Rob Porn – The Interwebs edition

Dear Rob,

It’s Friday, no one wants to work right now and you’re somewhere in the south on a roadtrip with your bros. So I can only imagine you want to do exactly what we want to do which is watch crazy youtube videos with your friends? So what’s better than me providing everyone with the links along with a little eye candy by way of some Rob Porn, the interwebs edition?

(The links are the bold text below, they each open in a new window so you can watch the video!)

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Get ready to have your day be 903214932144 times awesomer. Original and Autotune!!!

OMG Double Rainbow

Guido Beach

For UC!


I’ll show you tough!

Get ready to have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers! Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special (possibly NSFW-ish). This is what I imagine the Brit Pack does when they’re together in a hotel room.

Hope this has made your day speed by a little faster or at least gave you a few laughs while you were in a car with your friends driving through Texas to New Orleans… I mean…


What’s your favorite absurd, hilarious, funny, crazy video you’ve seen on the internet?

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Rob goes to Texas, watches “the game,” meets some Tech girls and Lubbock fails to get it on video

Dear Rob,

Now that you’re not filming anything, I guess you decided to hit the road and see this country we call home. It’s definitely the best way to see it. Just last night you turned up in Texas and there was photographic evidence

so of course what else did we do? We broke that ish down…

I expect one of these Rob!

Moon: sooo rob is on some sort of roadtrip he’s now been seen in two places
UC: a joke roadtrip? did I read he went to LUBBOCK? as in TEXAS?
Moon: 1st he was seen in Santa Fe, New Mexico eating dinner and then LUBBOCK! Yes, lubbock as in home to the red raiders out in BFE west texas
UC: you know what I think? I think the paparazzi in these cities PAID him big money to show up- they want to start a little “scene” and who better to kick it off!? he was paid in belt buckles and BBQ. Jordan the unicorn is from Lubbock. Dang…. we should get him on Rob Stalking patrol also this east coast girl has no idea who the red raiders are
Moon: i did!  i tweeted him last night. I told Jordan (our very first male commenter from WAY back in the day) the LTR Bat Signal was shining in the sky over his city and he needed to get to work!  And he got out of bed! What a trooper and a unicorn for us!
UC: hahahaha YES! amazing! can you imagine? I mean… imagine for a second you don’t live in LA…. imagine you’re me just minding your own business going out on a Monday night to grab a drink with some pals  and in walks Rob pattinson. In your neighborhood bar of COURSE

What I imagine Jordan driving around Lubbock in

Moon: Jordan the Unicorn tells us that the place was on lockdown and that there was even a group of girls waiting outside a hotel that Jordan supposed would be where they’d stay.
UC: wow…… word spreads fast in Lubbocks the town crier got paid last night
Moon: jordan said the bar is pretty much across the street from campus!
UC: college girlls!! holllaa!
Moon: no one ever said the britpack were geniuses

Follow the cut for karaoke, smoking, Tech girls and more

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