Robward, oh Robward…where art thou my Robward?

Juliet explains her Rob obsession in terms we can understand: Robward and the word “ho-baggish.” Preach on sister…

Oh heeeeeyyy there

Dearest LTR,

I am a newbie to the Twilight “religion” (cherry popped in February of this year), and a lurker on your site and am so thankful I have found you because over the course of the last 5 months I have found that not only has the series consumed my entire being, but so has Robward. Yes that’s right, Robward. I have found that I can’t love one without the other therefore in my mind I had to morph them into a single beautiful being.

The reason that I can’t love one without the other is simple, to love only Rob would mean that I am into a quirky man who is in fact sexy in his own right, but owns only one pair of pants that he sags (see recent pics of surprising theater goers below),

wears shoes without laces or socks (see recent twitpic you posted of him outside of sambradly show),

only washes his hair on special occasions and holidays, smokes 3 packs a day and has the diet of a frat boy living on only hot-pockets and beer. And to love only Edward would mean that I am into a man who may or may not have bi-polar disorder (the Hillywood production of the Twilight parody comes to mind when I think of him to the tune of Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold), can only be described as beautiful because he in fact does “sparkle like diamonds”, he has an intense desire to kill me, and he is so sweet and sappy he make me as a goody-two-shoes-girl look uncivilized and ho-baggish with all his “courting” talk. So with this said, I have morphed them into one beautiful/sexy perfect man.

No socks, with shoes? No problem!

My Robward is everything I expect a man to be, but better. He has a messy side as expected, but showers on a daily basis therefore he smells delicious and not like a trash can and ash-tray, he is exceptionally well dressed like Edward minus the tweed, but has the disheveled hair-do like Rob, only it’s clean like Edwards. He likes pizza and beer, but only on occasion and he knows how to be sensitive, but is not a pansy. He is respectful but has a wild side that tends to come out, and leg hitching, pillow biting, and headboard destruction may or may not take place. He stands up and fights for his girl, but is not pushed around by her or guilted into things, and he is not afraid to tell the world he is in love (in a manly way of course), and does not hide it either because of embarrassment or obligation to a production company (cough…ROBSTEN…cough, cough). He dotes on his significant other, but is also extremely grounded. He has the ruggedness of Rob, but the charm and hygene practices of Edward (although it never does state if they take showers or not. We do know he at least changes his clothes daily).

You just can't resist me and I know it...

So as you can see, I simply can’t just love Rob without Edward being in the mix. Could you imagine loving Rob if he didn’t play Edward? Could you imagine loving Edward if he wasn’t played by Rob, but someone like, Zac Effron? If you saw Rob walking down the street as he is now (or prior to the haircut for Water for Elephants) do you think you would want to run your fingers through his greasy hair or want to take a picture with him knowing he probably hasn’t showered in a week and is wearing clothes he either stole from a set or picked up at a thrift store or pawned from a homeless guy?? We wouldn’t love Zac Effron the same because unfortunately, he was in High School Music and that just makes him seem a little too…metro for my liking. We love Rob as Edward because that’s all we know him as. Of course he was Cederic Diggory in Harry Potter, but who remembers him while he was going through that odd adolescent phase where his head was disproportionately large for his body? We know and love him as Edward.

It is these things that make me think that everyone of us is in fact holding onto our own version of Robward, and that is why we follow his every move, and that is what makes my rationalization “normal”. Because I recognize these things. Right?

Robward is my Romeo,


UH DUH Juliet it’s all that stuff, right? All the Rob and the Edward stuff rolled into one. Right? What say you guys? Do you want just the Rob stuff, or is it a little bit of the Edward allure? And seriously can we talk about these new pictures?? Wowza…

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98 Responses to “Robward, oh Robward…where art thou my Robward?”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    Thanks for the letter Juliet…your Robward is a nice idea, creating the perfect man
    I sooooo do NOT agree, you wrote….
    “My Robward is everything I expect a man to be, but better.”

    I would say , valid perhaps only for me…I dunno 🙂

    Rob is everything I expect a man to be, but better!
    He is NOT perfect, but he is perfect in his unperfectness!!!
    That’s why I love him….

    • melronin says:

      You said the words baby!!!
      Perfect in his imperfection…ILY!!!
      Robs imperfection is the ideal…you know what I mean?

    • robgirl86 says:

      what about the new pics?
      NOTHING, normal beautiful Rob(- crotch)
      Hi Rob, I love your Vans 🙂

      • melronin says:

        Hi Rob
        I love your crotch baby!
        naaahh…I love your everything!!!

      • Did he borrow the Vans from your place too?

        wWell for me he’s not the most… I know more smex, smart, interesting, fascinating…and at least as word vomitting and hilarious as Rob, but somehow they didn’t get stuck in my head.

        • robgirl86 says:

          Mhmmm…perhaps it’s a disease…like a virus, a Robvirus?
          Anyhow, you’re IN, black VIP card, is that okay?
          and YES, I miss some Vans as well, perhaps he came at night?
          Oh my….

    • Moonbeam says:

      Yeah, I agree with Robgirl.

      I like Rob the way he is. In reality, he’s too young for me, but I like a man who is constantly charming, funny, sloppy, artistic, honest and real. I like someone who does a little soul-searching every now and then, but who doesn’t take that soul-searching (or himself) too seriously. I love a man who can laugh at himself and laugh at me too — laugh at the world, for that matter.

      And I like a man who reads, because I read constantly.

      The only thing I would change about Rob is his smoking, but I think Rob would agree.

      Don’t get me wrong — I like Edward too, but I like him for Bella more than anything else. Plus, he’s not real. He’s a fracking vampire.


      VIVA LA ROB!!!

  2. Edible Art ? says:

    The new pictures – Brown is the new black !! he looks as we say round these parts “LUSH”

    Also Roward rules – great letter

  3. Edible Art ? says:

    Oh Bugger – I meant ROBWARD DUH !!!!! damn you fingers I can’t type (or Spell)

  4. melronin says:

    Dear Juliet

    Am so happy that you are with us!!! Welcome to the club sista!!!

    Oh yeah…I would love Rob without Edward and I sooo would want to run my fingers through his greasy hair if I saw him on the street…in fact I would sooooo much want to do many things to this man, you have no idea!

    For me it’s just Rob, Rob all the way, Rob with his many little perfect flaws!
    I love Rob…without the ward…end of subject!


  5. Bella_NaA says:

    The mental image of Zacward just ruined my afternoon, for like, the next 5 minutes.

  6. jarielynn says:

    Juliet asked- “If you saw Rob walking down the street as he is now (or prior to the haircut for Water for Elephants) do you think you would want to run your fingers through his greasy hair or want to take a picture with him knowing he probably hasn’t showered in a week and is wearing clothes he either stole from a set or picked up at a thrift store or pawned from a homeless guy??”
    My answer- Hell yeah!!!!
    I love me some Rob, dirty scruffy, smelly, cigarette smoking, Stoli wearing, no socks and all.. I would hold him close and embrace his smelliness- if he smells, which honestly I don’t think so (maybe just like a cig and that’s okay, even though I don’t smike). I would rub his sockless feet and run my hands through his greasy hair- again and again. If only he’d let me!!!
    So yeah.. clean or dirty. Edward or Tyler… I love him.
    Is that to crazy?? Nah!

  7. Dear Rob,

    I think last time you were at my place, you might have “borrowed” my boyfriend’s Vans aaand wore it at the photoshoot. Lucky for us, he has several pairs, so we’re not busted. Phew. Now I know why you only own one pair of shoes. But really, relax.

    Waiting for you, he’s got lots of skate shoes for you to borrow,

    • robgirl86 says:

      Minuit, think well, DOES Rob really own shoes? Since some months/aka one year all I see is

      – YOUR BF’s shoes
      – Tyler’s shoes
      – Edward’s shoes
      – photoshoot’s shoes
      – Sambas/Nikes..bought 8 years ago
      – the Docs made an irrelevant appearance on Ellen…totally ruined…lol

      and… I think I actually talked too much now,not normal to know sooo much about his (non)shoes, so instead of looking at Rob’s shoes, I might go out and buy some for me now! 🙂

      • niahid says:

        That’s normal 😀
        On the other hand, I don’t pay that much attention to his shoes. Always busy looking at his face, his arms, biceps and bulge 😉

    • @RG

      #Normal comment of the day

      My even more normal theory is that Sambas were bought in Robsten formula on winter holydays. Remember when you or Jules showed me an old pic with black Adidas? Those were different, Sambas are new. #Normal observation?

      Also the bf owns a pair of black Clarks (like the ones from VF) for “classy penguin stuff”. I swear he bought it himself before, though I can’t say the same about a pair of high Trickers (probl the Cannes shoes??) that I bought for him because it’s rare to find it, and that he qualified as fugly and probably never even tried on. Normal, right? What? I really think it’s cool shoes for when you have to dress up.

      I think I sense a shopping urge taking posession of me.

      • robgirl86 says:

        omg, you crack me up with “penguin stuff”….too funny, and Clarks are ok…comfy classy shoes and Trickers as well, I do like Budapester too…lol
        and I love still Chucks….by the way..
        Rob, where are the grey chucks?
        For the Robsten Sambas….no comment!
        that was shoeconvo No.2


        • Jules says:

          Min, I didn’t show you the pic of the shoes.
          I think both the samba and adidas are old, but either way…dressing alike is for teens and old people.

          • see an old comment I did (well actually don’t bother) point is: major old-people-going-to-spa-resorts potential. I remember mentioning it w/ you two but didn’t know who came up with the picture.#importantstuff or not.

        • OMG RG after a few glasses i just had a revelation:he has MORE THAN ONE pair of shoes. OMG§

  8. toooldforthis says:

    Zac Efron as Edward?

    Good Lord! I’ll be having nightmares tonight.

  9. niahid says:

    Dear Juliet,
    Nice letter, but I beg to differ. I love Edward because of Rob not the other way around. I wouldn’t care to watch Eclipse or read all 4 books if Rob was not a part of it. If someone like Edward ever existed , he will be an axe murderer or serial killer , perfectly hygienic and majorly coo coo ( helloo unabomber and Dexter ).

  10. Stacey says:

    Loved the letter Juliet! I partially agree with you on everything, but I do like him grungy and in awkward outfits. Just like the boys I used to date in college, before I met my husband who’s afraid of dirt. Ohh…that probably is part of the appeal!

    You ladies will probably appreciate this. The baby woke up @ 5 a.m and while I was feeding him, I just happened to turn on the Harry Potter featuring Rob. (When I say happened to turn on, I should admit that I dvr’ed it yesterday.) I then proceeded to fast forward to all of Rob’s scenes. He kind of just stood there a lot and looked hot, but young. Maybe, that’s what some people see in lil Taylor? Nope, not obsessed with Rob, not at all. Sigh.

  11. Michelle says:


    It appears we are soul mates. Rob without Edward…I just dunno if the allure would still be there? Silly, I know…he’s NOT Edward…

    But…in real life I wouldn’t wanna do (well pretty much everything) to a dirty man who smells like cigarettes. Gag. I would however, run my hands through his HAWT hair clean or dirty…if dirty, I may gag a bit during…but I’d still HAVE to. 😉 Mmmmmmm…Rob’s sex hair. HOT.

    Yes, I live a fantasy Robward life. But it’s my life dang it…and I like it here.

    PS – I did slip during a preview of Remember Me and scream out – YUM SEX HAIR – in front of my husband. He just shook his head…

  12. dazzledtodeath says:

    “do you think you’d want to run your fingers through his greasy hair?”

    Yes, I would absolutely find Rob hot if he hadn’t played Edward. No, I wouldn’t love movie Edward if he’d been played by Zac Efron, but I’d still love book Edward. I just wouldn’t see the movies.

    Most of Rob’s “flaws” could be fixed. I’d be happy to soap him up in the shower and wash his hair. I bet he wasn’t eating Hot Pockets when he lived with Mama Pattz-I’d be happy to cook for him.

    I think Rob is much hotter in RL than he his under all that makeup as Edward. And I’m more eager to see his other work than I am to see Twilight, as much as I love it, flaws and all.

    While I wouldn’t kick Edward out of bed, I love Rob the way he is.

  13. Savageo says:

    Juliet, You left out his inability to button a shirt right. Don’t you think it’s the motherly thing in you that you just want to fix him or take care of him and feels “God, please help this talented boy. He really needs me to fix him.”? If you like the Robward being, take a look at the Rob in Remember Me. You’ll fall in love all over again.

  14. libby says:

    *standing ovation*

    bravo! bravo! bravo!

    *clapping frantically*

    perfect letter, Juliet. And he is in fact our Robmeo.

    Have a nice week ladies.

  15. Robjunkie says:

    I love me some Robward and I can’t imagine anyone other than Rob as Edward. But seriously, Edward is just a character, and a deeply flawed one at that. To paraphrase Beller in that awful scene on the mountaintop, I love Edward, but I love Rob more. So,so much more.

  16. ForEveralurker says:

    Dear Julia,
    you are not far from the truth –
    75,000 people of this same fandom signed petitions against him as Edward for the same reason they now claim to love so much.

    you had me at Robsten – nuff said!

    • Tigerkitten36 says:

      For the record, I was never part of that campaign when he was fist announced as Edward.
      He had me at Cedric many years ago, but I didnt pay too close attention as I thought he was the same age as Dan Radcliff (Little did I know, Dan is YOUNGER then him)

      Picture Number three –That’s the second photo I have observed this happening. Has anyone noticed that when Robsten gets in a car HE gets in first?? I find it telling.

  17. kat says:

    I totally love my version of Robward too! Don’t get me wrong, Rob on his own is all sorts of yummy, but I can’t get it out of my head that if he didn’t ever play the role of Edward I wouldn’t think he was nearly as charming as he is. I love his spazzy-ness and unintentionally funny remarks just as much as the next girls, but in reality he probably tastes like an ashtray (one that I would lick) instead of honeysuckle and sunshine that I imagine Edward would.

    I have superimposed Edward’s better qualites on Rob and have tried to convince myself that he possess them also. Nto that it matters…..Rob’s too pretty to discount on his own!

  18. robsfuturemate says:

    Back to work for me this week. Ugh! No more morning LTR!! I will have to go back to the Late NIght Blogging, hoping to see some of you ladies there! Have a great day!

  19. My love for Rob started off because of Edward. Back in late 2008, I was still unaware of Stoli shirts, Hot Pockets, the Britpack and his non-showering habits. He was just perfect and dreamy with the clean tousled hair and always impeccably dressed. (Dear Juliet, I think it was mentioned in Twilight when he stays with Bella at night and comes back wearing new clothes in the morning that he did shower. Can’t check to make sure because I’ve lend my copy to my twi-virgin of an aunt.)

    But now, 1 and a half years later, with all the knowledge of mis-buttoned shirts, greasy hair, smoking like chimney habits, I realize that he’s NOT Edward (obviously.) Yet, I love him all the same in spite of all the traits mentioned. That’s what makes Rob…Rob.

    Now I can finally say that he’s definitely a LOT more than Edward. I love Rob because he says totally inappropriate things on tv, like admitting having head lice (nits!) in his hair, saying “shit” during interviews and then clamping his hand over his mouth when he realizes he’s on tv and most importantly his loyalty towards his family and friends (Holla BritPack and Mama and Papa Pattz!)

    Btw, can I mention that when I zoomed those orgasmic pictures of him, his lips came up close on screen and I have been fighting this urge to kiss my laptop screen all day?


    • tupelohoney says:

      Seems I’ve been fighting the same urge as you all morning…

      Yeah, definitely normal……..

    • southernbelle says:

      Ahem, that picture of him sitting on the table, well I zoomed and it zoomed on his crotch! I was really, really bothered, in a hot way! 🙂

  20. Obava says:

    Juliet- Great letter! By opening up the Efron can of worms, you bring up an interesting point. Last night I was wondering- what if TomStu had gotten the part of Edward? And Rob was just another member of the Brit Pack, getting a little buzz due to his association with Tomward and playing music in little clubs with a few dozen people in the audience? Would we be reading Letters to Tom? Would you be writing a love letter to Tomward? Would I come herre and read this awesomeness every day?

    xo obava

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  22. babiesbrown says:

    I find it funny that I read this right after I embarrassed myself on FB, defending RPattz and Twi. One of my French Canadian friends posted Charlie Booker’s horrible (but admittedly funnier than hell) piece on why Twi vampires aren’t scary.
    Look at Booker’s hair in his mug. He’s got a mini Edward pompadour. Poser.
    Anyway, here is what I wrote and sent, before I had the good sense to stop myself:
    “I find this insulting. Everyone knows rpattz hasn’t seen a veggie since he stopped living with Claire & Dick. Unless it was in a hot pocket. That alone convinces me that the rest of the piece is the sad sack ramblings of a threatened male. Or maybe a jealous one. He’s pissed rob gets all that free hair gel, right? Lol. Besides it doesn’t have to make sense. We just like what we like. I know guys who actually liked The Fast & The Furious & all those movies are basically about boobs & fast cars. Coveting sparklepeen seems almost intelligent compared to that. At least Edward can read. And play the piano. Oh god. I’ve outed myself, haven’t I? *runs & hides*”
    Juliet, you’re not alone. Take comfort in that, honey.

  23. ForEveralurker says:

    To be totally honest Rob is not the uber HOT guy people want to make of him. he has personality to make up where his body of works fails. seriously – His head is not in proportion to the whole body, his face is slightly flat with boxer’s nose, he has wonky limbs, mothering hips, jack Nicklson’s eye brows and so on.. But then again he has the IT factor COUPLED with personalty thus surpassing all – (I don’t know where am going with this)

    Also, I personally like a guy I can discuss anything with. Not necessarily ‘deep art’ and non sensical books and wired music and Kristen’s ‘arty T-shirts’.

    Edward seems to be that kind of guy – he will listen to all your girly rumblings with a slight smirk (just in my imagination) and forgive you for loving and kissing someone else because he fully understands his love and your love for him but then he lacks the ‘fun’ he never laughs, always guarded – This is where Rob comes in….

    All in all, I think Rob & Edward are perfect for each other.
    where one is serious, the other is funny
    where one is a stalker, the other is ‘i don’t give a crapsten’
    where one has Bipolar (see New Moon) the other suffers paranoia
    Where one loves

    Nonetheless they are both attractive
    both love girls who have annoying personality traits, a bit depressive, loners awkward mostly and sometimes sweet in annoying ways.
    They both demonstrate love and respect for their friends and family and so on

    with their perfection and imperfection Edward still gives Rob a zing and visa vasa
    I love the Robward maddly but Rob has a special place cause he is the REAL deal.

    • Robjunkie says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t too sure where you were going with that either, but you were about to walk into a big can of whoop ass (sarcasm font). But you redeemed yourself at the end. Well played.

    • robgirl86 says:

      “he has personality to make up where his body of works fails. seriously – His head is not in proportion to the whole body, his face is slightly flat with boxer’s nose, he has wonky limbs, mothering hips, jack Nicklson’s eye brows and so on.. ”

      WHAT???? I respect your opinion, but that’s it!!!
      and I feel the need to say

      Rob has a beautiful face and a beautiful body, not to speak of his personality and brain!!!

      who is “jack Nicklson”???

      • Robjunkie says:

        I know, right?!! I was thisclose to choking a bitch for dissing the pretty like that.

        Foreveralurker, I hope you know that we’re just kidding, right?

    • melronin says:


      Honey…bravo!!! You have guts!!!
      LTR girls are very dangerous when it comes to deffend Rob!!!
      But as my friend Voltaire once said “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

    • mountainlion says:

      You have a problem with “deep art?”

      You think Rob reads non-sensical books, and weird (wired) music? What about The XX?

      I can’t agree on any of those things and I think the whole person is gorge from head to toe, inside and out and the “proportions” seem perfect, too.

      As RG said, your opinion is valid…we just don’t happen to agree.


    • dazzledtodeath says:

      What’s with the “mothering hips?? I know that’s a favorite criticism of Lainey’s but I don’t see it. I guess it’s hard to find fault in someone as beautiful as Rob so people make up ridiculous things like “mothering hips.”

      • WakeUpDead25 says:

        I don’t get the “hips” comments either. Just because his legs are not stick thin? I don’t get it.

  24. 86 Rabbit says:

    Trying my first post from my new phone. Wish me luck.

    Great letter, Juliet. It’s nice to get someone else’s perspective, especially newer Twilighters. I started reading while Twlight was in production, about a minute before everything got super crazy. Twilight was not a household word yet, though I did my part to make it so in AZ!

    While Rob and Edward have morphed somewhat into Robward in my head, I have to say I would still love Edward without Rob, and I loved Rob before he was Edward. I was in my Harry Potter phase when I first laid eyes on him as Cedric. I will never forget the collective gasp from the audience when they saw that beautiful boy jump out of the tree.

    Any guy who can play the most beautiful boy in the two most famous high schools in the world has earned the right to be loved for himself.

  25. drsaka says:

    Hi Juliet, it’s Rob’s humor and quirkiness that first got a lot of us (from his interviews and DVD commentary). Though Rob might benefit from some of the better Edward qualities, I wouldn’t want him to be anyone but himself!

  26. Nelle says:

    Love him in any permutation. Robward, Robsten, Robkowski, Robdric (or Cedrob- whatever), Robler, etc.

  27. Darkbook108 says:

    I love both Edward and Rob in seperate ways. Edward is sadly not real though, so I’m just going to talk about the magic that is Rob. Rob is so unique and easy to love that even after making disturbing remarks about leaving pee in a cup in a hotel room, you can love him even more. He will go to the lengths of aving an old t-shirt by stitching it back together. He loves actual music, and plays it as well. Rob has such a unique singing voice and sings with so much emotion that it’s something to love in itself.He has an amazing sense of humor, and parents that i may want to meet more than he hmself. In the end even though Rob smokes like there’s no tomorrow and has no hygene whatsoever, I love him because he is Rob. He is the hobo to my dumpster and I am proud to admit that(kind of). I know I will never have a chance with him, but I am ok with that(even though I feel like a stalker most of the time). Oh, and actual stalkers creep me out so hopefully I’m normal(I would never scream at a famous person, I think….).

  28. Darkbook108 says:

    *saving an old t-shirt.
    I knew ther would be a typo in ther somewhere.

  29. Robjunkie says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that the smelly, unhygienic card is so played out?

    • undecidedsten says:

      i don’t think he’s actually smelly or unhygenic (no more so than any other 20 something yr old lad from this side of the pond)

  30. angie47670 says:

    I have to say that I keep Edward and Rob compartmentalized. I didn’t care for Rob as Edward until Eclipse…that’s when he was finally Edward for me. And alas Edward is not a real man so keeping him separate is a good thing. Rob the man on the other hand is a real man….and that is probably the thing that makes him so desirable. He’s not putting on airs our anything like that…with him it’s what you see is what you get. I think most women want a “real” man than one who tries to fake his way into getting you to believe he is one way and then only find out later that he’s not that at all.

  31. southernbelle says:

    Juliet, I’ve asked this question myself and honestly I won’t lie, I’m not sure! Now I’m so Robsessed but I believe it’s a combination of a lot of stuff. When I first saw Rob, I wasn’t impressed at all(Sorry Rob but please hear me out). However when I saw him act and talk and listen to him sing well that did it for me. I was in love! It was like a veil has been lifted from my eyes and I saw him for who he was(gorgeous, warm, kind, artistic). Since then, I don’t mind what he wears or how he looks like, because underneath that hobolicious exterior, I know he’s there and it’s always him and just him.

    I don’t admire him just for his face, I admire everything about him. I do love Edward too but he’s sort of now a different entity to me. I see Rob and Edward on different planes.

  32. Juliet0912 says:

    Hi ladies! Juliet here,

    First off let me tell you how happy I am to have found a safe place to express my robsession…er… crush with others who feel the same.
    Now I feel that some of you think I don’t love me some Rob. Oh but I do! I flew down to LA for the premier of Eclipse just to wait hours in the sun to catch a glimpse of him in that burgandy suit. I swooned and could barely pay attention to the movie knowing he was sitting in the same theater mere seats away. I do love me some Rob!
    But I also love Edward and (call me old fashioned) his charm and etiquette, and while I know he is just a character I love that character and how Rob played him. It was a beautiful creation. And so in my own world I have this picture of Rob and Edward meshed together that creates all sorts of hotness.
    So thank you fellow LTRs for giving me this place of solace.

    • mountainlion says:

      I’m glad you are here, Juliet!


    • purplescool says:

      Hey Juliet,
      I loved your letter and do agree with you. Not that Rob isn’t hot in is own right, and let’s face it, who can really resist that sexy British accent (I’m a sucker for that), but I too seem to have morphed him and Edward into Robward. Personally, I can’t stand smoking, and the whole ‘wearing the same dirty clothes for days on end’, shoes w/o socks (NOTE TO ROB: shoes w/o socks only works for women, or waspy guys who live in CT and are named Brad), and greasy hair thing.

      Edward, though not real, has the maturity and wisdom of a MAN, wrapped up nicely in the gorgeous immortal body of a teen. I think why Robward is so appealing is because Edward is an old soul, but Rob is youthful and charming – putting the two together only seems natural.

  33. A says:

    I really don’t care at all that he plays edward; I love him the way he is – he is unbelievably sexy and I never ever think of him as edward!

  34. Dawn says:

    I think your letter is great, but I’m going to have to say I love Rob just the way he is. As a fictional character, Edward is amazing – but I wouldn’t want to combine Rob with Edward. As far as the shoes missing the laces – have you seen Kristen’s wrist, she always has part of a black shoe lace tied on her wrist. Perhaps that’s where it went??? I’ve been trying to broaden my Rob horizons by watching his other movies. I watched Remember Me and loved it. I bought it the same day. I just watched Little Ashes (he plays Salvador Dali) and it was great too! I heard he did research on Dali for the part. He portrayed him well – Dali was crazy! So far I love all the parts he has played, some are serious and some are hilarious. You gotta love a man who’s versatile.

  35. twiprof says:

    wow…what all of you say is true…I know it to be true.
    Somehow I think, if I were 24, that Rob (not edward)
    would be the perfect match for me…and it isnt his beautiful face, the hands, but it is his mind, well that and his voice, singing and british accent. All in all, it is his mind that can take me to bed. I am conviced we would be soul mates in a parallel universe.

  36. juliet0912 says:

    I have seen ‘Remember Me’, and I just finished reading ‘Water for Elephants’ (I will admit that I wasn’t prepared for what that book really was in some parts! I only read it in preparation for his new film *blushes sheepishly*) so as a newish fan I am venturing out. Please keep in mind, I’ve only known that this man exists for about 5 months! Yeah, I know I must have lived under a rock right?! I’m still catching up on the interviews and such so my only recollection of him is really as Edward which is why I am so fond of him as that character and why I stand by my version of Robward.
    I have much to learn about this rob-ligion it seems!

    • drsaka says:

      No worries, Juliet, we all have our own perceptions of him but sadly, none of us know him.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Juliet- It’s late and you probably won’t see this (just got back from watching AirBender) but wanted to write just in case! Seeing that your new to this Robsession and that you fell for Edward first, like many of us, I can’t wait to see your opinion in a few more months! Just keep hanging out here at LTR and you’ll get to know more of the Rob. The girls are great here and post all kinds of pics and vids! And, if you want to get to know Rob better check out the Twi commentary and DVD extras!

      P.S. I do agree with the smoking- so hard to like that one!

  37. soffia says:

    I ask a friend of mine “Want to see Remember Me?” no way she says she only likes Rob as Edward(geez i think)
    a different friend sees Eclipse at midnight, 3 days in a row, I see it with her and 2 other friends on her THIRD go around…she is in love with Edward. Tells us at dinner that night…I saw him on Jay Leno “i dont get it” he is so much cuter as EDWARD
    crap I think
    since i am about to “out” myself (30, 3 kids, married)
    read Twilight in Oct. 2008 did not want to read… loved it
    OMG it is going to be a movie???!!!!!!! WHO IS PLAYING EDWARD CULLEN??
    google….find out:) Hmmmm….
    I see a video of rob walking down the street paps asking him about VMA 2008 (did not watch VMA’s…then) I think this guy…
    he is so FRIGGIN cute….i hear an interview with him and some women DJ’s talking about “cougars” who want him “feel like it’s dirty, like it’s wrong” hahaha….I hear him say Ambrosia in an interview …yeah I am a dork..

    I think omg this guy is the cutest thing ever…i see Twilight and
    I am done BUT it is not Edward it is Rob…yeah perfectly imperfect
    My husband wants to kick his ass btw…and emabarssed me so bad once i public…”that’s the guy you think is so cute, he looks gay”
    anyway, long post but Edward, to me , is just a role of Rob’s ( of course no one else could be edward, one BIG reason the movies are so popular) looking forward to many more but no
    not Robward just Rob

    • soffia says:

      does anyone remember the video I am talking about/ Rob was drunk and the paps were asking him about Russell”dissing him” I had no idea what they were asking him about but i watched that video way too many times and that is probably when my “little crush” began!!

  38. DPattz says:

    I Love everything about Rob.
    I Like Edward.
    But, I Looooooovvvvvvvv Rob.

  39. Pattygirl says:

    twilight just introduce Rob to us, the rest is Robstory…..

  40. […] always nice to know that you are not alone. Well, lo and behold they published it to their site (. Apparently Rob, you are the most wanted (and defended) man alive! While I, being a huge fan, love […]

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