Rob tests our Deal Breaker limits, again!

Rasta bro

Dear Rob,

Please witness the following email conversation between me and UC after I sent her this picture (to your left) of you out in London…

From Moon:
Subject: So… Rob’s in London now

the beard is bigger, the hat is still on and he’s wearing a BOB MARLEY shirt. is rob now THAT GUY??

we like him???????? 😉

From: UC
i’m QUESTIONING how I ever did.. I need that beard gone & that bob marley shirt off STAT

i think it’s time for a round two of deal breakers. B/c covering “no woman no cry” is DEF a new one of mine!

From: Moon
YES, starting with this picture. GOOD LORD.

we all love a good reggae song but it’s usually when we’re at least 6 pina coladas deep at the Sandals resort and the cover band starts to strangely look like the guys from Oceans 11. But in real life? And on Rob? No.

It’s like at any moment you could become “Ras Trent” from Saturday Night Live… the lame white college boy into Reggae for the first time…

Sorry, you had to read the unedited version of our feelings on your current “look” right now, Rob, but it needed to be said. When I wrote the original deal breakers post last year, you stuck to your side of the bargain and didn’t throw on some jorts, or show up at the shore with some gold jewelry. But we didn’t think you’d go rogue and make up this lumberjack-college-dude-vacationing-in-the-islands look. I get that you’re on vacation but at least have some shred of dignity and use soap when someone hoses you down.

This really leaves us no other choice then to revisit our dealbreakers and come up with some new ones since you seem to need boundaries…

  • Oakley sunglasses worn backwards on the neck

The back of TomStu's mini truck (click to enlarge)

  • Driving a mini trucks with stickers of Calvin peeing on stuff (ie the rival team, Ford/Chevy)
  • Anything from the Dennis Franz collection of dingy short sleeved dress shirts
  • Nasty dreads, namely where three of them have somehow fused in the back to form one long nasty one that reaches your butt. And inevitably smells. OF COURSE.
  • Tattoos involving the Looney Toons (Taz playing basketball)

Rob's version of a frat shirt

  • Wearing a Frat TShirt long after you’re left college
  • Dirty hippie wanna be guys who “perform” Capoeira or has devoted a good amount of time to mastering “the art” of devil sticks (pretty much the guy in this video is a deal breaker) in his basement to perform at the drum circle on Venice Beach.

You know last time we gave you a free pass and said we’d pretty much still bone you even if you did some of the dealbreakers, but I gotta say it man, you’re toeing the line awfully close PLEASE don’t make us break up with you. PLEASE. Just shave, throw on something semi clean and “get caught” taking Clair out for brunch and we’ll forgive you.

But seriously, knock it off.

PS It’s alright, feel free to listen to Ras Trent like 2309402894357 times cause it’s that awesome

So what are your deal breakers? Any news ones that have popped up since Rob started down the dirty trail?

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170 Responses to “Rob tests our Deal Breaker limits, again!”

  1. dazzledtodeath says:

    As long as Rob has hair, I have no other deal breakers. The beard can be shaved (a la MoTU), the shirt can come off…

  2. JodieO says:

    That looks more like a misspelled Che Guavara shirt than a Bob Marley shirt to me.

    The beard is also a deal-breaker for me. If I liked a hillbilly beard I’d date the rednecks around here. No thanks!

  3. Britt says:

    That smile… even withthe beard… SoFuckingAdorable.
    Loveeeee him♥

  4. lindsaylee says:

    you are right, he is pushing it, but if you love something you have to let them go… just think how wonderful he will look when all his 2011 movies come out. I say let him be 24 for a few months… we all had our moments

  5. Bella_NaA says:

    I betcha it won’t be long before rob goes fight club Brad Pitt on us and shaves off all his hair for some artsy project. I can see that one coming miiiiles ahead.

  6. eatmyjorts says:

    So the Devil sticks are a no, what about that other white-boy-hippie-favourite, the Digeridoo….I’m betting EVERYONE here has plenty to say on the subject of Rob’s Digeridoo.

  7. Cazza says:

    The beard has got to go immediately. I mean, how many hot pocket crumbs are stored in that thing now? I mean I know a little stubble can go a long way *cough cough* but, I think it would now feel like you are being rubbed by a loo brush.

    Anyhow, onto something totally unrelated to this post but a friend’s daughter is auditioning for the part of Renesmee in BD. That is all fine and dandy until I heard that they are looking for and I quote, “A 4-5 year old that can dance”………dancing?!!!


    • roslynselene says:

      I just choked from laughing at the dancing part. So it WILL be a musical. Oh man. Someone a few posts back said it should be categorized as a comedy…so true! Poor poor Rob (and everyone involved in this movie).

      • LattersBaby says:

        There was a great comedy several years back titled, “Elephant!” a film about a musical production of The Elephant Man. Hysterical. What would BD be called? “Tooth Baby!”?

        Ros-Let’s definitely talk about school.

        • roslynselene says:

          Most definitely! Do you have an email? I don’t want to bombard LTR with psychology questions (nor do I want Rob to get confused when he’s reading the comments). 😉

          • LattersBaby says:

            Definitely–but I’m a little weirded out about posting my email address. I have visions of a 14 year-old Robstenette hunting me down for some sarcastic comment I’m bound to make at some point…the bigger problem is that my email addresses are my real last name (read: 14 year-old with a dagger hunting me down). Any suggestions?

            BTW: I think Rob would LOVE our conversation. The bright boy that his is and all. Wait, if I post my real name/address, then Rob will finally know how to reach me. I understand he has been asking around.

          • roslynselene says:

            Bhahaha! Well I’m not a 14 y/o Robstenette…at all. Lol But i understand. Do you have a Twitter? If not, you can contact my email:
            I don’t care about the crazy 14 y/olds. I really need some advice on psychology. I’ve talked to a friend of a friend about her career (researcher on Psychology), but I need more information from other people as well.

  8. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    Just shower,wash your hair, shave the beard and change your clothes occasionally, Rob, is that too much to ask?
    And burn that LB basketball cap, because the thing is toxic by now.

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      OOH we think alike!

    • The Old One says:

      Actuallyl I wouldn’t mind if he mailed it to me instead of burning it. It’s an icon, after all. I could put it in a plexiglass container or something to contain the odor. With a little museum label: “LB Ballcap, circa 2008-2010. Cotton and polyester, trace amounts of cigarette smoke, body oils. Worn by actor Robert Pattinson in international airports and seedy music venues worldwide.”

  9. ladyofthemeadow says:

    For me, it comes down to:

    – Brush and floss.
    – Shave any beard older than 3 days.
    – Quit the ciggies.
    – Throw out anything that has holes.
    – Toss the baseball caps (you’re not American and they’re not flattering)

    I sound like a mom I know. But someone has to rein him in. Where’s Claire when he needs her?

  10. robsfuturemate says:

    I don’t do deal breakers with Rob. He’s Rob, and like I said yesterday, I’ll take him anyway I can get him. BUT, if he was mine…(imagining for a moment) somethings would have to change. Like his clothes, please change them once in a while. Like every OTHER day, at least! And the beard, please no to the Haiti telethon beard. That thing was ridiculous! I usually perfer no cigs, but the other day I got a whiff of smoke and got all tingly. Then I preceded to look around and saw this old lady smoking…turned me right back off!

    • christa64c says:

      You’re right! He’s still Rob. He hasn’t done anything that can’t be reversed. One good scrubbing, a shave and he’s back! Seriously, would any of us turn him down?

      Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Srsly, a thumbs down?! Someone loves the Haiti beard!! Or that I don’t like cig smokers except Rob. Don’t worry, I like to be thumbs downed every now and then!!

  11. Michelle says:

    Okay, THANK YOU on the beard thing. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little…every time.

    Dude, scruff is fine. I can deal. But the full-blown mountain man…you’re getting close to ZZTop or dare I say…Grizzly Adams. Yucko. Fine on old dudes…but…um, you are HOT. Get it straight.

    I have to purify my mind with GQ shots and Vanity Fair photo shoot vids…and okay, maybe it’s because I’m ovulating (yes, I know you care about this…) but this vid…which is extremely pro-Robsten let me warn you…wow. It’s so dreamy…

    Maybe because I pretend I’m her?

    Oh, yum. The saggy pants. The sex hair. And swoooooon. I’m in heaven.

    Oh to be HER for a day…I’d get out the soap…and the razor…and ohhhhhh…

    Okay, I’m done now really. Off to la-la land…aka playing that video for the 10,000th time.

    • Michelle says:

      PS – THAT is the Kristen I pretend he’s with. The sweet, smiley one who APPEARS to adore him. 😉

    • Michelle says:

      LOL thumbs down for mentioning Kristen! YAY!!!!!

      Muhahahahahaaaa…bring it.

    • enviro says:

      I swear that is the most beautiful I have ever seen her — those VF pics. And that vid is definitely swoon-worthy. They wonder why people are fascinated?

      P.S. Thumb-down me, I can take it! 🙂

  12. adrienne says:

    “Rob’s version of a frat shirt” that’s brilliant and he is definitely this close to crossing the line into THAT guy! (so funny!)

  13. robsfuturemate says:

    On a side note, the blue button’s finally working for me…but only half of it shows!! I wondered what this thing did!

  14. melronin says:

    You know me…my answer is:Naaaahhhh no way…he can look like grizzly Adams and I don’t mind at all!
    But I would looooove to shave him though…and undress him…
    and bath him…and dress him again…you got the pic I think! 😀

    Nope…my love does not wain…neither is my ehhh lust! I know how he looks under that beard and it’s all in his eyes for me anyway!…sigh

  15. Fenix says:

    Hey ladies the person on Rob T-Shirt is actually Che Guevara NOT Bob Marley

    • Jules says:

      And you KNOW this how?

    • melronin says:

      Amazing how Robshirts become a hot topic…lol!
      If that’s indeed Che than he def looks like Bob here…never saw Che with such long hair..
      and somehow I can’t immagine Rob giving a kinda political statement with a shirt!
      On the other hand we know how much he is into music of the 70s and 80s…

      • melronin says:

        and if I may also add…I’m totally into Che so I know his face well and they picture him always the same on t-shirts…same face plus he wears always that specific cap with the star in the middle…

        Guess only Rob can solve that mistery!!!

    • melronin says:

      @Fenix…don’t want to say bs here so I did a lil research and this is what I came up with…
      We are both right…lol…
      It’s Che and Bob together…Way to go Rob!!!

      • drsaka says:

        Mel- it might be a parody shirt but the pic is more Marley than anyone else.

      • misty says:

        OMG MEL I have to get my hubby this shirt now! He is totes obsessed with Che and Bob Marley…no I’m not married to Rob, I freakin’ wish thou..even w/ grizzly beard….it’ll match the grizzly bear skin rug we’d be ‘busy’ on!!!!! HA!

        • melronin says:

          will def buy it myself misty…am in love with both of these guys!
          But I agree with drsaka it’s more Bob than Che though and I found it under Bob Marley shirts not Cheshirts…

          LOL…I think I am Robsessed…have nothing else to do around here but check out the history of his shirts! 😀

      • drsaka says:

        Maybe he’s worn the shirt so much that the print is now being to warp and disfigure the… figure.

        Alternatively, maybe this shirt is going the way of the Stoli shirt and soon we’ll have little rips in it showing just a teaser of skin underneath.
        We can dream!!!

        • enviro says:

          It’s definitely getting close to stoli territory, very cool. Did I imagine that I saw him wearing something similar in TX? I remember thinking “he’s not wearing one of those Che shirts is he?” I went to Berkeley and have developed an allergy. I think the Bob Marley/Che cross is pretty funny with the “Cha” though.

          I’m with whoever said just go back to plain blue and black. I think that might be more Edward than Rob, though.

  16. 3 says:

    I love him the way he is.

  17. babiesbrown says:

    Soooo glad y’all did this. Especially after I posted yesterday that he’s pushing it with me & I may be lusting more after a certain blue-eyed vamp actor, at least till Rob shaves & takes a bath. I got about twice as many thumbs down as thumbs up for that. Give a girl a break, ladies. Even UC & Moon are in favor of him cutting the Forrest-Gump-on-his-running-trip shit and looking more like the old Rob we love.
    Dear Rob, Tom Hanks is at his hottest in that movie when he’s clean cut in uniform. Watch the scene where he takes Jenny out of the club (“Somebody hand that girl a harmonica!”) again, and learn from him. Razors are your friend!
    I still love you,

  18. d_e says:

    Haterz! You guise need to respect Rob’s choice in dirty t-shirts! Old maid cat ladies. Hmph.

  19. tupelohoney says:

    Don’t have any deal breakers with Rob. Not crazy about the beard but it always gets shaved eventually.

    The only thing I can think of is I wish he’d keep his fingernails clean… Seen several photo shoots where his nails look nasty. But who am I kidding? He could be covered in horse manure from the WFE set and I’d still roll in the hay with him…..

    • tupelohoney says:

      Been awhile since I’ve had a thumbs down…..

      • tupelohoney says:

        Was it because I said his nails were sometmes dirty or because someone doesn’t like the idea of a manure-covered Rob? Just curious.

        • The Old One says:

          It wasn’t me this time! I’m picturing stable boy Rob from WFE, just back from shovelling out the menagerie: dirty fingernails, sweaty shirt, face red and glowing, suspenders hanging off the workpants, falling onto the bed with me! (OK, we’ll make him take off the manure-covered boots beforehand.)

          • tupelohoney says:

            T.O.O: Love it!! Make that a bale of hay and the boots can stay on, I don’t think I’d mind!!

    • southernbelle says:

      Hey sunshine! That’s so true! I notice nails too but yeah well I agree with what you said, we’ll see though. I just wish I can put it into practice.

  20. melronin says:

    And I just now realized that his other shirt has GREEK LETTERS ON IT!!!!!!! OMGGGGG….ΣΔΤΜΣ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Moon you’re killing me…and am blind def…

  21. Pammy says:

    I love him just the way he is! I know he is still sex on legs under all that beard! The eyes have it!! Swoon! And did u see the new EW outtakes? Yum!!

  22. Blasphemy! Accessible rob, in a pub in London, drunk or soon to be, cannot be a deal breaker, unless he does smth douchey.

    • misty says:

      In regards to something douchey: we mean…not sitting with us (notice just us no, elephants are invited) at the back of the bar, singing and laughing together over a few hinies + stolies…anything else is DOUCHEY.

    • The Old One says:

      Minuit, he’s in London RIGHT NOW! Now’s your chance before he has to come back to start BD filming. Go!

  23. Nelle says:

    Deal breakers for me- Rob with too much hair. Rob with no hair.

  24. robgirl86 says:

    hi girls the deal break here is that i cannot read the letter only the comments…are we talking shirt and beard again? To me he can wear what he wants, deal breaker in this case might be that he actually DOES wear a shirt!

  25. Jen says:

    I’m so glad you brought this up because I didn’t have the heart to. I thought I was the only one who wasn’t swooning over these recent fan pics of Rob. I’m a fan of scruff, but the dirty beard just doesn’t do it for me.

    Rob and I are on a break right now, but I’m sure we’ll be back once he starts filming BD.

  26. Chrisa says:

    I love Rob the way he is, he has always been hobo Rob anyway.

    I had seen him before I got to know who he is, and although he had the good looks I didn’t articularly think think much of him. There are plenty of good looking people out there. But
    when I started coming across Rob’sinterviews I fell in love with his humour and personality.

    So his scruffiness doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I love him more for it. It takes a strong character to not care about looking immaculate all the time, especially an a-list like him. Some celebrities are paranoid about their looks its off putting. I think that sense of what u see is what
    u get attitude it makes him more manly and
    attractive. Besides hobo Rob still looks great.

    The only turn off for me would be if Rob starts becoming a man whore and lose himself in the fame hoopla. He could be hot as hell but it wouldn’t attract me one bit.

  27. superhumanmoron says:

    Dealbreaker? Driving any type of Grand Am.

  28. MidnightCougar says:

    As I posted yesterday, I really am missin the Jaw Porn, & I don’t care for the beard, at all – although I’ve been told there are benefits to it in the bedroom (*wink, wink*), so I probably wouldn’t kick Rob out of my bed b/c of it!-, but “Deal Breaker”? Honestly, I can’t see me ending my Robsession or kicking him out of my house…meaning – getting rid of my laminated Rob poster, HUGE Edward poster, biography books, etc, etc.
    Hmmmm…Nope definitely not gonna happen!

  29. Cookie says:

    he’s probably trying to be inconspicuous – taking a break from all the drooling, ogling womeon – you know, he’s going to get his act together very soon, he needs to promote his movies. I am giving him a break – not too long though – I need my Rob back =D

    • ladyofthemeadow says:

      I agree, he’s trying to look inconspicuous on his travels through the US. If I stumbled across him somewhere (say, a Buddy Holly museum) rocking that Grizzly Adams, I’d think, “Man, he looks like Rob, but he’s way too f-ugly-hairy to be Rob!” So the disguise would work on me and I’d walk away. Imagine missing him like that.

      Manofthemeadow likes taking a little break from shaving too (I allow him a weekend). I’m sympathetic and I guess I understand the burden of shaving every day, but Rob, enough is enough! It just looks like… hair that is elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

      Smooth face GQ Rob is my favourite.

      • enviro says:

        But even with the beard you would still recognize him because of the hat. That thing has gone from disguise to recognizable feature!

  30. halogen says:

    Beard theory: Maybe he has to protect as much skin as possible from the sun before he gets to be all pale Edward again? It’s a good thing we know FOR SURE that Twilight vampires can’t grow a beard, we have some security for the future, ie when Breaking Dawn starts filming. Maybe there can be a LTR day of celebration when “The Beard Is Off”?

    I am no fan of the Grizzly Adams beard, but at least it is more honest than the Orlando Bloom super trimmed pirate thing he is doing now, or the Zac Efron “I am still so pretty” hint of a beard. It kind of goes with his character here, like I don’t care, I am still landing on the sex on legs list everywhere in the world!

    • allryans says:

      Lumberjackbeard = I don’t care so much about the Sexiest Man Alive thing = Sexy.

      Every three weeks or so my husband shaves. Week two is awesome. Week three is a little annoying. DAY ONE is the worst because someone has to clean all that out of the sink.

  31. allryans says:

    Rob gets a twitter.

    No to the Way to the Jose. Dealbreaker.

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      or conversely,
      Rob gets a twitter, follows us, gets us all excited and then unfollows and blocks us. #fadetosad

  32. Stella says:

    all this rob grunge does for me is make me feel OLD, therefore a MAJOR deal breaker! didn’t we all go through some sort of phase like this when we were 20ish. (see i am already aging myself cuz there are probably some of you who haven’t even hit your twenties and i am reminising about days long gone!!) i remember once coming home from college with a bag of dirty laundry, dirty hair and some lame t shirt and a pair of old boxer shorts on. my dad was appaled and actually asked if i was a lesbian!! i really thought i was cool and totally fit in at my university. turns out i just thought i was the female version of Ras Trent (CLASSIC btw!!) maybe now that he is in london, his mum will clean him up and send him back to us as the sparkly clean-cut vampire we all know and pine for!

  33. LadyN says:

    When I see a t-shirt like that, I listen and act and belongs on my floor. Just sayin’

    Airhead stare never looked so sexy on him….

  34. Jamie says:

    Ha! Minus the truck & stickers (add shitty Honda and hippie peace stickers) and the frat boy tee’s (add in bob marley shirt and a “420” baseball cap) and you’ve just described my 52 yr old dad.

    Rob, don’t be like my dad. Sure, he’s 52, gets college girls, goes to more parties than me, acts like a 15 yr old boy, and somehow is seriously ripped but baked all the time….. ok, that may sound great to you. But its not. Trust.

    Love, me.

  35. Stacey says:

    So here’s the thing… It’s not my style, this look of Rob’s,but… He does look a lot like one of my ex-boyfriends from college, right now. The thing is while the guy looked like Rob’s frat boy lumberjack phase, he was also very…umm…gulp…talented in specialized areas. Which I imagine Rob is as well. Ahh…memories.

    • southernbelle says:

      Did we we date the same guy? LOL Except that ex I speak that resembles Rob was actually very neat and he never smelled bad, he was always tidy, just that they dressed alike. Plaid stuff, etc, same golden brown hair, gorgeous smile. Sigh, ok I need to not think of that man anymore!!!

    • tupelohoney says:

      Stacey: Looked like Rob’s frat boy lumberjack phase, very talented in specialized areas (but sadly not much good for anything else)… just add a perpetual haze of marijuana smoke and you’d have one of my ex-boyfriends. One that was very bad for me but oh, the memories…..

  36. DanySpike says:

    While I do enjoy the undisturbed view of his jaw when he shaves, I must say I like the beard… *hides*

    • niahid says:

      I’ve no problem with bearded man.
      Rob with beard, love him tenfold. Just gorgeous, and that smile could light a city beard or no beard.

  37. P.S. says:

    You know that song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers that goes – ‘I can’t tell if I’m a kingpin or a pauper’ and then mentions something about Bob Marley? Well, it’s been stuck in my head all day.

  38. Obava says:

    All I read was “Rob started down the dirty trail.”


    xo obava

  39. Renie says:

    My favorite look is not Rob, but Tent-Scene-Edward (and I don’t think I’m refering to the tent scene in his pants…but maybe huh?) I can not wait until the still shots show up from Eclipse. That being said give the man a break he’s on vacay hiding from all of us crazy women.
    He’s an interesting guy and so much more, so I guess it’s what’s in his head not on his face that would break the deal for me.

  40. LTavares2010 says:

    I love the back of Tom Stu`s mini truck (LOL). Great idea!!
    I love Rob because he is of the way he is ( of course, I love seeing him wearing tuxedos, suits of all colors, with jeans, white t-shirts, blue shirts, plaid shirts, with his hair cut or not ).
    Rob loves this homeless chic style, the pants, shirts, t-shirts and jackets that disappear for awhile and then they reappear again. The sneakers that you think is worn out already but suddenly reappear in full time and everywhere (formal parties or bars). (LOL)
    The beanie and the LB cap are the favorites of Rob, he uses them almost all the time, they are his trademark.
    I love his beard too, I think it is a way to making him feel a little different from the characters he plays when he is working.
    There is something about Rob that makes all these things seem so sexy and natural. And his smile? his smile is the 8th wonder of the world, his laughter and the way his eyes shine, you can feel the joy, the human warmth and then you do not think in anything else, only him.

  41. ViviLit says:

    Lol Rob amuses the hell out of me… beard or no beard, bob marley shirt or misbuttoned shirt, clean or dirty

  42. I MISS YOU GUYS! Ok, nothing would be a dealbreaker with Rob. I know that’s the normal answer, but really, if I got to wake up to see THAT face every morning, I wouldn’t care about anything else. Though dreds wouldn’t be attractive, I’m sure Stephanie would advise him against that. ok well like I said I miss you guys!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Hey girl, I’ve been thinking about you! Was wondering if you went and found Rob and were keeping him to yourself? I’m still holding you to our deal! Hope all is well!

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        Hey, I’ve missed you so much! Yeah, Rob is sitting next to me right now in his karate pants and nothing else, we’ve been having so much fun. I’ll send him to you next week, though he might be pretty worn out, heh heh heh.

  43. oh, I forgot to add this: in the immortal words of Bruno Mars(and take out the girl and insert guy) “When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change cuz girl you’re amazing just the way you are. and when you smile(sparkle) the whole world stops and stares for a while cuz girl you’re amazing just the way you are”

  44. Tankergirl says:

    Yes, yes, we love Rob for who he is, anyway he is, whatever he wears, bla, blah, blabbity-blaH. True AND boring.
    Now….hear this!
    Shave or clip that rotten puffenstuff at least once a week. It smells like beer foam and wet cig butts. Should be short & bristly and smell like glazed donut.
    No dirty fingernails. Breaks up the fantasy when I picture those sinewy fingers clutching my boobs.
    No more grungy “white” t-shirts. They look like Armor All rags. Yes, even the v-necks. Just stick to black or blue so we can’t see the grease spots on your tummy.
    Lose the ballcap. You are too fuckhawt sexy to dress like a frat boy, and it’s long ago quit providing any camouflage. *This one’s negotiable, as you do look kindof adorable in a cap. Just swap em out every now n then, kay?*
    And I’m good & ready to tie the shoelaces of those gawdamed b&w Nikes together & FLING them up on the phone lines for the birds to nest in. Get some Chucks or fuzzy Vans like you know you should.
    You are one charming, funny, smart, FUCKHAWT piece of humanity. These small complaints are a small murmur next to the LOoooooNG list of things I could scream for you to continue doing right.
    Now sit back, sip this pint, and let me trim that beard up for you, baby.

  45. Tankergirl says:

    Oh yeah, thanks for getting to the bottom of The Shirt. I can handle hipster ironic. Socialist Rob would be a deal breaker.

  46. southernbelle says:

    I haven’t read the comments but anyway yeah I’m not a fan of the beard and the hat. Ok the hat I can deal with, the beard, well it’s preventing me from seeing his face. I feel like it’s some kind of a mask lol.

    Some other dealbreakers(don’t think Rob will do these):

    – doing drugs
    – abusive behavior (verbal and physical)
    – overly dirty, like not brushing your teeth, ya know what I mean!

    Rob I probably have more but those are for starters. Love you anyway but I can’t wait to see you without the beard. The beard gotta go. But always remember I’m not gonna kick you out of my bed.

  47. southernbelle says:

    OK Rob, in case you’re really dirty right now and in desperate need of a shower(or bath), I’d be willing to give you one or two or three! Hahahah! I’m trying to really deal with this aren’t I?

  48. roslynselene says:

    Bhahaha! Sorry Rob but your beard reminded me of Peter’s Griffin’s beard.

    I cried!:

    And laughed some more:

  49. drsaka says:

    Hi everyone, I was looking over the comments again and you know what?
    The clothes, the beard etc are easy fixes though I don’t like the dirt under the fingernails much.

    What can’t be/is not easily fixed are a bad attitude, bad personality and bad spirit- he has none of these.

    So Rob, even if you’re covered in grime, you still shine.

  50. Alex says:

    All I can say is I love you guys dearly when you talk only about Rob.

    NO more Robsten vs Nonsten stuff please.

    Rob ROB ROB all tha way.Only Rob can Eclipse the whole world for me.

    Did I say that I love this post?

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