Tuesday: Obsesssive Cullen Disorder

Dear LTRers,

With filming starting for Breaking Dawn, there’s definitely been a buzz in the fandom again (no, not enough to tempt us to post Letters daily again, sorry!) and we’ve had an influx of emails, news bits & fun things we want to share occasionally on our “off” days!

So to start, with the holidays coming up, we have many Rob & Twilight-themed ideas to bring you much holiday cheer- like today’s special deal. Remember our friend at Lobotome? She made that Edward Cullen notepad you keep stashed in your purse so you can doodle on Robward during traffic. Well, those notepads are 50% off through the end of the month.

They make PERFECT stocking stuffers for your friends, sisters, kids & kid’s teachers (you know they all like R0b. If not- find your kid a new teacher). Stock up today! Use the promo code BITEME50:

Get Shopping Now!!!

And as the holidays creep closer & closer, we’re looking for more shops to feature! Do you or someone you know have a shop or company you want to advertise? We have many options such as ads or contest & give-away sponsors, so contact us today if you or someone you know might be interested!!

UC & Moon

22 Responses to “Tuesday: Obsesssive Cullen Disorder”

  1. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon and UC,
    may I suggest an addition to the merch in the LTT/LTR store? Items with the title ‘Jumping Rob’ on them? (prob can’t use the pic- so sad).

    Maybe include a new item of floaties called Jumping Robs???

  2. Rob's Flaming Dashboard says:

    Rob’s excited because of the royal wedding. Someone photoshop that!

    (For those of you who live under a rock)

    If only it was a Robsten wedding. Imagine the possibilities…

    • pukesten says:

      Please don’t mention the words robsten and wedding in the same sentence.
      We’re delighted over here in Ireland about the royal engagement it takes the attention off is allegedly having no money and bringing down the Euro!

  3. robsfuturemate says:

    ” kid’s teachers (you know they all like R0b. If not- find your kid a new teacher). ”

    Best. Advice. Ever.

    Some kids’ teacher 🙂

    And a great party prize for your upcoming Twi Parties!!!

  4. chyygirl says:

    I’d love to see a letters to rob post using these – F*ck Yeah Jumping Rob….Sad Keanu is one of my fav’s…

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  6. Janetrigs says:

    You’re special

  7. robgirl86 says:

    I wish I’d have a company to advertise, BUT I’m a teacher…
    and my teens think that Taylor L. is way hotter!
    Must be an age thing.. 🙂

    • LatersBaby says:

      I didn’t know you were a teacher. See what you can learn on a slow post day!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        IKR?! RG that’s why I teach innocent preschoolers, they’re minds can still easily be swayed! hehe

        • LatersBaby says:

          Same with my college girls. Maybe there’s a connection b/t we Cougar’s lovin’ our Baby and those youngsters loving the Alpaca.

          • MidnightCougar says:

            For this “Cougar” the connection lies with his mature demeanor, which, for me, enhances all the other beautiful & wonderful qualites of him. I think b/c I’m older I see that connection beyond his “pretty”; but don’t get me wrong I adore “his pretty” too – a lot! 🙂

    • MidnightCougar says:

      @RG, I didn’t know you were a teacher? Very nice. Wow, working with teens, that must be challenging! My first career was Early Childhood Education – working with special needs children. I sometimes substitute/do short term positions, at my children’s Elementary School, when they need help. I love the Autistic children, they are facinating, & it’s nice to be able to still use some of that part of my Education.

  8. Katie S says:

    Anyone else think “BITEME50” is sexy because of #Fifty? YES!

    … *crickets*

  9. JennyluvsJax says:

    those would make great stocking stuffers for certain girls I work with!

  10. I've been Robbed says:

    You’ve hit it on the nose, or maybe the brain- I’ve got OCD! All the BD pics have really made it uncontrollable. HELP! Wait, I take that back- bring it on!

    I was introduced to Rob this time last year, so this is like my Robstenversary. It started with New Moon for me, then reading thru the books like lightning. Then being intrigued, no overwhelmed with his beauty and overall cuteness, by HHH!

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