Mrs. P's "Rob"-solutions

Dearest Rob,

Here are a few of my New Year 2009 “Rob”-Solutions:


  1. I promise to visit *stalk* you in L.A. more often. It’s only a short drive from Chulajuana… and sitting in a car for 3 ½ hours is not too much to ask of someone you love. I know how much you want to see me, and I promise to make more of an “Effort”. Plus, then you won’t have to waste time with girls like Katy Perry, Camilla Belle, and Nikki Reed. I know you don’t really like them,(helping Nikki move was such a nice thing to do…considering…) but I know how much you prefer my company, so I’ll indulge you. Plus, my cousin lives right up the street from you (ok. not right up the street, it’s like at least 10, or 20 miles away, but close enough that I can use her as my cover. I can’t let my husband find out about us. He wouldn’t understand) (Read more of Mrs. P’s hilarious 2009 Rob-solutions after the cut or the jump or whatever the hell you’d like to call it!)

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