Saturday am delight- we can't stop staring

Dear Rob,

Our marvelously talented reader, Carrie, made this kick-ass video for us to share with everyone. We really love the, uh, song…

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Ready, Set, WATCH- we’ve got the hoses ready!


Anyone else wanna throw water on themselves, dance on a bar and drink a lot of beer right now? Even though it’s Saturday morning? We also wanna head bang (and then bang someone else, ifyouknowwhati’msaying)

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Saturday am delight

Dear Rob,

We’d say the phrase coined in our comments section by the Cullen Boys Anonymous, Robgasm, will suffice for this video experience:



Thanks to M-Styles and J-Star for telling us about the amazing, post-worthy, HOT video!

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Saturday Morning Delight

Dear Rob Lovers –

Ah yes, it’s Saturday morning and time for another video treat… I found this one while searching for the perfect “Rob laughing video.” While that one still remains elusive I found this gem and knew I had to share. I dare you to try and sit still.


I think this may be a first… a fan video you don’t have to turn down the music on. It’s no Savage Garden, but who can hate on Xtina?

Enjoy ladies!

PS wait for the horse at the end. wtf?

Ain’t no other man who wants you to enter our Twi-alentines Day Contest more than Rob. Do it now. Don’t disappoint the man with the horse.

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