And the winner is…

Thanks to Wal-mart for this cool shizz

Thanks to Wal-mart for this cool shizz

Dear everyone who entered our most recent contest,

We randomly picked one of our readers who left a comment with a song that reminded her of Twilight, and a Twilight Party-Pack, courtesy of Wal-mart, is on its way to her as we speak.

Congratulations to: Briar Rose!!

Her comment was: “My nomination is Obsession by Animotion. I will now go take a cold shower. . . ”

Congrats, Briar Rose!

We had so much fun reading all the songs that remind you of Twi (or Rob- there were tons of those too!) and there was a definite pattern of songs or artists that kept popping up as suggestions:

  • “Strange & Beautiful” Aqualung
  • “Love Story” by Taylor Swift
  • “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry
  • “Almost Love” A Fine Frenzy
  • All songs EVER by Muse!
  • “Sex on Fire” Kings of Leon (I wonder why….!)

We picked the winner 100% randomly and not by our favorite suggestion, but here were some of our favorites:

  • Closer Kings of Leon
  • My Body is a Cage The Arcade Fire
  • Creep Radiohead (cuz you always need a song that Thom Yorke wrote about masterbating)
  • I will follow you in the Dark Death Cab for Cutie (This is inscribed in the inside of UC’s hubby’s wedding band)
  • Blood Bank Bon Iver (UC’s suggestion)
  • Breathe Me Sia (rumored to be a great choice for New Moon)
  • No one’s gonna love you Band of Horses

We’re gonna leave you with that last song, just because we feel like it and we run the blog, so we’re the boss(es). You’ll love it.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who entered! And congrats to Briar Rose! XOXO
Love, Us


22 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. themoonisdown says:


    (on my own blog)

    love all the music selections gals… you know how it warms my heart to read about my two favorite things MUSIC and TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love that my comment is in moderation and i have a lame gravatar.. i must not be signed in…

  3. themoonisdown says:


    man this is like the old days… just the two of us… we can make it if we try!!

  4. lets do this all day long! cuz i guarantee that NO ONE will see this post today ….

    how about we give out a fake prize.
    whoever comments on this post and isn’t moon or I (or friend #1 or #2 b/c i know you’ll see it) you get a fake prize

  5. vickyb says:

    I win!!!

    What’s my prize?

  6. vickyb says:

    I win!

    What’s my prize? Rob for an hour? or longer? or maybe only 10 minutes…that’ll do!

    PS My husband bought me tix to go see Death Cab in April and I love Band of Horses b/c their music was on Chuck…my fave show. 🙂

    Send me my Rob time please!

    • why did it spam you the first time? WEIRD.

      we will think of the best prize (better than seeing me next week) and announce it soon:)

      • vickyb says:

        Now that you mention it seeing you and getting to meet Moon should be enough…but I’m greedy I want a fake prize too! 🙂 Plus it is nice to actually get a response on here now since it is soooo busy (good for you both!). I was feeling a little lost.

        • themoonisdown says:

          amen vicky… we had fun in here for a half hr talked to each other! hahaha

          YEAAA please say youre coming up this weekend for the partay or are you just meeting UC?!! sad face if so. even thought i have met you

  7. vickyb says:

    OOOPS! Totally didn’t mean to post double time…

  8. Twitchlet says:

    You know, I almost feel like I won, since you lovely ladies liked my song selection enough to post a video. =D

  9. domisgone says:

    Yay for Walmart and all the Twilight merchandise.

    I do have the twilight keychain currently in my pocket, and in my social welfare textbook I have twilight ‘so the lion fell in love with the lamb’ bookmark. All brought you by Walmart 🙂

  10. debs says:

    sorry i am late to the party (was at the hospital with a family member). just now trying to catch up on all the posts. it really takes a very long time! but thanx for giving me something to smile about all day every day!

  11. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    Cool. Will def check out these songs. Thanks everyone!

    Speaking of rob, you guys seen that post at “50 Ways To Annoy Robert Pattinson?” Hilarious!

  12. themoonisdown says:

    ps seriously i want that door hanger. how funny

  13. mmaru says:

    what about WHAT HURTS THE MOST, and GOODBYE MY LOER? hahaha, they’d tottaly fit on new moon !

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