The case of Summit Vs. Biel

Dear Rob,

Pass this on to Summit, since you’re hanging out with him err them for the next 6 months:

We heard you used your powers of evil to threaten Biel that her You Tube channel would be deleted. You know who I’m talking about- the girl who made those brilliant montages of your leading man’s (Rob’s) life- his photo-shoots, his movies, his hottness- set to fun dancy music. It saved us many a Saturday AM when we had nothing to post. It got many of our weekends started. It even woke us up on Sunday mornings & it picked us up when we were done.

No need to see this on the big screen. This 150 px image will suffice

But Summit, I’m here to tell you that I’m on your side. Besides filling us with utter joy when we watched: 100% Robert Pattinson Content: Pure Unadulterated Sexy Bliss parts 1-7 on replay for hours each Saturday morning, it also kept money out of your pocket. That’s right- Biel’s hot Rob-montages with an occasional clip from a movie you own the rights to were so satisfying that people stayed away from Rob’s movies, keeping money from your corporate accounts. I bet your CEO even had to fly coach a few times because of the damage Biel inflicted. While it was only her intention to “wet our whistle” with a clip of Rob as Edward or Tyler from Remember Me, instead what it did was gave us A HUGE ROB overload that we didn’t want anymore. Instead of “Who was that!? What was THAT FROM? I gotta run out and spend $12.00 right now at AMC Theaters” we thought, “He’s alright, but I’d rather watch You Tube videos all day rather than see him on the big screen. I hear that Justin Beaver kid makes videos too?” I mean seriously, who would want to watch a  Rob or Twilight movie when you have You Tube videos to gaze at all day? Forget comfy stadium seating & big screen 12 ft Rob- forget delicious buttery popcorn & a 108 oz Diet Coke. All I need is 2 inch computer Rob, a spot on my bed on top of a lumpy pillow, a bowl of Orville Redenbacher’s and a glass of flat diet coke from the bottle I found stashed in the back of my fridge from a Labor Day picnic.

I bought myself a poster-sized version of this after I fell for Rob

If you couldn’t tell my from scathingly sarcastic last paragraph, I think what you’re threatening is pretty sucky. Buttttttttttttt…. I understand it. Using pictures & videos & clips that don’t belong to you, at the end of the day, is against the law. And you have the rights to the video clips so you can enforce that if you choose. And if you make exceptions for Biel- then the guy who is selling Eclipse DVDs illegally on the street corner (you have that guy on your street corner, right? I kinda live in the ‘hood, so maybe it’s just me. But I swear the other day a guy said “Hey honey… want me to hook you up with Eclipsey. I got the good stuff” Ohhhhh wait…. maybe he wasn’t asking me if I wanted an  Eclipse DVD…… That could have been Ecstasy. Hmm.. scratch that point) Anyway, THAT guy, if he is selling illegal DVDs or profitting off of your copyrighted material could argue- “but “Biel” does it & you don’t go after her.”  We get it- you have to have a rule & stick to it across the board… but it sucks. Because what she does actually makes you money. People like Biel who have made incredible videos starring Rob Pattinson have made me want to pay my $12 per ticket and buy my popcorn & big ass Diet Coke and see him on the big screen even more. If you spend 5 seconds & read one of the many “How I fell for Rob Pattinson” letters we’ve posted on here, there is a pattern: Girl sees Twilight, Girl can’t stop thinking about Edward, Girl googles guy who plays Edward, Girl finds videos of Rob Pattinson, and the rest is history. Then How to be makes money & the people who made Ring of the Neiblings can stop living in boxes under a bridge in Sussex. You’ll cash in with sales of Remember Me and Twilight paraphanalia & then anything you own with Rob’s name or face on it- you win. All because of Biel. And all creative fans like her.


At the end of the day, maybe it’s your material, but what’s it really hurting? Why not wait until fans cross that line & cash in on what they don’t own before going after them? Because all it does is piss them (and us) off. And while I try to separate it from Rob, sometimes it makes me think for a quick second, “Does Rob know Summit does this- and is he okay with it?” I don’t want to think that. Don’t make me think bad about Rob for even a split second just because you’re the big bad wolf. So all that to say….. Biel is just a really dedicated Rob Fan. We all are. And that’s really good for you.  Some people write blogs; some people steal photos and make wallpapers; some people are creepy stalkers and follow Rob all over the world and then some people make videos. You gotta pick your battles, ya know?

And one of those battles should be: WIGS. And covering budding bald spots on your main character (it’s called “Just for Men” hair department!) not fans making videos of CLIPS of Rob.


PS: Biel- start a Vimeo channel. We’ll need something for this Saturday 🙂

Can I get an AMEN?

Did you know about this? What do you think? The truth is it is copyright infringement but let’s face it- everyone does it. Was it really necessary to go after Biel? She wasn’t selling bootleg Eclipse DVDs. She wasn’t even selling her Videos. Are Summit the big mean bully? Do you enjoy blaming Summit as much as we do for stuff that isn’t always their fault but really have fun when it IS their fault? Are you going to spend the rest of your day watching all of Biel’s videos in case Summit makes good on their threat?

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193 Responses to “The case of Summit Vs. Biel”

  1. Rob's Flaming Dashboard says:

    Chere Biel,
    Your talent is amazing. Summit should offer you a job. Or maybe they did, and you turned them down, and instead of sitting in the window humming Lykke Li’s “Possibilities” they started channelling Victoria?
    Whatever, you rock and have definitely had a large hand in developing my desire to open my wallet at every opportunity.

    Dear Summit,
    The demographic of Rob’s fan base is such that we must go to theaters to fully appreciate Rob. For example, I can try to watch his movies at home surrounded by dust, toys, cat hair and laundry with squabbling kids and a husband insulting every aspect. Or I can relax at the fabulous multiplex which is really strict on cellphone use with my girlfriends and truly enjoy HHH. Inbetween, sneaking peeks at quick YouTube vids keeps my interest alive!
    Don’t cut me off! How long until Bel Ami and Water for Elephants?
    No love,

  2. robgirl86 says:

    What a GREAT Letter girls! So true and so well written, KUDOS!

    Dear Summit,
    you have Rob (right now 🙁 )
    you won’t get our BIEL-girl !!!!
    or I swear, I’ll prefer the Eclipse-dealer instead of going 5 times to the theatre to watch a film I never ever would watch without your golden boy in it!

    Dear Biel
    everybody knows that your videos are the BEST ones around,
    editing, music, cut, and so on…
    I can only imagine HOW MUCH WORK this is!
    I love them cause I SEE your LOVE for Rob and that is all what counts in my book!
    So please, keep on with making videos!

  3. kandnandb says:

    What a ridiculous waste of time & energy they’re wasting. Yes, it’s illegal…so is speeding and I do that all the time. And it must not be that of a big deal bc I get out of a ticket 99% of the time.

    Summit, please focus your energies elsewhere, someplace it’s really needed, like:

    A naked Rob calendar.

    January-Rob, naked except for ski poles
    February-Rob, naked surrounded by chocolates & roses
    March-my birthday month, so naked Rob surrounded by me (it’s also my anniversary month but I’ll conveniently forget that fact)
    April-Rob, naked holding an umbrella
    May-Rob, naked surrounded by spring flowers
    June-Rob, naked at the beach (oooh, watch where the sand goes!)
    July-Rob, naked in front of the grill (oooh, watch those flare-ups!!)
    August-Rob, naked in the front of the air conditioner
    September-Rob, naked raking leaves
    October-Naked Rob trick-or-treating
    November-Rob, naked eating pumpkin pie w/ lots of whipped cream
    December-Rob, naked with a Santa hat

    See? You’d make millions of women ECSTATIC.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Bahahahahahhaha! So FUNNY!
      I’d buy 3 copies of THIS!

    • kandnandb says:

      Gah! I just reread my 1st sentence! What redundancy. This is why I shouldn’t comment 1st thing in the morning.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      You get it. Summit doesn’t. This is what I want, not some crappy calendar with random pics of Rob that I’ve seen a thousand times. Can I place my order?

      P.s. my b-day is in March too, so I hope you won’t mind that I paste my picture over yours. No offense.

      • kandnandb says:

        IKR? Summit’s new slogan: “Making women SAD everywhere”

        Sure, feel free to cover my face up. I’m sure you’re prettier. What day is your birthday?

        • dazzledtodeath says:

          If you like it kinky I could just put my pic next to yours and we could have a threesome ;). My b-day is the sixth. Yours?

          • kandnandb says:

            Yes, I’m all for kinky!!! And I bet Rob is too!

            Mine’s the 2nd and my middle son’s is the 6th.

    • melronin says:

      Honi, consider me the first buyer of that calender. Is there a list of priority? I need a few copies to send as Christmasgifts!

    • MidnightCougar says:

      I’ll definitely buy some of your naked Rob calendars, but I was just wondering how many calendar’s I’ll need to fill by bedroom ceiling? I guess it depends on how many pics I ruin with drool before I get them pasted to the ceiling. 😉

    • tupelohoney says:

      Oooh, I want a Naked Rob calendar! Can mine be customized?

      My birthday’s in December….. I wanna sit on Nekkid SantaRob’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas…..

  4. unpetitpeuk says:

    Well, Scummit did it again. But you know what? Breaking dawn is two more movies and then Rob will make movies with other companies and you will loose your golden boy and ALL OF US for good, you uninspired people!
    And I don’t know how it is ok to see Rob’s face on a burger wrapper or glitter lube *teehee* or a blanket or a creepy pillow or gum or a disgusting, distasteful wax thing where people can go and kiss the wax and grap its fake wax-ass and not to watch the beautiful inspiring artful videos of Biel. Oh yes, I forgot, you don’t make any money of it! And I am so positive that pretty boy himself would not like that, but I guess noone asks him about stuff like that.
    So, scummit, if you want to make some more money go and persuade Stephenie to let us see some ass grab and some tongue and let Biel be, ok? That’s all.

    p.s.1. Not a native English speaker, forgive my inadequate writing.
    p.s.2. Bald spot? You had to go there now, didn’t you? *bitchface*

    • Cazza says:

      *gulps* you know that fake wax-ass you are talking about above, well I thought I would take a grab of it whilst in Vegas this weekend. Please don’t judge 😉


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Bald spot? She had to go there because it’s been staring us in the face the last couple of days!!!! I perfer to think once again, it’s the Summit hair/makeup depart. fault! We saw ariel shots of his head in WFE and I don’t remember this bald spot!!!!

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  6. Obava says:

    I thought using copyrighted material was illegal only if you made money off of using it. As far as I know, Biel’s not charging a subscription fee for views, right?
    Summit sucks.

    Now I figured out what the magical unicorn hair was for- it was the modern version of a comb-over!
    Poor Baldward 🙁

    xo obava

  7. Robjunkie says:

    Scummit douchebags! And yes, for pete’s sake spend some money on the wig/hair extension situation and stop hiring the gaffer’s sister who attended a 2 week hair and make-up course.

  8. Purples_Cool says:

    Well said. And this type of thing with Summits bullshit makes me want to go out and buy every bootleg Summit movie dvd I can find and have contests on a Chinese web addy and give them all away.
    Why in the world is Summit going after a fan when the Twitter site @eclipsemovie100 is showing all 3 movies in there entirety all the time. My guess is they can’t get at them (chinese web ip perhaps) so go after someone whose had her channel for 2 years making fan art.
    Watch it ff writers… Little and Brown may come for you next.
    Which would be a good thing, we can all get over Twilight and get our lives back. Xo

  9. Lee says:

    My question is: What vids are they wanting to take down?
    The ones that have been up for MORE THAN A YEAR?
    They’ve been up too long now for them to get all riled up about, and I’m sure she wasn’t trying to copyright their footage.

    Summit is so ridiculous. Not even funny. Don’t they have enough money as it is? What are they trying to prove from all of this?
    Maybe a little warning would have been more appropriate but NO, they wanna SUE her.

    Shaking my head right now.

    Maybe if they spent half the time they do suing people on THE MOVIES instead & their content/quality, we would be so much better off.

  10. scc says:

    Wait Wait wait!!!! I REFUSE! Robby boy is NOT going bald. It’ not a budding ball spot at all. It’s all the sticky hair product, coupled with a shorter cut and wild hands running through. Don’t put the Pretty out there for false tragedies…..bc let’s face it, it’s a tragedy if Robs starts losing his hair.

    With that said…..Yeah Scumshit! You should be ashamed picking on the girl who made me go buy magazines, and dvds. Get a real life and go after those profiting off your shit!

    • The Old One says:

      Basically, Summit, Biel is advertising your movies and star actor for free! You don’t pay her a thing yet she works tirelessly to bring attention to your product. Maybe she should sue you?

      • Susiecueablelovesrob says:

        I saw Twilight and thought Rob looked ok in it. It wasn’t untill I watched one of Biels videos that I finally got hooked on Rob……then I understood how wonderful he really is (not Summit, I give them no credit)!

  11. Even when he doesn't Sparkle says:


    I just discovered biel’s videos – thanks for that 😉 – and I have to agree! That must have taken a lot of editing for each video and summit should be thanking her it. It’s a huge compliment to them! I agree with your points about copy right laws, youtube is a public place, I’m sure hundreds of other chanels have content from Twilight. They’re taking it too far.

    I love (I just discovered it in a magazine), perfect Rob fix on those days when you really need it (…everyday), you are both brilliant, I love the fact that it’s quality writing – some fan sites need grammar.

    Oh! LTR goes mobile, I just saw the icon so I’m going to check it out.

    xx G.

  12. LiLi says:

    ugh. this makes me sad. why is this fandom so hard to be apart of sometimes? no matter what, it seems like someone is always b*tching about one thing or another that a few fans are doing.

    of course, this is worse because it’s the peeps that own the very thing that we all love.

    and now i am googling “using copyrighted material”. #normal

    PS– how much do i LOVE that you put that circle on Ron’s head?? and captioned it “ruh-roh”……um, A LOT. BWAHAHAHA

  13. Cazza says:

    I heart Biel.

    As a few others have mentioned above, Summit should actually give her a job, maybe as Rob’s personal assistant? She deserves it for all those fabulous vids that she has produced. I truly am in awe of her creativity.


    • robgirl86 says:

      LIke UC asked “Does Rob know it?”

      He should know, he should, he uses YT, it’s his fav.internet site, I read it somewhere and perhaps it’s not true, BUT every person (read celeb) who types “Robert Pattinson” (and Rob does it 🙂 ) on YT will see her videos, just take a look how many hits she has (well, some bazillion are fom me, but still….)!
      So Rob, come out of that Isle-bed and show your support to a girl that TRULY loves you!

  14. dazzledtodeath says:

    Summit sucks. They’re happy when we buy their crappy merchandise, shell out money to see Eclipse (again) on Bella’s B-day (even Summit s/b ashamed of that) and go to multiple showings of their rather crappy movies, in spite of the wig fail and a multitude of other sins. They make ten different DVD versions, all with different extras, to extract more money from us. They made Remember Me PG13, thereby denying us a shot of Rob’s ass during the sex scene (this is the real crime). They get oodles of money from us, yet go after Biel, a FAN who only makes videos showcasing their cash cow, Rob, feeding our frenzy and leading us to spend even MORE money on crappy Summit merchandise.

    Way to look even douchier than you did before Summit. Why don’t you go on Etsy and go after the people who make Edward shower curtains and wall decals? Then you’d be doing us a service.

  15. Larice says:

    Rob has a budding balding spot? He is 24 FFS. It’s a part, just like some have it on the side. Letters to Rob used to be funny, now it’s just become mean and nasty. What is humor for you is just meanness.

  16. melronin says:

    Great letter UC!

    Hey Summit guys
    A couple of years ago not even your mamas knew that you existed untill a guy named Robert Pattinson came along and gave a new meaning to the word MAN! A couple of years ago thousands of women were “blind” and now they can see and because they see…you and your lil company became millionaires! But life is a wheel and can turn around badly. Today you are known tomorrow you are forgotten and you don’t even realize that girls like Biel actually keep you alive and kicking!
    Summit…you suck! Have the guts to tell us what it’s really all about cause “using copyrighted material” as an excuse is really lame! Why don’t you shut down all of YT then? That would actually be your solution!

    Sincerely NOT yours

    Dear Biel
    I love you…as for the rest you know it all!
    You don’t need Summitmaterial….You have Robmaterial and that’s enough!


    • robgirl86 says:

      “A couple of years ago not even your mamas knew that you existed until a guy named Robert Pattinson came along and gave a new meaning to the word MAN”

      Mel, this sooo so greek 🙂 and so true, ILY! The end!

    • Aeren says:

      “A couple of years ago not even your mamas knew that you existed until a guy named Robert Pattinson came along and gave a new meaning to the word MAN”


  17. TippyL says:

    I blame Summit for everything irksome in life. End of daylight savings, empty milk carton put back in the fridge, dryer lint. They are greedy bastards.

    Maybe they didn’t like how Biel’s video for Raw & Rosy made Rob & Jackson look way hotter than R&K in the actual movies.

  18. Larice says:

    Forgot to add, all fans loved the Rio pics, you are the only ones who found something to snark about.

  19. FastForward says:

    No no no – please don’t take Biel’s videos away! That’s just to sad! Sad panda …

  20. Katie S says:


    Biel, we love you. Summit, you’re mean, nasty ogres. Way to poop all over the RobParade!

    *waiting to buy “Eclipse” and give Scummit more money…* *sadface*

  21. maliciouspipi says:


  22. Keisha says:

    I’m sorry but before Breaking Dawn is when Summit should be on their knees kissing Biel’s feet for keeping the excitement alive. This is going to be the worst movie ever made. I’m questioning even seeing it one time let alone the 5 times I usually see these movies. Why will I ultimately go see Breaking Dawn, ya know, when it comes out IN A YEAR? Because of Rob and Rob alone. Because I watch some videos on YouTube and get excited to see him. And I should be able to keep going back to those videos whenever I need a fix. My Burger King cup is long gone.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      They’d rather keep it going with their own PR. Edward and Bella are in love in RL! See them attend concerts (with Tom)! Watch as they eat sushi in front of the huge ass window(with Tom)! Maybe they’ll have K put on a beer belly to fuel rumors that she’s preggo.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        So true D2D! I liked it better when the whole thing was is there/isn’t there. Now Summit only encourages half the fandom! What about me, where’s my PR where Rob’s doing piggyback rides with the BritPack? Now that Summit’s gone all Robsten and picking on Biel I’m really irritated with them!!

    • melronin says:

      Word !!!
      People still go to those movies because of ROB and ONLY! They should focus on keeping the man happy and cover him in pure gold for saving their asses instead of fighting stupid little wars with the fandom!

      • robgirl86 says:

        Dear Rob,
        if Summit won’t be able to make you happy (and they won’t cause I saw you this morning quite bothered with your pale long legs sitting in that boat)..then
        just call me,
        I think I’d be great for the job!

        • melronin says:

          Keeping the baby happy is actually a job you and me and a zillion other women would be perfect in…
          Baby…get in line please!

    • roslynselene says:

      “Worst movie ever made.” Yes! I’m not planning to see it. Not after what they did with New Moon. “Did anyone else see this? Someone just to a dump in my eyes.”–My feelings exactly.

      Sorry Rob, I DO love you very much…just not enough to make me watch Eclipse or BD. But don’t worry! I’ll be there for WFE and BA! 😀

  23. Aeren says:

    Summit Sucks!! only one words:BASTARDS

    very true!!!
    “Maybe they didn’t like how Biel’s video for Raw & Rosy made Rob & Jackson look way hotter than R&K in the actual movies”

  24. robzanne says:

    I turn to Biel in times of need when my Rob Mojo is wavering, watching her vids brings the hotness right back. HELLO! – i think back to times when i thought it was all over, like this:-

    and thank god for Biel’s brilliance

  25. Kat says:

    Dear Biel;

    I cannot tell you how much I loved your videos.. You are an amazing talent!
    Don’t let those bastards bring you down!
    We love and support you.



    ps; dude what bald spot? Seriously.. It’s just bad angle. here.. (i don’t see any bald spot)

    and look here (like i said it’s just bad angle)

  26. Sharon says:

    Yep, if Summit wants to be an ass about the fan made videos, then we can be asses about their movies. I know I can find some bootleg copies of Eclipse, (hell everybody has a bootleg hookup) and I’ll damned sure buy it on the black market before I buy it from Summit if they insist on persecuting their fans. (and for the record, I never buy bootleg. I am an artist myself and respect the orginal creature above all) Whoever their stupid executive at Summit is that made such a stupid decision, they need to lose that guy. It’s called fire his ass! You don’t piss off the fans. We’re making you rich, nobody else. And those fan made videos get us through the dry spells, when Rob goes into hiding, we always have our videos and LTR. What is Summit going to do when there’s no more Twilight to release? Is that it? Are you going to make Edward and Bella movie montages and sell those to us? Scared much of losing your cash cow? Here’s a novel idea, go do another book to movie deal and put Rob in it. Preferably something that he doesn’t have to stay a teenager in, something he doesn’t have to be an immortal Vampire in, something a little more real, but not too real. After all, we love our fantasies.!

  27. Vera says:

    Summit should threaten Melissa Rosenberg. That woman managed to make it worse something that was already so bad, Eclipse, of course, one piece of commedy, from which NOTHING left to enjoy.

    Meantime Edward lives in the women´s minds and hearts. And that is not due to Summit, it is due to Rob and fansites.

    Has Rob been warned about all the shits like that? That is just what I want to know. Can´t wait to see him getting rid of Summit and Twilight stuff.

  28. Emmes says:

    ✩Biel is God✩

  29. allryans says:

    Poor Biel. She CREATES Robsession.

    Btw, BALDWARD is complete win.

  30. robgirl86 says:

    I can’t thumb up, so you all feel thumbed up please, wordpress doesn’t let me, I blame Summit!

    • Katie S says:

      I feel fat today and I’m pretty sure Summit has something to do with it. Bastards…

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Well, now thank you. Now I know why I couldn’t get my fat ass in my good black pants this morning, Summit enlarged my f*cking ass last night. The power of those assholes is asstounding!

  31. Kelly says:

    I scratch my head wondering what it is.. exactly, they are trying to protect? She uses images they have released to the public.. one would think they would approve it as free advertising. And have they never heard the phrase, “Imitation is the best form of flattery”? I don’t get it.. oh I get that it’s “The Law” but you know there are laws in places that say you can’t lead off on your left foot when crossing the street on the third Wednesday of any month ending in an “R” when the last digit of the year is a “3”…

    OK Copywrite is important.. but really… I don’t believe the law was meant for people like Biel and what she does. Plus, if the music industry can allow the use of their songs by adding a ‘Down load this song here” on the bottom of the video you’d think the movie industry, in their infinite wisdom would be able to come up with something similar.

    It’s all really ridiculous.. but then again.. when you possess a cash cow like “The Twilight Saga” You will milk that sucker for all it’s worth and when you are done with it .. then.. and only then.. will you turn it into meatloaf for dinner.

    Biel, for what it is worth,.. Next to Rob… your creations bring the most joy! Please don’t stop!

  32. Bleriana says:

    I am pretty sure this will go into moderation since I haven’t commented in a loooong ass time but today I felt like coming out of lurkdom and saying something…

    First of all thank you UC & Moon very much for joining the #SupportBiel day. I know for a fact that this means a loooot to her.
    And to me aswell!

    Let us show her the love!!

  33. MidnightCougar says:

    I did NOT know this & I feel very bad for Biel b/c she may lose all her hard work. A real shame! 🙁

    Summit, I do understand that Copyright Infringement is a serious crime & that if someone is making a fortune (& we know Biel is NOT) off of your product illegally, that you would & should prosecute them to the full extent of the law, but come on, who is Biel really hurting? Well, besides my husband (& I’m sure many others) who has to listen to his horny wife (me 🙂 ) drool & sigh over Rob while I repeatedly watch all of Biel’s amazing videos; & what the Hell difference does that make to you?! Spare me please. Why would you want to ruin someone who is just trying to have fun & make other people’s Rob fantasies come true? *tisk, tisk* shame on you Summit.

    You know Summit Executives, this is really not the best time for you to be pissing off Rob’s fans (& I don’t mean angry at Rob) b/c where does that leave you in your Positive BD PR Plan???? Not real Marketing genius on your part Summit!

    & UC, I have to say I damn near pissed my pants when I read, “Ohhhhh wait…. maybe he wasn’t asking me if I wanted an Eclipse DVD…… That could have been Ecstasy.” That is very funny, I love your humor. lmao

    All the best to you Biel: MC

  34. Cath says:

    I think the movie industry should get with the program, people using their copyrighted material like Biel does, are NOT the problem. Like UC stated, they’re the opposite of a problem and actually help with selling the product. They should go to China and see with their own eyes that almost every single DVD of Twi is a bootleg there, why not take any action against that if they’re so anti-piracy? Well, that’s ofcourse much harder/quite impossible. This is just bullying indeed. The movie industry will have to come up with some solutions that work for them considering ‘stealing’ their material, like the music industry had to do as well. It’s not easy, but hey, it’s a changed world out there. Get with the program like I said. Going after someone like Biel does nothing, and works more against their point, than that it reinforces it,.

    But now about the bald spot…Hmmm, not sure if that it’s really one, I think it’s more the way his hair is combed. IMHO bald spots look different, I know guys with heads full of hair, who have a point like that. The real problem there is the terrible hair colour, bad, bad colourist….UGH. TOO dark for Edward! If a wig (not that I have much faith in the wig abilities of Summit…) would do a better job, it’d be okay, but really they should’ve gone for dark blond/light brown with a chestnut- auburn hue. I’ll send over a good friend who’s a hairdresser, she could do a way better job! 😉

    • southernbelle says:

      I agree about the hair color, it’s the 1st thing I noticed! I am being picky about this yes I am so bite me….whatever. Edward’s hair is supposed to be reddish, bronze, not brown like Bella’s. I really miss the sex-hair too. He seems older now, though Edward’s not supposed to age because he’s a vampire.

      I guess we’ll all have to see how this all pans out. I trust Rob but I don’t really trust Summit.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Great statement about how the industry works Cath!
      About the hair..I agree, the colour is too dark and not shiny at all, plus all that dyeing may cause some not-covering-problems, seems like in some parts the hair hasn’t get the dark colour! Doesn’t look good at all, his natural colour is so beautiful and fits much better with the skin.

  35. southernbelle says:

    Summit is just bullying Biel and honestly I think it’s BS. Summit is going after the wrong person! If anything they should really thank Biel because she fueled our fantasies! We watched her videos about Rob/Twilight/RM and everything Rob-related and it made us more Robsessed which resulted in buying more Rob-related stuff!!!! Am I right? Come on!

    So Summit really you need to be thanking Biel, she was like a free advertisement for you!

    As far as the bald spot, I don’t really see it, I think it’s a cowlick or just the way his hair is combed. I’m not worried about Rob’s hair :).

    • southernbelle says:

      I’m sorry to say this and I’m trying to be the best proper southern girl but Summit just seems like a money-hungering corporation who’s personal interests supercedes anything else! They sound extremely selfish and nit-picky!

      Biel if you are reading, more power to you. You have my support, though I don’t have the clout that Summit has.

  36. maggie says:

    Biel: I (attempt to) make RobVideos as my choice of RobLovin’. Although I’m not even anywhere near being in the same stratosphere as you, I know how much time, energy and most of all RobLove is poured into this endeavor. You are the queen and you and videos like yours are what keeps the fandom alive while Scummit plans out their strategies for how to make the most money off their cash cow (like waiting OVER A YEAR for BD to come out). Also, I am not 100% sure how this is copyright infringement as you are not making any money off of your videos. I believe they would lose in court. In fact, I’d be interested to see if you had any rights to sue THEM if they shut you down. (Freedom of speech/expression, maybe??) I can’t tell you how outraged I am by their action. They really are the Scum of the earth (next to those horrible paps!).

    Scummit: You disgust me.

    Rob: Love you forever.

  37. Alessandra says:

    I totally agree with every single word you said. What Biel has been doing couldn’t be harmful to anyone, it is actually the opposite: she brings us so much delight with those wonderful Rob videos… Shame on you Summit (wait, it rhymes with Dammit)!!!
    And, oh, I thought I was the only one who noticed the little tiny baldness on top of Rob’s head… and I was trying to pretend it was just my eyes. And now that you noticed it too, I have to live with the fact (and the thought) of a bald Robert!! OMG *shaking head to keep the thought away*

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      IF Rob is really reading all these comments about the bald spot he never knew he had, I’m sure he must be completely freaked out, like any guy would. Talk about making him paranoid. Would have that effect on my manofthemeadow anyway.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        And we all know how paranoid Rob is, he’s told us himself!!!

        Don’t worry, it’s not you. It’s Summit and there stupid hair and makeup department! Just be sure to have a professional color your hair when you’re done!


  38. Katie S says:

    I just looked at the Baldward pic really quick and it looks like he is wearing a yamaka. Just saying.

    <3 you girls.

  39. Janetrigs says:

    NOTHING but LOVE for you today! NOTHING. You know how lawsuits make this lawyer smile REAL BIG!


    • MidnightCougar says:

      On a serious note Janetrigs, as a lawyer, could you please shed some legal light on this whole Biel situation? I really don’t get why Summit is penalizing one person on Copyright Infringement when there is a whole realm of the same thing out there everywhere? Is it in fact to make a statement? Enlighten me please. Thanks.

      • Janetrigs says:

        Not Really. I have several problems with shedding any light on this subject.

        1) Last time I tried to talk Copyright Infringement, someone tried to sue me on Twitter (no really and then her husband got on Twitter and called me a yeasty bitch. I mean why does he get to make fun of my love of beer ;-))

        2) Although I went to law school in the states and am barred to practive law in MD, I currently and for the last 7 + years have worked in the legal area of Contract law (with a dabble in domestic violence protective orders and defending for traffic tickets). I can’t even pretend to know a thing about copyright laws and what Summit is claiming. If I had a legal document full of legalese I could interpret it for you and maybe find the applicable law regarding the copyright issue, however, I can’t ever claim to be a lawyer who knows all legal issues, despite my overall brillantness and love of the Thumbs Down.

        3) Summit defies all logic and reason in most of its decisions. They don’t see how creative use of some materials only increases a fanbase desire for more Ron. And then they go and make movies like BandSlam. I mean come on Summit. Band Slam made me not want to ever go see a movie created by you again. Thankfully, other directors (like the Academy award winning director from last year’s Hurt Locker), must have missed that little gem. Even starving, drunk and creepy Uncle looking, if Ron or Stew knew of the existance of Band Slam, none of them would have agreed to do a Summit movie about highschool students and vampires.

        PS I have never seen BandSlam, but I can tell it sucks. I just can. Also I apologize to BandSlam fans.

        Geez,…..time to stop writing. THUMBS DOWN TO ME for writing so effing much.

        • When you come to visit next I’m taking you captive & making you watch Band SLam

        • Brookelockart says:

          Dammit Janet, stop being scared of getting sued on Twitter. Thumbs down!


        • MidnightCougar says:

          Thanks anyways, I wouldn’t want you to get sued just trying to enlighten me. lol
          Oh & btw, my daughter has that BandSlam movie & even she says it SUCKS.

        • robgirl86 says:

          Thank you for enlightening about american law, very interesting! Here in Germany @copyright is a very strict law, everytime sb “copies” something for NOT strictly private use, it’s against the law, so even schools that are legally in a “grey zone” cause not considered totally “public” have to buy copyrights for showing DVD’s, see “english/french lessons”! It’s very annoying because expensive (about 200 euro each year, so nobody does it…).
          Another (not really important) consequence: I can’t watch half of the videos on YT cause they are took down, especially SONY is very strict about it!
          And I would like to thumb down you to show my appreciation, but as I wrote Summit doesn’t let me, obviously they never heard about awesome lawyers 🙂 , take it as a compliment !

    • maggie says:

      I’d like to know the same thing as midnight cougar. Also, am I correct that copyright infringement occurs when someone uses copyrighted material for financial gain?

      • MidnightCougar says:

        Yes, right. Do they have to make a profit for it to be Copyright Infringement or just use unauthorzied material for the hell of it? Inquiring minds wanna know!

      • Janetrigs says:

        Alright you two. I did a quick googly search and found the US Copyright office FAQ page, which clearly let you know, that copyright infringement has nothing to do with distributing for profit.

        SEE HERE:

        And yes, I would trust this source (as best as you can trust anything from the US govt) because it’s from the actual US Copyright office. I’ve actually been there once with a dude who wrote a song and he went and got it copyrighted. The place is just full of redtape and lame govt workers. Not as glamourous as it sounds, if a place dealing with laws can be glamourous. Unlike my office which is clearly a glamourous place, because I sit here.

        • MidnightCougar says:

          Well thank you Madame Lawyer for this info, very enlightening. And now you should go tell that dickhead from Twitter that you’re only a “yeasty bitch” when you drink too many Coronas! lmao Thanks again.

        • maggie says:

          Thanks for the info. Okay, I was wrong about the profit aspect. However, as we all know, copyrighted material is often used in other venues and intelligent people know that there’s no need to sue, shut down, etc., as the use of the material is only going to help the owner of the copyright if the material if it is used in a positive way. (And who would describe Beil’s videos as anything other than positive?) Also, as many have said, there are 1,000’s of videos out there that have clips from Scummit’s cash cow franchise. Why pick on Biel? Sorry, I just love Biel’s videos so much. The whole thing just makes me furious.

          p.s. – Love you Rob <3

  40. MsJBell says:

    Good thing I already ripped the YT vids & have them saved on my personal hard drive. Oh wait… should I not say that?

    I double-dog-dare you.

    *throws down the gauntlet*

    <333 you Biel. xx

    • The Old One says:

      So really, everyone who has the tech-knowledge should download Biel videos now, then if she has to take them off, then everyone can upload them again anonymously. And stick their tongues out at Summit when they do it! So there.

  41. DebbieCDC (a/k/a SeattleChik) says:

    Amen…Biel gives free BEAUTIFUL PR to scummit…and this is the thanks she gets. The fandom grew because of Biel — can you grasp that scummit bean counters? More Biel vids = more $$ for scummit. Did any of you take an econ or marketing course in college? Or were you out that day?

    Love Biel – hate scummit – after BD 2 comes out will NEVER EVER put one red cent of my $ in scummit’s pockets. Corporate whoredom at its apex.

  42. Alex says:

    What I cant understand is why Summit goes after One fan when there are soooooo many videos of Rob with unautherised photos and clips. Is there a valid reason?

    All I can say is YES these youtube videos of Rob keep my Rob love alive especially during the Rob draught. To be honest I watch Rob interviews and Videos every day. Those fans are so versatile. But they dont make me wanting to go to Cinema. I will go and see his films as long as I can afford it.

    Oh I am sure Rob knows nothing about these things and he doesnt have much control over those promotional areas.

    Our boy only knows about riding, boating, hiking, swiming with dolphings, kissing, cuddling, a** touching and pillow biting

    and I am hoping to see loads of videos of those Rob specialties.

    “Of all the random things he has to do,really, he bites a pillow” *Giggles*

    Oh Rob, you are sooo……..Ok let me make it simple: You are just EVERYTHING.

    Love you so much.

  43. Alex says:

    and I dont think Rob is going bold or losing his hair. Its just the way they styled it to give him the Edward look in front (To creat that infamous Bouffant)

    Do you gils think so?

    PS: Can I use “Girls” here on this site? Everybody seems to use it. But somebody was upset or something yesterday about me using “Girls” in general. I personally think that women from all the ages use that term.

    O well…I am not up to arguments. so whatever.

    Enjoy the day.

  44. lapushbaby says:

    My coworker was annoying today. I blame Summit.

  45. itsahardknocklife says:

    Sorry to hear about Biel’s vids, they are some of the best vids out there….way sexxxyyyy!! Lots of work go into making those I have tried and its not easy you need a keen eye for detail and know just what to put in.

    That being said….I’m kinda torn about BD if its gonna be any good or not. Of course I could look at Rob all day long, but just from looking at the pics from Rio during filming I just don’t see the chemistry between r/k that was there during Twilight. Forget Eclipse, that was just misery in the makin.

    Kinda wish Rob would go back to his music, back to London, he seems content there…..idk.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that r/k have kinda lost their mojo for each other. Kristen sometimes looks at rob like she wants to knock him upside the head sometimes….imo

    Love rob just not so sure about kristen

    • maggie says:

      I’m so glad to hear that someone other than me thinks this. I’m not loving everything that I’m seeing of The Pretty and the stew. Everyone is gushing all over the internet about the photos coming out, but I’m not totally impressed. And what was with them coming out of the waterfall shoot and on that boat? Tired, stressed, pissed off about something?? They have a long, long haul ahead of them. She better treat our man right – both on screen and whatever-it-is-they’re-doing off screen. She’ll have a lot of women to answer to if she doesn’t!

      • itsahardknocklife says:

        Yup Maggie the getting on the boat is their typical look they give the paps, but it was the walking from the house to the boat. robs with his bodyguard and stew is with hers and she looks totally pissed about something, poor rob looks like he’s just been brow beatin. I read a post from ltt that 3 girls who families live in/on paraty were asked by the BD crew if they could cut thru one of the girls fathers property and I guess somehow the girls got to met rob and get autographs, said he was very gracious is sweet. But when it game to kstew she basically hid behind her bodyguards and scrowled!

        I’m pretty good about picking up on clues about people, my family always teases me about it, but I’m usually right. Whether r/k just had a bad day or bad wk its just apparent on their faces and the way they carry themselfs

        I agree that she should appreciate what she has with rob and not be a b***h and all miserable.

    • roslynselene says:

      Oh God. Imagine being able to go to his performances at random pubs not having to deal with so much crazy surrounding him. Just watching him in person singing and strumming on his guitar. ::sigh:: I know he may not have an angel’s voice but the way he sings is beautiful. :’)
      Sorry for getting carried away.

      Rob, you better be using that guitar! I hope you’re not just caring it around for nothing. Looking forward to “Songs From A Room” releasing your performance. 😀

  46. Alex says:

    Ok I went back and watched the 1st part of those videos -“Edward, From Twilight To Eclipse”

    That was Amazing.

    Biel you are so talented. I am so sorry that it ended up this way.

    Thanks for your videos. Keep up the good work whatever the way possible.

  47. allryans says:

    Pretty sure this wicked sore throat I’m sporting is Summit’s fault too. Maybe all the incoherent squeeing I did* over the Rio pics.


    **totally did but don’t wanna admit it

    My throat hurts. Don’t hurt Biel. She makes the pretteh.

  48. JodieO says:

    Summit took all my money. That’s why I’m poor. That Maj. Jasper Whitlock bookmark was a gift. A GIFT, I SAY!

  49. Brookelockart says:

    I commented several times today. I blame summit.

  50. LatersBaby says:

    1-Summit, how can you be so ignorant? Twilight Mom’s aren’t the only ones with a voice. Watch out.

    2-Rob, Make the naked calender and give the profits to Falling Whistles or another charity of your choice. It’s time. (I bought my whistle–thanks Moon)

    3-High Testosterone = Baldness

    Carry on.

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