Mr. Choice vs. Mr. “Paddleston”

Dear Rob,

You might be surprised to hear that Mr. Choice tagged along for my west coast visit to see Moon and friends this week. He pretends to be annoyed by all the girltalk, Twi talk & Rob talk, but deep down I know he loves it. And for sure all the LTT/LTR girls love HIM. He’s become quite popular. It’s almost like “Rob WHO!?” Well, almost. Since Mr. Choice has been around all week and got to see Eclipse with us Tuesday evening, we’ve had some fun conversations. Here you can listen in on one of our most recent:

Mr. Choice: What’s up Twilight people. It’s only fair that I warn you all up front that my role in whatever we’re about to do will be incredibly boring. I’m far too sleepy to care about a 600 year old high school vampire who is mad at a 16 year old wolf…Consider yourselves warned
Honey!!! We are supposed to be pretending that we’re having a casual conversation- my readers can’t know this shit is staged!
Mr. Choice:
But I’m downstairs on the couch & you’re upstairs in Moon’s bed with her. This is SO freakin’ staged.
: We’re the only ones who know that! Now be sweet to my readers

UC: So….. you tweeted earlier that you’re officially Team Jacob
Mr. Choice
: Yes and my mom left me a Facebook message asking, “Who is Jacob & what does it mean that you’re on his team”
: I’m asking the same thing…. So..  WHY? and I mean be honest….. is it because you think I touch myself to Edward Cullen? And you’re jelly jelly?
Mr. Choice:
No, I know you do that, and I don’t care. Jacob is less melodramatic, a FAR better actor, gets better dialogue, is less awkward, less British and 1 billion times hotter
okay first of all, Jacob is a character.. and he fixes cars.. he doesn’t ‘act’. Now Taylor Lautner on the other hand, he’s an actor…I didn’t ask what you thought of Rob vs. Taylor- I asked about Edward vs Jacob. and furthermore, Edward is RICH- you know how I’m into rich dudes
Mr. Choice:
Fine…whatever…I can’t separate who they are as guys and who they are in the movie. Ugh- Edward Pattleston will be a janitor in like two years
you sound bitter.
Mr. Choice:
I hope he enjoys this time
I thnk you’re jealous. First of all… Tay-cob looks like an alpaca. I’ll prove it:
Mr. Choice:
That makes no sense to me
UC: Oh yeah? Look:

Alpaca Taylor

(also- can we get one of these!?)
Mr. Choice:
That’s quite a bit of a stretch…Also, whoever brought that to your attention is a huge dork. I think sometimes Rob looks like your Aunt Summer
My aunt with down syndrome!? HOW SO!?
Mr. Choice:
He just does when he laughs loudly

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Stuff guys say about Rob – Any Brit will do!

Dear Rob,

Just so you know, other guys pretend to be you.  It’s quite brilliant, actually, since there isn’t enough of the actual you to go around. Any guy pretending to be you could potentially get a lot of chicks.  In fact, I’ve made it quite clear to Mr. D that if he pretends to be you this Saturday night for Valentine’s Day, he’s in for a treat!

C & K had a great experience with a Rob-imposter that C shared with us via e-mail. Watch out for this guy- he’s stealing your moves!
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

“I thought I would share with you both a delightful escapade that my friend K and I had this past Saturday night. She and I decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate the weekend. We met up. We went dancing. We got hit on by random guys, none of which hold a candle to Rob. Until we met Random British Hipster Dude on the street at 2 am. Our conversation was such:

Random British Hipster Dude: Are you ladies headed home?
Me and K: Are you British? (As you can see, the accent had not escaped us, however, the drinks previously imbibed had apparently hindered our judgment.)
RBHD: Yes.
Me: I would totally bang you right now.
K: Me too.
RBHD (apparently on a cell phone with another British Dude): Did you hear that, Tim?
Me: Oops.
RBHD: So am I coming home with you ladies tonight?
Me: Only if you promise to call yourself Robert Pattinson all night.
RBHD: I am Robert Pattinson.

Let me point out of course, RBHD was NOT Rob. If he was, I would not be writing this email, I would be tied to Rob’s bedpost or something like that. I do not believe that RBHD had any idea of who Rob was, and was therefore willing to take his name in vain.

And of course at this moment, K and I collapsed into giggles. We did not go home with Random British Hipster Dude, as both K and I are married to wonderful men. But I thought it warranted a share with you both.


HILARIOUS! Do you know what else is hilarious? All the amazing entries we’ve received for our Twi-alentine’s Day Contest. If you have something amazing to add- send it our way! 

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Stuff my guy says about Rob

Dear Rob,

Tonight I was creating the perfect birthday card for my girl Cole’s 30th birthday, and it included my all time favorite picture of you:


As I was printing out the card, Mr. D (my husband) said “Ew, he looks gross.” To which I reponded, “WHAT? This is my favorite picture of Rob.” Then he said, and I quote:

He looks like a “Knight-Rider-era” David Hasselhoff

I about died. And immediately googled the following image for your enjoyment:


I’m not seeing the similarities and no matter what your German fans tell you, that’s a good thing!


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Stuff my husband says about Rob

Introducing our new series: “Stuff my husband says about Rob.” Mostly because, well, they just don’t get it, do they?

Dear Rob,

After explaining my very hilarious post about Rob and Sam Bradley to him, Mr. Choice (who is my husband, of course) asked who Sam was. I answered “Rob’s best friend.” He responded:

I thought Krum was his best friend?

OMG. I momentarily forget my obsessi, er love for you and laughed so hard at his cute, sweet face.

rob-and-krum-bffsIn his defense, we had just watched The Goblet of Fire so it wasn’t so random that he made that connection!

He wants me to specify that I found this picture online and did not create it myself.  I think he’s worried that I come across as too obsessed with you (shh, it’s our secret just how deep my love runs. What’s that? Oh yes, how deep OUR love runs, sorry sweetie)

me (UnintendedChoice) xo

What funny things have your husbands/boyfriends/lesbian lovers had to say about Rob? (by the way, I don’t know if we have a lesbian Rob fan yet.. so if you’d like to be our first…) Comment below or e-mail us and maybe you’ll be featured in a future post! 

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