Monday Funnies: Rob looks like…

Dear Rob,

It’s Monday- the first day of the week and the first work day after most of us in the US lost 1 hour of sleep (Does the rest of the world have Daylight Savings time? Worst idea EVER!) I thought about getting Roblosophical today, but there’s nothing worse than thinking hard on a Monday. Let’s start off the week right & LAUGH. At you!

We recently received the following emails:

“I was slowly drinking my coffee this morning while catching up on what happened in the world this week. Some crazy stuff. No, I’m not talking about Egypt, but sometime ever more important than that. I’m talking about the Top 1 news worldwide, Justin Bieber movie. You’re probably wondering why this crazy girl is sending you an email about The Bieb.  You’ll see that it has everything to do with you, LTR,

The Bieb was nervous for his LA premiere, who could blame him. He tried multiple outfits, but nothing said “I’m a grown man attending my first movie premiere”. Then, he had an idea. He would call his wingman, the one and only Robert Pattinson. And Rob had the perfect outfit for him, a reprise of his look from The Goblet of Fire.

Rob in 2005

The Bieb in 2011 :

I’ve heard that Rob plans to retire from acting soon and become a fashion consultant. The world can’t get enough of his fashion.

With love,
The Morns”

Oh my gosh, the resemblance is crazy! That outfit was horrid in 2005 & looks just as bad 6 years later! Did you try to block out that outfit of Rob’s from your memory? Take a look at a bunch of shots from that night as a reminder: You’ll laugh! Promise: Rob Pattinson in the worst outfit of all time, ever

And in January Bea sent us an email with the subject: Sacrilege: Allegations that Rob looks like Susan Boyle

“Susan Boyle? Yeah Right,” I thought, “She wishes!”

Okay…. maybe she’s a great-aunt or something……  I hate to admit it but…… I see what they’re saying!

And last SUMMER (Yes, we really do hang on to your emails!) Lexie wrote us this email:

So today one of my students made this for me in photoshop as a make-up assignment for not going on our class field trip. It’s just Rob’s face blended on top of kristen’s face/head but it’s just too funny not to share. -Lexie

This is the worst/best thing I’ve seen in MONTHS! He/She looks like an 80s hairband member! And oddly a little bit like John Stamos (aka Uncle Jesse!) That student BETTER have received an A++ on this assignment!

It’s days like these that I hope someone in the Twi cast or Rob’s life comes across LTR & passes these images on!!!

Hope your Monday starts off with a laugh,


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