Rob Pattinson: Dancing till the world ends

Dear Rob,

I’m sitting here after a longggggg week kinda stuck on what to say to you. It’s Friday. I don’t want to go deep (twss) and get Roblosophical. There’s nothing new about you to make fun of. It’s the kind of day when Rob Porn is appropriate but I’m just not feeling it. I looked at some pictures from Cosmopolis & tried to think of vacuuming, dusting or other things I’d like you to do around the house, but nothing was coming to me. Imagine that- I couldn’t even come up with chores for you to fake do.

So it’s Friday- Rebecca Black made sure we’ll never forget it– and I just want to have fun.

And after a quick trip to You Tube I discovered that to make my Friday great, all you really need is pictures of you plus a song with a kickin’ beat and we got ourselves a GREAT start to the weekend:

First up a little S&M:

I’m trying to count how many Fan vids I’ve seen set to “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake. The number must be in the hundreds. Well, THIS one has a twist: it features the creator’s sexual fantasy about herself (I assume) & you, Rob (and it’s quite, um, realistic at times!):

Rob Pattinson is my Sunshine, and I couldn’t stop smiling the ENTIRE time I watched this video:

After finding these 3 videos my next goal was to find a video of you set to my favorite song of recent months: “Dancing till the world ends” by Britney. It HAS to exist, right? After a long search on you tube & google (and even a second search after my first search ended in me getting distracted by an hours worth of new Robsten videos) I’ve come up with nothing. Come on video makers of the world! Sexy song! Sexy man! Make it happen.

I guess I have to do everything myself don’t I? It’s not a video, but Rob Porn will do….

Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight,

Would a fan vid to “Dancing till the world Ends” blow your mind like it would mine? Any weekend plans besides oogling pictures of Rob online?

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