Where in the World is the Edward Action Figure – Cha Cha Edition

Say underpants!

Say underpants!

Dear Mini Edward-

If you are anything like me you know the location of every photobooth in the greater Los Angeles area… and so of course showing up to a friend’s birthday party packing an Edward Cullen action figure in your bag wouldn’t be weird at all… especially if the sole reason for going (well besides to celebrate the friend and all) was because you knew you would be able to take pictures in the booth with your friend a fellow Rob fan, His One and Only (who asked did you bring HIM? in hushed tones), and mini E! Nope, not weird at all!

I knew you’d understand!

Location: Cha Cha Lounge, Silver Lake – Los Angeles, California

Where else has the Edward Action figure been?

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Coming to a Forks Dream House near you!

action heroes on peacoats! my how things have changed!

action heroes wearing peacoats! my how things have changed!

Dear Rob-

I guess these new action figures they’re planning on selling at Hot Topic are better than those other creepy Twilight dolls but what’s really on my mind is… are these action figures anatomically correct?


PS hey gals, guess you can stop worrying about crushing that paperdoll cut out of robby you’ve been carrying around in your bag and I can start a new feature along with the pillow (post coming soon), where in the world is the Edward action figure?! 😀


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