MTV Movie Awards – My blinking heart crotch beats only for Rob

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Dear Rob,

The MTV movie awards started off with such promise…

This happened…

You and Taylor kicking ass in a fake movie with a BLONDE handlebar mustache!

MTV could have just stopped the show after this, really how could it have gone up from here? MTV blew their wad in the first 5 seconds… Time to get some TV Viagra MTV, so you can last for the WHOLE 93254902348 hours this show drags on.

Didn’t see it live?

Also kudos to MTV for resurrecting a movie character over 2 years old as the main character for half the bits they played. Len Grossman?? Way to stay current folks! Who ever said you gous lost touch with pop culture? Speaking of, what about that Len Grossman (Tom Cruise) slash Jennifer Lopez performance, huh?! Another banner moment in irrelevancy for the night.

Follow the cut to see Rob win some awards, some other stuff happens and we have a GIVEAWAY!!

then some old guys from SNL and the King of Queens dressed up in their finest Old Navy cargos to talk about something and give KStew her award. I’ll refrain from even talking about it cause “I agree… WHOOO!”

Then TI came out and my roommate told us how hot she thought he was and we reminded her he’s an ex-con. Wah wah wah.

And then Jonah Hill and Russell Brand fought about Team Jacob vs Team Edward and stole my line about how it’s reminiscent of the East Coast/West Coast rap wars of the 90s when they described it to P.Diddy.

Up here... my eyes are up here

Some more stuff happened… Anna Kendrick and her awesome boobs won something, then an asian man almost flashed us his balls while dancing in a leopard thong unitard. I’m currently still bleaching my eye balls.

While the folks watching at my house debated who would win best kiss I told them to never underestimate the power of the Robsten fans. Though a KStew/Dakota kiss would be a close second. The only group as powerful or as scary as the Robtens would most definitely be the Krisbians. Never underestimate the power for fake lesbian love. But it had to be Robsten fans in the end… give them a possible fake kissing opportunity on national TV and they’ll burn the midnight oil voting till their computer explodes or until they’re forced to take up a speed habit or pay homeless men to make it a reality.

So surprise as expected you guys won.  Then reprising her role as Bella from that little movie saga called Twilight and reminding us of why the 2009 MTV Movie Awards were so great, Kristen half tripped walking up to accept their award for best kiss…

And then you grabbed all the popcorn

and tried to kill Kristen with blunt force head trauma by smashing the award into her skull. I mean…

But Kristen wasn’t having any of that… and she smooshed you all up in the face.

and then the most awkward kiss/non kiss happened or didn’t happen. And we all remained bored so we opened that case of Pabst in the fridge. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. After last year when you guys sent everyone into a tizzy you just can’t top that.


Katy Perry performed in a blue wig and oiled up boobs.

Then we all had girl crushes on Sandra Bullocks legs and shoes. Mostly, the shoes. And of course Betty White. The best kiss should have been between you and Betty. Let an older woman show you how it’s done.

Then Ken Jeong won for the Hangover and totally confused us with his swing in emotions from winning to his wife’s breast cancer, to cursing to Mike Tyson getting all clappy.

And then my boyfriend Aziz Ansari did he awesome R Kelly impression and saved me from ever having to watch Avatar! LIKE!

Why is his melon this large? Something's wrong, right?

Then we were scared because The Rock looked like a steroid experiment gone really wrong.

And then Tom Felton, looking like an anime character, accepted an award for best villian when the creepers from the Thumping Beaver bookstore parking lot Twilight flashback in New Moon, clearly should have won. I mean they tried to make Bella drink a Natty Ice and listen to them make fart jokes in a parking lot. That is obviously a true villain.

And then came the most confusing part of all… the Eclipse trailer…

So much to say here… what was the music under the clip? And why did Taylor forget the 2nd half of his line “…hold on tight…” YOU LITTLE SPIDER MONKEY?! Hello!! Do we have to do everything around here?

Then Zac Efron was robbed cause you won Best Male Performance (heh). I KID, I KID! Of course you’re supposed to win because how else will we make fun of you, if you’re not allowed on stage to let loose lines about stuff coming out of your pants but in this case you thanked for parents for “CONCEIVING” you. Yup, ya did. And I may have shuttered a little for you.

Then we debated whether Katie Holmes had applied body lotion to her face or whether she was in love with the botox needle.

And then this happened…

Yes, that’s a neon BLINKING heart over XTina’s crotchatal area. No. Just. No.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to figure out…

Did Stephanie Ritz get a new hair did? Cause that looks to be a middle part with loose waves. These are things I wonder.

Then another shocking surprise total expected event happened: New Moon won best movie of the year.

There was a lot shocking about this, namely Jackson’s total descent into awfulness. The jacket? The hair? I never thought I’d say this, but can you not lend him one of your stolen outfits? Or show him what a comb looks like? And while you’re at it wash Peter Facinelli’s mouth out with soap so Stephenie Meyer doesn’t have to fly to LA and do it herself. Mike Dexter may drop more F bombs than the folks on the Howard Stern show but Carlisle Cullen does not! Somewhere a Summit PR person cried into their Blackberry.

SO then I think it was over and I thought about the fact I have to watch these until at least 2012 and then I wanted to crack one of those popcorn trophies over my own head.

I love you Aziz!

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So did you watch the MTV Movie Awards? What’d ya think? Favorite part? Did you win any money in your MTV Movie Awards pool? Would anyone bet against a Rob/Twilight fan?

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311 Responses to “MTV Movie Awards – My blinking heart crotch beats only for Rob”

  1. Jayde says:

    I haven’t seen it yet 🙁
    My brother has taped it for me on cable though so I’m gonna watch it tomorrow! 😀

  2. eloise says:

    First, I love the new site. I totally did a double take when it came up instead of the old site.

    This was great! “and tried to kill Kristen with blunt force head trauma by smashing the award into her skull. I mean…”

    • undecidesten says:

      This was great! “and tried to kill Kristen with blunt force head trauma by smashing the award into her skull. I mean…”

      ha ha ya that was brilliant … if only

    • eloise says:

      I lost my bat sh!t crazy on rollerskates avi. 🙁 I guess I may actually have to sign up and pick out a real one now.

    • he looks so happy to be smashing it on her noggin’ 😉

      • gizmo says:

        To me it looked like little boy’s bruised ego. You know when a girl embarrasses a boy on a playground in front of the whole class and he just has to hit her or pull her pants down to retaliate. That was the only good part of that whole acceptance fiasco. It would’ve been even better if he’d tried to pull her skirt up.

    • agusap says:

      Haha I agree “and tried to kill Kristen…” that was great, made me laughed out loud, and I actually like her *shrugs*

      I love the new site but I’m gonna miss my drunk green bug avi, I only had it for a short period of time but we shared a deep connection…

  3. undecidesten says:

    aaarrgh i have to wait for tonight to see this.
    please tell me they didn’t kiss!!
    i love the denim jacket rob!!!

  4. Natashadushi says:

    Congrats on the new web! I still have to watch the MTV MA when I get home this evening. I put my alarmclock at 03.00 am but I was to tired to watch the awardshow. But thank God to twitter that I can read what happend (while I am at work)

  5. mine!mine!mine! says:

    I haven’t watched it yet being as I’m over in England and I couldn’t stay up last night to watch the live stream. I do have work. Though the whole ‘should I stay up or shouldn’t I’ got me thinking about this ridiculous obsession I have. I am seriously living a ‘live half lived’ and I really feel it’s got to stop. I don’t run in the mornings anymore, because I go to bed too late to get up early enough to do it, this is because I’m up till all hours googling Rob Pattinson and reading shit that’s about 90% crap. I stare at pictures of said celebrity for hours on end, I’m seriously going to lose my job, my RL friends think I’m suffering from bi-polar disorder (actually I do! and it’s not fun). Why, why am I obsessing with a man/boy who has no relevance or place in my life…….

    Blimey, I’m miserable today 🙂

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      liking the new site by the way.

      Why are my comments awaiting moderation?

      Hope I win a BIJ tee or a BIJ travel coffee mug 🙂

    • Obava says:

      I went through a smilar time earlier this year, and just took a break. I had a good dealer, um friend, who let me know if anything TRULY earth-shaking happened in RobWorld. It hellped me feel like I was running my life, not my Robsession.
      Maybe if you & Rob took a little break, you’d feel better.

      xo obava

    • misty says:


      I was starting to think that same thing about myself…am I going crazy? I admit that I don’t spend as much time googling Rob, I don’t really read the “crap” about him and Kstew, I don’t read FF and most of my Rob time is spent here on LTR….so what am I trying to say???
      Hang in there. I try to convince myself that reading WFE and Bel Ami have nothing to do with Rob…it works for me. I know you have already read them, if you would like other good recc. of books let me know, I have a few. But remember that your totes NORMAL and there are worse cases then us…we aren’t hiding in any bushes or taking our clothes off at the sight of him or asking him to hold/name our baby. That is not normal.

      • Stacey says:

        I am completely blaming my obsession on left over pregnancy hormones. Of course, if I’m still using this excuse when the baby turns 16, I might be having some issues.

        It’s normal to read articles and look at pictures. But I agree with Misty that it can go too far with the stalking and using your baby as a prop to lure in Rob. That borders on creepy.

    • Rob4Deb says:

      Oh my – i could have written what you did myself (does that make sense?)

      I spent last week on an island in the Maldives where the rule is “no shoes, no news” so I had to read WFE just to get over the whole no ROB thingy for a whole week goddammit! So anyway, what I’m trying to say is “we were on a break” for 6 days, and what do I come home to? MTV Awards. YAY!!!!!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        “we were on a break”! love it!! you must be a Friends fan too! I knew I was in good company!

    • Been there, done that (minus the bi-polar behaviour). I hate it, but still do it. Like misty, I don’t read fanfic and don’t spend much time stalking, I’m probl. the last to know things, but still.

      Career/personal achievements since the robsession: ZERO. My life dreams revolved around freedom & success, never wanted kids & stuff, now turns out I’m stuck with some guy I’ll never meet. Sure I have a social & cultural life I love, but it’s sooooooo ridiculously pathetic to think of Rob while drunk with friends at 3 AM, I don’t even want to admit it.

  6. Dionrenee says:

    This show should have been called The MTV Twilight Saga Movie awards, the other nominees in any Twilight Saga category didn’t stand a chance!!! Kristen beat out Sandra B for god’s sake….and I do believe there was a kiss in that fake kiss fiasco…Rob was hot btw…obvi..

    • undecidedsten says:

      thank god the oscars are voted by the academy!!

      • The Old One says:

        Good thing the Oscars aren’t a popularity contest. We all love Rob, of course, but Best Male Performance for New Moon? We know he will always win for “male performance”, wink, wink, but really, he hardly said anything, and was barely in the movie. Embarrassing. And I think they’re embarrassed, too, but are good sports about the whole ridiculous thing.

        • Yes, très embarrassing. To the point that Ashton Katcher makes fun of him (or at least of Twihards) and the guy himself says he should be nominated in the female category also. 🙂 Embarassing but fun. As all.

        • robsfuturemate says:

          I too giggled at the “male performance” catergory! Win!

      • forgot to mention the BAFTA’s where they have one award for which the people vote (obviously they had no idea about the Twihards). Guess who won it? Does it mean anything? No, and she knows it.

        • The Old One says:

          “She” does know, hence the awkward acceptance speeches. People say she’s ungrateful, but come on, at least she has a grasp on the reality of the whole thing, and puts the responsibility for the popularity back on the fans, rather than letting it go to her head. Yes, I’m defending her.

    • Obava says:

      D- I agree on all counts. I thought fer shur Sandy was going to win for best female actress- she deserved it way more than KStew. And I think Rob kissed Stewie when his back was to the audience 🙂

  7. che says:

    i couldn’t watch it cuz i had to sleep.but as i checked out;Rob looks hot,sweet, awsome.
    and the best kiss/non kiss …it looked totes fail to me.i agree they couln’t Top last years.but i liked ROb’s last grab
    and i liked more his attempt to kill Kstew 🙂

  8. Edible Art ? says:

    Cool new site – not seen any of the MTV awards none of the MTV vids work over here waiting for youtube to catch up- But Rob looks goo oh yes !

  9. melronin says:

    Wow…guys, congrats on your new site!!! Love it!!!

    I haven’t seen the whole show but I watched the vids of him win it all… and look gorgeous…lol…isn’t that what’s all about???
    That nonkissing-tryingtokissher thing though was… don’t worry unde!!!

  10. Edible Art ? says:

    And I have my old name back !!!! woo hoo – I have been using H20 for elephants cause I couldn’t get edible art to work in wordpress – techno phobe !!!! hello all !!

  11. tuesdaymidnight says:

    Some thoughts:
    1) I love that you used Grizzly Rob for your header!
    2) Peter Facinelli made my night. There was so much bleeping going on over the course of two hours, were it something slightly more intellectually taxing than the MTV movie awards, I wouldn’t have been able to follow it. On the East Coast airing, they missed one of Peter’s f-bombs, so now I bet he’s in trouble with the FCC, too!
    3) Jackson was clearly trying to audition for a doo wop group… right?
    4) Anna Kendrick really does have a nice rack.

    • Obava says:

      Here in Mountain time they missed about 8 of PFach’s f-bombs- it was totally hilarious (and made me realise all the other ones must have been rehearsed).

      I wanna start a “Letters to Anna Kendrick’s Boobs” blog.

      • Aro says:

        Same on the west coast; full f-bombs were heard from the Fach. It was full of win. Why Carlisle, who knew?!

    • jackson is defs auditioning for the remember the 50s group at disneyland.

      and srsly when anna stood up to accept her award we all went WOAH!!!! look at that! hahaha

  12. Sue G. says:

    I actually thought there were many funny parts last night.

    I also think Robsten planned to really do a big kiss and then Kristen chickened out at the last minute, but Rob still wanted to go through with it.

    It was fun seeing them more relaxed this year.

  13. Michelle says:

    Ugh! I forgot to DVR it!!! WAAHHHHHHHHH! Now I can’t watch/backup/watch/backup and analyze to read into and/or analyze the “kiss” or lack of in my own house. Dang it. Dang it dang it dang it. I know I should be “over” wondering…but I can’t help it. Waahhh.

    With sorrow and joy (yes, remember I’m quite conflicted) I think there was a real kiss in that “kiss” too. Judging by K’s response after the dip.

    Dang, what is wrong with that girl?! I would have pulled him to the stage floor and then…

    Okay, back to work. Or maybe off to fan fic. LOL.

  14. mine!mine!mine! says:

    OK, now I’m confused! My comments are not appearing???, I can’t find a reply button to comments. Previously posted ‘liking site’ now I’m not so sure…..I don’t like change my screen looks funny…!

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      ok ignore the above comment, my screen’s returned to normal and it’s all look ok again. Reply buttons turned up and I’m liking the new site again 🙂

      Still don’t know why my comments are awaiting moderation. wonder if I’m typed int he wrong username or mail address….it looks ok!

  15. MsLiss8 says:

    Congratulations on the new web site.
    Can someone please upload the above vids to yuou tuebe as i’m stcuk here is Australia unalbe ot view cos i’m not in the correct location.. I just don’t get it why would mtv bother to block thier web site from over seas viewers? to encourage people to copy thier shit and put it on you tube?
    hmmphh.. *poutyface*

    • i don’ think the vids are available on you tube right now. i have a feeling they WERE but MTV pulled them. they suck like t hat… sorry 🙁 If we see them, we’ll change the vids out!

      • MsLiss says:

        thanks UC – don’t mind me i just let my green eyed monster loose for a bit… i know i just have to wait a bit and they’ll turn up somewhere! 😉

  16. Tigerkitten36 says:

    I couldnt figure out why. One, Jennifer Lopez was there Two, dancing to her song from four years ago?
    Leave it to MTV to be lame.

    But who knew Tom Cruise had moves?! Other then Katie Holmes?

    Best Kiss, I was hoping it was Stew and Dakota, that would have been funny. But it seemed he gave her a kiss on the cheek. From what I could see……

    Mark Walberg hanging from a harness was funny. Will not so much.

  17. Stacey says:

    Love the new websites! They look great!

    Wow, what can you say about those awards last night? My husband threw a temper tantrum when I switched off the Celtics playoffs to watch it. Mike Dexter kisses Kelly Taylor with that potty mouth? (I so just dated myself here) Aziz Ansari giving the Twilight rundown was fun. Ohh that man can do anything and make me smile! Rob was, as always, attractive. That’s all I got from the show.

    The best part of the show happened this morning, when my friend sent a link to Seth Green at the awards. My daughter asked why daddy is in that picture. Ha ha! If there is someone my husband hates more than Rob, it’s his shorter twin Seth Green. Ohh, payback for last night is going to be sweet.

  18. Bella_NaA says:

    Fantastic new layout! Rob’ll be proud.
    When I clicked on ‘read more’, weird things happened to the embedded youtube videos though. They were suddenly stretched horizontally to match my 22′ screen. Weird.

    Rob and Kristen needed at least an almost-dry hump to top last year’s almost-kiss. Too bad they didn’t deliver.

    Rob thanked his parents for conceiving him?! *runs out to YouTube*

  19. misty says:

    I watched the awards last night…I was not impressed with Rob sweeping Mullephant into his arms for a kiss or his outfit. I was impressed with his acceptance speeches, his smile and laugh/giggle. *sigh

    UC and Moon, congrats on the new website xoxo

    p.s. now someone has to tell me how to get an avi for this site.

  20. Susan R. says:

    I wonder how much crap he got from KStew about the last grab and kiss / attempted kiss?

  21. dazzledtodeath says:

    I miss the old LTR header, with Rob replying to his many letters. Does this mean he doesn’t really answer his letters? I think I’m going to cry.

    Rob looked so hot last night. I loved Peter at the end. The only downer was the fake pony-tailed mullephant.

  22. Cazza says:

    I watched it through gritted teeth in the end. I must be getting old cause I bitched on twitter about the entire thing.

    I thought Rob did well but really, what the hell was he wearing? Kristen, well, she usually doesn’t annoy me that much but last night she did. I could have bitch slapped her to outer space. Why can’t she just go wth the flow of the programme and have fun with it instead of all the eye rolling etc. She is one lucky gal thanks to the Twilight franchise and trust me, I would appreciate her bank account as a result.

    Sandra B was my highlight in the end. Yep, I could have stolen her dress and her darn CLoubs too. I alo loved when Betty stepped in and told her to never wear her dress backwards – classic.


  23. LissyLoo says:

    Totally haven’t seen it yet, but watched the horrible awkward moment when they received award for best kiss. They weren’t joking when they said they needed smoke and mirrors to make that look good!

    P.S. Love the new sites…. Looking very good and all working wonderfully so far! Xox

    • Aro says:

      I watched most of that with a pillow half covering my eyes (because I’m mature like that and) because it was heinous and awkward and not at all funny and oh Lord.

  24. Natsu says:

    I can’t believe I watched the whole show. I think I was still getting over the vodka I had the night before. It was a long day yesterday…

    Anywho, I loved the opening with Les! Rob and TayTay (as I lovingly call him) like Starsky and Hutch. Like Murtough and Riggs. Like Ponch and Baker. I can see it now! Rob and TayTay. I like it.

    I almost didn’t watch it because of the obvious way Kristen was going to act. Her constant sputtering, her awkward walks to the stage, her non existent smile…it just makes me feel weird. Why go at all??

    I felt kinda bad for the cast last night. Were they in the nosebleed section? C’mon, peeps!! It’s the Twilight Saga for goodness sake! Rob, K, and TayTay had to wait forever for them. But, I guess they should be happy they were at least invited… I guess.

    Oh, and I think I had enough Jersey Shore last night to make me throw up. Miami?? Seriously? If the oil spill reaches MIA, then I’m pretty sure BP can blame it on their grease filled hair and oily fake tanned skin. Ew.

    PS – LOVE THE SITE!!!!

  25. SpinningHead says:

    THANKS for the writeup! I didn’t have time (nor inclination) to watch so it was great to get all the highlights here (and one particular low (blinking heart) light).

  26. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Snarkier Than You and AEREN, TwilightѼTwit in Oz. TwilightѼTwit in Oz said: Collective Vagina explosion more like! RT @letter2twilight: My blinking heart vagina beats only 4 RPattz […]

  27. MrsKowski says:

    I enjoyed last night’s show …but I’m really not sure why. I spent most of it flipping back and forth between feeling like everyone else deserved the awards more than our twi-peeps and being ashamed that I am watching enough of it to have those feelings.

    Rob was hot as ever though, so it totally made it worth it 🙂

  28. Ladsdm says:

    I love the new site girls! This post was great for the giggles. Thank you 😉

  29. j9necessary says:

    Well….I don’t take change well…but I guess I must….just need some time to adjust….

    Missed the beating heart xtina episode…kinda glad.

    Is it wrong to say I enjoyed the Tom Cruise/Len Grossman expo?

    Kristen should just sit back and enjoy the ride (twss) and try not to act like she doesn’t care (eyeroll when Rob thanked her for being a part of his winning awards).

    Most of all loved seeing Rob “almost” put together

  30. So, with some other European (crazies) gals, we did found each other on twitter around 2-3 AM. The good joke (for me) is that the streaming ( practically didn’t work) only worked from time to time . In my defence, I was up cause I needed to write something for today. Turned out I didn’t write it till 9 AM, didn’t sleep either, and didn’t really watched the Movie Awards either! 🙂 Yes, I’m good like that. But I had fun with the girls!

    Of course after staying up, I watched Rob’s bits (twss) (looking for something coming out of his pants) on You Tube (!!!) possibly in Brazilian! And it was plain and not interesting. Shoàcking I know!

    PS I watched Avatar. It’s funny sometimes. Not that it would be the intention. But I still think it’s a to watch movie for the special effects.

    PSS I still laugh when I see people (spamming) strongly encouraging every 5 minutes on blogs & Twitter to vote for Rob, Twi… And they’re not teens. That’s the best part!

    • Jules says:

      OMFG – Min, I thought you were kidding about skipping sleep altogether. I passed out after that tweet, I think.

      I didn’t watch the show either, but was well informed and entertained via twitter.
      Now I need to watch clips on youtube so that I can give my opinion or smth.

      • I felt so emotional to be up that early on a week day (versus just gtting home on Saturday night) that I also went for a run at 7AM and had to explain to the local drunks that no, I don’t go jogging with cigarettes and stuff on me.

    • Our situations were very similar.
      I was up trying to finish some project and then twitter got all hot and excited. So I thought I’d take a break and watch it. This turned into that disastrous stream search and by the time 5am came I was thoroughly pissed and just went to bed.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      I’m one of the crazy Europeans and watched the awards on MTV Adria, I was also on chat with the girls from the Rob’s flat, I also had 2 livestreams opened just in case (one was MTV’s red carpet/backstage/audience view) and I was also DVR ing the show. It happened to be too much going on for one sleepy person, so I missed most of the tweets.
      I went to bed for 20 minutes when it was over and the to work at 6 am. Yes, that’s how hardcore MTV audience I am. I no longer stay up to watch Golden Globes or Emmys or sometimes even Oscars if I work the next morning, but MTV music and movie awards are still my thing. And I usually guess the winners, Rain and all.
      I actually believed Taylor will win as best male.

      But I’m not completely lost case. Last night it was “My country’s got talent” show finale and it got record ratings – ever. I didn’t watch it, because my favourite philosophy professor from university was having an interview at the same time on another channel. And of course I preferred to watch, no, listen to him.

  31. SarahG says:

    LOVE the new site! I guess missed out
    on the post a while back that you would be moving sites. I kept checking LTT for your 8am post and it wasn’t there! Luckily, LTR showed me the way 🙂

    Cant wait to watch the replay in it’s entirety. Missed the whole
    thing because I was driving back from the beach.

  32. mine!mine!mine! says:

    I’m starting to get upset and a little bit paranoid…where are my comments. Have I been blacklisted from LTR…..Noooooooooooooooooooooo

    I’ve been commenting away and replying to my own comments like a silly fool but nothing, nothing…again why???? Where are my comments….I’m in a bad way today and this is just making me feel worse. Rob love disappearing, LTR comments disappearing what’s going on? I’m v. sad 🙁

    Once my comments appear I’m going to look like a crazy person (oh right, I am a crazy person), due to all the whinging and commenting about my comments not showing up……get a grip girl!!!

  33. robgirl86 says:

    huuuuu, new site…

    you wanna be kissed on stage?
    just make a call, I think I’ve zero problems to do that

    P.S. Can’t believe you have new pants and you seemed so happy about them, wow! And..congrats to 3 awards!

    • Obava says:

      RG you make me giggle 🙂

    • The Old One says:

      RG, there was one picture that showed the back of his new pants, it it looked like he forgot to take off the paper tag. Maybe someone made him stop at the mall and get a new pair of pants on the way to the awards show, because he was about to show up in an old pair with holes in the crotch or something.

      • southernbelle says:

        The tag was left behind! I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry about that!

        I remember telling a friend of mine last night that no one’s taking care of Rob! He needs us!

  34. SaritaPagit says:

    Congrats on the new site ladies! Another step closer to bloggy world domination. Muwahaha.
    Best synopsis of the awards show yet. There are some screen shots of the two of them during the kiss and it’s so awkward I’m cringing just remembering it.

    • The Old One says:

      It was obviously rehearsed to look as awkward as possible. I thought they did a good job making people think it was spontaneously awkward and cringe-worthy! Kinda cute. That acting job makes me think I should give them a little slack on whether they deserved Best Male and Female Performance awards.

    • that is exactly why i didnt post them. NO THANKS!

    • Aro says:

      There’s video of him saying it didn’t work. Least he recognized it.

  35. Obava says:

    Jeez, Moonie- who peed in your Wheaties yesterday morning? You must have gotten too jaded, living the LA lifestyle. That awards show was all sorts of fun!

    I don’t care if the character is 107 years old- Les Grossman is the only good thing TCru has ever done, and it was great seeing him again. Bad Ass Cops! Jaden Smith kicking Les in the head! More RPattz! Michael Crea bookends! That dance with Beyonce!! Honey, that was all sorts of fun.

    When Rob accepted the 2 awards for something (I didn’t really catch what exactly was going on there, but I *know* he rightfully deserves them!), he thanked his parents and the Coug and Stephenie, etc etc, just as I expected. Then Rob thanked Kristen! That was so sweet of him and I got warm and fuzzy inside until they turned the camera on BitchFace and SHE WAS BITCHFACING ROB FOR THANKING HER. Oh my fucking god if I had been anywhere near her I would have grabbed her skinny ass and snapped her like the bitch face twig she is. This rude and disrespectful display of bitchfacery is a perfect example of why I hate her.

    Whew! *smooths hair* Where was I? Oh yea, fun awards show- I thought it was a great night. And I would like to thank moaninmymouth, who stayed up until 5am (her time) to hang with me on Twitter- dayum, that is dedication, sister! I wouldn’t even stay up until 10pm for a private viewing of Rob dancing naked.

    (Moon- since the magic is obviously gone for you, maybe next year you should let UC take over for the MTV Movie Awards breakdown.)

    xo obava

    Let the down thumbs begin!!!

    • hepburn says:

      Aw…I don’t think she was bitchfacing. I just think she was a little embarressed because he referred to her as ‘the lynchpin of the series’ I’m sure she probably doesn’t think of herself that way.

    • Haha, funny thing: I eyerolled at that as well. He was suggesting that she was the shit in these movies and that it couldn’t have been done without her.
      Um Rob, you’re wrong. I would be way more excited about them if Summit fired everybody and made you play all the characters. *I’m having mental images full of win right now*

    • che says:

      they turned the camera on BitchFace and SHE WAS BITCHFACING ROB FOR THANKING HER. Oh my fucking god if I had been anywhere near her I would have grabbed her skinny ass and snapped her like the bitch face twig she is.


    • ill pass along the note to uc. sorry to disappoint you. obviously my play at sarcasm didn’t work as i wrote this at 2 in the morning, so you all could read it at 8. feel free to write you own review next year.

      • Obava says:

        Oh, Moon honey, I hearts you big time! You could blog your grocery list and it would still be fascinating and 1000% funnier than my shizz <3
        Sorry if I hurt your feelers- it just sounded like you didn't have a good time 🙁

  36. j9necessary says:

    Was it just me or did Rob and TayTay look like Hall and Oats in the “Bad Ass Cops” skit? Rob also reminded me of one of the guys in The Village People…in more ways than one (looks and body language)?

  37. hepburn says:

    I felt my braincells dying everytime those Jersey Shore people showed up, they made me wish for The Hills people again.

  38. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    Afternoon! Congrats on the new site!
    I agree S Ritz looks like she’s lost the harshness and opted for some honey tones, looks good!
    I havn’t seen it yet but plan on watching at X12 speed tonight once I’ve recorded it. Rob, as always looks like the most delectable hobo. Like evverrr. That’s the lingo the kids at Mtv use right?

  39. libby says:

    First of all, congratulations on the new site!!! me likey it!!!

    on the MTVs… I loved Rob and al his adorkabliness… he was just perfect. Simple perfect.

  40. Boomin' Granny says:

    Why the fu*k didn’t she just kiss him. That whole thing looked stupid. Major FAIL on Kstew’s part. Jessica Biel should’ve jumped in and completed the job.

  41. Sharpie says:

    First, I LOVE the new site! When I first logged on, I was all like, “Wait-Wha-Where Am I?-Oohhh!!!” *smile*

    I did watch the awards last night, and the only part that irritated me a bit, was the Best Kiss award. I believe an eye roll was involved, and a muttering of a “Give me an effing break.” For the love of everything, just do it already! And the night wouldn’t have felt right if Kristen wasn’t tripping, and Rob didn’t have verbal diarrhea.

  42. Zees84 says:

    For those who follow me on le Twitter, you might recall that while watching the awards last night, I was the most drunk I’ve ever been. I drink never. So I’ll just post some of my deep thoughts:

    STFU!!!!!!! Rob and Tom Cruise ftmfw!!!!
    I’m guessing Twitter died, bc I know u all saw that piece of brilliance

    I can fucking believe I’m watching this….

    Don’t forget that @kenjeong is an MD. Seriously. He went to and finished med school.

    Rj Berger: I won’t watch, bc really, you look awful. but thanks for dispelling the rumor abt Jewish guys and small dicks. Cept the ex.

    [Editor’s note: THEN—I cracked open the second bottle:]

    Those two [rob and stew] are motherfucking fucking

    Jason segel: I want to ride your cock

    Hey there, Mark Wahlberg’s junk…

    Hey Rob, you’re wearing stew’s jacket

    Seriosly, fuck my life for liking Rwiligh. But I do, I fucking want yp fuck Edward

    If rib wins, no integrity for awrds
    Bit I do like it when hectslks, so I ain’t complainin

    cuter now than I’ve ever seem the zefeon. He’s old enough, duck him?

    Who don’t live pfach. Haha censors missed it
    I’ve never wanted to do pfach before mow.
    Ppl to fuck: pfarch, ronert and Edward

    they [Rob and Stew] ate Frickinf. I waney to join in/ even I’d itmeans stewing the stew.

    Me:I’m effing drink, and stew can’t legally dew it. Why is shefucking Ron and notme?
    Freya: @Zees84 Are you interested in fucking sober Stew? Because that’s what I got from your last tweet.]
    Me: if it meant fuvking the perfection of Ronert patrinson,I’d dp it. Talke one for the fucking tesm

    So that’s what I thought of the show last night. If you need me I’ll be sleeping it off under my desk at work and thanking Gd that my daughter slept late this morning.

  43. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    Bwhahaha @MP
    They’re Not TEENS!

  44. I updated the post to say that if you’re commenting for the first time, most likely you’ll go into moderation a time or two- after I approve you, you won’t be moderated again!

    ALSO… has your avatar disappeared? that must mean you ‘signed in’ with a different email address then the one you used to get a account or account. Use that same account & your avi WILL appear.

    WHY mine is a different picture, I have no idea…!

    • J-9 says:

      My old squiggly purple avi appeared on the new LTT (I used same sign-in info) but not here. Oh well. No big deal. I’m still purple and we all know… Purple’s cool.

  45. ViviLit says:

    Damn, I lost the best part of the show!!

    – Kirsten – You Know, I tried to stay on middle ground here, have a very diplomatic attitude towards her. I swear. My motto always was: as long Rob is happy, I’m happy. I tried to give her the benefit if doubt and accept her ways, shyness, bad ass atitude or whatever. For almost a year I did it but last night… If I was in Robs position I would TOTALLY crack her skull open. Every-fucking-time KStew, I don’t know, moved, Rob would look all mushy and sickly in love, smiley, very sweet and cute and all. I wanted to hug him, honest. But then came the ridiculous fake kiss (in wich Rob was very funny by the way) and then he thanked her and she looked like she was about to puke… I honestly wanted to punch her in the throat. I was already very disapointed by this year show, so unfunny… and then that! Almost to turn off the television.

    I SOOOO hope that’s just her ‘public persona’ and that in real live she is nothing like that to him, cause man, if she is 1/16 of that bitch she sooo not deserve Rob.

    So, after this MTV Movie Award I’m feeling very anti-Kirsten. I still can’t care about their love life, but I just can’t take her bichy face anymore.

    Thang god for Kirsten-less Bel Ami and WFE media stuff.

    • melronin says:

      ViviLit…you said it all girl!!!
      Thumbs up!
      “As long Rob is happy…” that’s what I thought too all this time…but…IS ROB REALLY HAPPY??? am not sure about that.

    • Stacey says:

      I kind of agree. Kristen Stewart makes me feel…umm…conflicted. Part of me keeps wants to like her and make excuses for her. She’s only 20, maybe her shyness is debilitating, she has issues with PDA’s….

      Then again, last time I checked this is a part of her job. Smiling and saying thank you isn’t that hard. It’s called being gracious. The kiss looked like a joke that fell a little flat, so that didn’t bother me that much.

      She reminds me of my little sister. Ohh, now I know what I know what my problem is!

      • RoslynSelene says:

        You too!? My little sister unfortunately has the ‘KStew cringe-worthy speech.’ It’s terrible and even when she speaks to ME she still has like a nervous pause. It’s not severe or anything but it’s exactly like KStew. LOL I (jokingly) told her recently that she makes me want to slap her. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that it’s like talking to KStew…the horror! LOL

    • Aro says:

      Thank you so much for saying this, because the fact that she annoys me SO, makes me feel like a LUNATIC! I keep saying (er, to myself) now Aro, get a grip; you have no solid justifiable reason to dislike this child. And if it’s jealousy then kill yourself now. But BLECHH! She just bugs. And it bugs me to death because it makes me question the hell out of his taste in women (then again, he did say he always fell for “nuts girls”, so there you have it).

      Meh, I’m gonna go sulk in a corner.

    • beeboo says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that wanted to punch her ass! I watched that, saw her roll her eyes at him and went Oh she did NOT just roll her eyes at him, someone needs to kick her ass! I’ve never liked KS so I have no problem with anyone else not liking her. She just keeps reminding me why I don’t like her. They were pretty obvious last night anyway especially with the goo goo eyes he was giving her but I still think the 2 of them together is a bad idea. Their little display was ridiculous and when she started explaining I was over it, the whole ‘smoke and mirrors’ BS…whatever Kristen, get over yourself! Next year I’ll kiss him so you don’t have to okay? Actually since I’m sure they’ll win next year I hope they get their award, say thanks and leave.

      • IM1LuckyWoman says:

        Ummm…about the eye rolling thing…How many of you have read Master of the Universe fan fiction and how many of you remember what happened when Bella rolled her eyes at Edward in that wonderfully written story? Hmmmm…maybe it was eye rolling with a purpose. (Rob has said he’s read fan fiction and that some of it is “pretty hardcore”. He HAS to have read MotU!!) Just sayin’. If rolling my eyes would get me what rolling her eyes got Bella…I don’t think I could possibly KEEP from rolling them every chance I got!

    • i agree vivilit – i got over trying to be diplomatic about her last night. being gracious goes a long way. she should learn that word.

    • LadyN says:

      You know, I get shes awkward and shi—stuff. But come onnnns. PFFT.

      I know cuz I’M AWKWARD when people stare but I wouldn’t go to the extreme. It was weird. Just…weird. If its so bad, maybe she should get that checked? Gosh idk, there has to be a medicine out there!

      or is it that she’s just barely 20? Am I giving her too much credit? hm. maybe I am. She still has a bit of puberty to go through and teen awkwardness….?? Yikes.

      *Eureka!* THERE IS A MEDICINE!

      It’s called ‘Bitch-be-gone’ Comes in spray bottles! 😀

  46. whyamidoingthis says:

    Didn’t watch the awards. This morning just took in the parts with Rob. Interesting pnts….

    The best kiss acceptance was SO awkward and 2nd hand embarrassing. Srsly, they should have just done a quick peck and thanked everyone. Not so difficult. C’mon!

    Like your new digs! Maybe you can mix it up a bit every now and then. Alternate the cardboard background with a dumpster-green color with recycling logo?

  47. Katie S says:

    Wtf is this?! I fear change. Stop scaring me.

    I love Rob’s adorkableness so, so much. And this: “and tried to kill Kristen with blunt force head trauma by smashing the award into her skull. I mean…” LOVE IT!

    • IM1LuckyWoman says:

      Why do we love Rob’s adorkableness but so many of us (you) find it unacceptable in Kristen? Just askin’.

  48. poochi_mama says:

    LOVE the new site! Scruffy Rob is my fave…
    I have no comment on the MTV awards. I DVR’ed it so I could watch season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  49. robgirl86 says:

    The funniest parts had Grossman! Great role Tom!

    • mountainlion says:

      I think Tom as Grossman was great and I will be very surprised if a 2 hour movie isn’t made featuring that character.

  50. Jules says:

    Dear UC & Moon – I love our new home.

    I just wanna say one thing…I miss my squiggly purple monster avi.

    • Sharpie says:

      lol-word, jules. word. the first thing i thought was, “*sadface* my little green heart man with the squiggly arms is gone!!” but the rest i totally heart.

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