(not so) BREAKING NEWS: Rob has shaved his beard!?

All it took was me shaving my grizzly adams beard to get what I want?! Who knew you girls were that easy?

*This story is developing we’ll bring you the latest as we learn more :)*

Dear Rob,

Word on the Twitters is that you have finally shaved that haggard badger you called a beard off your chin.

Clearly you read our 2034942357435 posts and tweets about how over it we were. We thank you for being a loyal reader of LTR and doing your part for the betterment of womankind.


PS you owe us a picture

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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One picture, two takes – beard round two


Grrrr baby

Take 1 – Themoonisdown

Dear Rob,

I’m usually not into beards but something about this is SO right.

If you wanna go all Grizzly Adams, hobo chic, Smokey the Bear on me, let’s disappear to the mountains and play “Little House in the Big Woods” if you know what I mean.







yea, that still works

Take Two – Unintended Choice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
Muff Diving” ’nuff said.


More ‘One picture, two takes

Reminder to enter our Twi-alentines Day contest to win some cool prizes (some of which might just be as cool as running your hands, fingers, other body parts over Rob’s sexy beard.. just sayin’)

Also- we interrupt this session of drooling over Rob to announce that we found “where in the world the edward cullen doll” is over at LTT. He’s cooking, and he looks hot doing it.

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