MTV Movie Awards – My blinking heart crotch beats only for Rob

(Welcome to our new digs!! This is LTR, have a look around and update your bookmarks!)

Dear Rob,

The MTV movie awards started off with such promise…

This happened…

You and Taylor kicking ass in a fake movie with a BLONDE handlebar mustache!

MTV could have just stopped the show after this, really how could it have gone up from here? MTV blew their wad in the first 5 seconds… Time to get some TV Viagra MTV, so you can last for the WHOLE 93254902348 hours this show drags on.

Didn’t see it live?

Also kudos to MTV for resurrecting a movie character over 2 years old as the main character for half the bits they played. Len Grossman?? Way to stay current folks! Who ever said you gous lost touch with pop culture? Speaking of, what about that Len Grossman (Tom Cruise) slash Jennifer Lopez performance, huh?! Another banner moment in irrelevancy for the night.

Follow the cut to see Rob win some awards, some other stuff happens and we have a GIVEAWAY!!

then some old guys from SNL and the King of Queens dressed up in their finest Old Navy cargos to talk about something and give KStew her award. I’ll refrain from even talking about it cause “I agree… WHOOO!”

Then TI came out and my roommate told us how hot she thought he was and we reminded her he’s an ex-con. Wah wah wah.

And then Jonah Hill and Russell Brand fought about Team Jacob vs Team Edward and stole my line about how it’s reminiscent of the East Coast/West Coast rap wars of the 90s when they described it to P.Diddy.

Up here... my eyes are up here

Some more stuff happened… Anna Kendrick and her awesome boobs won something, then an asian man almost flashed us his balls while dancing in a leopard thong unitard. I’m currently still bleaching my eye balls.

While the folks watching at my house debated who would win best kiss I told them to never underestimate the power of the Robsten fans. Though a KStew/Dakota kiss would be a close second. The only group as powerful or as scary as the Robtens would most definitely be the Krisbians. Never underestimate the power for fake lesbian love. But it had to be Robsten fans in the end… give them a possible fake kissing opportunity on national TV and they’ll burn the midnight oil voting till their computer explodes or until they’re forced to take up a speed habit or pay homeless men to make it a reality.

So surprise as expected you guys won.Β  Then reprising her role as Bella from that little movie saga called Twilight and reminding us of why the 2009 MTV Movie Awards were so great, Kristen half tripped walking up to accept their award for best kiss…

And then you grabbed all the popcorn

and tried to kill Kristen with blunt force head trauma by smashing the award into her skull. I mean…

But Kristen wasn’t having any of that… and she smooshed you all up in the face.

and then the most awkward kiss/non kiss happened or didn’t happen. And we all remained bored so we opened that case of Pabst in the fridge. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. After last year when you guys sent everyone into a tizzy you just can’t top that.


Katy Perry performed in a blue wig and oiled up boobs.

Then we all had girl crushes on Sandra Bullocks legs and shoes. Mostly, the shoes. And of course Betty White. The best kiss should have been between you and Betty. Let an older woman show you how it’s done.

Then Ken Jeong won for the Hangover and totally confused us with his swing in emotions from winning to his wife’s breast cancer, to cursing to Mike Tyson getting all clappy.

And then my boyfriend Aziz Ansari did he awesome R Kelly impression and saved me from ever having to watch Avatar! LIKE!

Why is his melon this large? Something's wrong, right?

Then we were scared because The Rock looked like a steroid experiment gone really wrong.

And then Tom Felton, looking like an anime character, accepted an award for best villian when the creepers from the Thumping Beaver bookstore parking lot Twilight flashback in New Moon, clearly should have won. I mean they tried to make Bella drink a Natty Ice and listen to them make fart jokes in a parking lot. That is obviously a true villain.

And then came the most confusing part of all… the Eclipse trailer…

So much to say here… what was the music under the clip? And why did Taylor forget the 2nd half of his line “…hold on tight…” YOU LITTLE SPIDER MONKEY?! Hello!! Do we have to do everything around here?

Then Zac Efron was robbed cause you won Best Male Performance (heh). I KID, I KID! Of course you’re supposed to win because how else will we make fun of you, if you’re not allowed on stage to let loose lines about stuff coming out of your pants but in this case you thanked for parents for “CONCEIVING” you. Yup, ya did. And I may have shuttered a little for you.

Then we debated whether Katie Holmes had applied body lotion to her face or whether she was in love with the botox needle.

And then this happened…

Yes, that’s a neon BLINKING heart over XTina’s crotchatal area. No. Just. No.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to figure out…

Did Stephanie Ritz get a new hair did? Cause that looks to be a middle part with loose waves. These are things I wonder.

Then another shocking surprise total expected event happened: New Moon won best movie of the year.

There was a lot shocking about this, namely Jackson’s total descent into awfulness. The jacket? The hair? I never thought I’d say this, but can you not lend him one of your stolen outfits? Or show him what a comb looks like? And while you’re at it wash Peter Facinelli’s mouth out with soap so Stephenie Meyer doesn’t have to fly to LA and do it herself. Mike Dexter may drop more F bombs than the folks on the Howard Stern show but Carlisle Cullen does not! Somewhere a Summit PR person cried into their Blackberry.

SO then I think it was over and I thought about the fact I have to watch these until at least 2012 and then I wanted to crack one of those popcorn trophies over my own head.

I love you Aziz!

PS take a look at our new digs!!!! Yup, Rob this is your NEW home! Goodbye blue blog hello scruffy hotness with a homeless man cardboard background. Feels just like home, right? So if you’re a nerd it’s time to update bookmarks AND your reader needs to be updated to:

So did you watch the MTV Movie Awards? What’d ya think? Favorite part? Did you win any money in your MTV Movie Awards pool? Would anyone bet against a Rob/Twilight fan?

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311 Responses to “MTV Movie Awards – My blinking heart crotch beats only for Rob”

  1. mine!mine!mine! says:

    D2D & Undecidedsten

    who’s replying to whom and about what??? Heehee

    The reply buttons gone wonky just like Rob’s legs πŸ™‚

  2. sassysmart says:

    I said this over in the forum. I didn’t watch last night (Family Channelling fail) but now seeing the pictures and video…why is Rob trying to bring back the Flock of Seagulls hair?

  3. 1. Love the new site

    2. Did you catch what Kristen said at the beginning of that let’s-fake-try-and-fake-kiss-omg-we’re-such-bad-actors kiss?

    Kristen: “Oh common you’re used to it”
    Rob all innocent like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about: “OH?!” thinking “wtf?! Did you just out us?”
    Kristen then mumbles something that I interpreted as “nono, I mean we did it before in the movies.”

    I can’t seem to decide whether this was in the script too or not.

    • LadyN says:

      SHE DID?!?! BWAHAHAHahah!
      What an idiot. Awkward AND word vomitor.

      -Oh, come on we’re used to this cuz we did it all last night, remember?!-
      BWAH! *haz to watch AGAIN*

  4. Robjunkie says:

    New site is fabulous. Well done girls!

    And now about that complete kissFAIL last night. Ugh, I canNOT believe how ridiculously awkward and embarrassing it was. I get that they probably planned how they were going to play it, but they were both soooo uncomfortable that it just came off looking super lame. How awful for them.

  5. nora says:

    see, i didn’t need to watch the awards b/c i knew you ladies would do a kick ass job reviewing. πŸ˜‰ and a blinking crotch heart??? srsly? um, hell no.

  6. mine!mine!mine! says:

    UC / Moon,

    the reply button just isn’t working…replies are all over the shop πŸ™‚

    last comment was a reply to D2D but it just ended up at the bottom of the comments. Odd!

  7. TeamJorts says:

    I can only imagine what KStew was saying to Rob after she almost tripped….I think it went something like this “We’re ROBSTEN and I’m SOOO Bella clumsy! Lets go up on stage and make the entire US uncomfortable with our awkward weirdness.” I love watching them it’s like you never realize how unawkward you are until you watch them in public.

    • Aleisha says:

      It reminded me of how Edward is always right by Bella, holding on to her arm so she won’t fall. Rob to Kirsten, “It’s my job to protect you.”

      • mine!mine!mine! says:


        sorry, but a little bit of sick just came up in my mouth !

        that’s the sappiest thing I’ve read in an age πŸ™‚

        • Aleisha says:

          LMAO!! Please PLEASE know that I meant that in a TOTALLY sarcastic way. 100%. But, I can’t see how that didn’t translate in the writing.

    • Stacey says:

      I imagine Rob saying,”I’m surprised that I didn’t trip. I’ve been drinking since 3.” Which I think is the reason for the tiny jacket choice.

  8. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the update on the MTV awards. I didn’t get to watch it last night, but I will be catching up on all the best clips today.

    You guys are amazing and I love the new site!

    Off to change my links!

  9. Colleen says:

    I watched bits and pieces of it. As for that kiss, it was utterly unreal. There was nothing sexy, romantic, or even real about it.

  10. J-9 says:

    I could have saved myself the 3 hours of MTV pushing the Jersey Shore through my eyes last night and just popped in here for this amazing recap. Oh and Pfach looked so effing hot on stage, I didn’t even realize that they weren’t bleeping his eff bombs out!

  11. it’s hard for me to watch awards shows – I feel second-hand embarrassed the entire time. for everyone. So I just watch the 30-second clips of some of the award winners (ie; best kiss) and like I said – second-hand embarrassed…

    (i like this new place!)

  12. mountainlion says:

    Hey Rob, please excuse me for a sec while I have a little chat with Kristen.


    What is your f*cking problem? Stop behaving like a child and appreciate the life you have…I like you much better as Bella.


  13. AliceNaA says:

    Congratutions with your new place, Rob! It looks surprisingly stylish and clean.

    I only saw the clips posted on robsessed. That best kiss ‘thing’ on stage was muchos awkwardos. I’m hoping for their sake that it wasn’t rehearsed and just Rob and Stewy ‘s version of “spontaneous”.

    I might have a fake lesbian crush on Jessica Biel. Who needs acting skills when you have an amazing stylist.

    I’m a bit disappointed by the new Eclipse clip in which Bella jumps on Jake’s motorcycle. The whole dialogue and body language in that scene is so weird. I actually read the book and I’m already confused about why she is leaving with Jacob and whether or not she is mad at Edward.

    Small lay-out thingy: when you move over the twitter/facebook/… buttons below the post, “array” pops up over each of them. Just letting you know πŸ˜‰

  14. southernbelle says:

    Hey girls, I love your new website design!!! It’s very nice!

    Anyway more later on the MTV stuff….

  15. chochang says:

    first, congrats on the new layout ladies!! ^^

    second, re: the first picture. do we call him robocop?

    and third, can somebody please check if stephenie is still alive? i reckon she may have had a heart attack over pfach’s sweet F bombs earlier.

  16. dazzledtodeath says:

    Even the NY Times has noticed the mullephant’s “mopey mien”:

    And the winner is-Kristen Stewart, Biggest, Most Miserable Sourpuss!

  17. Aleisha says:

    My thoughts

    1. For the 1st time ever, I actually felt a little sorry for Taylor for not getting much lovin’… maybe it’s the mom in me that worries for his self-esteem
    2. The Eclipse clip when Bella looks at Jake and says “you”… WTF?
    3. Kristen… just fucking kiss Rob. Just go for it honey and let millions of women live vicariously through you. YOU SUCK. I find this so annoying and stupid.
    4. Papa Carlisle — look, I love you. I dream of you. But all the f-bombs just made it look like you were trying too hard. Really. Less is more.
    5. Speaking of less is more… Jackson. That jacket looks like it matches a circa-1994 bridesmaid dress I wore. That was bad. You’re supposed to be my little bad ass…I want you in a black t-shirt, dirty jeans, boots, and hat. That’s my Jackson. Oh, I know… you let the costumer for Twilight dress you for the awards.
    6. Okay, maybe I’m just not fashion savvy, but Kristen’s dress… I don’t get the gray bottom and gold top. And the bottom even looked a little like.. dare I say… tweed. Seriously. But her legs did make me swoon a little.

    All for now. Going to rob a convenience store so some bad ass cops can come arrest me. I have enough balls to kiss Rob.

  18. Robjunkie says:

    Is it normal to be so embarrassed about kissing your bf or gf in public? Even if it was supposedly planned, I felt like the awkwardness and embarrassment on stage was very, very real for both of them. It did not feel like an act. I kinda feel sorry for them. Neither of them have the courage to own their relationship publicly. Oh Robsten, you make me sadface.

  19. 3hboyshouse says:

    Hey Ladies! Nice new digs and great 1st post! You have been officially bookmarked!

    Happily, I did not watch the movie awards cause you ladies do an awesome post about them, so I don’t have to sit through that teenage cringe fest! You guys rock!

  20. Rachell says:

    The pre show was torture. Almost as bad as watching their “almost” kiss. I am not ashamed to admit I covered my eyes. Boo Heavy Flow K-Stew. BOO!

  21. meh says:

    Sorry luvs, but I don’t really care for the new look. Plus, you guys have been seriously lacking lately. I would have thought you’d bow out gracefully and just shutter the thing.

    It’s time to move on. Your snarky just comes as bitterness anymore. I guess this means we’re breaking up.
    You can have Kristen.

    • Well, robslioness, you are more than welcomed to stop reading. The only person we force to read is Moon’s mom & @JanetRigs. Because we #hate her (not really- yes really- nope)

      And You know what? You’re right. A week before our interview with Stephenie Meyer WOULD be the perfect time to take our bitter asses out of the blogosphere. We’ll take Kristen, since you’re offering, and work on our fake lesbianship. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Janetrigs says:

      Greetings! You must be new around here. I like to take the time to welcome all the newbies…aka Please talk to me because I am stuck in here being forced to hate these crazy bitches everday. I CAN’T GET OUT. SEND HELP….do you know morse code?

    • Aro says:

      Snark fail.

      I guess the billions of comments they get every day and oh yeah, the personal invite to interview wait, who? Oh yeah, the author of this whole bloody thing (who apparently reads and enjoys the blog as well) is evidence that they should “shutter it”.

      You’re wrong. Now shoo.

      • Robjunkie says:

        And might I add, grammar fail. Why do all haters have this in common? No, really, it’s just freaky how they all cannot form a coherent sentence. Are they all special?

    • Stacey says:

      That wasn’t very nice. Don’t like it, then don’t read it. There is no reason to make anyone feel bad.

      OC and Moon have made two great sites for people to enjoy. It has been a welcome (and very funny!)distraction to me at a time when it’s been very easy to feel overwhelmed. I am very thankful for finding LTT and LTR.

      • i like that you accidentally called me “OC” because that reminds me of Seth Cohen & I love him

        • Stacey says:

          I’m so sorry! While I was writing, I had to check out a very special playdough sculpture of our cat that my daughter made. It did, however, look like a snake.

          I love Seth Cohen too! I even suffered through my husband drooling over Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body, because Adam Brody was in it.

    • snowwhitedriftd says:

      Perez, is this you?

    • “meh” – no. just. no.

    • Jules says:

      Wait, Sunny? Is that you?
      You forgot to call us Berthas this time.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      ‘your snarky just comes as bitterness’

      what the crap is that supposed to mean?? Could I make a suggestion, the next time you feel the need to be snarky- just so you don’t end up looking like an ass – you put the grammer check on and then re-read before posting. It kinda loses it’s impact when you can’t understand what the hell you’re trying to say!!!!!!! Oh and you can keep KS I don’t want her, maybe someone else on here does, perhaps you can convince them to take her πŸ™‚

      Also i am fully aware that my grammer and spelling are terrible and I often try to give myself the same advise!

      • Jules says:

        Dear M!M!M! – I’ve missed you! So much.

        • mine!mine!mine! says:


          Is that sarcasam I detect?! πŸ™‚

          By the way, you’re a sane intelligent woman. Could you explain to me what the arsing crap she was wearing last night???!!!!!!! Why does she always look like a bloody hooker? KStew, I say ‘sack your bloody stylist – they are shite!’

          I dislike her more than is sensible and I’m starting to dislike him because of it…….

          I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be over myself and full of rob love again πŸ™‚

          • Aro says:

            Could you explain to me what the arsing crap she was wearing last night???!!!!!!! Why does she always look like a bloody hooker? KStew, I say ’sack your bloody stylist – they are shite!’

            *sigh* And with that brilliant phrasing, you so just made me want to move back to London (too f**king right mate).

            I dislike her more than is sensible and I’m starting to dislike him because of it…….

            Get out of my head. Please and thank you.

            If it doesn’t make me actually dislike him, it sure does make me question him. And I don’t want to question him. Because that makes me question…stuff. Or something.

          • Jules says:

            No Sarcasm at all. I missed you. First you were gone and then I was busy moving house so I couldn’t play much on here.
            About the outfit on “her”? Forget the outfit, what about the horse mane on her head? Gad!

    • LadyN says:

      Yikes! Someone got some peppers in her panties! Eek. O.o
      Go wash it off hun!

  22. snmlamb says:

    Aziz rocked, PEEEEEEEEEEETAH was the best, and I now like Tom Cruise.

  23. chryredlipstik says:

    Loooove your breakdown (more orless haha) of the awards. I missed like 30 min… it was around Katy Perrys perf… did I really miss anything?

    Anywho… I looove the new site! Keep up the great work!

  24. drsaka says:

    Congrats on the new site! I’ll have to fix my avatar.
    Of course, we had a power outtage last night until 10:08 pm and I missed all the early stuff. Rob’s outfit was…. interesting.

    And yes, we’re grateful to your parents for conceiving you as well, Rob!

  25. applepie says:

    Yay for the new website&layout! very awesomesauce!

    My fav part of the show was Pfach & his fbombs…probably cuz thats the only time mr. pie joined me in my laughing…and when scarlettJ was on stage for 5 minutes w/o doing anything all I heard was “seriously, why the f— is she on stage?! thats so weird!” and I had to shut him up cuz I wanted to hear SandraB’s speech. other than that…*shrug

    ….oh and robs hair. just robs hair.

  26. The Old One says:

    OK, I guess I’ll compliment you on the new site, but it’s like seeing an old friend with a new hair cut and color, and maybe a hot new outfit, it’s a little jarring and maybe I’m feeling a little like I’m left behind and not good enough for you now, in my comfy old sweats, when you’ve gone and got yourself a makeover. I’m trying here.

  27. linda says:

    Love the new site……….thank you ladies,,,,I visit it daily.

  28. Mylissa says:

    I love the new location ladies! Any setting related to hobos is perfectly suitable for a Robert Pattinson based website.

  29. cedvanhalen says:

    Woah, new site!! I like!

    So Rob’s awesomesauce handlbar stache: totally based on Hulk Hogan. I would totes see Bad-Ass Cops.

    Also, Tom Cruise as Les Goodman: pretty sure the only way I like Tom Cruise. That dance with JLo was total win for me..even if neither of them had really done anything this past year..

    • cedvanhalen says:

      Ahhh FAIL. I just realized I called him Les Goodman. Not Grossman, which is what it should be. Whoops.

  30. Melymori says:

    I Love the new homeeee =)

    I didn’t see the MTV Movie awards so thanks for the recap :p

  31. Tiffany says:

    oh Moon this is why I love you so much! I didn’t even watch it. now that i know there’s a blinking crotch, asian man balls, and tom cruise. I know not to.
    site looks stellar.

  32. Cath says:

    WOW, a new home! Congrats girls! I have to get used to it a bit though, but I’m sure it’ll be cool here too!

    P.S. Rob, come on over to the girls who WOULD like to kiss you, but wear a bigger jacket the next time. Love ya! Me.

    • drsaka says:

      yes, add that to his collection of tiny jackets.

    • southernbelle says:

      First of all, I loved the show last night, I taped it so I can watch and rewind for later. πŸ™‚

      About the kiss, well all I can say is Rob, if you try and kiss me, I won’t be pushing you away, smashing your face like that, lol. I’ll just go along with it! You won’t hear me complaining! Although you might have to give me CPR and mouth to mouth though after because it will be just so much for me! Haha.

      I have so much to say about Rob’s clothes but will just keep it to myself. And the hair, I like it but still missing the old sex hair, sigh. But any Rob is better than no Rob.

      I love all the little skits and the music….well I didn’t care for Christina’s light up crotch. I like her but wow that was unneccesary. Seriously all I could think of was like, ok wow, she’s a mommy! Haha I don’t know why I thought that.

  33. Pinky says:

    I didn’t watch the awards. I totally forgot about it and then rushed to DVR the last 30 minutes of the show.

    I saw the trailer and thought it was great. Called my Twi-Buddy and she thought it was lame, so that kind of crushed my spirit. We were supposed to be screaming and excited together, not debating on whether or not Bella actually hopped on the back of a motorcycle with Jacob. Who the eff cares? I’m just here for the hot guys.

    Searched for that best kiss garbage and wish that I hadn’t. Please stop displaying what terrible actors you are by doing these ridiculous skits. If you couldn’t think of anything better to do, just give a short peck and move the hell on.

    I do like Kstew’s phoney pony, though. She was wearing a sparkly dress, right? She should have started swinging that ish all Beyonce’ style. That would have been more entertaining than that kiss.

  34. operarose says:

    Thank you SO SO SO much for summarizing this awards show so I’ll never have to.

    You saved me a great deal of 2nd hand embarrassment and calories from having to drink too much booze to make it through.

    Also loving the new pic of Rob. The homeless vagabond look is so much more “him”.

  35. allryans says:

    Pretty new site, ladays.

    Last night was like a dream I had about seven months ago. It was all about Twilight/Edward/Rob with a bit of Kristen thrown in, all amidst the backdrop of early 2000 pop culture references. And Ed Helms.

  36. Janetrigs says:

    BFF and I both enjoyed the winner for best actor’s hair, as for some reason, we like it shorter. We also liked the girl who won best actress’s top and her make-up, but are confused by her extensions, although they seem to work for her. We drooled for BCooper and We LOVED AZIZ to pieces! The end.

  37. OysterEater says:

    Yes! The new look does feel like home. I needed to be drinking way more than I did watching these awards. And JLo? WTF? And let’s talk about the outfit. I know it was overshadowed by the major fail of Jackson’s outfit, but was I the only one who laughed outloud when I saw Rob full length with baggy pants, a huge undershirt, and a what appeared to be a tiny jacket because the undershirt was so big? Who does he know who owns such a large shirt?

    • Obava says:

      OysterEater- Maybe Rob “borrowed” that big-ass white shirt from Steve/Dean.

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      Big Daddy Lautner, who else! Rob is Taylor’s BFF since UC & Moon staged and intervention for poor friendless kid.

  38. hippietrixi says:

    In response to-blinking heart crotch beats-This is a true story too and I may have been too drunk to care. I had a blinking heart on my butt for like three hours and didn’t know until I went to bed.

  39. Leann says:

    Uhhh, yea, I stayed up last night until like 2:30am watching this because I missed it and everyone on Twitter was tweeting and I felt like I needed to see it. (Note to self: NEED DVR or something!) In hindsight, I should’ve really just went to sleep.

  40. undecidedsten says:

    Mine I know how u feel. Felt like I was spending way too much time on the interwebs over Rob almost tithe detriment of RL. I staged an intervention for myself (with the help of mullephant) I only check ltr at nite so I won’t spend all day in the comments section. I don’t visit robpattz news anymore. I’ve even started 2 actual books and am trying to cut down on the fan fiction.
    It’s not really going very well!!!

  41. allryans says:

    I would also like to point out that Rob has a new affinity for Starbucks-inspired attire. His black/khaki combo was something that I believed the coffee giants had made virtually unwearable for the ever-present fear that someone would say, “Hey, can you make me a chai tea?” even in your own home. Here’s hoping that Rob doesn’t start shopping at Target.

  42. beeboo says:

    Well I’m more of a Dontgiveafucksten cuz I don’t like the Stew but I love Rob so if I had to vote for her ass to get him a win so be it. I tried to get Emilie in there but I guess it wasn’t happening. I had some semi violent thoughts about that whole fucked up display- like I laughed my ass off when she almost ass planted and yeah the one pic above I was kinda hoping he’d bash her in the head with it too. I really wanted to smack the bitch when he thanked her and she rolled her eyes at him, very nice Kristen you prove to me time and time again why I don’t like you. I do have to say that I thought Peter’s speech was the best damn part of anything Twilight related next to Aziz’s “You better hold on tight spider monkey, we’re going to Quiznos.” LOL

  43. snowwhitedriftd says:

    Bad ass cop Taylor totally looks like Chief Swan!

    • The Old One says:

      Replying to SnowWhiteDrifted– Taylor looking like Charlie with the copstache– Charlie, is there something you need to ‘fess up to Billy Black? Something you need to let Bella know about half-brothers before it gets too hot and heavy with those two? Whatever did happen to Taycob’s mom, anyway?

  44. Pfluffy says:

    I watched the whole show, with my finger pressing the mute button every time the Jersey Show folk appeared. Some parts were funny and others totally embarrassing – it’s the MTV Movie awards so it doesn’t have that much clout, but it’s still an award and to some it really meant something. I thought Rob was adorable; the best kiss acceptance was sort of fun, but when he grabbed Kristen to kiss/or non-kiss her, she should have just went with it, instead she ran away and left him standing there with that huge grin – jeeze! Rob was right in saying this is all simply ridiculous, but yet he was still grateful as I believe most of the award winners were. What can you say about Sandra Bullock – Betty White said it all – love them both. I wonder if Rob and Betty got to meet each other?

    • The Old One says:

      Oh, I so wanted to be a fly on the wall backstage with Betty White and Rob. Did they exchange phone numbers?

      • Pfluffy says:

        It would have been great if MTV could have had clip of them together back stage – she said she did want to thank him for his flattering comment and she wouldn’t have ran away from him if he wanted to give her a kiss… Who knows when they will be in the same place again. A lost moment for us all.

  45. mine!mine!mine! says:

    Hi it’s me again….complaining.

    Why, oh why does my screen keep going funny and the reply button keeps disappearing…what am I doing wrong?

    I want the old site back the reply button was always there and the screen stayed the same….soz! just saying πŸ™‚

  46. undecidedsten says:

    I’m all confused?!!
    Why can’t I reply to anyone?
    And why aren’t the coming up in order?
    Sorry to moan uc/moon must be major headache moving everything over

    don’t know who said it above but from what clips I’ve seen he is totally smitten with her just look at the way he looks at her. Oh rob love is blind

    • do you see a reply button? some ppl seem to have issues and some do not.. hmmmmm

      • undecidedsten says:

        No there wasnt any reply button just a tab saying how long ago each comment had been posted. I copped that the mobile site was on so turned it off and it’s working fine now.

        • Yes- no replies in mobile view- but will load faster than the normal!!

        • mine!mine!mine! says:

          That’s exactly what I keep getting and the screen goes white and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong….I’m having a bit of a nervous breakdown today. Feeling all out of love with Rob and LTR ‘s changed. I think I’m getting old, I’m not dealing with the change too well. Perhaps I should go have a few drinks, calm down and then come back, by which time, hopefully, all will have returned to *normal*

          I don’t mean to complain, I do like the site really, it’s obvious my computers are all shit!

    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      I can’t find any clips from MTV awards anywhere…! Where can i view, any idea????

      • undecidedsten says:

        I think there’s a few clips on robsessed that were working this morning. Very frustrating when the MTV.Com clips won’t play u think in this day and age it could be got around. It’s on now in a few mins anyway don’t think I’m goin to bother watchin it, from what u saw bitchface will ruin it

  47. Unintendedchoice says:

    This is me… Testing comments on my phone

  48. CLove says:

    Congrats on the new site ladies, looks great!

  49. CLove says:

    Congrats on the new site ladies, looks fantastic!

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