Rob is a man again and we get another Water for Elephants trailer!

Dear Water for Elephants filmmakers,

Now THAT was a freakin’ trailer yall that other one, we shan’t speak of ever again! AND I’ll even overlook the over-the-top music because you finally gave people a reason (other than Rob looking like a man) to go see this flick. Also major snaps for giving us a look at old man Rob in the form of older more mature Jacob Jankowski (NO not, Julia Sugarbaker’s husband, the other one!). And with that I will sign off and talk to the ladies.

x’s and o’s and wishes to hit the red carpet premiere (have your people call our people us)
Ms. Themoonisdown, esq. Professional Rob Fan, PHD.


Dear Ladies of LTR,

Since we’ve all watched this like 2319042934 times by now can we take a moment to talk about something I brought up with the good folks behind WFE?

At 1.29 we see Rob look like this…

Which SPOILER ALERT for the 2 people who haven’t read WFE yet is what I can only assume as a scene of older Jacob at the farm/house in Chicago after they get married and have kids and own an elephant and such. But I think the REAL issue we need to talk about is if Rob looks like THIS as an “older” man we have NO chance. ZERO chance of ever getting our lives back. Zero chance of ever finding a man who is worthy. ZERO chance of ever being able to form complete sentences again because if Rob looks like THAT all made up to be an older guy than IMAGINE what Rob as an older guy will REALLY look like. I know this is a lot of random capitalization of words but I have to street the fact that Rob is shaping up to be a HOT old dude. With our luck he will turn out to be a Clooney/Depp/John Slattery/Clive Owen type. And that is just not fair.

this just isn't a fair fight anymore

I really thought after this whole Twilight thing died down and he went back to being a normal dude we’d all just get on with it and remember this all fondly but now I’m really not so certain. I was hoping he’d end up in more of the Paul Giamatti/Christopher Walken land of looks and less the Colin Firth/Anderson Cooper area of awesome.


I guess this will do…



It will most definitely do.

XO and all my love till I’m getting face lifts to keep up with you,

Soooooo ladies (and any ghey men amongst us) what do we think of older, more mature Rob? Were we just hiding our heads from the inevitable hoping this wasn’t true, or is it all just smoke and mirrors and Rob will look like Danny Devito in 20 years???

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