Roblosophy: Rob’s Fans – Does anyone love you, Rob?

Do they love me? Do they love me not?

Dear Rob,

On the heels of yet another misunderstood and supposedly mean spirited post (*cough* not at all *cough*) about your costar Nikki Reed and her new mystery tattoo I got to thinking about you. Why when we poke fun and rag on you till the cows come home does no one bat an eye? Why doesn’t anyone stick up for you when we tease you like grade schoolers?

We’ve called you some crazy stuff over the past year and a half, we’ve insinuated (and flat out said) you’re gay on numerous occasions. Then we said you’re asexual. We’ve said you watch porn in a basement with the bff you buy underwear with. We call your dad Dick (we love you Dick!). We keep up the charade that you smell like a junior high boys locker room. We knock your sexual prowess at every turn. And we’ve even posted comics about how your face looks like a foot. And yet no real backlash. No emails calling us hookers who hate men. No tweets about how we’re stupid hags who hate Rob but love Taylor Lautner. No comments about us being jealous of Rob or how we’ve stepped over the line.

I’ll wait while you make this your new desktop wallpaper

And yet we can say one off handed thing about Kristen, or even today we can make up totally FAKE tattoo ideas based on things fans have said about Nikki Reed and the crazies come out of the woodwork to tell us we’re awful people.

Why do you think that is Rob? Do people think you’re a big boy who can handle himself and the jokes we make about you? Do you not have committed enough fans like the Krisbians or even Nikki Reeds lovers (we need to make up a name for you ladies) to have your back for everything, no matter what. NO.MATTER.WHAT.

I can’t begin to believe that’s true. Your fans will do practically anything for you. They build shrines and human shaped Rob pillows with your face on them. If anyone is committed it’s YOUR fans. But why don’t they raise hell for you over the dumbest stuff? Like pretty much everything we say about you. Are your fans too busy making Rob porn or staring at their cardboard cutouts of Edward in the closet (where they belong!) to be bothered by it? Or are they just in on the joke and understand it’s all in the name of good fun? It is the internet after all. This is the place where gopher’s can be famous for throwing some side eye over their shoulder, or where there’s a site totally devoted to awkward family photos. It’s supposed to be ridiculous, right?

Or maybe you’ve proven yourself in public, in interviews,  and at events that you’re good natured and can poke fun at yourself, whereas some of the other people we joke about aren’t quite as comfortable with themselves in a public forum? I don’t really know but I want to know what all YOUR fans think out there. Why is there such a staunch backing and support for people like Kristen and Nikki and some others but when it comes to you it’s anything goes? Riddle me that, Rob. Or rather have your fans tell me.

But seriously, the foot thing? Still makes me laugh,

Tell me what you think. Why the outrage when we poke fun at someone else but when we diss Rob, no biggie? What should we call the staunch Nikki Reed supporters?

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213 Responses to “Roblosophy: Rob’s Fans – Does anyone love you, Rob?”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    Hi Moon,
    read that Nikki post yesterday and yes, some drama over there seemed to happen, so you asked

    “Why is there such a staunch backing and support for people like Kristen and Nikki and some others but when it comes to you it’s anything goes?”

    my answer is quite simple:

    I love him, cause Rob has BALLZ!!!
    (in every sense of the word 🙂 )

  2. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon, one reason that you point out I think is true. Rob is the first one to poke fun at himself and has said some ridiculous things about himself. He has a great sense of humor and I for one, love him for that. Of the others that you mention there is no discernible sense of humor about the person.


  3. I was going to say OMG are you implying that Rob’s fans are less batshit crazy and stupid? Can’t be it, we all got to know the fandom before finding LTR (thank you thank you!!!) BUt you got it right, Rob “schooled” his fandom with his sense of humour. The others, well, don’t seem to have /show it. I guess “Respect the Rob” is “Respect the jokes” even for the very (entertaining) respectful fans.

    • robgirl86 says:


      He schooled only the girls HERE (Rob, where are you? lol), we DO know some crazy other Rob-places, like the one where grown up women pray in church and think that he is too young for shootings with naked women, not to mention all the sappy campaigns in his name….

      LTR is a good place to laugh at Rob, cannot say that about other sites at all!

      • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

        Heh heh the Church of St Mattress is an interesting place alright. Or is there another kookier Rob-place I don’t know about yet?

        • robgirl86 says:

          It wasn’t that church, it was the REAL church, won’t say the site cause I like the blogger, but the commenters oh my….

          • mountainlion says:

            I didn’t hear about this “real” church.

            You are joking, right?

            What is that?

            YOu never tell me anything.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          I think the Church of the Holey Mattress is the one Rob attends…I might join him next Sunday!! 😉

          • mountainlion says:

            I’ll be on my knees.

          • robgirl86 says:

            lion, you’re naughty girl today, I read 3 of your comments and all I read is that you want babies, feel love and want to…what exactly made your day??? you never tell me anything! <3

      • southernbelle says:

        Haha, what the? What site is that? Let’s go lurk!

    • southernbelle says:

      I might be one of those “batshit” crazy fans! LOL. You know me! However I haven’t yet stolen an Edward cutout and oh get this……. I haven’t even seen Eclipse yet!!!!!

      But yes I’m batshit crazy about Rob! Bahaha!

      • RoslynSelene says:

        I haven’t seen Eclipse either.
        The only things I own relating to Rob is a pair of Ray Bans, Remember Me DVD, WFE & Bel Ami.
        Yup, no posters, bumber stickers, cardboard cutouts, shirts, glitter lube, Rob toilet paper(WTF?!)or any other crazy Rob/Twi merch.
        I AM normal!

    • mountainlion says:

      Can we go back to disrespecting the Rob, nice and slow.

      I miss those days.

      love to you….and Rob.


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  5. Edible Art ? says:

    Easy answer – Rob fans are NORMAL !!!!

    • ViviLit says:

      LOL You read my mind! Normal and like almost evryone already said, we have nice sense of humor!

      Is there any Rob fans out there that doesn’t have sense of rumor? Maybe, but I think most of then are more Edward fans or became Taylor Lautner fans, specialy after the vagina comment LOL

    • Edible Art ? says:

      Having a great week here – Moon replied to a comment I made the other day ( Squeeeel) and now I have been thumbed down it’s like all my dreams come true!!! now to meet Rob

  6. JulieP says:

    Um. Yes. I do think Rob is a big boy!

  7. JodieO says:

    Because Rob fans don’t need to project their insecurities all over celebrities.

    PS. I fucking love that gopher. If you dare say anything bitchy about him I will flame you until hell won’t have it again!

    • robgirl86 says:

      I was gonna say that as well, Moon, seriously don’t wanna hear anything more about flat shoefaces and being gay, thank you!
      I might get bitchy like a 14y old , I dunno…. 🙂

      • melronin says:

        I might get mad like a greek medusa…
        just sayin 😀

        • southernbelle says:

          @Mel you are gonna give me nightmares!

          I was so scared of Medusa when I was little! I really thought I’d turn into stone if I happened to look into her eyes! I got my stupid cousins to thank for that for putting that crap into my 6-yr-old brain that time.

          • melronin says:

            haha SB, hope you are not afraid anymore honey!
            Medusa will defend Rob though…big time…any time!!!

          • southernbelle says:

            @Mel, LOL ok I’ll try. I don’t know if I’m fully recovered from Medusa yet! You be Medusa, I’ll be Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll whack people who hassle Rob with my parasol and my fan!

      • JodieO says:

        No, she can pick on Rob all she wants. I’m down with that. It’s the gopher I’m protecting. That dude is rad.

  8. diane says:

    I will get attacked by the Krisbians or whatever they call themselves but seriously i have never dislike a fanbase like i dislike krisbians.

    • cat says:

      see, i have never disliked a fanbase so much like those insane potterheads, since all they do is wish eclipse to fail and want to punish rob for not being loyal to hp, and want edward to die. what the hell…???!!!

  9. natashadushi says:

    Now I have to bleach my eyes after a visit at Thanks Moon

  10. purplescool says:

    Obviously we all KNOW that the stuff said about Rob is a joke b/c we all adore him so much.

  11. drsaka says:

    Moon, to answer your question ‘does anyone love Rob?’, the answer is YES, WE DO.

  12. Amber says:

    Time to get Tweed Serious (or have a Serious Sam moment, whatever you prefer).

    I wish I knew the answer to this. As a fan of the Stew (not a Krisbian, just a fan), I LOVE all the videos making fun of her. I mean, come on, this is pure genius:

    But seriously, if I posted this on Twitter RIGHT NOW, I’d get major backlash from my followers. Because while they all laugh at all the Rob jokes, it is NOT okay to make the same jokes about Kristen.

    It’s awfully presumptuous of her or NReed’s fans to assume that they can’t take a joke.

    Tweed Serious Moment over.

    Now seriously, butt sex on the 3rd date?!? I die laughing!

  13. Jules says:

    “Do people think you’re a big boy who can handle himself…”
    YES! He’s a BIg boy, a very big boy, indeed.

  14. Rob's flaming dashboard says:

    It’s good natured teasing, like when Victoria and Lizzy created Claudia. Oops – did I just say LTR girls are like his big sisters?

  15. milan says:

    Rob once came on The Ellen Show and said the reason he cut his hair was because he had a bad infestation of knits! (head lice). This shows great strength, self belief and security with who he is, and he has his head (full of lice) firmly on his shoulders!
    And man.. that hunk has seen a lot of crap before he became the droolicious Edward Cullen! Experience makes him stronger and he can man up to anything! he even called Courtney Love a “dick” LMAO!

    I’m a huge Edward fan.. but seriously the foot thing.. was hilarious! 😀

    • ViviLit says:

      @ Milan “he even called Courtney Love a “dick” LMAO”

      No he didn’t.

      The magazine, “jornalist”, blogger or whatever, twisted his words. He was saying that he saw a tabloid with (fake) quotes of Courtney dissing him and he answering her with the dick comment.

      He only “said” he wasn’t even offered the part and wouldn’t do it. And I also don’t know how accurate the whole original interview is, since it was published in a tabloid that normaly make up stuff about him (it does seem like a fake interview)

      • RoslynSelene says:

        ugh! That story is full of BS! It doesn’t sound like Rob. Unless there’s a video of HIM saying that, I don’t buy it…at all.

  16. tuesdaymidnight says:

    I think the insanity surrounding the defense of Nikki and Kristen comes from that weird girl rivalry place that is the cause of pulled hair and tears in middle school.

    Girls will fight each other for a guy (to stay on topic – read: Rob), but they won’t defend the guy. We have this archaic idea that men can stand up for themselves, but that women need defending. So, the superfans imagine themselves to be actual friends with Kristen or Nikki and then the bitchiness ensues.

    It’s juvenile really.

    If I get downthumbed, it’s only because you know I’m right.

  17. TheColdWoman says:

    I read LTT/LTR early yesterday so I missed all the uproar but I think Rob’s personality definitely has something to do with it being okay to make fun of him.

    But all is well when it leads to a post like this with pictures and captions like that! I especially love the last one!

    • TheColdWoman says:

      GASP! What happened to my LTT/LTR provided alien avatar?? Do I need to finally create my own?? (How do I do that?)

  18. BrookeLockart says:

    I don’t know….don’t think I can honestly answer this question. Some of the Rob fans are just as batshit crazy. We all remember the Respect Rob campaign or the day follow friday was canceled by a delusional Rob fan. Hah. Perhaps it’s just more of the guy humor thing, when you make fun of him, it seems like flirty banter.

    ok, not sure if any of that made sense but it is definitely time for coffee.

  19. melronin says:

    One of the main things that made me comment on LTR and stay here…
    One of the main things that made me choose LTR over other (interesting blogs) and stay here…

    was/is that this is not a blog of just “ohhh Rob is sooo
    hot/sexy gorgeous”, it’s your sense of humor and the love you all have for Rob which shows in every word you say girls! Even if you make fun of him or call him names or anything like that…the love shows. Rob can see it and all lurkers can see it. There is no reason to defend Rob here…cause here… WE LOVE ROB!!!

    my 2 cents

  20. dazzledtodeath says:

    I think Rob is such a sweet and likable (and lickable) person that he practically demands to be made fun of. In a loving way.

    The same cannot be said for the mullephant and her rabid followers feel the need to jump all over anyone who points this out.

    Just my two cents.

  21. robsfuturemate says:

    I read yesterday’s LTT post after someone here mentioned drama ensuing over there. (It was once again hilarious ladies!) Then I saw over 300 comments and was like “no thank you.”

    Here’s the deal. We know there are crazy Rob fans who would stand up for him in a second! They do all the aforementioned crazy stuff. But not here on LTR! Here we are as refined and fun loving as Dick and his son would want us to be!

    Not so sure about LTT, but maybe the Thumbs Downer from the other day came back with some friends!

    • oh girl most of the funny is IN the comments! Find yourself 20 minutes and go read- I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        UC, I have to admit my love for the Rob comes first! If and when that has been satsified do I then lurk on LTT! And yes, I do read the comments…but over 300, that’s a lot of comments!! But, I’ve been shamed, maybe I’ll go check them out!!

    • southernbelle says:

      Hon the haters go to LTT and then here I think! LOL.

  22. Libby says:

    Of course we love him… but, we know that there’s no need to create drama around him, cause, he is funny, adorkable, make fun of himself Rob.
    That’s why we love him, drama free.

  23. Jules says:

    I’m guessing here, but perhaps the Krisbians and Nikkorettes (that’s what I call them) get offended when they think that the people poking fun of Kristen and Nikki are not fans.

    I make fun of Rob and I find it hilarious when his fans make fun of him, but don’t we all get a tad offended when non-fans (and RL friends) say some of the same things we say? It’s like they don’t have the right or smth.
    I’m never offended enough to write back and defend the Rob, but I growl at my monitor sometimes.

    • robgirl86 says:

      when sb says something against Rob here without any love or fun (happened very rarely to be honest) I DO feel the need to write back and to defend him, in RL I’d never defend him cause waste of time and I don’t wanna reveal too much … 🙂 so, jules, I think you’re right!
      And I won’t say anything about Rob and Nicorettes….the gums I mean..

      • Jules says:

        the way you said nicorettes may me think of the claudette (min?). haha
        I like that you defend Rob on those rare occasions that it’s warranted.

    • Jules says:

      I should add that I’m totally against, mean name calling, insulting and attacking as a way to defend Nikki, Kristen or Rob. Not cool.

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      Nikkorettes! Yes, this has to be their nickname!

    • pumagirlsf says:


      I agree with you that we all make fun of Rob and it’s okay… but when people in RL do it we get very defensive. I know I do it. I could say something like, “Rob’s wearing shoes without socks. That is gross and his feet must STINK.” But if someone else said it outside of our little Robosphere, I’d get irritated and shoot off some protective response like, “he probably is wearing shortie socks! Why don’t you just shut up? You don’t know anything!”

      We love The Rob. We defend The Rob. We save The Rob… from everyone but US. 😉

    • mountainlion says:

      I love the term “Nikkorrettes”!!!!

  24. dazzledtodeath says:

    LTR is the only Rob site I visit every day. I occasionally look at others, but others don’t measure up because they’re either shipper sites or full of crazy people who demand I respect Rob or act like his grandmother and disapprove of the Details shoot (but presumably don’t mind seeing his naked ass in a movie). I adore Rob but he’s a grown man and handles himself quite well. I want to swoon over him but at the same time rip apart his latest outfit, or laugh at him stumbling out of some bar .Rob’s perfect to me, but I know he’s not really perfect.

    This is something the krisbians tend to overlook. While we laugh at Rob’s acting, clothes, behavior the krisbians terrorize people’s twitters and say nasty and disgusting things about anyone who criticizes their goddess. I seriously doubt she would condone this.

    I just want to enjoy the hotness that is Rob. And sometimes make fun of him. It’s beyond me why anyone would behave so horribly in “defense” of their idol.

    • southernbelle says:

      Hey dazzled! This is the only site I “have” to go to everyday, at least I try to. I missed a few here and there but this is it for me. One other site I go there mainly for pictures and interviews :).

  25. ms.J says:

    I think its becuz we all know its in FUN and know that he has a goofball sense of humor like ours. Now if someone was to REALLY dis Rob, I’d have to cuttabitch – I’ve had to step in before. You shoulda seen the fur fly when the hubbs tried to “prove” he was gay. OH HELLLLS NO.

  26. allryans says:

    It’s about RATIOS.

    It’s ok to poke fun at Rob because the ratio of love : hate for Rob is so great. The man is universally hailed as one of the sexiest and most desirable men on the planet. A small dose of snark is not going to sully that reputation. It’s like putting a dash of salt into the batter for a six-tier wedding cake. It doesn’t belong there, and if someone who plans on eating that cake (ahem) sees you do it they may yell at you, but in the grand scheme of baking, that cake is going to be fuckall delicious regardless. A dash of salt against all that butter and sugar ain’t no thang.

    Likewise, a bit of realism or ridiculousness in regards to Rob (WHOA alliteration!) can be brushed off in the midst of all the media and internet love he gets. In fact, making fun of him is most definitely his preferred method of relating to him, since he does it to himself. And bonus, it makes you the Elizabeth Bennett to his harem of Caroline Bingleys. Who wants unequivocal, unwarranted devotion when they can get real observatory snark?

    With regards to the Krisbians and the Nicorettes (great name) … they don’t get unequivocal love, from the media or from the fandom. They have to work hard to be seen in a positive light even. The ratio is not anywhere near Rob’s. Taylor doesn’t even get the love that Rob does. So if you say something snarky about one of them, it throws that ratio even more off balance, causing fans of theirs to jump at the chance to throttle you. Instead of putting a dash of salt into a huge vat of cake batter, it’s like putting a dash of salt into a Jello Pudding Snack Pak. UM GROSS. You put a dash of salt into a dessert that small, and Bill Cosby is going to have to do some serious digging to find a spoonful of sweet.

    PS … thinking of Rob as a huge six tier wedding cake that I get to devour is – distracting. Metaphors RULE.

  27. Obava says:

    I vote that Nikki Reed’s supporters be called:
    “Darling Nikkis”

  28. whyamidoingthis says:


    I hope that doesn’t offend any lesbians.
    I heart lesbians.


  29. whyamidoingthis says:

    Oh, Rob still definitely has batshit crazy fans out there.
    Remember what’s her face, who got chased off of Twitter just because she had the gall to say she was Team Jacob in front of Rob on Leno or Letterman or whatever Late show that was?

    The thing is, those psycho Rob fans either don’t know about LTR/LTT, or, if they stumble upon this site, are the ones who think that this is where they can write ACTUAL letters to Rob that he will answer, and then come to court them and marry them, and father their babies.

  30. Robjunkie says:

    Man, yesterday on LTT was surreal. I’m still laughing at the angry Nikkorette who came up with Kristoner Stewart and Gaybert Pattinson. Awesome.

  31. Yvette says:

    Dear LTT,

    Usually I just watch from afar and never say anything about what goes on, but this time i will. You are right, we can say whatever about Rob and no one causes a riot, but when it comes down to Kristen, the majority of her fans are crazy! Poor girl, I wonder if she knows this. I dont know what it is and I wish i could explain it, but alas i cannot. But one thing for sure, I am staying away from the Kristen fandom, they are just too much for me to handle.

  32. southernbelle says:

    You raised an excellent question Moon!

    Well I think most of us here understand, kind of like an unspoken thing isn’t it? I also think Rob has finesse and can handle himself well. I’ve been following the man for nearly 2 years and I’ve watched countless interviews and clips of him. He seems like a good-natured guy as well who can poke fun at himself. He’s not worried much about what people think of him. I think he’s handling fame much better than Kristen(sorry, I just had to say it, I don’t hate her, please don’t hate me). I’m just saying.

    I do defend Rob, mostly to my friends and to my jealous husband lol. Of course I am certain if they met Rob that they would bow at his feet! Here we’re all fans so I’m not so defensive, at least I hope I’m not. I mean I would assume girls/guys are coming here because they love Rob as much as I do.

    I also think Rob’s got nothing to prove and I think that affects how I feel about him, he’s fine the way he is, no matter what people say, my feelings for him won’t change. I’m sure lots of fans feel the same way….someone correct me if I’m wrong :).

    • southernbelle says:

      Wow, didn’t realize how long that was! Sorry!

    • ViviLit says:

      Oh in RL I never defend Rob, since I’m mostly a closeted Rob-fan…

      But I do actully defend him sometimes… But then think I’m being silly LOL The other day I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse thingy and got mad at the crazy girl that asked to Taylor take his shirt off, because she started with a question if his abs were airbrushed – I mean, she KNOWS Taylor’s abs are the real thing and did that to diss Rob, right in front of HIM!!! What a bitch!! But, well, Rob did get airbrushed, mostly because of the white make-up than anything I assume…

      Anyway, in the end I found myself felling very silly for getting angry. I don’t really think Rob cares, maybe he found it amusing.

      but I digress…

      • southernbelle says:


        I’m a closet fan too but I have a few friends and of course my hubby, I can’t hide it much from him. He’s just jealous and says stupid stuff about Rob on purpose to irritate me. Yeah like I have a shot with Rob. I’m lost in a sea of women.

        I think perhaps that Rob finds some of the jokes about him amusing, at least I would hope so. Can’t be too serious about life, especially him, all this fame and madness is enough to make anyone insane. I’m glad he’s lighthearted. 🙂

  33. operarose says:

    Clearly (to me at least) LTT and LTR are all in good fun. They’re just entertainment and they never encourage anything that would cause serious trouble or lead to any kind of harm to any of the cast members (or anyone else in the world, for that matter). I’ve never found anything that’s seriously mean about any of the cast members on here, and everyone is game for the humor. Besides, UC/Moon and the commenters have said some maybe not-so-nice things about SMeyer and her writing in the past yet she apparently visits every day. Proof that anyone “targeted” by a LTR/LTT post is probably not going to be too offended. I would imagine if Rob were to visit LTR, he’d be flattered that there’s a site dedicated to “letters” to him 😉

    I find it far less creepy to joke around about things in the public domain – whether they’re pictures from movies or public shopping trips, or dialogue from interviews – than it is to roam around the internet spending serious energy and solemnly defending complete strangers that you’ve never met, viewing yourself as some sort of omnipresent “protector” of these strangers. It’s one thing to occasionally defend a public figure who you admire (I’m not criticizing that,) but placing yourself in a protective role of complete strangers, spending hours defending them on websites that are clearly comedic in nature and clearly all in good fun is just creepy. As someone said in one of the comments above, I seriously doubt that the cast members would actually condone that kind of oddball behavior on their behalf. Would you, if it were you they were defending?

    • Robjunkie says:

      The Krisbians and the Nikkorettes are like the Volturi guard. Vicious and cruel, and they don’t give second chances.

  34. Robjunkie says:

    Since we’re voting on names for Nikki Reed fans, I move that we go with Nikkorettes, as invented by Jules. It has a nice ring to it. Who wants to second that motion?

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      Jules is a great at the naming game. I believe she was the one who came up with “Mullephant”. That was you, right Jules?

      • Jules says:

        SWD – It was a team effort, you were there!
        Oh, that fated day of the Budapest pics and the elephant in the room.
        Puma requested a manip elephant with a mullet.
        You designed it.
        I named it.
        And the mullephant was born.

  35. queenie says:

    I’m relatively new here but I love this site and you girls are hilar.

    See, I think Rob would approve of your good natured jokes about him (..and his family, his clothes, his dog, his friends, his choice of food and beverage, etc. etc…) When I read this site I can almost picture Rob sitting in his boxers (normal) reading and laughing along with us. He’s that kinda guy. Anyone who can joke about having Nits on the Ellen show has gotta have a great since of humor. And that self-depricating wit is reason #1,343 of why he is literally worshiped by women all over the world. (Other men should take note, btw).

    I kinda see it as a playful, grade school thing. You know how you would pick on the totally cute guy in your class because he was WAY out of your league and you couldn’t have a NORMAL conversation with him cause you’d faint but you couldn’t NOT talk to him cause he was superhot?

    Yeah, it’s like that.

    • Jules says:

      I love that you chose Queenie as your moniker. Love that.

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      Exactly! If I were to have a hypothetical meeting with Rob, I could never say something normal like, “Hello, nice to meet you.”
      He was too hot for that.
      I’d have to say something like, “Guy, your fly is down… ha ha made you look.”
      …Because I still revert to playground social skills when in the pressence of unattainable, overly attractive men.

  36. 3hboyshouse says:

    I am thinking Reedophiles sounds like something we should call the nikki fans.

  37. HowToBe says:

    I’m turning in my LTT/LTR fancard if I don’t see a GAYbert/kriSTONER t-shirt in the store. Immediately. That’s the most awesome hater-ness I’ve EVER seen.

    • HowToBe says:

      ok here me out, Here’s the shirt, On FRONT: “Robsten, Nonsten, or GAYbert and kriSTONER?” with a caricature of rob with that open mouth smile face and a rainbow behind it holding hands with Kristen toking up. With both of them shrugging their shoulders. ON BACK: “You Decide.” It could be epic.

  38. Stacey says:

    So here’s my take on the situation, because I am an expert on nothing.

    From personal experience when I was in a…umm…sorority. (Don’t judge me! Okay, you can judge me. I’m still judging myself on this one!) That some girls like to gang up in camps and go after one another. For instance the Nikkis vs. Kristens. So West Side Story. Not all girls do this, but for some reason it happens even though it’s silly to get so involved in things that really isn’t anyone’s business, but those involved. Well except to make some funny jokes, b/c that’s okay!

    Also it’s fun to objectify Rob and make jokes about him that he would probably enjoy too. He seems likes quite well adjusted guy!

  39. Stacey says:

    Ohh did anyone see this week’s Newsweek? The compared Rob and Zac Ephron’s careers to Leonardo DiCaprio’s. They basically said that their movie choices after Twilight & High School Musical were going to be grumpy and serious like Leo’s. Then they prettymuch applauded Taylor’s smile & abs. They didn’t even add a picture of Rob, but had a montage of “serious” Leo.

    This really doesn’t have anything to do w/today’s topic, but it was surprising.

  40. pumagirlsf says:

    OH Jeebus… I come on here and the first thing I read about after the post involves Rob and balls?


  41. linda says:

    this site and Robsessed are the best Pattinson sites on the web……love your very aserbic wit…you gals rock…..

  42. rpisthenewps says:

    I could never go to a serious Rob site because this obsession is the most laughable ridiculous thing I have ever done. If I don’t make fun of it, I am going to think there is something seriously wrong with me! LTT/LTR makes me feel a little more normal! Hmmm, maybe for the Nikki nickname – Nikklicks?

  43. snowwhitedrifted says:

    I think this has been stated much more eloquently in the above comments, but it all boils down to this:

    When guys make fun of girls= they like them
    When guys *think* girls are making fun of them= the guys think the girl is interested.

    So if we make fun of Rob we secretly (laughs) like him.

    But the Nikkorettes and Krisbians are upset because usually when girls make fun of a girl= she will devolp an eating disorder.

    Gotta have thick skin on the playground these days.

    • Stacey says:

      Very nice explanation!

      Girls can just be mean sometimes, but not LTR or LTT girls, because the are everything nice! (and Rob approved!)

      • cecilia says:

        I guess calling someone Mullesten, Clingesten, elephant, and so on are such a lovely thing and not means at all.

        I find the rob fans are better than everyone else just really funny. They are so superior that they feel treathened by even Taylor who is 6 years younger than rob, enough to bring knock him down everytime on rob board and any robsite. Yes that’s feeling secure.

        They feel so secure that they dedicated post here and on nonsten to diss her maybe girlfriend.

        Whatever. This fadom is crazy from every board. At least don’t act like his fans are so above all when they are just as shit.

    • southernbelle says:

      So too Snowwhitedrifted, I do remember guys that made fun of me actually liked me and vice versa! I never thought of it that way.

      In that case I guess I need to make fun of Rob even more, well because I really, really, really, really, really like him!

      • southernbelle says:

        Sorry I meant so “true!” LOL That’s what I get for talking on the phone and typing here at the same time.

        • snowwhitedrifted says:

          Oh if we were judged by our typos I’d be on the short bus … by today’s mistakes alone.

  44. pumagirlsf says:

    I gotta just put it out there that I don’t dislike Nikki. I actually like her. I have no ill will toward her, regardless of her past deeds.

    She got a big ol’ slap in the mug with all the crap that went down and she handled it better than a lot of people would. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it without feeling totally humiliated and letting it show all over my face. I know she’s an actress and has the ability to play the part, but still… it had to hurt. Just sayin’.

    (Oh and… I love Rob regardless of his part in that mess. He’s always forgiven immediately.)

  45. confused says:

    I am confused. Are you telling me now that Robs father is NOT called Dick? I almost feel a little disappointed.

  46. dizzyladybug says:

    Delurking here (*blushes*):

    I went to catholic school…We used to get a “sermon” every morning. Once this fat priest told us that sometimes friends these each other and say not such nice things but it’s OK IF IT’S OUT OF LOVE! I was about 11 and I had no idea why that stuck with me till this day, now I know, it was for me to tell to the good people at LTR 😉

    I’m really not into the catholic thing now, but hey this totally applies!

    You can these Rob because everyone knows that (not so deep down) you (WE) love him for everything he is.

    (English is not my first language, sorry for any spelling mistakes.)

  47. Kyrene says:

    We kickass hardcore and have a sense of humor. Best type of people…he’s a lucky man to have fans like us XD

    …Although I think it’s really funny that you guys get shit for what you say about Kristen and Nikki. Crazy people out there.

  48. Cath says:

    Wow, such a busy day here today, am so out of the loop these past days, let alone Robwise!

    Missed all the Nikki controversial too!

    Um, but I think Rob’s a good sport AND he’s British, self depriciation is a genetic trade on the island. No worries. Better than kissing up all the time and certainly a bit more fun.

    Because we already know that Rob is beautiful, pretty and intelligent, oh yes, and funny.

    *Yawn* Bring on the foot comparisons and the make pretend relationship with TomStu!


    P.S. Love is…

    making fun of The PattyPat. (my fave Robnick and totally terrible in it’s own right haha)

    • southernbelle says:

      Hey you came out of your Robhole! JK

      I like PattyPat….sounds like a game we used to play when we were little. Patty cake, patty cake bake me a cake. So I ended up calling Rob “babycakes.”

      Did you see those pics of Rob from last night?

    • melronin says:

      Hi Cath love! Are ya still partying in the NL???

  49. Krystle says:

    Dear Moon,
    It’s because the site is called ‘Letters to Rob’ …. love letters. Your site isn’t dedicated to dissing Rob so when you do poke fun at him randomly it’s purely innocent. You have a true relationship here with Rob – you don’t love everything about him. The shiteous Nikes, cocaine stains on his black jeans, mustard colored shirt….now if you openly said you loved these fashion choices for Rob, we’d hand in our LTT card now.

  50. Jules says:

    Cocaine stains? What the motherfuck?

    • Krystle says:

      lmao – not real cocaine……it looked like cigarette ashes actually.

      • Jules says:

        Okay good. I’m not of the defend The Rob school (said so earlier) but when we’re talking drugs… U.N.A.C.C.E.P.T.A.B.L.E.

        • melronin says:

          Too early in the morning, greek time…BUT…
          WTF are we talking about here???
          Rob and drugs in one sentence???
          Love you Jules!

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