You tell me? I also hated How To Be and laughed hysterically through …..errr…. What was the Dali film called again? Oh and I’ve never seen Bad Mothers Handbook. Oops, did your opinion change? I hope not. We’re all here for the same reason. ROB. He’s gonna do shitty movies. He’s gonna do great movies. C’est la vie! It is what it is! Live and let live! Bla bla bla!


      seriously.. it’s cute enough to watch via clips on you tube.

      i mean.. only do this if you’re sick with the flu or get a night alone. and you have a lot of wine. <-- if that ever happens promise me you'll watch it. also "I flew from my igloo in Canada to the BD premiere in LA to meet Moon and UC and Rob (maybe next time) and flirt with Sam outside the bathroom." yessssss xo

    • JodieO says:

      Personally I think Bad Mother’s Handbook is his best work to date and totally justifies my opinion that he should give up these heavy broody roles he doesn’t quite have the chops for and go for more goofy and whimsical ones.

      Is there a not-sarcastic font somewhere because I truly believe this.

      • Guitargirl says:

        I thought I was on my lonesome in liking the BMH. Sigh, I miss the rainbow jumper.

      • The Old One says:

        I managed to watch most of it with segments on YouTube a year or so ago, but recently all except one clip seems to have been taken down. I really liked it (yes I already admitted above that my critical brain melts into a puddle when watching Rob movies), I thought Rob was good, the Bad Mother was good, and Holliday Grainger was good too, all in that way British made-for-TV movies can be. I mean A LOT better than American made-for-TV movies usually are.

        • Old Enough to Know Better says:

          Time out! Does this mean the girl in BMH is the same girl in Bel Ami? No way! I’ve got to watch BMH again.

    • Really says:

      So you don’t like any film he made except for Twilight?
      Then you are fan of Edward not the actor playing him, you know there’s difference?

      • that’s what i kept telling her “Jelly Bean Rainbow…. you know that EDWARD won’t be in Berlin right?? So don’t waste your time traveling all the way to that country from your country, pay your way there, the overnight(s) in a hotel, the food expenses, wait in a line, in the rain, amongst people screaming in German…It’ll be a waste of your time! Edward is in FORKS!” but she just didn’t listen to me…..

      • Jellybeanrainbow says:

        No, I liked many of his movies, How To Be or Little Ashes or Bad Mother’s Handbook, I just didn’t like HIM in those movies as much as I liked him in Twilight. (Or on MTV stage giving drunken speeches ad kissing TayTay.)

        Just last month I watched Remember Me and finally, it was my 5th or 6th viewing, could take away my eyes of Rob and realized how powerful Pierce Brosnan’s performance was.

        • Old Enough to Know Better says:

          I find that I love Rob’s performances the best when I expect the least from him. So, that being said, I may love Bel Ami when it finally gets shown in the US.

  14. Papercut says:

    Despite the less than stellar review I still WANT to see this movie if they ever release it in North America!! I want to see a less-than-pretty Rob. Bring on the man-whore!! Waiting for a release date…..

    • Old Enough to Know Better says:

      Ok, I’m going to give away my own level of Robsession here, but according to (who is in contact with Sony Pictures, the US distributor) Bel Ami will be released in the US in September 2012.

    • Guitargirl says:

      I am shallow enough to want to go for the nakedness. I have heard there may be a bit of swingage too. (I live in hope!) A sweaty, humping Rob floats my boat more than the guy on the red carpet, so I’m not going to miss this opportunity. LOL!

  15. Venom says:

    My whole fake name is based on my least favorite Rob facial expression and line from Twilight. I still love him anyway. Loved reading your story. Can totally relate to WTF moments. Thanks!

  16. Elle says:

    I love this post. Just the fact that she traveled to fu*king BERLIN is enough for the true fan category. Personally, I realized I was a true fan right after I saw the first comment. I saw red for a half a second and wanted to kick that person’s ass 😉 I’m going to crawl out on a hollow limb here.. but I honestly think that if Rob wasn’t Edward in Twilight that I certainly would not be smitten like I am because of Bad Mother’s Handbook or How To Be. (GASP!) Rob made a comment recently saying that” if it wasn’t for Twilight nobody would give a shit about me” Now I would plaster my body over a mud puddle for this man’s Samba’s, but I’m not holding my breath for a Oscar Worthy performance. Academy Awards are overrated anyway; after the red carpet I change the channel. And Rob is exactly right about his career; at least he’s humble enough to recognize it. The truth is I see the exact same acting as Edward Cullen in all of his newer movies. Bel-Ami might be different but I’m quite sure JBR’s description is spot on. And for the peeps offended by this post.. Really? No, REALLY? Go make an ecard about it and move along. Dear Rob, I cannot stand your hair.

  17. onemoreorless says:

    I really liked your letter, JBR.
    And I totally agree with you . Rob is not the BEST actor. I don’t know, if he ever will be a good one, but I am still hoping with every movie, that comes out. I am afraid, I thought like that since I saw twilight the very first time. I just like that guy and his imperfection makes him just perfect. Yes, I am robsessed – I scream (minimum) as loud as the others ! And every time someone writes something bad about his acting I try to compensate the fact by googling something good about his movies. It is like when you do not agree with the weather forecast and you just keep searching the web, until you found someone, who tells you that it is going to be perfect weather tomorrow. I feel like I am a very nice fan!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      ..but seeing as the sun shines out of Rob’s ass you need look no further! The sun always shines on us!!

    • allryans says:

      Oh, you are a screamer who searches for better weather on the internet if you don’t like the actual forecast.

      *chin in hands* Tell me more.

      • onemoreorless says:

        I am afraid, I just explained my obsessed thoughts Kristen-style. Started simple and ended up with the weather forecast.

  18. Laura says:

    To the writer of the letter: HAve you ever seen Little Ashes? His performance as Dali is outstanding. I’m sure a lot of people that seem to have lost faith in him, have never watched this movie. Patience, he is an ambitious guy, and a hard-worker and I’m completely sure he will portray another amazing character in the future.

  19. Pattygirl says:

    I love Rob pre twilight films like > HTB and LA. The 1st twilight only, the sequels are meh, but I saw it because of Rob. RM not, WFE yes. have high hopes for BA (like the story and trailers and cast) , will see it at march 21 in Jakarta. I am a big movie buff but not hollywood stuff, because they crippled the art of movie making with special effects and ratings.. Movie is about acting period, a great script , a great director. I will see all Rob movies because of Rob and judge it myself. I am rooting for Rob, has so many critics said in their reviews, he just havent found the right Director to showcase his greatness, have high hopes for Cosmopolis as turning point of his career.
    Recommend all movie lovers to see The Raid in March 23 in the USA, an Indonesian action movie that has 100 percent reviews at Rotten Tomatoes and hailed as the best action movie of the decade.

  20. allryans says:

    Poor JellyBean … sorry about the cold and the delays and the musical red carpet you had to play. BUT HUZZAH you saw Rob up close and you represented the un-crazies by not screaming and not following him to dinner and interrupting his 2nd course asking for a picture. Brava, chica.

    Rob is no perfect actor. There are some actors that can be in totally crappy movies and be the best part of a snoozefest. That’s not Rob. At least, it hasn’t been up til now.

    He needs to pick up some pointers from John Krasinski.

    • Pattygirl says:

      John Krasinski? Really? Can you picture JK as Jacob in WFE? or Edward ? No, he is a so so actor so far from what I seen.

      • JellyBeanRainbow says:

        I always picture John Krasinski as the Fuzzy Bear from Muppets. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like him
        Send more hate, please.

  21. Old Enough to Know Better says:

    Poor Rob. He’s trying so hard not to be Edward – shaving his head, making crazy cougar movies that are like car wrecks – we can’t look away no matter how bad it may be. . .

    Anybody else wonder if Rob and Kristen will reunite onscreen again for another movie in ten years (ala Julia Roberts and Richard Gere – Pretty Woman / Runaway Bride)?

    • MariaCecilia says:

      So, what would the equivalent be? Twilight/a movie about pretty, middleaged vampires planning their wedding anniversary? (disguised as their high school graduation party, of course)

  22. Rob'smate says:

    JBR, you were a bi t harsh he is still learning in this game. Next time try and be a little subtle please.

  23. BrookeLockart says:

    Lease bookmark this post for the next time fans of Kristen/Nikki/insert actor say you never make fun or say anything negative about Rob.

  24. BrookeLockart says:

    PLease bookmark this post for the next time fans of Kristen/Nikki/insert actor say you never make fun or say anything negative about Rob.

  25. Stacey says:

    Wow, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve commented on this site. Then I saw all those lovely thumb downs and I just had to say, “Hi!”

    Now that I am finished with that, here’s my thought on the letter…great letter JBR! It looks like you had a great time! I also love that you gave your honest opinion of the movie. I had been wondering about how it was going to be. I really like WFE, but i am still waiting for Rob to be in a comedy. The man has a fantastic giggle. I will be waiting for the DVD release on Bel Amie. (The Mom’s Night Movie Club gets one movie a month to escape from our kids. Hello, Hunger Games!) By the way, how was Christina Ricci in Bel Amie?

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      Christina was good, but that’s all I can say.
      I guess the fact that there are 4 major actresses in the movie meant that none on them had a lot of screen time and apart from Uma I don’t have a particular opinion of any of them.
      I guess that’s good if you can blend in and not stand out with a disturbing performance?
      I guess I’m more disappointed with the screenplay or direction than acting.

  26. Alexandra says:

    Damn it, UC! Ii I knew there was going to be an award at stake, I would have posted something hateful!

  27. Alice_NaA says:

    whenever there is Robporn or other demeaning goodies there are no meanies whatsoever. Srsly haters, have some moral standards!

  28. JBR I so wish one of us was there with you for your Red Carpet experience!! I so would have yelled, “Hey Dick!” to bring the future-in-laws over to say hello.

    As for your review of the film, I stopped reading after “The movie was blah. Forgettable.” Not that I don’t value your opinion, I’ve just heard enough negativity and want to make my own judgement without spoilers. (Not that the US is ever seeing this movie).

    And most importantly, why was your first sentence not about Rob’s NEKKID arse?! Now that’s what I call a bad fan! 😉

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      I’d so yell Hey Dick! too if you were standing there next to me. Wearing matching LTR shirts. 😉

      • Those shirts would have to be under our jumpers this time!!! It is waaaaay to cold there to be my only layer! LOL

        And I love that pic of us wearing them, btw 🙂

  29. GoWithIt says:

    Awesome Jellybean!

  30. lysinak says:

    I read this right after it posted and thought “that was cool, what a nice post”. 136 comments later.. what the shiz happened? LoL I think JBR represented us well and if you need a travel galpal next time you know where to find us. And kudos for being honest about the movie review, it is what it is.

  31. Jenny says:

    Wow! I rarely read all the comments and I never post anything, but this has fascinated me today! After reading JBR’s review my first instinct was to respond in complete defense of Rob and his talent. I have to admit though that there have been times that I have been disappointed with Rob’s performance. Being a big pre-movie Twiliight fan, it took me a while to grow to love his version of Edward. (I will probably always love book Edward more.) I actually do love him in both Remember Me and Water for Elephants but I doubt I’ll see Bel Ami until it is on DVD and have never seen Little Ashes. I guess that kind of makes me a bad fan too, but I still love Rob and think he has a great future if he can overcome the bias that so many critics have against anything or anyone Twilight related.

  32. Rob's Zombie says:

    Little Ashes was really good! He was great in it, I’m still waiting for a comedy British would be great! I am excited for bel Ami tho he is delish to me and always makes my day!

  33. Mania says:

    I LOVE Rob, I think he is an amazing person, funny, nice, smart (based on all the interviews he has ever done..) extremely beautiful, I love that he reads, I love his taste in music, I love the way he dresses, I love his choice of girlfriend (I do!), I have probably saved 1000 pics of him on my computer, I read twi fanfic and I read fansites about Rob and Kristen nearly every day.
    BUT – I have NEVER liked his acting. I honestly don´t think he is a good actor at all. I mean – can anyone seriously find any of the twimovies (part from the first one that i still think is a classic, great high school drama) good in comparison to “real” good movies?!? I thought Remember me was sort of ok acting wise, but WFE nearly painful. Bel ami looks worse. BUT THAT DOESN´T MATTER to me! I´m a Robfan, he is an odd, weird, beautiful flower (ok masculine flower) in the trashy shallow Hollywood desert and he is so smart and sweet that he will always have a great career anyway. If not as an actor, as a producer, director, musician, writer, whatever.
    LOVE him, do not love his acting.

  34. jessica marie cullen says:

    damn. have i very seriously missed an ongoing battle in the comments after every single post? i haven’t checked the comments for a while, but being that we all know there are plenty of the “defend the almighty ROB to the death!”, i wondered if anyone would have an alternate opinion. i certainly did not expect an accusatory, generalizing, thumbs-downing, all out battle zone! whats with all the hostility, ladies?

    screw his acting. well, not entirely, but for the time being. go back to the last post and view the schmexy. THEN tell me if you can find it in you to argue or post an angry response.

    i didn’t think so.

    we’re all here for a reason, and whether it’s because you like him for eye fucking fans at red carpet events (oh, the good ol’ days…), his eclectic choice in roles, or his wonky legs, we all like him and we all obsess to some degree or another, because he does that to us and thats normal (…right?)

    now don’t let him get your panties in a twist when there are plenty of other scenarios that would play out much better as far as Rob and your panties go.

  35. Rememberme says: ladies used to post everyday, what happened? Im thinking your Rob love is basically dead, but thats ok , Kstew still loves guess. I remember the good ole days..remember TammyO? That should give you a good weeks worth of post. Strolling down memory lane, thinking about good times..see ya.

  36. Jessica says:

    First of all, I just want to let you know that I respect your opinion. (You did freeze your butt off out there, after all…you don’t deserve hate after all that!) This long-ass comment is just me saying what I believe…like what everyone else on here is doing. We cool? Ok, good. lol
    I don’t and probably never will fully understand the difference between a good actor and a not-so-good actor (unless, of course, it’s obvious…like, SyFy-channel-TV-movie-obvious). The way I see it, every actor has their own way of…well, acting, just as every artist has their own way of painting or drawing. Some are dramatic; some more realistic. Either way, in my opinion, if they act sad, mad, happy, etc. when they should in a movie, then they’re doing just fine, ya know? *casual shrug*
    I believe that critics have a very narrow view on what they consider to be good acting…when they see something they’re not used to, they’re all like, “Oh, his/her acting skills aren’t that great.” Weren’t some famous artists harshly criticized when they created something using a new style? Same kinda goes for all the bros and hoes of Hollywood today.
    I think Rob is a pretty good actor. People criticize him for being “too calm,” or “too stone-faced” as Edward. Well, ya know what? When I read those bigass books, that’s kinda how I pictured him. After all, didn’t Meyer describe the character being similar to a Greek statue, or somethin’? Statues are made of stone, right? Well, there ya go. Stone-faced. Just like in the books. Excellent acting, Rob. I’m serious!
    Ok. Another example: Water for Elephants. I’ve read somewhere about him lookin’ kinda “drunk” and “distant” throughout the movie. Keep in mind that the character, Jacob, lost his parents at the beginning of the film. If I had lost both my parents all at once like that, I’d be pretty shocked, too. My mind would pro’lly go a’drifting for a while, as well.
    I cannot share my opinion about his performance in BA, since I have not seen it yet. However, I must say I really am looking forward to Cosmopolis. Mr. Cronenberg seems to think highly of Rob’s acting. I trust Cronenberg. Cosmopolis is gonna be great, if not awesome. 🙂
    I think Rob is neither better nor worse at acting than the other dudes and chicks in the filming industry. I tend to try to look at all actors as equals…it’s less stressful that way. However I do favor and adore Rob as a person; his personality and the way he thinks fascinates me. Not to mention that he’s handsome–but that’s just the delicious icing on an already-delicious cake. 😉

  37. passionson says:

    I thought everyone knew Rob’s black-ringed racoon eyes were caused from the all nighter he pulled when Kristen came to Budapest for her birthday. All Holliday Granger scenes were filmed at that time. Rob was in serous need of his RayBans, or his Oliver P’s. I thought for certain they would” fix them” in post. Guess not.
    My 2 cents. Rob’s spirit is light,giggly,funny,and sweet. I would love to see him do some parts that are more akin to his real personality. I’m a little worried he wants to play villians, not his deal at all.
    Don’t mind opinions, and they are freely given here. oh god,I do love that gangly, goofy, nerdy, handsome, gorgeous, and sexy man.

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