Breaking It Down: While I was gone Robsten came out, he wore plaid and we were NOT surprised

Dear Rob-

I’ve been away from you for over two weeks and I know you’ve undoubtedly cried yourself to sleep every night, drowned your sorrows in a few cases of beer and even flown to Montreal thinking I said I would be in Canada and not Africa. Oops tiny mistake on your part. But alas I’m back and I’ve missed SOOO much but UC and the crew here have kindly filled me in but as luck would have it I made it home just in time to Break Down THE PICTURE from what is now being dubbed Moantreal. Yea, you’re up there kissing on ol Stew. Some welcome back. THANKS A LOT.

The one where they just won’t let us forget
UC: okay well, should we DO this!?
Moon: YES lets DO THIS… so what the HALE has been happening since I’ve been gone. I’m mildly interested.
UC: ha…i’m barely interested…well,i feel like i need to research to remember what happened last week and since it’s SO timely i feel like we need to just discuss the biggest news since Taylor found out he resembles an Alpaca….The Robsten kiss outside of a Montreal House party
Moon: oh god im already sad… outside a house party?! they really are forever 17
UC: otherwise known as……. “I always open mouth kiss my lover before heading into a party- oh wait look there’s a photographer oops i hope they didn’t catch me!” Otherwise known as… They knew the photographer was there.
Moon: otherwise known as everyone was starting to forget about robsten/twilight/new moon/eclipse/throwing money down the toilet and making summit rich, LOOK THERES A CAMERA!!
UC: and.. Moon this is the best part you can see TOM STU standing there. THEY MADE OUT in front of TOM STU!!!
Moon: They ARE stuck in high school! this is what happens parents when you let your children be actors too soon. they miss out on formative things like making out in front of a house party in high school and now theyre forced to do it while the world is watching

UC: Now let’s clarify lest the Robsteners call us those who think Robsten is a PR-ploy…. I do NOT think that. I do however 100% think they knew there was a camera there. NO ONE OPEN MOUTH KISSES before going in a party.. and in front of Tom stu… unless you’re over it and want to be caught
UC: so.. good for them… they’re OUT. and I don’t know about you…. but I felt the magicness emanating from their open mouth kiss
Moon: i still have not seen the open mouth party kiss. should i open it now?
UC: oh you haven’t seen!? omg this will be epic yes. please Open…. if i Had time I’d make you a video… with the pictures and the hallelujah chorus playing but… that would take me 3 minutes and i really don’t have 3 minutes to give to robsten from here on out known as “open-mouth-kissing-sten”

The one where I finally see IT
Moon: wait what are all those dots?! did some crazy robstener pop out from a bush nearby with confetti and threw it into the air when they started kissing?
UC: yes, that’s exactly what I did. i Mean what they did
Moon: then a disco ball fell from the ceiling, a publishers clearing house person walked out with a big check and kool and gang played Celebration?
UC: And it started snowing. IN august that’s what the magicness does changes the seasons
Moon: THATS the power of robsten
UC: effs with Mother Nature
Moon: and their magicness… they ARE mother nature
Moon: wow this is was underwhelming
UC: hahhaa sorry- did I build it up too much?i mean.. .can you actually tell that there is liplocking? or are they just holding each other close? teaching tomStu how to do it- there’s a girl inside he’s hoping to get stuck in the closet with for 7 min. in heaven
Moon: its just not what i imagined… but i guess real life kissing cant compare to the fireplace and the bearskin rug in my fantasies, i mean the lemony fan fic i write, i mean the delusions in my brain

follow the cut as we figure out if they’re kissing or not, what kind of camera the paparazzi were using and what fabric is only allowed to touch Rob’s skin

Actual camera these pictures were taken on

UC: Cuz if there isnt’ actual liplocking, then the drama will continue- nonsteners will continue to say there is no concrete proof- they were just telling secrets about the owner of the house he’s the one who bought Johnny the beer to throw this house party
Moon: i mean i dont SEE a licklock but i also cant see through the freak partial blizzard the robstener on duty that night caught on a disposable camera
Moon: she obviously forgot her robsten government issued telephoto lens and studio light kit set up… but I guess its hard to fit it all in that windowless van they give out at the conversion ceremony… (line for the haters starts BEHIND the in n out drive through window. THANKS!)
UC: I mean truly- I just looked at the 10×20′ canvas I had made already- i mean i just blew up the picture on my screen and there is NOT lip locking.. it’s like.. pre-or post lip lock…  I wonder if it’s truly dandruff from under Rob’s hat

The one where I’m back

post coital attire

Moon: so from this angle can we actually see the inception of the holy child?
UC: well, I think we JUST missed the inception…as it’s clear she’s wearing post coital clothes
Rob’s clothes to a house party that’s what I generally do. After Mr. Choice & I get it on, I just pull on his dirty sweats and roll out to a party
Moon: obvi nothing says we just made sweaty fireplace love like some nasty ass pants with a hole in the crotch
UC: hahahahah there it is Africa didn’t take away Moon!
Moon: nope i still have distain and mild interest in all things robsten
UC: so you missed Rob going to Montreal…. to visit Kristen. who is filming on the road and Tom Stu is in rthe movie, obviously (this is a fact- he is)
Moon: OHHH he is?! so that explains that more i was about to say she really IS a beard if he came along for the party
UC: WAIT for it

UC: Before these pictures came out….. a brilliant Robstener that I think we’ll have to be-friend, coined Montreal….. MOANTREAL which after seeing these pictures, is just even more brilliant
moantreal amazing
Moon:  this picture (to the left) is pretty fatherly… like “good work on that spelling test son *pat on the back* lets go buy you some new pants for the job well done”

The one where we’re not surprised

Me meeting Rob circa 1998

Moon: WOAH wait a second… BREAKING NEWS!!! is this…. a NEW SHIRT?!
UC: whoa.. you’re looking at pics I’ve barely seen! yes i think so… Teen Choice awards. Iwas going to make you guess what he wore plaid or not
Moon: DUH his skin can touch no other pattern but plaid
UC: one of these days he’s gonna go for paisley and I’m gonna die

The one where Rob is jealous of us

UC: okay one other thing to discuss that you missed b/c it’s pretty big
Moon: HAHAHAHAAHA this shirt i want a matching one: “get off my va-gine”
UC: Get In mine
Moon: I need this shirt for when we write something that freaks everyone out. I’ll just point at it when people comment.
Moon: does he wear this for tomstu or kristen?
UC: I was kinda grossed out…. actually… i mean… seriously? I get it. The paps SUCK BAD
but dude…. that just makes him seem like a 21 year old d-bag I’m pretty sure the Jersey shore guys have that shirt
Moon: HAHAHA makes me laugh. pretty sure thats a gift from the stew. she made that on her weekend off at the tshirt making place at the shore
UC: with Pauly D And Vinny. Who I kinda have a crush on. Don’t judge. you were gone for 2 weeks.. I had no one to talk to… I started watching Jersey Shore and Vinny is sorta a Guido hipster.. so I fell. sorta
Moon: i love/hate that show
UC: me too
Moon: yes vinny is defs the best  followed by pauly d
UC: Snooki got arrested while you were gone
Moon: in real life?!
Moon: ugh roomies did NOT dvr. BITCHES
UC: it’s on demand. But seriously…. I was saying that shirt was because of al lthe attention Papa Pattz has been getting Rob lovingly calling him “My Dick” and he’s just telling people (including us *sniff*) to back away from his dad
Moon: rob is mad that we’ve commandeered his dad for our own he’s seen the framed pics in the pattinson home of us and dick
UC: and our shirts- Pattinson Family Vacation and I Love Dick he thinks we went away with his mom & sisters.. and didn’t invite him emails have slowed from dick.. and he thinks he’s figured out why
he’s emailing us instead
Moon: obvi. i need emails about handshakes and kissing hands and how a ladies skirt should hit at or below the knee to be considered demure
UC: i wonder what he thinks about dirty, holey sweatpants

So a lot of stuff happened… and most of it was Rob related…. or rather the stuff we care about was Rob-related. We’ll just agree that this is a phase you’re going through: bad tshirts, jealously over your father and girls in your pants and hope that you’ll grow out of this in a few months and go through a Mad Men phase where you never leave the house without looking like Don Draper. I’m praying for that phase… praying.

Moon is back, ALRIGHT!!!

So I’m sure you’ve dissected these till the cows came home yesterday but who cares?! What’s your final conclusion? Can we just keep ignoring the mullephant in the room? Did your Robsten/Nonsten kit come with a disposable camera? Is there a flash?

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228 Responses to “Breaking It Down: While I was gone Robsten came out, he wore plaid and we were NOT surprised”

  1. Bella_NaA says:

    Is TomStu actually WATCHING them in the second pic? This is getting seriously effed up… should we start worrying about robstenstu issues? Did all the love triangle managing in Eclipse finally have an impact on their real lives?

    • Michelle says:

      THANK YOU for this. I didn’t even finish reading, I had to jump down here to call TOMSTU a HUGE PERV.

      DUDE! Seriously! You should NOT be that interested in your friends playing tonsil hockey. Grody, dude. Get a life.

      I’m expecting the next shot for him to be holding up a “10” on a piece of cardboard for heavens sakes, that or wiping drool.

      Weirdo. Maybe he was really drunk and thought he was watching some real life porn?

      Sigh. I’ll quit, must go back up and read…

      • Bea says:

        I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that, since they’re obviously all still in high school, he’s the lookout, checking the area for chaperoning teachers, overzealous parents or, oh, paparazzi. He obviously did a perfect job.

        • Michelle says:

          Good call, Bea. I’m sorry lil’ Stu. It just really creeped me out – and well, I hadn’t had all my coffee yet. Keep lookin’ out brotha.

          PS – Do you think the Brit Pack/Kristen have some sort of greasy rule? Why do they always ALL look greasy…all the time? Even in grainy photos? Maybe they bathe in baby oil?

      • Sue G. says:

        Maybe he was waiting for his turn?

      • Michelle says:

        Cripes, I didn’t mean to offend the Stu lovers. Sigh…

      • Em of M says:

        Seriously, the very first thing I noticed in that pic was Tom perving it up in the background, just watching them. Of course, being me, it just made me laugh 😉

        • mania page says:

          ok. come on. I LOVE your blog and read it every day. but:
          1. moon/calli, you fangirl over robsten e v e r y d a y on twitter. why do you act so dontgiveadamn here?!
          2. you two both are no hicks. you know paparazzis use lenses, hence the bad photo quality. of course they didn´t know they were photographed. they are not ashley/kellan/christian-types.
          3. robs is wearing a beastie boys-tshirt! do you think for a moment he even knew there were letters on his back?
          4. overall, I don´t understand why you who obviously love twilight very much, want to sound so tocoolforschool about this? your snarky tone just make it looks like you are ashamed of your blog.
          don´t be. it is great.

    • Bella_NaA says:

      More importantly, is Taytay feeling left out? Is that why he took to comfort-eating, inevitably going down the road Big Daddy once went?

    • Edible Art ? says:

      Poor tomstu forever in the background – literally and figuratively !!!

  2. JodieO says:

    I’ve never been making out with someone in the street and had their nose practically in my ear before. But maybe my lips just couldn’t twist with that kind of magicness.

    Or, as 23089 random strangers pointed out to me on Twitter yesterday I’m BLIND and in DENIAL.

    Call me when TomStu is caught in one of these embraces. Then I’ll get excited.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      The ones who are a blind and in denial are those who believe this is some kind storybook true love forever and not a temporary thing.

      • melronin says:

        AMEN sista!!!

      • lea says:

        Because any love isn’t temporary? Is there anyway to know that your guy andyou will last forever? Jesus people here sound even crazier than shippers and god know they’re a bunch of retarded.

        Do you think he’ll date you when it’s over?

        • eatmyjorts says:

          Oh Lea! Please step away fron your keyboard. People here might be disgruntled with the whole thing but they’re not really serious. They have lives. This is a website for humorous speculation, not reality….

          • eatmyjorts says:

            Psst! Is she gone yet? I had my fingers crossed behind my back for a couple of you 😉

          • lea says:

            Great, Even perez joke while he write his crap and it still says alot about him. Just like this joke says alot.

          • JodieO says:

            I agree! It does say a lot. It says that I’m awesome and Rob WILL date me when he and TomStu call it quits.

          • eatmyjorts says:

            Oh Lea! What you don’t know is that I’m well known round here for being massively Team Jacob, like Kristen a lot & always trying to keep the mean stuff down….I’m more ‘Peacekeeper’ than ‘Perez’.

            And remember I mentioned ‘humour’, please google it.

        • dazzledtodeath says:

          YES! with all my heart.

          And now, let us enter into a discussion on the temporal nature of love.

        • Jamie says:

          Yes, Rob is going to marry me. And then in turn marry all of his fans, because he loves us all THAT MUCH. His divorce count will be higher than Larry Kings.

          • JodieO says:

            I have to thumbs up you for the sole reason that you brought Larry King into a Robsten discussion. Awesome.

        • kandnandb says:

          I DON’T have a shot with Rob????? Shiiiiiiit. I shouldn’t have left my husband for him then?? I was totes banking on the fact that Rob would be the next Mr K. I even gave up custody of our 3 kids just to get the bear skin rug in the divorce settlement (b/c I know Rob likes sexin’ on those. And also, he doesn’t like kids. Holla, kids! Mama still loves you!)

          • melronin says:

            And I thought Rob would not only f*ck me but also marry me and make me the mother of his kids!!!

            Baby, why didn’t you tell me that I was having such unreall stupid great expectations??? I had to find out here on LTR??? thank God there are some sane girls around here to tell me the truth!
            Omg…honey, you broke my heart!

            But…am still not getting off your dick!!!Nooooo way!!!


          • natalie_MKH says:


    • applepie says:

      Welcome back Moon and UC! I’ve missed you both and seriously after the clusterfuk on twitter yesterday I REALLY needed you two to break this down so I can start laughing at it

    • Janetrigs says:

      Thumbs down for being funny, cause obviously this is VERY serious bizzness.

  3. melronin says:

    Epic breaking down girls!!!Moon is back alright!

    Well, the way I see it we have come to a crossroad here! Either we accept the Robstenaffair with all the sideeffects…..meaning…us disappointed- hurting-mourning-crying-all sorts of drama…
    and finally HIT THE ROAD…bye bye Rob…


    We accept the Robstenaffair and say his business is not
    our business and go on loving him for what he is and support him all the way…forever!!! Yes, just because he is ROB!!!Kiss or no kiss…

    What me is concerned…”I AM WORKING ON THE FOREVER PART”!!!

    and one last word…I can understand that the pics of that kiss hurt, BUT…wishing him dead and her dead and
    calling him all sorts of names like I read all these days on twitter…come on!!! Why so much hate??? Really NOT nice…just move on and let the man be if you don’t like what you see…don’t hate him so much!!!

    My 2 cents!


    • niahid says:

      I dunno if I will support him forever but I’ll go to theater to see WFE and Bel Ami.
      Defo expecting his next interview, what he will his answer be on Robsten.

    • misty says:

      *ducks from flying objects

      I’ve said this before, I’m a little disappointed in his choice of women (not a very creative choice either) and Robsten is a bit of a turn off for me…but I still support Rob and I’m happy he’s branching out to different genres….more importantly, in my little world of delusion when I dream at night, he is ALL mine 😛 xoxo

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        I agree BUT all that business about not wanting his personal life to overshadow his prof life? Forget it, buddy. Not while you’re with that.

    • Obava says:

      When you say “accept the Robstenaffair with all the sideeffects”, do you mean side effects like nausea, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea?

  4. Alleykittty says:

    Oh my Lord , I laughed so hard coffee came out of my nose. You two are soooooooo hilarious . Thanks for making my afternoon! ( Work sucked up until now ) :))))

  5. eatmyjorts says:

    I’m ignoring all the robsten shennanigans because I can’t cope with the tidal wave of evil that starts pouring out of crazy mouths. It’s hard enough to get out of bed some days without having to take that kind of crap into consideration.

    What I wanted to say was : the minute I saw Rob’s t-shirt I thought it was a message to all the fans hassling Dick! Get off Rob’s Dad! Maybe it’s a personal message to Moonie…I love taht you went there too.

  6. tupelohoney says:

    Stuck in a closet… 7 minutes in heaven… lol.

    I seem to recall making out with the football team’s quarterback in a closet while ZZ Top’s “Gimme all your lovin'” blasted from speakers just outside the door. And said door being yanked open mid kiss…. the 80’s, what can I say?

    Hadn’t thought about that in years… thanks UC and Moon for making me smile this morning….

  7. JulieP says:

    Fingers in ears and eyes shut and me singing, “la, la, la, I still don’t believe it, la, la la”

    Does this make me immature? ‘Fraid so.
    And seriously verging on not normal.

    Thank HHH I’m on LTR 🙂

    • misty says:

      word. or shall I say sing it??? lalalalalalalalalal, I love this song too! <3

      • robzanne says:

        i’m just waiting for the break-up solely to see rebound Rob. Out drinking every night, willingly being photographed wearing the same Hobo clothes, unwashed and eating crap – it will be like 2008 all over again !!!!!

  8. Edible Art ? says:

    I feel exactly the same way about both Rob and Kristen (two people I don’t know and never will meet) pretty ambivilant with one slight difference.

    I wanna bang Rob and look at his pretty pictures !!! 🙂

    Therefore I really can’t understand the slagging off she gets – you know as if he is a mate of ours – for all we know Rob could be (and I pray to god this isn’t the case) an utter twat (English for tool/douchebag !!!!) perhaps he can’t do better perhaps she ‘s too good for him.

    Since everyone likes to speculate wildly thought I’d put my 2 cents in !!!!

  9. melronin says:

    Guys, dunno about you…but I needed a fix…
    Rooooooooobfix……ohhhh yeaaaahhhh….we need a bit
    of “lighter” stuff after the cold shower of the last days!!!


  10. Jamie says:

    Epic break down. I gotta say, I liked the Beastie Boys shirt, but that’s because I’m a fan.
    I think Rob and Kristen knew that camera was there. What I don’t understand is what the hell changed? It always seemed like Kristen didn’t want people to know. She wanted someone to keep to herself, or some shit she said in an interview. So why was she the one practically jumping down his throat in “passion”?
    Was she baked? Did they listen to KOL and she couldn’t hold back? Did she finally get over herself and realized we don’t give a shit, and will get over it faster if they just admit to it?
    No freaking clue.

    • niahid says:

      That my friend will be another mistery. We’ll just have to wait and see after 2012, hopefully sooner.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      @Jamie I think that she(/he) knew the papps were there and thought it would be funny. Let’s see what happens now, kinda thing. Otherwise, “why now, in a street with TomStu watching.”? And I see now that Rob is not standing there with his arms to his side…he is holding her overnight bag?! Or his since I can’t see here with a purse!

      • The Old One says:

        It’s his purse, he’s giving Kristen a friendly good-night peck on the cheek, and then he and TomStu went into the hotel together and Kristen went off to her separate hotel. That’s the only explanation that fits the picture.

      • imnoddin says:

        The first thing I noticed about those pictures (other than the poor quality of the image) was his arms to his side (not touching her). Just seemed kind of funny. Your explanation sounds very plausable.

        • Jamie says:

          Maybe Kristen was super wasted and thought “Oh man! Let’s really mess with them Rob! And I’m horney!” and jumped him. And Robs arms are down because he’s all like “Uh, Kris, you just puked in the Taxi, I really don’t wanna make out right now”. And poor Tom was supposed to be look out, but he’s pissed at Kristen for stealing his friend, and Robs pants. It was his turn to wear Robs sweat pants! So he yelled “Its all clear” even though there was a camera man in the bushes.

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      Yes, and a year to the day of the KoL concert. The entire Montreal trip seems very deliberate and unguarded. Could it have something to do with their contracts for the first three Twi films having ended, all promo done and now they have new contracts for BD? Plus there’s a long gap til BD comes out. Who knows. Very curious to see what happens next.

  11. Sue G. says:

    Moon: HAHAHAHAAHA this shirt i want a matching one: “get off my va-gine”
    UC: Get In mine

    Too funny! God, I missed you two! Welcome back!

  12. babiesbrown says:

    This is unrelated (sort of) to said post, but I have to ask: Are you running the lovely Loft maternity ad along your right bar now so KStew can pick out some decent clothes for the 555 pages of Breaking Dawn where she looks like a whale?
    Am I the only one who thought of that?
    Also, “The Territory Ahead” ad below, with the “western” type wear? Totally Leah and company in 2035. You know, if she tends toward MILF instead of the Native American version of Joy in My Name is Earl. (Btw the way, I love Joy. She’s awesome. JS.)

  13. obird says:

    Somewhere in LA someone at Summit lost their job….because you KNOW they have a whole division called “Operation Cockblock Robsten”….these are the important things in life. *eyeroll* Actually, now that I think about it I bet TomStu is on payroll….he is their “official” chaperone. I bet Robsten bribed him to get 5 minutes of public making out with promises of spooning in the hotel room later, hotpockets, and some herbal refreshment. Ahem. Love the breakdowns ladies. 🙂



    • misty says:

      Somewhere in LA someone at Summit lost their job….because you KNOW they have a whole division called “Operation Cockblock Robsten”….


  14. niahid says:

    Their magicness will make Breaking dawn very interesting to watch. *sarcasm*
    I love the fact that almost every Rob fansite which did not post Montreal kissing pic, now are posting his hot pics, vids , trying to lure fans back in maybe. Wonder how many fans Rob will lose after this.

    Welcome back Moon, we missed you.

    • misty says:

      Their magicness will make Breaking dawn very interesting to watch. *sarcasm*

      Brillz. +1

    • Steph says:

      ‘Wonder how many fans Rob will lose after this’

      Seriously??? I dont think so. Well maybe a few 12 yrs old…
      People make such a drama.
      He wants to be with her and if she makes him happy, who am I to judge?


    • dazzledtodeath says:

      I noticed that too..there was nothing new on Robsessed yesterday but old pics that featured his eyebrows.

  15. j9necessary says:

    Welcome back UC and Moon! Missed your type of “snarkiness” but did enjoy the guest bloggers! But there’s nothing like UC and Moon “breaking it down… etc.”

    I HATE the t-shirt sooo juvenile….he seems seriously stuck in a “Nirvana” stage…..

    • The Old One says:

      I’m sure Rob and Kristen found that T-shirt on a thrift-shopping expedition, and went, “ooh, this is perfect! Next time you catch the paps sneaking pics on set, turn your back to them and flash this!”

      • j9necessary says:

        TOO- I guess when you put it like that maybe it’s not so bad….no … still don’t like it…but guess I understand when used against the paps!

        Is it just me or does there seem to be a LOT of down turned thumbs today?????

  16. Taylor says:

    I am not liking all this Robsten stuff. I’m always afraid to say that because someone will jump on my case about it, but I just don’t like it. I don’t like how she talks to him in interviews and stuff. But it’s nice seeing Rob happy! It’s been a while since I’ve seen his genuine smile.

  17. Michelle says:

    Got my glasses on and my tweed dress. Feeling fancy today.

    I mostly just feel relieved Rob isn’t gay. That’s normal right?

    No but seriously, I was happy and sad to see that pic. Happy that it’s true (yes, I know I’m weird) and sad that it’s true. I mean, what IF they do break up and screw up our Isle Esme?! Obviously I’m quite conflicted.

    I don’t think anyone should have to try so hard to “hide” it. (PS – WHY WOULD ANYONE HIDE HITTIN’ THAT? I’m tellin’ ya I’d be walking around with a neon sign all the time saying HECK YEAH HE’S MINE!)..and you can tell lately they just haven’t cared. Going to sets, etc. I mean maybe THAT was their way of saying “yeah we’re on…whatever”. It’s sad that “we” as a society need to SEE or HEAR it. What does it matter? Why is it any of our business anyway? I mean aside from the fact that it ruins our fantasies that he’s secretly single and thinking only of us of course…gosh, did I just type that? Normal.

    But anyway…glad the ‘sten is out of the bag. Whatever. now just praying they keep it lovely till BD is filmed. Then they can feel free to break up. Muhahahahahaha.

  18. misty says:

    You know Mullephant made that t-shirt because Rob’s dick is now her throne….just sayin’

  19. misty says:


  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, just call me Cachie. just call me Cachie said: RT @letter2twilight: While I was gone, Robsten came out, Rob wore plaid and we were not surprised. Breaking it down […]

  21. Cazza says:

    I gotta say I laughed when somebody on twitter said they wouldn’t believe the Robsten rumours until they saw penetration.

    You gotta laugh at it all but hey, I love re-living my youth through them. Oh to be young again and with a rather attractive bank balance to boot.


    • Jules says:

      I gotta say I laughed when I read someone on twitter said that because of the Robsten pics, yesterday was the BEST day of their life. That is just sad to me.

  22. adrienne says:

    “hope that you’ll grow out of this in a few months and go through a Mad Men phase where you never leave the house without looking like Don Draper” – I really hope this happens sooner than later. It’s making me feel extra pedo-pervi looking at him kissing her in front of a friend like they’re at a high school football game. bleh

    (welcome back Moon!)

  23. dazzledtodeath says:

    I thought I’d be really upset if if this ever happened, but actually I had a ball yesterday going back and forth between here and Yes, I’m still a nonsten-I don’t like her and don’t see why Rob does.

    Maybe he’s going through a rebellious phase-Yeah, I’m rich, famous and fuckhot, and I can screw slovenly, miserable mouth-breathers if I want to. Ok Rob, have at it.

    Personally I don’t see more than f*ckbuddies. Not the epic magicness that transports robstens into ecstasy. Look at them, for god’s sake. Rob doesn’t even bother to put his bags down and she looks like a twelve year old vagrant. Whatever.

  24. PerfectDate says:

    Thank you Moon and UC for making me laugh. Some of us are still in the twi-closet and have no one with whom to make snarky comments. I feel selfish that I just want to watch Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/BD and see Edward and Bella, not Robsten. Hoping I still can. Cuz it’s all about me ya know *snark*

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out …….” oops, wait, wrong fandom……

  25. moaninmymouth says:

    The only thing about this that REALLY surprises me is how happy I was for them.

  26. TeamJacobEdward says:

    Sooo, I love the dick shirt, but wouldn’t basic anatomy tell you that Rob’s shirt would make more sense if, “GET OFF MY DICK,” was on the FRONT? I mean, “GET OFF MY ASS,” would make sense on the back of the shirt.

    Right? Unless there is something about Rob I didn’t know about. Nah, that is highly unlikely since Rob and I are close personal friends and all. ha!

  27. hepburn says:

    I’ve gotta be honest… K is kinda my new hero. She snagged the guy every woman wants, I feel like she should start a training course or something. He’s been obviously crushing for so long that I’m happy for them but damn… How did she do it?!

    • Michelle says:

      a training course…brilliant! Seriously though…huh? She IS pretty, I give her that…

      Maybe the whole “i don’t give a crap” attitude turns him on? It was totally obvious in the early interviews how he was all “once kristen was on board I knew I wanted to do it” or something like that. He has been crushin’ since day one. So strange. Ahh well. As long as they’re happy. 😉

    • niahid says:

      To answer your question :
      Fame, Fortune , Team of Publicists, Stylists and Make up artists.
      It’s Hollywood baby !

    • hepburn says:

      3 thumbs downs really??? C’mon, anyone older than 12 that’s upset about ‘Robsten’ needs to re-evaluate a few things…

      • Michelle says:

        Dang…thumbs-downers in the HOUSE today!

        Sulking now. I hate being disliked. Waaahhhhhh.

        • The Old One says:

          Ignore the haters! There’s no way this subject isn’t going to bring out both ends of the love/hate spectrum. By the way, I like everything you’ve said today.

        • Janetrigs says:

          Thumbs down for complaining about being thumbs downed.

          • Michelle says:

            Jane! You just pimp slapped me! I feel SOOOOO happy right now! EEEKKK! I felt Jane’s wrath.
            I hate you. 😉

    • Obava says:

      My sister always told me if I want a guy to like me, be a complete and total bitch to him. Looks like my sister gave Kristen the same advice and she took it.

  28. Susie says:

    Great job ‘Breaking It Down,’ UC and Moon — I L’dMAO.

    I just knew you two would put this all into the proper perspective. 🙂

  29. Jules says:

    Welcome back Moon and UC, you’ve both been missed.

  30. Kris says:

    lol I’m glad you guys covered this. I could care less either way. If they’re an item yay! if they aren’t (and I’m leaning more towards they aren’t) then yay! and I was thinking the same thing about the picture of him with his hand on her shoulder. It’s more like “Good job kid. You did great.” rather then “I just kissed my girlfriend. Oh yeah!”

    I’m more of a Rob/Tom fan to be quite honest
    they’re adorable together xD

  31. Pumagirlsf says:

    I don’t have the strength to even comment. *sigh

    • Jules says:

      Puma, Honey- it’s all good, no surprise there. Embrace indifference. 🙂

      PS:Can you see comments properly on your iPhone? On mine, it’s still all chronological.

    • melronin says:

      @puma & Jules
      IFLY girls…love love love you!!!
      Very greek Melway 😀

  32. blackgirlltwihard says:

    Post: Hilarious!!! (but yet sarcastically informative)

    Rob as Draper: almost redeemable…almost

    Robsten Debacle: Pissed *

    *Note: I am so pissed at Summit and maybe a little late. But I think the biggest joke has been played on us Robsteners. Now I’m a Jaded-sten/almost Nonsten. OBVIOUSLY, this is ALL PR and I feel pretty blown. OMG, I feel like the stupidest person in the world for falling for it. (I should have stuck with my initial theory…of it being PR)

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I’m not sure about a PR thing but they def knew the cameras were there and thought “this would be funny”.

  33. Kelly says:

    After reading this I only have 2 things to say:

    1) IFLY

    2)Why can’t I sign in and have my avi back?

  34. HadToPost2day says:

    This is the lamest ‘coming out’ ever. Not only does it make them look stupid for sitting on Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel where they skirted the questions instead of just admitting to being a couple but it makes them both look like fame whores. How cliche for these two to ‘come out’ with a hidden love while being involved in this huge franchise. Especially two actors who would like to be taken seriously and break out of the Edward/Bella mold. *epic eyeroll*

    Oh Rob, I never wanted to have to say this but with your current choice of girlfriend you leave me no choice, “You’ve just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste.”

  35. Janetrigs says:

    Missed you and hate you altogether.

  36. che says:

    wonderfull post gals
    welocme back

  37. Mandy says:

    Some people are really upset? I have to say IMO your a little too invested in Rob if you’re seriously upset about who he dates. It’s not like any of us know him or her. Same with the people who are overly excited. And it’s not like this comes out of thin air. Wasn’t everybody pretty sure they were together for awhile now? NGL, I think he could do a lot worse than K-Stew, and it’s kind of weird to actually hate a young girl you don’t know.

    • Jules says:

      20 is hardly a young girl. AND, since I’m not old enough to be her mama (and even if I was) I can hate her if I want to.
      I don’t.
      PS: the same events/things which endears a person is the same or similar things that repulses another.
      Human emotions. Yah know.

  38. Mandy says:

    and I have to ask the people that think it’s PR, PR for what exactly? People who see the films are going to see the films reguardless. Breaking Dawn is over a year away. I just can’t see a girl who likens the paps to rape as someone out to get more media attention. And if you think that about Rob, are you truly his fan? Summit can’t even provide decent wigs, can’t see them paying off the actors.

    • Jules says:

      Are you sure you’re not an overly excited Robsten?
      I think you need to check again. 🙂

      • Mandy says:

        Nope. Not at all actually lol. Pretty indifferent. However, I can’t understand fellow Rob fans making genuine, real Rob into some sort of media whore or Summit puppet.

        • Robjunkie says:

          Damn you for being rational! 🙂

          It’s definitely not PR. I’m nursing my broken heart by poking fun at them. But I’m not so deluded as to cling to desperate half-cocked theories. It is what it is, and we should all just getthefuckoveritsten. And let the mockery and snark continue.

          • Jules says:

            For fuck sake! Are you kidding me with this shit?

            Robjunkie, I never said it was PR, nor do I care if it is or isn’t. I used “overly excited” because those were Mandy’s words. Is Rob fucking me? NO. It makes no difference to my life.
            Have I ever posted ANYTHING on here to indicate that I thought this was a showmance?
            I can’t believe that after a year of posting on here, I actually posted the morning after.

          • Robjunkie says:

            Hey Jules,
            My comment wasn’t actually directed at you. There are some people (not necessarily on here) that are in fact deluded enough to think that this is a PR stunt. I don’t think that about you and I’m sorry if you felt that my comment was an attack on you. It really, really wasn’t.

          • Jules says:


  39. BrooklynBabe says:

    I said this in the flat and I’ll say it here. I am still not 100% convinced that they are a “couple”, I still have reasonable doubt. (Call me blind, but I can’t really tell if they are kissing, the pics are too blurry to make it out.) They still may be nothing more than good friends. And even if they are “together”, they could be just FWB but it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m going to ignore Robsten like I always have. Even if they are together, it will not make my love for Rob diminish because it is not about that. He still is hot, sexy and adorkable and that doesn’t change. I may not like his choice in woman but that’s his personal decision. And I’ll just be waiting for the break-up.

    • lea says:

      It doesn’t matter to you , but we’re happy to know that they are only FWB. If it help you get trough this. LOL

      • Jules says:

        Lea, why are you trolling up in here, girl?
        Are you being paid out of the Robsten defense fund?

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        you are remarkably similar to your Twi-namesake. Did you get dumped too?

      • BrooklynBabe says:

        First of all I think you need a lesson in reading comprehension and spelling. I never said they were FWB nor did I say they weren’t together. I just said I wasn’t convinced either way.
        The point I was trying to make is that it just doesn’t matter to me one way or another. My feelings for Rob haven’t changed one bit. And there is nothing for me to get through.
        Obviously you are the one with the issues.

      • Janetrigs says:

        FWB doesn’t work. I mean really, ask Brody and Kristin.

  40. Kimberly says:

    Team Switz either way.

    However, I can’t help but notice his hands are limply at his side in both pics. I repeat “limply.” She’s in for the passionate kiss; he’s recipient of said kiss. I wish there was a post kiss pic. Wonder if there was a post-kiss awkward moment . . .

    Love the Stu as their adult chaperone.

  41. Robsessedgirl says:

    *does Rob in Twilight commentary voice* Now listen guuuuyzzzzz, he can do so much better than that. She’s just…..ew. He’s a god, and she’s not. I seriously want that dick shirt though. I love the pictures of him with Katy, they’re hysterical. I wonder what Summit thinks. I can imagine the CEO on the phone with Nick and Stephanie: CEO:”SHIT, what did you guys do?
    N:Sorry, they can’t get their hands out of each others pants.
    S:It won’t last, seriously, k likes girls more anyway.

    This won’t last, which makes me feel better. But I’ll always love Rob no matter what.

  42. Cath says:

    Welcome back Moon and UC!

    And Robsten, ugh, no comment.

    Rob’s all kinds of wonderful, but his taste in women…

    And it’s such a waste he became a part of this Bennifer/TomKat/Brangelina thing. He’s so unlike others and now he’s part of this Robsten beepery anyway. Love is one thing. The heart has reasons and so on, i we like it or not, but why can’t he exist on his own in his professional life? No for t every mention of Rob needs to go along with K. Sigh.

    Have to stop my rambling rant, haha, otherwise I might go totally OT, which is not cool.

    It’s just, Rob was never part of a package deal for me, starting out, and nowadays (thank God not here) you get attacked if you don’t see him as part of that package, or don’t like that package. I feel about Rob, like I’d feel about someone I would know in RL and which BF/GF I wouldn’t particulary like. I just think he could do better. And he will do better later I think. But love is blind…

    OK, Robladies, signing off again, need to take a Robsten beepery breather…

  43. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    After Mr. Choice & I get it on, I just pull on his dirty sweats and roll out to a party

    I literally laughed so hard, I scared a child. Ive missec you two *sigh* Thanks UC &
    Africa did NOT take away Moon! Thank fuck.

  44. TBB says:

    Tweet outfit on, check.
    I read that the pap who took the photo was in deep hiding and that’s why the pictures are so fuzzy. He wrote he’d been following them for 1 1/2 years! The depth of creepy. So I don’t think they kissed for the camera.

    I agree Rob has had a crush on Kristen since day one. I don’t see it but whatever makes this guy happy I guess. The thing I worry about is that she will dump him and that will be the end of the romance of Twilight, if some crazed fan doesn’t try to kill her. I love Edward — it doesn’t hurt that Rob is simply gorgeous — hell yeah — but all this takes away from the fantasy for me.

    Tweed off.

    I love this site and feel comfy here. Thanks.

    Texas Bottle Blonde

    • Cazza says:

      TBB there are a lot of us who are very comfortable with this site! And to boot, a few Texans as well 😉

    • TBB says:

      PS, I really wanted Rob to get some really hot chick like Angelina or that model Leo Di dates. Reach higher Rob. That’s all I’m saying.

    • southernbelle says:

      I agree with you, stuff like this takes away from my fantasy. And that is all I have, must I have that taken away as well? 😛

      Note: I am really, really a drama queen sometimes.

      • TBB says:

        “drama queen”

        I almost made that MY screen name! Ha. Bottle blonde, while true, was given to me by this guy being ugly so I decided to make it my own and screw him anyway. I’m in DFW. Let’s have a party, BUT NOT LIKE THE TWIMOMS!!!


  45. Vera says:

    If Rob is happy, I’m happy.

    I don’t like Kristen,but maybe she is better than we think.

    Rob needs love, right?

    Now, why is TomStu ALWAYS there? Why this guy HAS NO LIFE ITSELF, WHY LIVE ROBS LIFE? WHY FOLLOW ROB TO ALL CORNERS? Not even a close brother to behave like this.

    Have you got something to tell about Tom?

  46. Stacey says:

    “klassy with a K” That’s still making me smile!

    Now that you mentioned it, I now want to take them shopping and dress the 3 Musketeers like Mad Men. Rob is Don. Tom can be Pete. Since I don’t see Kristen as a Joan, you know like ever, she can be Betty. Honestly, we need to class up those kids.

    Whoa… I just realized Mad Men’s Pete WAS the Buffy spinoff Angel’s Renesm…can’t spell it, you know THE BABY. *hides head now*

  47. Robjunkie says:

    Kristen: *sighing* Oh Rob, even though I can see that pap lurking over there, I just can’t hide the magicness anymore. Kiss me.

    Rob: *smirking* Okaay, It’s just, I can’t let go of this bag of Heinekens and hot pockets. Tom made me promise to guard it with my life. You know how he gets.

    Kristen: Ugh, whatever.

    Tom: WTF? Why is Rob making out with a homeless teen? He better not drop that bag. That’s all I’m saying.

    Rob: Oh Kristen, this magicness is so magical. Even though I must hold onto this bag for dear life, and cannot put my arms around you, I’m so overcome at the epicness of our epic love. God, this bag is heavy.

    Kristen: No problemo. I’ll just hold on tight. Like a spider monkey. Holla Cath Hardi!

    • Stacey says:

      Robjunkie, this is a win. Not just a regular win, a MAGICAL win. I dare to say a bear-skinned rug magicness win. “Holla Cath Hardi!” hee hee

    • kandnandb says:

      Lit’rally (holla Rob, even though I’m kinda mad at you and I’ve decided we’re on a break, just like Ross & Rachel) LMFAO at this.

      The dots on the picture aren’t snow and they aren’t confetti-they’re pixie dust sprinkles from all the magicness.

    • Jamie says:

      Ok, I’ve been delaying this question for way too long. Every time I get the guts to ask, I chicken out.
      Am I seriously the only person who thought the line “Hang on tight, Spider monkey” was super cute? I freaking loved it!

      • nO, Cathi Hardi thinks the same. And that is #notnormal.

      • Nelle says:

        I thought in the comment version that Cathi said Rob picked the “Spider Monkey” line. She gave him some choices. Oh gosh. Guess I’ll have to watch the darn thing again.

        • Jamie says:

          That’s right! I believe it was Robs choice!
          My sister watched Twilight with me. She’s really not into it at all, but when the Spider-Monkey line happened, she also said “Awwwwe!” So I guess there’s at least 3 of us out there!

  48. Robjunkie says:

    Dear Robsten,
    Now that you’ve been papped all up in each other’s grilles, stop being lame about it in interviews. kthanxbai.

  49. alice_av says:

    “get off my va-gine”
    “Get In mine”

    this is has to be printed on a t-shirt please lol

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