Breaking down Vanity Fair article, Vanity Fair Style

RoblosophyDear Rob,

Have you read your Vanity Fair article yet? If not, you might want to take a second to read the scans so you can participate in the Roblosophy we’re having. What ARE we getting Roblsophical about? What else? Your state of mind during the article, of course. I rounded up Moon & @brookelockart to see if we could figure out who you are- since obviously we know you better than you know yourself. Here are our steam of consciousness thoughts, in order of how they appear while we’re reading:

UC: Rob smokes American spirits!! nice. I have some in my home. I hate them. But we can joke about this. And stop talking about Heineken & hot pockets so much. he classed it up a notch. and OMG—HE HAS AN ASSISTANT? The dream job!!! All you’d have to do is light American Spirits, pop off the caps of Heinekens & microwave Hot Pockets all day (okay, so it’s been 3 seconds & I can’t stay away from the Heine/Hot Pocket jokes) Plus you could LOOK at him. How do I get that assistant fired & weasel my way into the job?

UC: And regards to the section of the article where in Tennessee people were banging on windows and wanting to touch his hair…. WHEN does this happen? WHY do we not hear about it? We are Rob fans….. I don’t know anyone who would do that. This is like.. Beatles hysteria.. and yes- we’ve seen it at premieres.. but that’s always going to happen there, but I’ve never even heard first-hand account of this happening outside of those situations… it’s insane…

Dear crazies, this was the ONLY time this was appropriate. (and barely even then)

Moon: I know.. does the whole airport thing feel so 2008?! I mean people asking him to bite them?! does anyone REALLY do that unless they’re Tyra banks? we know a lot of the fandom and i don’t know ANY of them who would do this… unless they were like 13 and became a fan back in 2006. I mean really? not that I don’t believe him that weird shit happens but i think it’s probably the exception and not the rule.

Brookelockart: Are people REALLY still asking to bite his neck? I mean we’ve all seen that interview a gazillion times, where the girl NEEDS him to bite her neck, but I’m going to guess that isn’t happening anymore.

Moon: I’m not saying that didn’t happen once, twice or even MANY times- but… let’s remember how Rob is in interviews. He’s awkward. He says stuff he probably makes up or half makes up- or doesn’t even always mean. I mean “I eat Hot Pockets every day & don’t shower?” That’s clearly not true. Again – I bet every story he’s told has some sort of truth or is true or was at one point, but does it happen all the time every single day like this seems? Well, no.

Brookelockart: I love Rob’s slanted view on America. Dear Rob, there’s plenty of times where I am the only white person on the bus. Try living outside of the hollywood bubble for a hot minute. Also, I love how we totally know who the “British friends” are – a nice wake up call that average America doesn’t, just us crazies. Oh and, I’m guessing that chain smoking will probably give you the shakes, especially if you aren’t eating. Maybe that’s the cause of the braille handwriting? Sad, sad Rob! (Oh and I dread all future reference to Rob and his Kindle.)

UC: Speaking of Kindles, you can get on the internet with those right? So Rob doesn’t miss our daily letters?

Brookelockart: Grrrrr

Moon: Are people actually saying this article has something or ANYTHING to do with Kristen?

UC: Of course. Their EPIC love is all throughout the article, can’t you see?

Moon: Besides Rob skirting around the question of their relationship when it was asked, she wasn’t mentioned. This wasn’t about them- or his love life at all. It was promo for Water For Elephants. That’s all there is to that!

Brookelockart: Well, I was sad to read the article but not upset over my level of fan girl..I’m admire from afar, I don’t know his whereabouts and don’t claim that I know anything about it. That’s fine by me.

UC: Sad!? Really? I don’t understand that- what made you sad?

Brookelockart: The way the article was written made him seem down and out & frustrated with his life. I look at it like when you are stuck in a job that you liked at first but now hate. He’s just over twilight. I can’t blame him. And I know that everything becomes amplified in the interview. And I don’t think he’s on lockdown 24/7, but the tone of the interview was definitely for us to feel a bit bad for him. Clearly he wasn’t on cloud nine feeling the magicness. Maybe he spilled something sticky (NOT THAT) on the bear skin rug that morning. Who knows.


Well, I’m usually the type of person to play devil’s advocate. Plus I’m just a glass half-full kind of person: People have off days. I think that the stuff that happens to Rob DOES suck, but the things that are good probably out weigh the bad. And also… we’re reading this as how the WRITER sees it. Ya know how sometimes we see a picture where Rob’s head is down & he looks super sad or scared? When in reality he was just spitting a loogey on the sidewalk? It’s all in your perspective. And without really KNOWING him, we’ll never really know. Unless we break into his email. Which apparently is possible. What do you think the password is

UC: UCANDMOON what else?

Moon: Also… think back to the countless interviews we’ve seen with Rob- and how he comes across in person on camera. He’ll say ANYTHING- and it could be true or false. You can generally tell the difference in a TV interview, but that humor doesn’t always translate to paper. I don’t think he meant he literally CRIED when the elephant was done her scenes. I think he was just describing his emotions- he was sad. He enjoyed his time with her. He loved it!

UC: I actually think that article was less self-deprecating than he usually is. To me he did not seem “depressed” Jaded with it all? Hell yeah. Ready for it to be over. EFF yeah. Exhausted? Sure. But….. it made me remember why I like him: Rob is an artist. And he has the mind of an artist. He’s introspective. He’s interested in art & culture & philosophy. He’d rather have a serious conversation than get f*cked up with friends. THAT is not depression. Can that be considered a depressive nature? Sure. I’m married to someone VERY similar. The difference is… Mr. Choice doesn’t have people screaming at him anytime he does come out of his solitude & wants to have a little fun. But Rob is a loner. Rob would rather be alone. With a book. He’s a bookworm!!

Moon: Exactly! He’s a delicate flower- He feels deeply- He thinks deeply. Everything effects him. And he wants to talk about it. He’s kind of a girl. (If I may be so derogatory.)

UC: You may. This article didn’t make me feel “bad” like some people have said. I don’t think Rob hates his life. I think he hates it when people scream at him, dudes want to beat him up & girls break into his email account. And all the people who feel “bad” about talking about him day in and day out online & obsessing over him shouldn’t feel bad because of THIS article (They should feel bad because the time that WE (yes, I included myself there) spend on him is kinda disgusting) because while they may talk crazy online- I think VERY FEW of them are actually crazy in person- or would be if they saw him. I think THOSE crazy fans who bang on windows & scare the shit out of him don’t sit around on twitter making “Rob Porn.” I don’t know what they do…. but I have a feeling it involves pipes & chemicals in a shed in the backyard….

Moon: Right and if he thinks the majority of Twi fans are that crazy- well that’s sad.. I feel bad.. they’ve got a bum wrap. WE’VE got a bum wrap. Crazies are exception not the rule, but sadly that’s what he thinks is the standard.

UC: So…those are my thoughts…. Rob’s gonna be okay. He’s gonna have dark days. But put him in a room with a pack of American Spirits & a good book & he’s happy. Eventually he’ll be able to go out for a nice dinner. It’ll be years FOR SURE. But it will happen. And he’ll eventually look back on “all this twilight stuff” and be grateful… b/c it got him to where he wants to be in the future- even if he never makes another movie again. While it’s hard to see & believe that’s going to happen, I think he truly believes it.

And there. Proved I actually know Rob. More than he knows himself.


Thanks to Shleeeigh who requested this Roblosophy!!!

I know you’ve been talking about it & thinking about it for days, but WHAT DO YOU THINK? Did the article make you feel sad like Brooke? Do you feel like maybe the writer was trying to GET us to feel something that maybe isn’t exactly there like Moon & I do? What do you think Rob’s email password is?

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81 Responses to “Breaking down Vanity Fair article, Vanity Fair Style”

  1. Nelle says:

    Alert! Alert! So much Rob in the news this morning. 1. Newsweek interview with Cathy- not much new there. Robsten in her kitchen and on her bed. 2. Rob calls in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. 3. New WFE trailer on American Idol tonight and 4. There’s supposed to be a new Breaking Dawn photo but I haven’t found it. Work interferes! Great breakdown ladies.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Maybe it’s just me but some people should really shut up right now, instead of beating the dead horse again and again and again….(also C.Weitz, lovely guy, has twitter now..2 days and all blablabla..about NM, hello?)

  2. chochang says:


    p.s. on a serious note, i really think that rob needs to modify his diet and moderate his vices. if he does feel quite agitated and on the verge of depression, then cigarettes (and especially chain smoking!), booze, lack of sleep and general annoyance might lead to an eventual breakdown. not that it will happen SOON, only that it’s possible. someone please hand him Liz Gilbert’s number. poor guy needs to embark on his own eat, pray, love tour. or maybe just a yoga class (Kellan? Peter?). or maybe even a simple retreat. seriously.

  3. Robsessedgirl says:

    I still haven’t read the article, i’ll probably get the magazine today. I know he wants to get out of everything twilight, and he is. Water For Elephants is going to propel him to what he wants, movies that challenge him and have nothing to do with sparkly vampires. but can we please talk about the new trailer for a moment? this movie looks beyond anything so good I was freaking out last night. he’s going to be amazing in it. CAN APRIL COME NOW?

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      ” CAN APRIL COME NOW” – I hear ya! DH saw the trailer and he really wants to see it, too – told me he’d bring towels to the theater, to mop up after I explode (he knows I have a big thing for Rob and almost as big thing for Christoph Waltz).

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD A THING FOR CHRISTOPH TOO! ugh, I will not survive this movie. I only wish i had someone to go with besides my parents. I don’t really have friends, and the few I do have are not interested in Rob or this movie. :'(

        • maggie says:

          I have only one (local) twilight friend (sigh, wish you were here, Robsfan-tasy), so, since I plan on seeing WFE oh, probably on a daily basis, come join me. I’ll see it with you a few dozen times!!!

  4. Vivi says:

    Yeah, at first I felt bad because of the interv. but then I started thinking (it happens sometimes) ‘Wait a minute, this is Rob’ so I re-read all his comments insering him humor and ignoring all the drama writing and I agree with you.

    Intersting enough not long after the “sad” interview, we got to hear Rob again and well, that just confirms that he is totally NOT about to crash and burn. But about Ryan Seacrest thing: the interview was fun (if you ignore all Ryan’s whinning about Rob being pulled out in his last interview… god, what a drama queen).

    And pay attention to his tone when his answering the for the 12231472375936532 time how his holding up with the FAME and CRAZY: “his happy, and HAPPY, and skiping out and about in his GREAT happiness about his blessingly blessing of life”. Man it great that we (“normal” Rob fans) can SO ‘see’ his reciting the publicist BULSHITING that his team probably told him to do as ‘damage control’ (without being nasty or too jaded about… just a little bit o’ sarcastic fun). GOD, how I love ROB

  5. minuit_passe says:

    All I’ve been talking about lately fshion week and severe depression of designers and their sensitive artist selves. I’m in dramatic mode +1000000.

    But Rob is not the depressive artist, is he even an artist ? I mean depression and Hot Pockets don’t go together, it’s like a joke. And he loves to talk about serious artists just like we were intense in highschool whn we discovered tweed literature and drugs. I mean I also love those people but from here to handwriting introspection in an interview about the cheesiest movie of the year… kinda epic.

    Maybe he has a sad or serious side, maybe he’s sensitive but doesn’t everybody has its own depressions/ downtimes? IT’S NORMAL (LIKE US or maybe a little bit more normal) We were too used to him all laughs and never saying anything that could upset the fandom. And it took a loooong time before he did.

    • robgirl86 says:

      agree on the longggggggg time…he had some patience the dude..:)

    • melronin says:

      Well said MP! He should have send a “f*** off” a long time ago!!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      What I find odd is that so many fans love the downer broody Edward, just love him, and love him despite his flaws and weaknesses. Or maybe because of them.

      But then if Rob shows any sign that he’s introspective or trying to figure shit out, the “neurotic and depressed” label gets thrown out there immediately.

      Just odd.

  6. melronin says:

    Rob definitely changed…or better he grew up! VF article clearly showed that he needs a break and that he is going through a low phase. Normal…we all do. Life can be shitty for all…celeb or not!!!
    I was pretty sad when I read it and worried about him…but then yesterday I heard his voice on Ryan Secrest and he seemed very much ok! All giggles and feeling good…Rob as we know his best!!!

    Am sure he will be ok…

    Hang in there Rob baby… a good friend of mine said to me recently “spring is coming and everything always works out”!!! so say it with me Rob…


  7. superhumanmoron says:

    ZOMG!!!!!!! He totally saw me banging on his window and heard me ask to touch his hair while he was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nocoolname says:

    I think we have no idea.

    “All you know about me is what I sold you.” -Tool

  9. robgirl86 says:

    Rob gave the crazies a message..
    (omg, this sounds so spiritual, makes me wonder if he’s doing some yoga secretly , just because sufffering of gerneral boredom)

    HE IS OVER TWILIGHT! In every possible sense….

    all his wants is…(UC is sooo right)

    a NEW assistant!!!

    runs* to crack his email account to submit an application, maybe he’s online (of course, reading LTR 🙂 )

    • melronin says:

      HE IS OVER TWILIGHT! In every possible sense….

      yes yes yes yessssss…runsandhugsyou!!

      As much as we all love twilight/Edward….we love Rob more…and Rob needs to get outta there fast!

  10. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Dear Rob,

    I’m responding to your ad for new personal assistant in the April Vanity Fair issue.

    Qualification 1: I’m in the midst of career burnout too. Been doing the same thing for 15 years. Doing it very well (toot toot!), and I like it for the most part. OK, I love it, just hate the management at my firm, such tools. OK, burnout is a strong term. Let’s just say I’m open to change, especially if said change is me being able to rub your tired neck/run my hands through your sex hair (I JUST A WANNA TOUCH IT ROB! – that’s my pervy crazy “I don’t give a fuck” voice coming out, not the weird fangirl voice – HUGE difference) and get you a cold beer (to drink with me of course) after a long day. I can also pour wine and gin and tonics. I can also make reallyvgood tortilla soup without bell peppers in it.

    Qualification 2: Those damned candles your current assistant is obsessed with. Are they synthetic? I would never put on synthetic candles, especially not the smelly too fruity variety. They are carcinogenic and probably are what is causing the spidey-writey. Screw the candles. I can deal with lighting fires for you, though, but only on non-spare-the air days. I’m happy to crank the heat for you and/ or sit on your lap or find other ways to make you warm.

    Well, hopefully that’s qualification enough. I don’t know much about PR, but I seem to know more than the tools at Summit (guess that would be qualification 3). But let’s not talk about them, let’s move on.

    Look forward to the interview/job offer soon.


    • robgirl86 says:

      the candles thing was very weird…

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Maybe he has a thing for fire. Maybe he specified “VF is coming…I want this place to look like f’ing Tara when she gets here! Light…it…up, baby.”

        Water always calms me down, that would have been my choice. I would have run him nice big bath (easy on the bubbles). And would have been more than happy to be his towel girl. Or his towel, whatever.

  11. niahid says:

    Wow I have missed a lot of news lately, real life’s been busy as of late.
    On VF, Rob sounded like normal person having a bad day, maybe he was bored and just want to snuggle with Martin rather than doing intvw.
    His comment on Charlie Sheen is taken out of proportion , he always likes crazy people who don’t give a fuck ( stated in his early Twi intw).
    Or maybe he wants to party like the old days but BD contract forbid him to run around town in drunken state. Or maybe he’s just bitter because Tom wouldn’t follow him to Baton Rouge/ any remote area.
    Just my wild guesses.

    Dear Rob,

    I’m not one of those fans who look at your picture and analyze your every move then write fanfiction like I know every aspect of your life ( love life ).
    I’m just a normal fangirl who like to laugh at your awkwardness , enjoy your pretty pics, most importantly will be watching every movie you make.
    But the moment you start to flip off fans, then I ‘ll stop fangirling .


    • maggie says:

      UC and Moon: Great breakdown, as always. And I think the breakdown of the picture where he’s most likely spitting at the sidewalk says it all: Everybody has opinions, but few, if any, know what the reality truly is. I think this must be the most frustrating part of being you, Rob.

      Rob: I AM one of those fans who look at your pictures and analyze your every move. But I don’t scream and I don’t bang on windows. So, with those qualifications, I’d also like to apply for the assistant position. I give great tummy rubs (and mmm…mmm…, you do have a great tummy, if I do say so). I’m also great at leading hikes down happy trails. Good for relieving stress. Think about it.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Tummy rubs, LOL.

        And amend application to read “I don’t scream and I don’t bang…on windows…unless you ask me to.”

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Actually, banging on glass in any context is not safe. So just amend to add stipulation re: screaming and banging – in what mutually defined context that behavior would be appropriate – add some MoTu flair to the application, in other words.

        • maggie says:

          Application amended: will do just about anything you ask. Anything. At all. Just ask. Wall-banging which may include screaming and moaning as appropriate – no problem. Any MotU related assignments are gladly accepted.

          re The Tummy: I just love his tummy. You know that picture with the flappy blue shirt? It just drives me insane.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            Nice application. Concise, clear, and direct. Demonstrates flexibility & I’m sure Rob would want that.

            Re: flappy shirt photo? refresh me. 🙂

  12. roslynselene says:

    Great breakdown! Thank you for making sense.
    When I read the interview, I didn’t know whether to let him cry on my shoulder and cry with him or play the world’s saddest song on the world’s smallest violin. Then I tried to put myself in his place and I can imagine how hectic it must be. Maybe it’s because Rob is working TOO MUCH and no play! Duuuuuude, you need to kick back and relax sometimes or you’ll go crazy.
    Speaking of crazy, I’m *not*crazy. I’m the least instinctive and most calm person in my family (except when I get angry. Just don’t get me pissed, Rob.). So obviously, I cannot relate to these crazy monkeys jumping around you trying to grab your hair. I’d be so mortified. I don’t even see myself asking you for an autograph and/or picture (unless it’s a premiere since that is the appropriate time and place to do so). Anyway, I just wanted to clarify my state of sanity. 🙂

  13. roslynselene says:

    Also a little cheer-me-up vid. WATCH IT! I li’trally laughed out loud. “Ooooh. Hello, there Renesmeyyyy” 😉 Too funny. And the part where Bella stutters at the end: priceless! 😀

  14. Wendy says:

    I was wondering if Rob was doing a little damage control (regarding the article) by doing Seacrest yesturday… Anyone else thought is was kind of random? He hasn’t been on Seacrest since “the question” and WFE doesn’t come out until the end of NEXT month. Was that all for the trailer? Hmmm… And when ask how he was handling everything and if he was happy with how things turned out, he sounded just hunky dory with life!

    I don’t know…just a thought.

    Now if you will excuse me… I have some email to hack and windows to creep…

    • roslynselene says:

      Yeah, I was thinking about that too. He seemed all happy. But I think it was too soon and he seemed bi-polar. To put it in Bella’s words: “Your mood swings are giving me whiplash.” (I promise I won’t quote that ever again.).

  15. Vivi says:

    The Seacrest interv. was planed I guess, because of the promo for the new trailer debut on American Idol…

    But the “I am Happy, totally, completely, 100%, sooo happy” screamed ‘publicist made me do it’ damage control LOL I loved the slightly sarcastic tone. There’s nothing like hearing Rob talk.

  16. tupelohoney says:

    Dear Rob,
    Being from Tennessee myself, I felt the need to defend us girls a little bit. I’d like to think that most of us are not that bat-shit crazy as to be banging on windows and yelling at you about touching your hair. We are able to restrain ourselves that much atleast. That corner of the state borders a few other states so maybe they weren’t from here? Hope not. lol. Come to Memphis…. I promise to behave myself…..


  17. Vera says:

    Dear Rob,

    You make me feel so crazy cos I really want TO WASH your hair. Plus I want to caress your face, give it a massage with moisture cream. Are you alergic to moisture cream?

    Take my advice, there are a few better things a person can do to get warm and relaxing. shall you put me in charge of your well being, you´ll throw the candles away. When you are ok we’ll share a cigarrete (nicotine).

    I’m not a twilight fan, don´t worry. I am not crazy. I am just a woman who has a lot of free time and so I thought, well I am going to review all the english stuff I learned so many years ago and forgot it. (Does it mean I don´t have a life?)

    I have to spend a few weeks in London anytime soon. I’ll speak your sexy british accent out, Then everything will make sense.


    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Mmmm….”give it a massage with moisture cream.” Like that.

      Only I’d start by massaging his temples, then would inevitably end up at his chin, which is close to his neck (God, I have a neck thing, might possibly be one of my favorite Rob parts – objectifying! sorry Rob!). And the neck is close to his chest, another favorite Rob part, shoulders, stomach….ughhhhhhh….

      Well, there goes my morning, started off Rob relaxing facial, ends up with me in heat again.

  18. Vera says:

    Don´t you forget to kiss his face. Little kisses, you know, everywhere.

  19. Janetrigs says:

    Someone has been watching too much of “He’s Just Not That Into You”… exception not the rule.

  20. LatersBaby says:

    Dear Ladies,

    Thank you for an excellent breakdown–poignant, funny, philosophical… Rob.

    I feel pulled in two different directions when we see Rob in articles like this. I want him to know the non-crazy fans all the more, while wanting to give him more space. It’s like running down the street after him screaming, “Look, we’re not crazy at all!”

    Thanks again for a great break-down.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      “It’s like running down the street after him screaming, “Look, we’re not crazy at all!” – This. I. Triple. Love.

  21. lola says:

    Rob is quite droll, and these bigger publications tend to paint him as a little boy lost too often cause his answers just don’t translate well in print in terms of his humor.

    Anyways the interview did what it needed to do. Basically he’s trying to distance himself from Twilight, and by extension shake the more extreme fans off his leg in the process. I think most of his fans are guilty of being extreme though, I’m guilty as charged for being a little to “vigilant” in keeping up with his whereabouts daily. It’s taken a toll on him, and I think he needs everyone to back the blank off a little now and give him some room.

  22. lola says:

    ps: and one thing that I think is genius about rob is just how elusive and private he is. He will talk and talk and talk in an interview, and yet, did he offer anything very personal or insightful at all? No, and he never does. He’s very guarded about who he really is, and does not share readily with the public. That’s why every fan faction of his claims victory after every interview, thinking they’ve been vindicated – because he gives so little, everyone just continues to project upon him. Clever boy.

  23. roslynselene says:

    Oh and I have to share my thoughts on the WFE trailer but I’ll save it for Monday (maybe UC and Moon can do a post about it : 😉 😉 nudge nudge:

  24. Mieze says:

    I have to admit that I was one of the peole who felt sad after reading the VF interview. Only while hearing the Ryan S. Show I started to question my thoughts about it. The thing is we are people and we judge others and things with the help of the informations we get and by our thoughts. And I don´t know who has already said it in the comments above but that´s also what makes us influenceable. And the way an interviewer finally writes a story will always affect how it will be read by others. What I always forget is that an interview is just a little glimps of the thoughts and the life of a person and a lot of the non-verbal communication gets lost. So, it made me learn…yeah, things like that still happening to me…to be more criticle in the future.Still, I believe there was a little truth there and I am sticking to my opinion about him taking a break and Twilight finally being over.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      I agree that he needs a little break. Or maybe a bigger than little break. I’m sure there’s all this pressure to push out movies while he can and take great roles that may not come up again (Rob, they will, don’t worry!). But I do know that sometimes a break really helps with perspective.

      Just hope he takes that break sooner rather than later. I’d crack under the pressure he has, all the flights, all the interviews and press meetings, hotels, etc… I don’t know how he or other actors do it, I couldn’t have done it back in my 20’s even. I’m sure the doesn’t even have time for an expressive outlet (like playing music or writing posts on LTR, for example), and that just sucks.

      • Mieze says:

        I agree with you, NY…and there is a boring part in that, too. Doing the same thing over and over again can be so exhausting. We are humans, we like new things and new challenges as well. I have a project at work that is haunting me for 4 years now. It was very interesting for a long time, but when I come back to it now, I feel like I have to throw my computer out of the window. Even if interested people ask me questions about it I actually have to force myself not to run away from them into the opposit direction LOL I´m just absolutly fed up when it comes to that matter. Coming back to Twilight and the fandom… to be honest, the questions never changed since day one of the promo: “What dos Edward think about…”, ” Can you bite…”, ” Is the chemistry between…”. I didn´t know that it is even possible to ask the same question in 1000 different forms about a fictional character over and over again LOL So I decided there is a good point in that interview…to which I kind of overreacted at the beginning…as well. It´s a healthy reaction to be done with all that sh*t because it means that you grow, that you wanna go forward…simply that you are a living and feeling person 🙂

  25. dazzledtodeath says:

    The article does make me a little sad. Do I think Rob is actually depressed? No. Fed up with Summit, the Twilight franchise, the hoops he is made to jump through, lunatics who hack into his email, invade his privacy and make judgments about him when they don’t know him? YES. This is the first time he’s ever sounded so jaded and over it, so it is a bit shocking. I think this is partly the way the interviewer manipulated it, and maybe Rob was just having a bad day. He’s entitled. He’s probably more than ready to move on in his career (I am too Rob-WFE is going to be SO amazing!! Gah) He’s handled everything up to now with aplomb and grace beyond his years. Hopefully after Twi is over with the crazies will crawl back under their rocks or back to their meth labs or wherever it is they go, and leave him alone.

    I agree, UC, most fans aren’t crazy enough to hack into his email or bang on windows asking to touch his hair. But they are a vocal and very crazy minority, there are obviously enough of them that they are getting to Rob. People with no boundaries, no sense and no respect for other people-please see yourselves in this article and calm the f*ck down.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      hmm..a thumbs-down? Must be a crazy, rock-dwelling meth lab-owning Twi fan with no boundaries.

      • maggie says:

        dtd: I don’t understand the thumbs down. While reading your post I was thinking how perfectly you stated Rob’s situation. At least that’s the take I also have on it and I would have posted exactly the same sentiments almost word-for-word, if my annoying job wasn’t getting in the way of time I could spend reading and posting on LTR!

      • Mieze says:

        D2D, I am so with Mags here: You nailed the whole thing perfectly! Thank you!

    • robgirl86 says:

      YOU nailed it…& it’s time to move on…

  26. roslynselene says:

    OT: Word on the street is that there might be an LA WFE premiere on April 14th. But ppl who made plans to go to NYC are worried because there’s supposed to be only ONE U.S. premiere. So what gives? Fuck, my hopes are up again (stupid me) so they better not be screwing me over. :fingers crossed:

    • LatersBaby says:

      Nooooo…. I’m going to NYC! And yes, it is so I can scream, “We’re not all crazy.”

      Keep us updated Ros.


      • LatersBaby says:

        Yep. Looks like they are deciding b/t LA and NY. I am officially pissed off.

      • roslynselene says:

        People are really upset (as I believe they should be since they booked tickets). I didn’t know about this until I ‘liked’ the Official Water for Elephants page on FB so this info was given about an 30 min ago. Here’s what they said:

        “The NY premiere was never set. We reserve theaters in advance so we have the option of using them but we had never officially confirmed having the premiere there. There has been a lot of gossip and we’re sorry if fans took that to be true but we haven’t actually set our premiere…there were no changes.”
        IDK why Hibbits tweeted it if it wasn’t confirmed. Someone screwed up big time (not saying it’s Hibbits).

        “We’re sorry everyone, believe that we never intended to upset you. We were hoping to have NY premiere on the 17th, that was the tentative plan. Due to Summit’s filming, Rob may not be able to be there so we have another event planned in LA since he may be able to make that. We are in limbo until we hear which he can make.”

        Hmmm… I hope it all works out in the end.

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        Me too 🙁 This is really upsetting me. I was looking forward to it. Fucking Summit-like they can’t possibly work around Rob’s schedule at the very tail end of filming, after all he’s done for them. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

        Please be in NY, Please be in NY…

        • roslynselene says:

          Seems like it’s up to Summit? Oh, well in that case: We’re all fucked.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            No offense to you LA and NY people. Love you guys. But Summit, are you reading this? Have the premiere in the SF area for a change. Mix it up. Rob’s never been here to my knowledge. I’ll be happy to host the premiere in my Twi-Mom basement. There’s a big wall for projection (just gotta clear the cobwebs) and a few comfy camping chairs down there. Not a lot of room – but I can easily accommodate Reese, Rob, and Christoph easily. If Reese can’t make it that’s OK, even though I do really like her. I’ll make real margaritas, cook them dinner (fish tacos sound good?), and a good time will be had by all. Super low key, would make great press too. “WFE Premiere in Twi-Mom’s Basement!”. Just thought I’d put this out there as something to consider.

            P.S. I can also do Rob and Christoph’s laundry for free. There’s some space in the backyard for Tai, too.

          • natteringyeahrobber says:

            And hey, Summit ( and 20th Cent Fox too – why the hell don’t you have a say in this?) SF is closer to Vancouver than NY or LA. Just another point of consideration. Rob could be here in like 3 hours. I’ll pick him up at the airport, too.

    • roslynselene says:

      Hmmm…the LA theater site took the WFE premiere info down. Still no conformation on anything yet. :/

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Have to admit I was a little excited about this news. Sorry NYC girls! Feel bad for those that already bought tickets and such but at least now we know it’s still up in the air.

      West Coast chant: LA, LA, LA

  27. maggie says:


    I don’t know why, but this picture does things to me like no other. I think it’s just the subtle bit of the suggestion.

    Had to post it hear. I don’t think the url would fit in the thread above.

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      So a few questions about this photo.

      1. The hat – the NY stands for NatteringYeahrobber, right? God, I just knew this thing was mutual.
      2. The finger close to his ass – who is the owner of that finger? Dean?
      3. What is he putting in his mouth? I can assume cherry, right? Doing the ol’ cherry stem twist, is he?
      4. In hand – blue stuff – is he drying off his windshield? Are those love letters he’s mailing to us, if only he knew our address? I’ll assume the latter. Maybe he just tossed them into a bonfire, said a spell, and hoped we’d respond. Well, here I am Rob. And love your hat.
      5. Belly belly belly. Wanna rub that belly too.

      Thank you, Goddess of El Niño!

      • maggie says:

        Wow! I am always so hypnotized by that little triangle of skin, that I never noticed all these important details in this photo. And between the nod to you, Nat, on his hat and the letter looking stuff in his hand, this picture has to be a shout-out to LTR. Don’t know about the hand on his ass, but I sure wish it was mine.

        It took a minute, but I’m LMAO re “Goddess of El Nino”.

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          There’s this funny Sesame street parody where James Blunt sings “My Triangle” to the tune of “You’re Beautiful.” Very appropriate lyrics for that photo:

          I searched low and high
          Over earth and sky
          But I can’t find you triangle
          Tell me why.
          And I miss your base
          Änd I miss your height
          And my dreams are triangular
          Every night

          My triangle
          My triangle
          So beautiful it’s true
          It must be those angles
          That put a smile on your face
          Not to mention the hypotenuse.

          I’m sure the clip is on Youtube somewhere…

          • maggie says:

            OMG!. I laughing so hard I’m in tears!

            My Constant Yearning For Rob:

            “I searched low and high
            over earth and sky
            but I can’t find you triangle,
            tell me why?”

            This is my new favorite song of all time. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at my favorite blue-flappy triangle again without this song playing in my head!!


  28. Ambella says:

    can I just say that I have been in like 7 stores (at times with all three of my kids) and none have this damn magazine!!!! Aparently we are not as posh in the south as I thought……..

    • maggie says:

      I feel your pain. I went to 4 or 5 stores before I finally found it, by accident, in a little kiosk in the train station. Jeeesh!

  29. i hopped on wanting to respond to all your comments but Mr. Choice came home earlier than I expected and we’re out for the evening.. but I love you all and your thoughts & pictures & jokes & notes to Rob. (and the resume(s) for Rob’s assistant!!)


  30. roslynselene says:

    Rob dancing with Reese. Eat your heart out, girls! I like the song they’re playing, too.

  31. fdrinconnue says:

    I’m sorry he has to say a really silly sentence in WFE : what kind of life deserves an ugly woman ?

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