Hold on to your pants, Rob’s gonna be performing music in Breaking Dawn

(Sorry I’m the victim of shoddy internet AGAIN. Thanks Time Warner! My apologies friends!!!)

Ladies, why are you all fainting?

Dear Rob,

I have a pork shoulder all ready to cook, the beginnings of a killer cheesecake and my hands smell Like bbq rub and I’m speechless. Not because I’m making a birthday dinner tonight like a grown up but because of what I just read. I’m sitting here catching up on news in your world and then I came upon this piece of news from Carter burwell who will/is scoring Breaking Dawn

(before I drop this news I want all the ladies reading to close their office door, grab an emergency edward pillow to scream into and have some smelling salts handy because trust me, you’ll need them)

According to Carter’s official site

“Carter just wrote Renesmee’s Lullaby” for Twilight Breaking Dawn 2, which Rob Pattinson will play on camera. The film will be released in November 2012

Also according to his Official Twitter Rob will be playing it on camera THIS WEEK.

*silence. Stunned silence*

I call this the "Trying not to eat you is hard blues"

Now I’m not too proud to say I may have done a little happy dance (lots of awkward hip thrusts and Brenden Fraser claps) around my kitchen when I read the news but Rob you understand. You know the draw a rockstar has. They can be the biggest sad sack on the planet but give them a guitar and a stage and ladies be trippin’ all over themselves. Then add in the fact you’re a movie star. Throw on top of that you’re the dude who plays Edward freakin Cullen and you’ve got the deadliest combination known to ladykind. We’re powerless to that kind of awesomeness. I won’t even add in the fact that you’ll be singing a lullaby to Renesmee making it Daddyward on the keys cause then we can all kiss what braincells we had left good bye. We’ll just pretend that part doesn’t happen till it happens so we can maintain some sanity.

Now I won’t ruin the moment by saying Carter Burwells Twilight score was my least favorite of the movies scores and Bellas lullaby did about nothing for me but it did give us our first glimpse of you playing the piano which oddly enough is the exact scene playing on the TV RIGHT NOW whilst I write this. Yea so if Twi or NM is on Showtime I may leave it on in the background. So sue me, I’m a fan. And I’m pretty sure we all have you singing “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign” burned into our memories.

The only thing wrong with this bit of news?? We get to torture ourselves thinking about it for another year and a half since Breaking Dawn part 2 won’t be out till November 2012. Ugh

Staring a new countdown clock… 647 Days (wow, that’s painful)

PS Kristin (mod kristin)- get ready, dust off your docs.

And just for clicks after the cut let’s listen to some Rob music


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Pass this letter along to Sam Bradley

Dear Rob,

For whatever reason, Sam is trying to say that his song “Too Far Gone” is the same as your song “Never Think” from the Twi-soundtrack. Now, I believe the both of you when you say you wrote the song(s) together, but what I don’t understand is why you both seem to think (or Sam thinks) that the songs are the same song.

I kinda consider myself an expert on music.  I am quite musical (just rocked “Bella’s lullaby on the keyboard, btw) and I majored in music business in college. So.. here’s the thing: when a song played by Sam has a different tune than the song YOU play, and when Sam’s lyrics are different than yours and when the tempo is different for both versions (not the mention the titles of the songs) THEY AREN’T THE SAME SONG. I will give you this- they are both in the key of C- congratulations (but Beethoven’s symphony No. 1 opus 21 is as well- oh! did you guys write that with him?) Update 1/7: Sam Bradley informed me that his song is in D and Rob’s is in C.  Whoops, my bad, Sam. I failed you with my ‘expertise’ this time around. I promise to never do that again. xo

Sorry for the sarcasm, but I’m just wondering why you guys keep saying that the song is the same when it’s so clearly NOT the same. In fact, I actually remember some of my copyright law (snore) from college and learning about the derivative work, so I’m 98.7% sure you could actually file those copyright claims separately- as TWO songs.

I’m all for Sam saying he wrote it with you- he seems like a nice guy and not trying to ride your fame wagon or anything, but just admit it already- you guys were probably drunk and you wrote two songs… both in the key of C… just like Beethoven..then you got confused and said you wrote the same song and everyone was all hyped and excited. Then Sam got a copy of the soundtrack and called you in a panic saying “dude.. that’s not the song I’ve been saying we wrote together.” 

Listen for yourself

Sam’s version:


Your version:



Rob lovers sound off- does anyone agree with  me? or am I crazy and just missing something? 

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