Rob Pattinson in Bel Ami: Why we don’t really care

Dear Rob,

Last week we got an early Christmakuh present in the form of a new Bel Ami Trailer.

Well, it wasn’t exactly a present to us. 

It’s just not that hot

Chicago Friend: how do you feel about the bel ami trailer
UC: is there a new one?
Chicago Friend: i just saw it right now
UC: Oh.. I thought that was the same trailer.. but someone was just really behind in their Rob news. But.. I guess it’s different? slightly different clips? maybe?
Chicago Friend: i mean… it doesn’t look like… a very good movie? like it’s not surprising that it didn’t have distribution w/ hot stars like kristen scott thomas
UC: no… not surprising at all. And yes the trailer IS different. It’s more boring. Like so boring I just stopped watching it. And does it have distribution now?
Chicago Friend: i don’t know if it has it in the US? i mean… i don’t know. for some reason i thought it would be sexier? like, having sex with kristen scott thomas, who s probably like… 55 is not hot. ditto uma thurman. and christina ricci, ehh
UC: hahahahaha. You are SOOO right. I have never been interested in this movie…. and that right there is a perfect reason why. having sex with older woman, while so many of them fantasize about it.. WATCHING it is not hot. and christina looks anorexic. not hot. and it just looks… boring
Chicago Friend: i mean, shirtless rob, ok?
UC: okay but will i pay $11 and drive across the ben franklin bridge to south jersey to see it? probably not. Honestly. I don’t think I’ll see that movie. I’m saying it now
Chicago Friend: will i watch it when it’s on on demand immediately after theater release? maybe.
UC: i mean…. I haven’t even watched The Help yet
Chicago Friend: i haven’t either. that’s on the top of my netflix
UC: or that movie where Justin Timberlake and Mila do it a lot. so if bel ami is out in the spring (i think it might be? so it must have distribution?) and then on DVD in the summer… there’s a good chance it will be far down the list
Chicago Friend: yeah. unless someone’s just like “fine, come over. we’ll watch it.” like my interest in watching it alone is prettttty low
UC: i’d probably be depressed if i did… like really? my life is THIS boring? there are NO new NCIS episodes on demand? So i’m watching bel ami?

I know, I know. So Harsh. But come on, Rob, when have we ever been not honest with you?

I brought Moon in on the conversation a few days later:

Not what I meant

UC: I mean, I’m really trying to come up with some reasons for what would get me into the theater to see this movie. I’d go if I had tickets to the premiere.. or if there were guaranteed nude scene (male scenes- with him.. to clarify in case you thought i meant one of the old dudes)
Moon: Haha you’d go if there were man on man nude scenes?

UC: okay did you watch the bel ami trailer? And how do you FEEL?
Moon: I saw it. Why do i get a super strong Harlequin romacne vibe??? not that we dont all love us some heaving busoms and corset ripping… but is that really your follow up role choice after a blockbuster like twi???
Moon: i was thinking more along the lines of a gangster squad, oceans 11, hurt locker, even crazy stupid love type film
Moon: i mean even just follow the Gos’s footsteps. he’s laid out a solid career path
UC: Chicago Friend and I were talking about how weird it is to see him hook up with these older women. it would be ONE thing if they were all super relevant hot young thangs.. but….. i mean.. it’s kinda weird…watching him get it on with KST
Moon: yea none of them make me all hot and bothered. also i am not a lesbian so this might also play a part
UC: BUT… i like when Ryan gosling hooks up with pretty girls
Moon: but who wants to watch their mom or quirky cousin get it on with rob in period garb?
UC: it’s like… a bad dream
Moon: throw in an emma stone. im down! we ALL know im down for anthing emma stone. FAKE lesbian for her
Moon: like DO THAT rob but dont do aunt kristen scott thomas with a perm. GROSS

UC: I’m not even sure I’m gonna see it. Is that bad?
Moon: i’m more likely to go see ben schwartz perform imrpove before i see this. all that to say im sure ill see it because… hello LTR but its not even water for elephants level for me. i could get ZERO guys to agree to see this with me. even if i promised christina ricci’s big boob
UC: Mr. Choice LOVES KST & uma.. and there is no way he’d see this
Moon: this is why he needs to take my ABOVE career advice
UC: I mean, if there’s a NY premiere I’d probably go there and see what happens. I mean, i COULD run into Larry411 again like the premiere fo Remember Me
Moon: im sure there would be another devil horns photo opp if you went
UC: Why would I pass up the opportunity to give the crazies a little fun? I’d even POSE for them

But if Rob were a gay grandpa….

UC: SIDE NOTE: omg. did you see the video where the guys are gonna become grandpas? I have the Cullen smiles
Moon: awwwwww yes. so hilar and cute. Maybe rob should just be in a full length film about the gay grandpas. THAT would definitely get my butt in the seat
Moon: rob playing a gay, soon to be, grandpa. I mean with teen mom, it isnt far off. give him some salt n pepper hair and viola
UC: yes… I’d see that. I’d also see: Rob with Emma Stone, Rob in an action flick, Where he has to Run.
Moon: HAHAHA i forget action flicks would involve coordination of which rob mildly possesses
UC: Rob playing opposite a big wig like.. Matt Damon
Moon: Yea rob needs to be in a big ensemble cast where he is NOT the lead
UC: right– like Oceans 14
Moon: ive said it 50 times before and ill say it again
UC: something BIG
Moon: do something GREAT as a supporting actor
UC: nothing controversial…. like a biopic or something.. where people have opinions. nothing about history
Moon: THEN we’ll talk about letting you EFF grandmas on screen
UC: prove yourself first before you get that right

A Mustache would get us there

Moon: Is bel ami even getting a wide release??
UC: DOUBT it..
Moon: thank god i live in la and we get like everything but what about a good chunk of robs fans who live in normal places…
UC: I DOUBT it will have the same release as Remember Me. how could it? it hasn’t had the attention that one did.
Moon: WFE has been his best so far (non twi) and that was with BIG stars. I’d love to talk to stephanie, his agent and see what the deal is. i know he says he doesn’t like much and what he does like he DOES. I’m sure they throw EVERYTHING at him
UC: Let’s call them- Stephenie & Nick
Moon: yea we need to get a conference call going cause i dont get it. i know stephanie can’t MAKE him do anthing but some gentle (harsh) prodding would HELP
UC: Right… slipping a hot pocket under the script she really likes
Moon: YES positive reenforcement! Her and nick tag teaming could have gotten him in gangster squad as some cop at least
UC: taking him to Norm’s rare guitars and THEN handing him the script. Ooh- I just envisioned Rob with a moustache as a cop.
Moon: Ew!! i just saw him doing UMA and Kristin i cant add a stache to that image
UC: Oh I can. give me a minute.

UC: So that’s it? We’d for sure see Rob in a movie where he’s sporting a ‘stache?
Moon: I guess so….!

Sorry Rob, but take our advice and we’re THERE!

UC & Moon

I know FOR SURE we’re not alone in feeling soooo blah about this movie. And I know some of you cannot WAIT to see Rob in Bel Ami. Sound off in the comments! Are you on Team Bel Ami or Team “Keep Rob away from ladies with perms?”

Addendum: Moon just had an epiphany: Kristin Scott Thomas with a perm in Bel Ami= DEBBERT. That is EXACTLY how she imagined Debbert to look- with a perm & mousy brown hair. That’s why the trailer is so popular! So many Bel Ami fans are also fans of Debbert’s famed “Ello Love”

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75 Responses to “Rob Pattinson in Bel Ami: Why we don’t really care”

  1. munkee says:

    Awww, dissin old ladies ain’t cool. We’re still hot! But yeah, I got a bad feeling about this one. If it were good I think we’d have seen it by now.

    • Sharon says:

      Old? Ladies? Since when is 55 old?
      Moon and Uc should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such trash and I’ll tell you why.
      Guy De Maupassant is one of the best authors in literature of his time. If the girls had read the story they’d be more excited to see the film.(I thought they went to college and were English majors? They should be familiar with thye qualit of Maupassants work.) I can’t wait to see Rob in something well written. That goes for Cosmopolis too. I’m sick of sappy Twilight as well as Rob is surely sick of it by now. Besides, Rob does a nude scene in Bel Ami! What woman doesn’t want to see that? It’s worth the price of the movie ticket to see his bare behind! I’m sorry, I don’t understand Moon and UC for being critical of Rob. Their whole presence on the web is dedicated to Rob. What’s up with dissing him?

  2. Julie says:

    I’m assuming from your critique that you haven’t read the book? It is a more difficult read than Stephanie Meyer, being as it was published in 1885, but worth the time. How many people completely write off Twilight without turning a page?

    IMO, the trailer looks like it sticks closely to the book because the actors are easily identifiable as their characters even without them ever being named. It isn’t an action story – it is more a character study. It describes the development of “Bel Ami” and how he maneuvers himself through social classes, but is actually fascinating if you can fight through the language which is like reading a high school literature assignment.

    So I guess I think you should at least try the book and give the movie a chance.

  3. Yertlesmom says:

    I love you girls but I do want to see this movie. I read the book (the things I do for Rob!) and it is a good story. I am anxious to see Rob in non-Twi roles of any kind so — if I can find it in limited release!– I will go.

  4. allryans says:

    It’s second hand embarrassing to even KNOW that this movie was made, much less buy a ticket for it.

  5. Carola says:

    I’ll be seeing this movie on january 3. I don’t think it will be good, but it’s Rob and we will be one of the first people to see it, so why not.

    • Kaybvee says:

      Ooohhhhhh, you must be in Belgium! Report back….as soon as humanly possible ( :

    • niahid says:

      so green with envy now

    • The Old One says:

      Yes, full review please!

      • Carola says:

        I live in the Netherlands, but Belgium is only 2 hour drive.

        I will do my best to bring you a detailed review and hopefully with some pictures 😉

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Okay, so now I must add Belgium to my list of countries to go to – why do you get Bel Ami when we don’t? Unfair! You already have monopoly on sea food and french fries and exotic beers…(moping)

      • Carola says:

        As promised my little review. By now you can read everywhere about this movie, so I’ll just give you my thoughts. Oh, no pictures, sorry.

        – Rob and a hooker, not hot! Yes, you can see the thrusting, but still not hot.
        – Rob’s hair, not good and very distracting at times.
        – Rob with a tophat, now that’s hot.
        – Rob gets, I would call it raped, by Uma Truman, very disturbing.
        – KST head over heels for Rob, like a teenage girl, so funny!
        – We got to see Rob crack, and it was wonderful 😉
        – There are a lot of sexscenes, but less than you might think. (Only 3 major ones, I can remember.
        -Rob’s acting is really good.
        – There are a lot of funny scenes.

        At this moment I can’t remember anything more, but if you have questions, just ask and I will try to answer them.

  6. Justthetip,EH? says:

    Uummm…. What about the crazy Dali moist ache? I personally LOVE his embarrassing cringe-worthy roles and can’t wait to cringe thru Bel Ami. The book is incredible. I completely understand why Ron would want to play this role. But it does look…… Not great….

  7. Justthetip,EH? says:

    Omg. Moist ache = mustache !!! Best autocorrect to date!

  8. LadyN says:

    Any movie with possible Robcrack is a win for me!

    Any movie with Emma stone or that girl from Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist AND Rob would be a nutter fuggin win for me!

    You’re sooo right!
    I’m dyiiing to see him play with just… Better actors. The big guys. I fantasize seeing him in Fast Five or Bourne identity (ok, maybe not) … Or something! Idk. These agents need to hook him up! … And simontaneously GET HIS ROB HAIR BACK! Tragedy I tell you!

    Sigh I’d still see Bel Ami, ugly women and all. *masochist* :-/

  9. LadyN says:

    Ps. LOLLLL that last pic. *saves to phone*

  10. Kaybvee says:

    Oh, my old ass will see it….was hoping to get the book for Xmas, it has been on my Amazon wish list forever-HELLO DH-but no dice…I want to read it before the movie for sure.

    Hoping to see it in LA with a couple LTT friends too so I can fangirl proper…BRING IT!

    • I’m there!! And Marcus Foster show too!! March is really shaping up nicely 😉

      • Kaybvee says:

        Yes! And so worth the drive! Can’t wait!

        Marcus Foster + Bel Ami + LTT cronies = March win!

        • maggie says:

          Marcus Foster with LTR buds; seeing Bel Ami (which, btw, I CAN’T WAIT MUCH LONGER for); and probably (not) having drinks with Ron after to discuss the above is what my March dreams are all about.

          Bel Ami was an awesome book. I’m dying to see Rob play a bad ass scoundrel. I’m dying to see “more” of him than we have so far. I think the trailers look great. And don’t diss him sexing it up with older women. There’s a HUGE chunk of his fan base that dream of nothing else! And also, btw KST is hot. Sorry. We should all be that sexy at 55.

          P.S. – What are we gonna do about Nat???? Kidnap her, perhaps???

          • Jellybeanrainbow says:

            March in LA? I’m in. I’ll be probably there for non-Ron-related activities and it would be great to meet you again

          • Yeah, JBR!!! You should so come and play with us again! Not sure why you got a thumbsdown for that. We def want you to come!!!

          • Maggie says:

            JBR! So glad you’re coming to LA again. When will you be here? Hope you can see Marcus Foster and Bel Ami with us. Email or tweet me!

    • Sharon says:

      Anyone wanting the book, go to: and download a FREE copy…’s been listed in the public domain for quite a while.

      • Bubs says:

        Thank you Sharon. Just read it. It’s very “French” isn’t it. Let’s see what Rob can do with the “scounrel”…..

  11. niahid says:

    i laughed all through bd1. Lame sex scene. Bel Ami has promising sex scene judging from a glimpse of rob and christina’s sex face. Yeah i’m pervert like that. Can’t wait to see this and Cosmopolis.
    Happy holidays 😀

  12. Here’s how my thought process went:
    Read the book- couldn’t wait for the movie

    Saw DuRob pics- thought I lost my Rob mojo (but then saw WFE set pics and it was all back!). Don’t get me wrong I love period pieces but he just wasn’t doing it for me.

    Saw first trailer- eh, I’ll see it but am still not that excited

    Saw second trailer- Yes, sir! Give me some of that!! I don’t know what changed but it looks hawt to me! Ok, I do. It was the thrusting and the R rating.

  13. roslynselene says:

    When I saw the trailer, I wasn’t like sooper dooper “oh-shit-I-peed-my-pants” excited or anything but I still liked it and wanna see it. I’m not old but I thought the loves scenes with Uma and Ricci were kinda hot. I’m not sure about Scott Thomas, though…

    Also, did you know there’s a 2005 version of Bel Ami in French. Found it on YouTube. It looks pretty good and the guy playing DuRoy HAS a mustache so you two can see that one instead. 🙂

  14. Anabel says:

    Girls, I’d watch a film with Rob even to see him reading the phone book with that sweet voice of his. And I love period movies. And a Maupassant novel onscreen? with Rob as the lead? Definetely YES.

  15. The Old One says:

    I love period dramas, I love Rob, what could be better, right?

    And the story is about him USING older women to get ahead, so casting hot babes would have just been wrong.

    Also Rob being an evil, immoral, scheming character is all kinds of hot: “I will RUIN you!” Yes! ruin me!

    But you’re right about the moustache, because the character was supposed to have a moustache, but I guess the hair and makeup people decided it made him look too much like Dali and nixed it. Wouldn’t want Rob’s fan thinking about the Tuck while watching him get it on with an older woman, now would we?

    • I already think about the Tuck when I see him standing naked in front of the mirror!!! But man, has our boy filled out nicely! Even if there was a Tuck in this one the new body frame alone would be worth it!

    • Anabel says:

      “I will RUIN you!” Yes! ruin me! Ditto

      • MariaCecilia says:

        Yes! Rob please use me to get ahead, a non-govermental organisation promoting human rights of your choice. /Maybe I can manage that one./ Oh, heck, ruin me anyways! You know you want to! *wink wink*

  16. 40sumthin says:

    Old ladies, huh? 55 just doesn’t sound that old to me anymore! LOL! As much as I love you ladies along with most of what you write, I’m HUNGERING to see this movie. Already have plans with a good friend to go on opening night! First, I will read the book, though. It looks awesome HOT to me! Glad to see our boy Rob branching out & as he recently requested in an interview, I will remain forever in the 1% of Twi fans who see ALL of his movies, just because, well, he’s Rob!

  17. Kat says:

    Jeez, who need enemies when you have your own fans doing a damn good job instead.

    but still i kinda agree about I’d love to talk to stephanie, his agent a

  18. Pammy says:

    So excited for this movie! I think the r rating and supposed crack help that along! I think he looks all kinds of hot in the trailer! And who doesn’t love some angrybert?? Yum!!!

  19. Robsessedgirl says:

    Oh COME ON

    Rob having sex multiple times in one movie with possible nudity I mean seriously count me in, it’s a no brainer and I’lll probably see it by myself so no one else will notice my obvious effort to not shove my hand down my pants and take care of myself right in the theater I MEAN WE MIGHT SEE HIS THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER

  20. Kaybvee says:

    Bel Ami has me at the set photos…like THIS, it has been a very long wait…

  21. Bea says:

    I think could be a fairly brilliant move… if the movie doesn’t completely suck it’ll be a great way to entrench the half of his fandom that’s middle aged women. The half that’s way less fickle than the teenagers, and more likely to see EVERYTHING he ever makes. And it’s as far from morally upright Edward as it gets, pushing back against the typecasting/ stuck in teen movies thing.

  22. MariaCecilia says:

    You’re mad I tell you – mad! How can you claim that these ladies are not hot? They may be over thirty, but they are still crazy hot, and Rob should be counting himself lucky to be doing them…IF he were doing them, which he is not.(Because he is still pining to be doing me, or busy doing KStew, oh, I don’t know anymore!)

    And I would pay money to see these actors in a movie based on a famous novel by a classic author without hesitation, because, let’s face it, I’ve re-watched ALL the Twilight movies multiple times, and that was not for their cinematic qualities and great acting, so this looks pretty promising. (Okay, so I am a sucker to see Rob in anything.) But save the copstache for Billy Burke, please, because he rocks it like no other! (Even though it made me spit out my vodka&cranberry to see that picture..)

    • Anabel says:

      “I’ve re-watched ALL the Twilight movies multiple times, and that was not for their cinematic qualities and great acting, so this looks pretty promising.” Tell me about it. If not for Rob, Twilight would another teen vampire story for me.

  23. lindsaylee says:

    I have actually read Bel Ami and it wasn’t bad. It was a difficult read due to an older form of English and lack of knowledge with British titles but I was entertained. Yes harlequin romance is similar- a lot less detail, but same format. I liken it to Lady Chatterly ‘s Lover (a few versions on netflix , book WAY better). As far as the cast, Rob filmed this movie after remember me- BEFORE wfe so his status has somewhat changed. ill see it!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Hey, I read it in the original language last year to brush up on my French and it took me months – talk about difficult! But then I guess I would find reading a French newspaper just as difficult…and lack the necessary motivation to follow through on it too…(no nakey pictures in my classics edition? Big fail.)

  24. Perola34 says:

    I’m french and “Bel ami” is one of my fave book. At school we had to read mandatory books in french class and most of the times it was boring classics but I fell in love with litterature with Bel Ami. It’s well written (so far from Harlequin romance please !) and it describes the ascension of a greedy man. Georges Duroy is the kind of hero I like to hate and I like Robert (such and old and unsexy name by the way lol) in everything he did so far except Twilight (yeah I know it’s weird), except maybe a tv movie he did called “L’anneau Sacré” (Translation : The sacred ring, every fans should watch it, it’s so bad it’s funny).

    So yeah can wait to see it !

  25. SamE says:

    I have to agree that this movie does look boring. I love Rob but seriously? They should have added some hot younger actress in this to make it more appealing to people.

  26. Pattygirl says:

    Disagree Moon and UC, I love the trailer, read the book and excited to see the movie. So you are the minority here.

    Rob says from all the book adaptation movie he did, Bel Ami was the only book he read & like and wanted to do the movie.

    Rob has to gain weight and learn proper english with a tutor for Bel Ami.

    Bel Ami was sold to many countries before it start shooting and recently was sold to Sony Pictures for US distribution.

    The held up for US distribution was because as per Rob quotation that they tried to make it PG 13 because of Rob twilight fanbase. But eventually base on latest info its R rated. thanks god!

  27. For the record, UC and Moon are not dissing older fans and their fantasies with Rob. They are just saying they don’t want to see that on the big screen, it’s their opinion. But who really watches the woman Rob’s character is having sex with?! I for one, have eyes only for him during those moments!

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Oh. So you’re saying, Moon and UC won’t watch my sex tape with Rob, just on principle?


      Okay, guess I know now why that letter never made it onto LTR. I’ll try to break it to Rob, gently…

  28. Pattygirl says:

    1:23 AM PDT 11/3/2011 by Pamela McClintock (The Hollywood Reporter)
    Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquistions has picked up North American rights to Robert Pattinson starrer Bel Ami from Protagonist Pictures.

    The film, directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod (Cheek by Jowl), also stars Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci.

    In Bel Ami, Pattinson plays penniless ex-soldier Georges Duroy, whose rise through the echelons of the Parisian beau monde in the 1980s tells a tale of ambition, power and seduction. Rachel Bennette wrote the adapated screenplay based on Guy de Maupassant’s novel.

    The deal was concluded between Michael Helfand, executive vice president of business affairs, and Tana Evans, vice president of acquisitions and distribution for SPWA, and Ben Roberts, CEO for Protagonist.

    Produced by Uberto Pasolini and executive produced by Simon Fuller, Bel Ami will begin rolling out overseas at the end of February 2012.

    The film has been sold to Studio Canal in the UK, Germany and France, RaiCinema in Italy, Hopscotch in Australia, Independent in Benelux, Impuls in Switzerland, Scanbox in Scandinavia, Golden Scene in Hong Kong/Macau, Unikorea Culture and Art in South Korea, SSG in Taiwan, Central Partnership in CIS, Ablo in Eastern Europe, Ozen Film in Turkey, Lusomundo in Portugal, Front Row in the Middle East, California Filmes in Latin America, PVR in India, PT Amero in Indonesia, Pioneer in the Philippines, Nu Metro in South Africa, Passion Encore in Singapore and Hollywood Entertainment in Greece and Cyprus.

    Bel Ami is a Red Wave Films production in association with XIX Film, Protagonist Pictures and RaiCinema.

  29. Pattygirl says:

    Totally agree about talking with Stephanie and Nick about ROB…….he should only do movies with the best directors in the business, eat healthy foods, hire an assistant to take care of him etc

    • MariaCecilia says:

      “best directors” – ME!!
      “healthy foods” – what I cook for him!!
      “hire assistant to take care of him” – hire ME!!

  30. RobsBitch says:

    I’m more excited about Bel Ami than anything else Rob has done. In fact, I’m taking a leave of absence from work to spend that month in the theater. Kidding…maybe. I’ll more than up for your lost revenue!

  31. Twiprof says:

    Moon and UC–I would follow you anywhere! And somehow you always make me laugh…but I will see BelAmi simply because it is rated R 19th Century SEX! And so far, I am willing to watch Rob in anything…holla Vanity Fair photo shoot! I watched that out of focus low res 45min clip several times! After I see bel ami, then you can say “I told you so ” but until then, bring on those Darcy duds!

  32. roslynselene says:

    Speaking of Debbie/Debbert, I was looking through my tumblr notes and realized 😯 SHE LIKED AND REBLOGGED MY STUFF!!! I kinda feel 2nd hand internet famous or something? Highlight of my mid-afternoon. How sad…

  33. Jene says:

    The book Bel Ami is fantanstic if your into French classic literature. I think Rob is going to play the part of Georges Duroy, the way he is portrayed in the book a real cad who climbs the social ladder using women to get what he wants. He is a scoundrel and I think he is going to be great playing this really different role.

  34. pdd912 says:

    Older woman/younger man having sex? Hell yeah it’s sexy to watch! As someone married to a much younger man I can tell you, the sex is great and yes, it looks good too. None of those women on screen are flabby and revolting, their boobs don’t sag down to their knees, and seem to be mighty spry. For me, the age difference makes it all much sexier, more taboo, especially for that time period. And knowing that, if they stick with the book, his seduction of them is completely cold and calculating and intended only to rob them of position or inheritance, that adds a twist that should be interesting to watch played out.

  35. Jessica says:

    In the second mustache picture he kinda looks like Hitler, sort of. XD

    Anyway, I don’t think Bel Ami will be THAT bad. Jeez Louise! My mom, however, might agree with you. To her, if it’s not a horror flick (meh) or a cheap-ass SyFy-channel movie (barf), it’s “boring.” She’s weird like that. 😛

  36. rebarr says:

    “Boo” to this post. Younger man with older women is very interesting…..casting KST was a great move….she is a superb (soo-pearb) actress. Looking forward to some real acting from Rob and the ladies. You girls are way harsh on your own sex (read gender)…..but you’ll understand when you’re more mature 😉

  37. stupidshiny says:

    Read the book and loved it, can’t wait to see the movie either. Love KST and CR think they’re both gorgeous and talented and will make this movie.

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