Coming to a Forks Dream House near you!

action heroes on peacoats! my how things have changed!

action heroes wearing peacoats! my how things have changed!

Dear Rob-

I guess these new action figures they’re planning on selling at Hot Topic are better than those other creepy Twilight dolls but what’s really on my mind is… are these action figures anatomically correct?


PS hey gals, guess you can stop worrying about crushing that paperdoll cut out of robby you’ve been carrying around in your bag and I can start a new feature along with the pillow (post coming soon), where in the world is the Edward action figure?! 😀


26 Responses to “Coming to a Forks Dream House near you!”

  1. OMG! Can’t wait to carry this around in the new “FEED” bag I got that feeds 100 children. (a little bit of social justice.. a little bit of teenaged obsession.. my husband wants BALANCE in my life? how’s THAT for balance!)

    seriously.. where in the world IS the edward cullen pillow? he could’ve come with me to Florida…

  2. Mrs. P. says:

    Okay ladies…I just pre-ordered my doll online, but the paper Rob will still be traveling around with me, there is room enough in my purse for two Robs, heck I can even fit three if need be!

  3. vickyb says:

    Yes, we definitely need a sturdier Rob if he’s gonna be hanging with these Cougars! My paper Rob is a little beat up as Mrs. P can attest to. Her Rob was seen out and about in his mesh top in the wee hours of the morning…hmmm. As for balance, how bout let me have my Twilight and I might still cook your dinner, and wash your clothes, and feed the kids and all the other crap that constantly interferes with my obsession, i mean hobby!

  4. vickyb says:

    Oh yeah, thanks Mrs. P for my awesome new TW bag. I will definitely have room in there for my Rob and other essentials. I loved it!

  5. Mrs. P. says:

    your welcome*hugs* love to spread Twilove!!

  6. Mrs. P. says:

    Apparently Rob was seen clubbing in SD and had a little too much to drink (if you know what I mean, and I think you do) and ended up Here. Note the time on the cow clock (3:00 am)

    Rob, I never knew you were such a party Animal!!

  7. @mrs p – LOL! san diggy gettin CRaaAaaZY at 3 in the morn. Thanks for keeping an eye on him but you can send him back to me in LA now. kthanksbye!

  8. ps have we talked about what that cullen crest is?? a key chain? a lip gloss container? a shield for the eddy action figure to use? what IS that?

  9. Java says:

    Mommy Mommy, I wan’t an Edward doll noooow…

  10. Mrs. P. says:

    @ themoonisdown
    as far as the Cullen Crest goes, I’m hoping its like a “magical” ring with mysterious “magic” powers that can bring anyone anywhere Edward Cullen when they need him…like late at night….when the hubby is away on a business trip…and the kiddies are all in bed…hmmm all the “magical” possibilitites…

    and as far as sending “Wobby”–as my two year old calls him–back to you, look at the previous post and you’ll see that I have a loooong list of things I still need to try with him. But I’ll make sure to send him up north when I’m through. (note= he may be a little “smudged” so def. wash before wearing! LOL!)
    Mrs. P.

  11. Mrs. P. says:

    Thanks, I’m probably going to take him out again today…We’ll see

  12. vickyb says:

    I think perhaps I will be taking him to see Twilight tonight. I know he doesn’t like to see his own stuff but I think he will thank me later. He may want to get romantical during the kissing scene…

  13. Mrs. P. says:

    Here is proof that Rob belongs with me…

    Robert Pattinson Quiz

    You got 100% of the questions correct
    Total questions: 10
    Correct answers: 10
    Congratulations! You’re a quiz champion

    Just FYI
    give it your best shot ladies!!

  14. vickyb says:

    Mrs. P
    I hate to burst your bubble but lookie what I got:

    You got 100% of the questions correct
    Total questions: 10
    Correct answers: 10
    Congratulations! You’re a quiz champion AND you are awesome so Rob is going to try that one thing with you!

    I know, I was shocked too!

  15. Mrs. P. says:

    yeah well Vickyb…We all know who got 100 first!! Right everyone, Right…You’ve all got my back on this? Ladies? Anyone? hmmmm

  16. Sass says:

    I believe the Cullen crest is a codpiece…the size looks about right…

    *wishful thinking*

  17. vickyb says:


    You’ve got me on the floor LMAO!!

  18. Mrs. P. says:

    @ Sass
    A codpiece?…hmmm…..
    Can it be a Magical Codpiece? 😉

  19. Sass says:

    Is there any other kind???

  20. Mrs. P. says:

    *Pumps Fists* SCORE!!

  21. christapie says:

    Mmm…magical codpiece.

    Sorry, went away for a sec.

  22. […] the Cullen Family crest. We discussed what we thought it’s double usage could be over at LTR but sadly it is NONE of those. It’s a cheap flimsy piece of rubber which when I tried his […]

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