Sad Face!

I'm only sad when you're gone Moon... please come back

I'm only sad when you're gone Moon... please come back

Dear SadRob*-

Please, you have to stop making this face at me I really can’t take it anymore. All day (between meetings) I would look at this pic and was torn between laughing and being sad for you.

It is sooo pitiful, I look at your sad puppy face and I just wannaย  give you a BIG hug and feed you cookies at the same time. Cause NO one should look this sad, especially not you.

But I think I have the perfect thing to turn your frown upside DOWN! Well um… we’ll do THAT later but first:

Let’s figure out what you’re really thinking in these pics…


SadRob inner monologue (Saturday morning): “It’s only been one night but I can’t imagine not waking up every morning with Moon on my left and UC on my right… what will I do when we’re not together every night? I guess I’ll just lie here and watch them sleep.”

Oh NO!! The Twimoms found me again! I thought I lost them after I took that sharp turn at the Cinnabon. Damn.


They made me wash my hair and use deodorant before I could put on this suit. Something about it being a loner and worth more than my entire wardrobe. All that work gone to waste… 6 weeks of hair grease down the drain, guess I have to start over now.

Lovin’ you long time… Sadface and all!

*I was forced to name you SadRob after seeing all the Sad face outtakes from GQ*

Thanks to our awesome pal Gozde at Robsessed for these gems! You’ve always got the best stuff!

952 Responses to “Sad Face!”

  1. VanessaJ says:

    He does look sad. ๐Ÿ™ Poor baby. I can’t even imagine the stress he’s under, especially since he doesn’t like all the attention to begin with and seems to suffer from anxiety and paranoia.

    He needs a big hug, a beer, and a hot pocket. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. junsikat says:

    I was thinking exactly the same when I saw these pictures yesterday. What the **** made him so sad? Maybe all this stardom is just too much to bear with him being a loner and all.

    Dear Rob,

    please listen to the things Moon wrote to you…It kinda hurts looking at you when you look that way. It even makes me feel bad for stalking the internet to find news about you when it seems that all you want is being left alone. Bring back your sexy smile…Either way it hurts to look at you but when you’re smiling it’s just b/c your beauty is almost too much for my eyes to take.

    Love ya loads, Kat

  3. JBell says:

    Seriously, I wanted to cry when I first saw these SadRob pics. ๐Ÿ™ WHY ROB? WHY are you so saddd?? Is it because you knew you were about to shave your head right after you got done with this shoot? Personally, I would have been happy to get rid of all that ‘dead-wood’ and be ‘streamlined’. Just sayin’

    “canโ€™t imagine not waking up every morning with moon on my left and uc on my rightโ€ฆ” lmao Nice and classy gals; real classy. I approve!

    So ladies!!!!! Apparently I was way too excited about seeing that How To Be was going to be 4 hours away from me in Tallahassee to notice that there was a date the night before that 20 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME!!! I was looking at my email again this morning and saw it on there!!! AND GUESS WHAT!!! TICKETS WENT ON SALE TODAY AND I JUST BOUGHT MINE!!! I THINK. TODAY. IS THE BEST DAY. OF MY LIFE!! I don’t think I can function properly until f*cking April 17!!!

    I AM DIED!
    Orlando How To Be Tour Screening, Athens Theatre
    Friday April 17 at 8:00pm
    Oliver, Joe, Mike and Johnny attending



    Okay, I’m so sorry about the mental yelling and all caps, but fate lead me to check that email again today because someone wants to make up for me missing out on LTR because of my boss lately… AHHHH!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Okay, I’m done.

  4. JustGotWicked says:

    Dear Rob,

    What can I do to ensure that we never have to see SadRob again? It breaks my heart to see you with those puppy dog eyes and pouty lips.

    Hoping to see your beautiful smile again soon,

  5. Leigh Anne says:

    Arm hair.

    Is all I’m sayin’.

    • themoonisdown says:

      he is MAN, hear him roar.

      ps better than those flabby prepubescent ones we saw yesterday. YUUUUCK

  6. Jena says:

    I love his eyes in these photos. I don’t know what it is, just sigh…..

    JBell congrats!!! I’m hopping my jumbo jet and coming with you! LOL!

    What did I all miss last night? Any major updates or links? I can’t function this morning, ugh….
    Nickelback was fanf*ckingtastic! They even did a Kings of Leon song “Be Somebody”, how ’bout that! I took video, will post video tonight, if I don’t collapse. I didn’t get home until 12:45 am and was in bed by 1:30am and gads I feel old this morning.

    • JBell says:

      Nope, no major updates. Just us girls bantering lol and Vogue & Kristin & SpunkMe writing dirty Rob poems. lmao

      Nickelback=Awesome. I’m so glad you had a great time!! I knew you would! That’s too cool that they did a KoL song, I’m so jealous. They didn’t do that at my show!

      Let me know when your jumbo jet will be arriving, I’ll plan ahead & have Hot Pockets and Diet Coke waiting!

    • Ayden says:

      Glad you had fun! Can’t wait to see the video!

  7. Verity says:

    I had just broken it to him that i already had a boyfriend. A ginger one. He just couldn’t compete.

    He’s an actor..he needs to practice looking mean and moody. He was probably supressing joy at the thought of seeing what we would say about him.

  8. therealrobzilla says:

    You guys share the same sentiments as I do. He does look so sad and I want to grab him and hug him. Kinda takes the lust away – well, for a minute anyway.

    Guess what I did last night?
    I watched the real version of Twilight and all the extras. A local grocery store put out the DVD last night and we grabbed a copy. Woohoo, yeah BiLo!

    He was quite dreamy again without the sickly green palor. Mmmmmm

  9. MeadowC says:

    Oh JBell, THAT’s why Rob is so sad! He’s not going to be at the screening that you’re at. Or that I’m now making plans to be at. Once he confirms his “surprise” appearance.

    • JBell says:

      gasp! – You’re so right! Damn… it’s all my fault that he’s sad.

      Dear Rob,
      I can turn your frown upside down. Meet in the last row of the Athens Theater on April 17. I’ll bring the bananas for endurance & stamina.
      See you soon,

  10. Amber says:

    Oh JBell…you always know how to start my day with a smile!!

    I said this on my blog about the sad face Rob photo, but it’s too good not to post here:

    “And what may actually be my fave pic….Rob in a plain white tee. There is NOTHING sexier than a guy trying NOT to be sexy. Of course, white tees are also often worn under clothing, therefore, this is like seeing Rob in his underwear.”

  11. Carrie says:

    @JBell. That is something I would do. You are cracking me up with your robsession.
    Saw your comment on my blog. LOL.

    I don’t think Rob is sad. He’s just thinking really hard about things.
    Picture #1-“What can I try to microwave next”

    Picture #2″Wonder if they are coming out with any new Hot Pockets soon. I would really like to try some with carrots in them. Note to self send Hot Pocket people note. Make carrot Hot Pockets. Carrots are good in the microwave.”

    Picture #3″Wonder what Patty is up to today. Call Mum and check in on Patty.”

    Picture #4 “Man this suit is itchy. H mm, wonder if there is a Super Cuts close by. Need to get hair cut now.”

    • Just a Girl says:

      @Carrie I agree, not sadface. I like to think he’s not sad but hungover.

      Pic#1 Dude do the lights need to be so bright
      Pic#2 Guys, gimme a second the room is spinning a bit, I’ll get up soon
      Pic#3 aargh I think I’m gonna hurl
      Pic#4 this is the only sexyface I can mangage today, quick take the f*ckin picture mmm I miss Tom

    • Monica says:

      @Carrie: I second your views, dear one. It is a typical Rob “deep in thought” series of expressions…
      Remember that MTV interview where he said it took some 23 takes to do the Port Angeles Restaurant scene because Anna Kendrick (Jess) kept laughing at him…? And he commented: “That’s my seduction face, what are you laughing at?”
      It also makes me think he is trying to look mean and/or serious…and this poor amazing boy, any face expression he comes up with…just ends up being heavenly hot…amazing…dazzling… *drops dead on the floor*

  12. Jamaican Princess says:

    haha!! great post!

  13. Nataliae says:

    You will think I’m crazy…and you’ll be 100% right…but I think that first pic is my fave EVER.

    I just knew he needed me, and that pic is all the proof *I* needed.

    • beer-me says:

      I love the first pic too!!! i think he looks a little baffled and confused as he does a lot of the time. cute!!!!!

      • beer-me says:

        oh, and there’s got to be lots more outtakes. maybe we’ll get them in small doses every few days as to not kill us off too quickly!

    • Jena says:

      Anyone else feel weird? This is weird. Like creepy weird. Like Dateline NBC is gonna pound my door weird. Yeah, this shoot just makes me feel all weird, LOL!
      I think it’s because he’s so young and the pose they made him do reminds me of something your creepy neighbor holds in his basement with a child photo shrine, LOL!

    • vogue says:

      Those just make me angry on so many levels. Angry at the person who took them. And angry that they are now being released and MORE THAN LIKELY humiliating Rob. He is so sensitive, how can he not be feeling sheepish. It’s not his fault! He was a little boy!! No hormones! Baby fat!! Jeeez! But people on the internet are mean. It’s just wrong, all the way around. I am so pissed for Rob.

      • Monica says:

        @Vogue: I remember they interviewed the photographer who did this shoot and he remembers pretty clearly that Rob was incredibly embarassed.
        So yes, I am pissed too. And won’t look at them ever again…Brrr…Creepy.

    • English Girl says:

      Really can’t believe that a photoshoot for a teen mag took these pics, particularly when you consider they were taken a long time ago. I think they’d be pretty unthinkable to be taken now, let alone what 6, 7 or 8 years ago?

      I feel like wrapping a robe round poor baby Rob’s shoulders and shooing that poor girl out the way too (not appropriate pics of her either – they are both obviously very young). Photographer must have had some very strange ideas if you ask me. Add them to the FKL please.

  14. Kristin says:

    @Jena -again. JEALOUS! I really wanted to go…*pouts in the corner*

    @Carrie – I love it. Good analysis!


  15. Kristin says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here and guess the reason for his sad pictures is that the people who ran the shoot showed up with vegetarian hot pockets for lunch. Poor Rob was like “What is the point now? This is just ridiculous”.

  16. Jena says:

    @JBell, I instantly thought of all you ladies when they said “we’re gonna do someone elses’s song, this is Kings of Leon”. Nickelback’s guitar player Ryan sang it while Chad left the stage for a bit. It was really good. I’ll upload it tonight so you can all see it. Better yet, I’ll bring it on the jumbo and we can view it over hot pockets later, LOL!

    I also loved when they did “Photograph” with all their photos on the big screen and they put some photos of Omaha in there aswell.

  17. Valerie(momof3crazykids) says:

    Oh the sad Rob face! There are plenty of us to cheer him up!
    I wonder how this man can look hot with any look on his face? That has got to be one of his many talents!

  18. Kristin says:

    @jena – so cool! I would have freaked the F*ck out about the KOL song! LOL! My stupid sister in law went and I bet she didn’t even care. gah. I don’t like her…and I really hate that she got to go and I didn’t. LOL! (not bitter. at. all.)

    @carrie – I don’t know how is parents let him do that. Poor guy. On a good note, if that is the worst that it gets then I can overlook it. ๐Ÿ™‚ How mortifying though. I do have to say I love the little tummy pudge. I just want to pinch it, then tell him to brush his teeth before tucking him in…LOL!

  19. Seattlemom says:

    You guys crack me up. I already have all those outtakes saved to my computer, so I come to your site each morning to get my jump-start following my Starbucks. Thanks for starting my day off right each morning!

  20. Jena says:

    @Kristin, sounds like she needs to be FKL’d, LOL!

  21. Kristin says:

    This video makes me giggle every time. SO sweet. and so British. YUM.

  22. therealrobzilla says:

    I’ve never seen this video. I’m so jealous of this girl.

    • vogue says:

      OMG, my heart just exploded!! Hearing him say so softly “she’s so beautiful” …….*sigh* DREAMY!!!!

      If I was on the receiving end of a compliment like that from Rob, I swear I would be fine if my life ended there. It would be complete. If that’s all I would ever get from him, I’ll take it.

      Oh, by the way girls, if anything ever happens to me, say, I get cancer or have an accident and go into a coma, can you please contact him and get him to my bedside as he is my last dying wish. I’m SERIOUS. Sorta like they do for those little kids with terminal illness. Rob’s my “Make A Wish”.


      Oh, I have a great pic of him I don’t see posted too often. Hope this link works:

      • vogue says:

        dang, don’t know where the link went. It was to photobucket. Maybe it’s not allowed. sorry!

      • Stacey says:

        Rob’s My Make a Wish….I LOVE THIS! I have never thought of that before but now that you mention it I think that’s my make a wish too.

        I do feel sorry for the “Sad Rob” but that one where he’s laying down oh dear God in heaven I could wake up everyday looking at that. Something all that fur he has on his arms is a huge turn on too. Weird but true.

    • English Girl says:

      It is so funny seeing all these giggly girls around him because you know they are all feeling just like we do. He obviously just has that effect on women. Even CH sounded smitten whenever she mentioned him.

      *big sigh*

  23. Jena says:

    I’m so bummed I can’t youtube at work. ๐Ÿ™

  24. Kimmy says:

    Oh Rob is soooooo sexy even when hes sad…I can definitely cheer him up if he would just come see me (LOL). I can’t wait until the movie comes out on DVD so that I can watch it time and time again. Until then I found this amazing free screensaver and the pictures on it are wonderful. I LOVE this screensaver. here’s the link:

  25. Lan says:

    to the ladies who’ve been to KOL concert:

    i’m trying to convince the boyfriend to go with me to the Philly show in april. i personally don’t own a KOL album, i listen to them in the background at work on pandora. what album do they play the most stuff from at their concert so i can get it for us to jam to.


  26. Kristin says:

    @TRR – He is such a womanizer when he wants to be. I would seriously die if he said that to me!!!

    @vogue – noted. we will hunt him down for you. I expect the same. Also…while I’m bringing him to your bedside I might take advantage of him..just so you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @kimmy – Thanks for the link! Great pics!

  27. vogue says:

    I want to give SpunkMe a big hug this morning.

    Seems she was back on yesterdays blog this morning, (I was seeing what I missed after I went to be) and there appears to be some misunderstanding…. not with me, but, she left an open message that made me a little sad.

    I don’t know, but SPUNKME, I hope nobody has made you feel bad! We love you! you contribute a lot of fun and energy to this board!! **HUG**

    I don’t see why someone would get their panties in a bunch over a theory you posted. WHO CARES? It’s just your opinion. If you don’t like it, move on. I’m just disturbed that a nice member of the group here seemed to be feeling bad about something she wrote because she was made to feel that way, and we have such an awesome group of regulars here, and we all get along so well. Moon & UC are the bomb diggity bomb, and I’d hate to see good people who come here being made to feel bad about sharing their thoughts. I’m not trying to blow this out of proportion. It was just bothering me. That’s all I have to say about that (Forest gump style).
    I’ll not discuss this further.

    • JBell says:

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Agreed. <3 you SpunkMe… (and everyone else too, of course!)


    • Kristin says:

      Every party has a pooper…unfortunately being a “popular” blog…the trolls are going to start coming out. I don’t have time to go back and read it, so sorry if you aren’t a troll, but that is what it sounds like! Opinions are like A$$holes we all have them! Hopefully everyone can just keep it positive! If you don’t like what someone says…just don’t comment to start something. Disagreeing is great, but no need to get hurtful or snotty!

      Lets all play in this lovely Rob sandbox together nicely. You all rock my socks! Its all good Spunk!!!!!!

    • Monica says:

      @Vogue re SpunkMe’s comment: Agree….and said so to Spunkme in the other post.

      @SpunkMe, if you’re out there: big big hug!!! don’t leave us!!!

    • Genevieve says:

      @Vogue- Just like to state for the record that I have/had no problem with what SpunkMe posted at all and I thought it was quite interesting. I mean, everything is possible. It was another comment made by someone else that got a bit …uncomfortable. So I hope no one is thinking that I ‘made someone sad’ b/c I love LTR and the gals on it.
      @SpunkMe- Value your opinion in any way, shape or form! After all, that’s what we’re here for.

  28. Kristin says:

    Dearest Rob –

    I have about 25 things to accomplish today. I would appreciate some help. I can’t tell you how grateful I would be if you showed up to help me sort laundry and clean out my linen closet. In fact, let me SHOW you grateful I can be. Trust me, I am the most grateful person you will ever meet.

    Love you,

    *sigh* Ladies, my real life outside of Rob and LTR has suffered this past few weeks. Time to play catch up! Have a great day without me, I will be back tonight after everyone is in bed if I’m not too tired from shoving 2 weeks worth of house cleaning and to do lists into one 12 hour period! haha! ๐Ÿ™‚ You complete me.

    • English Girl says:

      Kristin – I don’t think Rob knows what a linen closet is, and I don’t think he has a clue about laundry either!!!

      This is just a ploy to get him over to your house isn’t it?

      You so know you are going to get nothing done again!!!

  29. Monica says:

    good morning everyone. Love todays’ post…Love the pics..
    Love you all…

    I said this in yesterdays’ post but just in case:
    I emailed the entire scans of the Robert Pattinson Album (full colour) to a bunch of RobGilrs last night.
    I may have forgotten someone: still up for grabs, if you want it just say the words, ehm, the email address!

  30. Just a Girl says:

    so off topic…I’d love to hear Rob sing this song

  31. vogue says:

    Oh, before I dash off to work, I HAD A VERY REAL Rob dream last night.

    It was not “hot” , but it was weird and real.

    Here goes – I was at a beachside resort, someplace very warm . Maybe California? I’ve never been there, but it wasn’t the tropics. Anyways, I was walking along the front of the hotel, and spotted Rob’s “people”, Nick and Stephanie, at an outdoor cafe table talking to some other men. Like a meeting. It dawned on me that Rob must be there too! I panicked, and decided to go around to the other side of the resort, to the beachfront. There was tons of people on the beach, many in lounge chairs, sittting close to their beachfront hotel rooms that just walk out to the sand. As I looked through the crowd down the beach, I spotted Camilla Belle talking to someone with an enormous rats nest of hair! LOL! ROB!! They were arguing, and I could hear him saying in an irritated voice “Camilla. Camilla. blah-blah-blah…” They were not getting along, and I was psyched! I was trying to get close enough to hear without him noticing that he was being watch. I was amazed that nobody there was bothering him for autographs or pics. I turned my back away but sat close and had this amazing moment of clarity (ever been in a dream where your thinking is so REAL?) where I thought “Oh my God, on this entire huge earth, I am actually within 10 feet of Robert Pattinson. My dream has come true and I’m panicking!!”

    Then they went inside their hotel room. The dream went on, and it went back and forth to other weird stuff that Rob wasn’t in, but I went back to the beach and Camilla was on her beach chair again trying to play Rob’s guitar, and then the dream switched and they were chasing each other aroud the hotel, going from room to room, fighting. WEIRD!!

  32. therealrobzilla says:

    LOL Vogue! gotta love those random dreams. That one sounds like fun.

    I told Carrie just the other day about a great Rob Dream. I dreamed that we went to church (and I didn’t burn for all my lusty thoughts) and then went back to his house in London. We watched a movie on the couch. That was the best part. Laying my head on his chest and watching a movie for two hours. No sexy times, but it was soooo sweet.

    Man, why can’t dreams come true?!

    Dear Rob,

    I remember an interview where you said no one wanted to snuggle with you. Well, I dream about snuggling up with you. Let’s get together and make each others wishes come true.


  33. Melissa says:

    he does look sad..he needs a hug from somebody who means it..rob, i’ll gladly quit my job and abandon life as i know it to get you in & out burgers, open all ur beers, clap after every scene you act in, buy you underwear, etc etc etc…i’ll even kick the paparazzi in the shins and say run rob run when they try to chase you when you’re lucked out of your, melissa. xxx

  34. JBell says:

    @TRR – I’m sitting here at the office trying to get things done and all I can keep thinking about is how much I hate (and by hate I mean absolutely love) you for getting the DVD already!!
    I’m so jealous that you reeped the benefits of a minimum-wage-making stockboy’s mistake! SO JEALOUS!
    Love ya:) lol

    • therealrobzilla says:

      Oh sweetie, I hate you too. ;-p

      If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get it. My friend did. I went to her house to watch it. I am still waiting on Friday night to pick mine up.

      She’s a bit of a dimwit though. She actually told the woman at the register that the movie wasn’t supposed to be out until Sat. She totally cockblocked (Robblocked?) all others in town.

  35. carter.hearts.rob says:

    I also had a delightful dream last night with Rob. It’s amazing how much he gets around…

    I dreamt that I was at some sort of club or something, and one of my friends knew him. She promised to introduce me when he showed up. He showed up, and she made a big huge deal of introducing me to him. And my face turned bright red because I wasn’t really wanting him to know I am a huge fangirl. And he came over, and was like, “Ok let’s take a picture then.” And he put his arm around me and I almost fell over from shock. But whenever I’m embarrassed I try to make fun of the situation, so in my dream I was all like “well who says I even WANT a picture… not every girl wants to have a picture of you on her bedside table” which was really random and weird but I said it with a huge smile on my face and in my dream he totally got my joke.

    So yeah, random and no sexy time in this dream… but I’ll take what I can get.

  36. JBell says:

    FRESH OFF THE PRESSES – oh shit, probably shouldn’t say that because now you all think I’m talking about the ROBQ, but I’m not – I can’t watch it because I’m at work, but here’s Marc Malkin’s interview with Catherine and Edi from yesterday.

  37. sherin says:

    @ monica… Please send it to me too!!! Thanksssssss a lot!!! * hugs*

  38. Ceri says:

    @Monica: Thanks for the scans, you rock!

    Got an email from Borders that my DVD has shipped, got really excited and then checked FedEx and it says it won’t deliver until 3/24. Oh well.

    • Jena says:

      I’ve been wondering about mine, but I forgot my Borders password so I can’t check it, LOL! Will have to check at home. Although I checked the status
      on my notebook and it’s in Omaha, in route, so it better effing get here today.
      I will squeel in delight like a girl scout on cookie day!

  39. Jena says:

    @TRR You got the dvd?! Awwwwws I jealous!

    • therealrobzilla says:

      I didn’t get it yet. My friend found it at a grocery store last night. I went over and watched it. It was good, oh so good.

  40. Jena says:

    Someone give me the scoop on the Catherine and Edi interview. I get a blank E! online page at work, gads.

  41. English Girl says:

    I hadn’t seen this – it’s really funny.

    Correction, Rob is hilariously funny (as we all know). I can’t pick a fave comment, but just love how he does the sign off at the very very end when he’s pretending to be Catherine Hardwick.

  42. Genevieve says:

    @Vogue- Just like to state for the record that I have/had no problem with what SpunkMe posted at all and I thought it was quite interesting. I mean, everything is possible. It was another comment made by someone else that got a bit โ€ฆuncomfortable. So I hope no one is thinking that I โ€˜made someone sadโ€™ b/c I love LTR and the gals on it.
    @SpunkMe- Value your opinion in any way, shape or form! After all, thatโ€™s what weโ€™re here for.

    Gotta say now I’m feelin’ a bit sad about all of this.

  43. Ceri says:

    Okay, I’ve posted scans from the notebook on my blog. I only got a few scans in. (click on my name)

    Let me know if you want me to email them to you guys.

  44. carter.hearts.rob says:

    Spunk Me, I hope you read this. I loved what you wrote on the blog, because it totally gave me more of a reason to think about Rob. You are hot shit. That is all.

  45. Carrie says:

    SQUEE!!!! I love Matt. Am on the phone. He is my new best friend.
    Here is the breakdown of the conversation-
    Matt- blah blah. Words. This is Matt how can I help you?
    Me- What to see if you have the April GQ in yet.
    Matt- Oh yeah, I remember you.
    Me- Oh know I’m the crazy girl who keeps calling.
    Matt- No, that’s cool your not crazy.Laughs. Let me go check on that for you.
    On hold. Dreaming about finally getting the RobQ in my hands. Trying not to faint.
    Matt- Sorry still not in.
    Carrie- darn it. I think you guys are hiding it in the back. What’s up with that??? (Laughing as I’m saying this.)
    Matt-No. You know I checked in the back before I l left on Monday just to make sure it hadn’t got in latter that day. It must be delayed for some reason.
    Me- I know. We think they are holding b/c of the Twilight release.
    Matt- Oh. Hmm. Hold on let me go check something.
    On hold again. About to explode.

    Matt-Still not GQ. I asked the manager and we haven’t got in them in at all. Thought maybe they were hiding too b/c of Twilight.
    Me- Alright. Thanks for checking. I guess I’ll call back again tomorrow.
    Matt- Ok great. Bye,

    Matt is so nice and laughed at my silly fangirl self.

    • therealrobzilla says:

      Squeeeeeee!! Carrie, you must go check out Matt in person. He sounds like a great guy. I bet he would even come over and watch Twilight with you.
      Matt, “I don’t see nuthin’ wrong…”

    • carter.hearts.rob says:

      Carrie, please marry Matt. Obvi if you have found a guy who isn’t turned off by your Robsession then he is the pick of the century.

      Or at least do him as a thanks for being so patient!

    • Monica says:

      Carrie, please extend our unswerving devotion to Matt. His dedication rocks.

      • Carrie says:

        I might stop by again on the way from work and check him out.
        Would it be wrong to offer myself to him right then and there.
        Matt let’s go over to the Twilight table and knock boots.

  46. carter.hearts.rob says:

    @Vogue/Kristin/Spunk Me

    I think caffeine greatly increases my poetry skillz.

    Perhaps we should compile a greatest hits collection and send it to Rob. I’m sure he would reward us for our dedication!

  47. Monica says:

    @Sherin / Carrie / Amber: 6 bulky emails coming your way girls!

    Gotta work actually *sobs*…..there’s a tube strike in Milan today and I need to leave this sad place early… that I can go back home to Robsess some more!!!

  48. Jena says:

    I love Matt! I want to marry Matt!

    • Carrie says:

      I know. I am so giddy right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • English Girl says:

        So was he cute? You met him face to face at the start didn’t you?

        Are you even single? I am being so nosy here aren’t I? (Not that being single matters if one of the men in your life is RP … just sayin’ – it’s a wild card pass- everybody knows that!!)

        Just give him your number girl – stop fannying around with the phoning in … just get him to phone you when it arrives!!! He already sounds devoted and too good to be true, I mean he checked out back all of his own accord.

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